Safe Haven Dialogues Demonstrates Commitment to Black History Month with a 50% Discount on Online Courses

Press Release from Safe Haven Dialogues LLC

In celebration of Black History Month, Safe Haven Dialogues is proud to announce a special promotion offering a 50% discount on all of its transformative online courses. This initiative reflects our dedication to promoting education and advancing conversations around equity and inclusion.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, interested participants can explore our array of courses at The discounted rate applies to each course enabling more individuals to engage with this valuable content.

Dr. Frank L. Douglas, Founder and CEO of Safe Haven Dialogues, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “Our commitment to fostering conversations around Equity, Inclusion, and Individual Engagement (EIIE) is at the core of Safe Haven Dialogues. We believe that providing a platform for open conversations and dialogue, specifically through our transformative Reframing Process, is a powerful catalyst for meaningful change. By offering a 50% discount on our online courses during Black History Month, we hope to make these transformative resources even more accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds and persuasions, including women, people of color, people of different sexual orientations, and people with reduced physical or cognitive capabilities.”

This promotion aligns with Safe Haven Dialogues' mission to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals to engage in meaningful discussions and broaden their perspectives.


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