VERSA Relocation Announces Addition of Global Logistics Client

Press Release from Sterling Lexicon

VERSA Relocation announces the addition of a new global logistics organization to its portfolio.  This client based in Houston, Texas with locations in over 120 countries provides customized transportation and supply chain management solutions around the globe.

This client was searching for a relocation solution that provided a better relocation experience for their employees as well as being cost-effective.  VERSA was able to provide a custom relocation solution to this client that balanced providing a better experience while also managing the cost of relocation.  By doing so, the client has been able to improve the quality of their relocation benefit while adhering to budget constraints from senior leadership.

“Providing customized solutions for challenging relocation problems is something the VERSA team is really good at.”  Said David Bradstreet National Director for VERSA Relocation.  “Focusing and listening to what the customer needs and understanding where opportunities might be to provide a positive solution is fun and we look forward to those kinds of challenges!”

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