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Employee Relations Expertise is just a phone call away with PeerYes Express.

PeerYes express is your direct route to resolving everyday workplace concerns swiftly. Our service offers immediate coaching for simple employee relations challenges.
To begin working with us, clients decide the nature of their engagement. You have the flexibility to choose between our two service levels: Company Level and Manager Level Advising.

*Company-Level Advising: For those who prefer a more structured approach, our Company Level Advising offers a streamlined process. We collaborate directly with HR and company leadership to address employee relations issues, ensuring that concerns are handled comprehensively and aligned with your organizational strategy. If you opt for this approach, we collaborate with senior HR leaders and company leadership to provide counseling on specific employee relations issues or employee relations strategies.

*Manager-Level Advising: With this option, you pre-identify managers who can seek our advice without company-level approval. This is ideal for swiftly resolving straightforward concerns. The company is required to set a maximum billable hour threshold, which can be per incident, per month, or per year. Additionally, we will alert company leadership of the outcome of the coaching session.

Legal Disclaimer:
Please note that PeerYes Express focuses on simple employee relations challenges and coaching. We do not provide legal advice, and our services are not meant for complex issues. For complex issues not within the scope of PeerYes Express, clients will be directed to our Custom Solutions and Support offerings. PeerYes Express offers guidance, not legal advice. Consult legal professionals for legal matters.

Retainer and Billing:
A retainer is collected and covers our comprehensive initial assessment of your organization. This allows us to fully understand your company's policies and culture. After the first year of service, the annual retainer fee is reduced by 50%. This retainer is separate from billable hours and is not refundable.

Billable Hours:
Billing for PeerYes Express services is conducted in 30-minute increments, ensuring that you can access our expertise for any level of challenge you're facing.

Three easy steps to get started:
1. Free Consultation: We kick things off with a free consultation. During this conversation, we gain insights into your organization's specific requirements and challenges. This helps us determine if PeerYes Express is suitable for your organization.

2: Scope Discussion: Once we understand your needs, we'll discuss the scope of services that PeerYes Express offers. This ensures that our services align perfectly with your employee relations concerns and goals.

3: Service Agreement: Following the scope discussion, we'll provide you with a customized service agreement that outlines the terms, conditions, and pricing for your PeerYes Express engagement. This agreement ensures that both part

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