Teamwork (an assessment and facilitated experience for mid-to-senior level leaders)

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Teamwork (an assessment and facilitated experience for mid-to-senior level leaders) (Click to enlarge image) To perform effectively, teams and their leaders need to answer critical questions like: What mix of skills will make this team successful? Who will work best together? What common motives and values do we share? What challenges might we face, and how can we best address them? This report provides insights and recommendations based on the assessment of individual personalities and values to help answer these questions and facilitate team performance.

Team Roles

In teams, people naturally take on informal roles based on their personality and values. There are five such roles: Results, Pragmatism, Innovation, Process, and Relationships. Some teams thrive when members fill a few key roles, while others are most effective when all roles are represented. If critical roles go unfilled, they may present gaps that the team needs to manage.

Team Culture

The most effective teams include individuals with a diverse range of expertise and skills but share common values that create a distinctive culture. Shared values lay the foundation for team norms, culture, and goal alignment, which in turn facilitate team performance. This section highlights the team's shared values.

Team Derailers

All teams encounter issues that hinder their effectiveness. These problems rarely emerge in the initial stages of team formation but tend to appear later when the team is under pressure or when members become more comfortable and less self-monitoring. This section identifies the shared barriers to the team’s success, particularly when they are under pressure to deliver.

Equip your team with the knowledge to understand and leverage individual strengths, align values, and overcome challenges for optimal performance.

Note: Participants will be required to complete an individual assessment and receive a one-on-one feedback session before the group session.

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