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About Pearl Logic

Unbiased Answers – Pearl Logic does not sell any healthcare products or services. Pearl Logic is an impartial, independent, vendor-neutral, totally objective, strategic Business Consulting Firm, that shows Employer Groups how to drive Employee Healthcare costs down. Our fiduciary responsibility is to the Employer Group.

Significant Cost Reductions – Through Pearl Logic’s heavy lifting and guidance, Employer Groups can gain access to higher quality care, with better Plan Member outcomes, while simultaneously reducing costs by an average of ~$100 - $300+ per employee per month (PEPM), in year 1, with greater savings in years 2 thru 5 and beyond.

Hand–in–hand Implementation – Our team forensically analyzes, architects, and collaboratively assembles those cost containment strategies targeting the primary cost drivers within an Employer Group’s Plan Member population.

Higher Quality Healthcare – With access to over 5000 solutions providers and medical clinicians Pearl Logic Plans can provide information, choice, guidance, and assistance to the best care options for an Employer Group’s Plan Members.

Compliance – At Pearl Logic we are ERISA and HIPAA compliant. Our State Consulting licenses are registered as ‘Unaffiliated’ and are NOT associated with any Carrier or Benefits Provider, ensuring complete independence and ERISA compliance.

Performance Payment – Pearl Logic provides a no-cost, no obligation, objective analysis showing how much an Employer Group is currently overspending. We operate on performance-based terms, assuming all financial risk to demonstrate true cost reduction and improved healthcare quality.

Products by Pearl Logic

By Pearl Logic

Healthcare Cost Containment: Executive-Level Consultation

Pearl Logic does not sell any healthcare products or services. We are an impartial, independent, vendor-neutral, objective, strategic Business Consulting Firm that shows Employer Groups how to reduce Employee Healthcare costs. Our fiduciary responsibility is to the Employer Group. Employer... Read more »

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