Companies in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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  • InaComm

  • InBody

  • inboundli

  • Inceed

  • Incendia Partners


    INCENTCO is a leader in innovative, cloud-based incentive, recognition, engagement, awards, and performance management platforms for customers and employees. Our clients benefit from fully comprehensive and privately branded platforms that provide them the technology and support to set up,... Read More
  • Incentive Logic Inc

  • Incentive Services, Inc.

  • Incentive Solutions

  • Incentive Solutions LLC

  • IncentShare

  • Incipio Workforce Solutions

  • Incite International LLC

  • Incite Performance Consulting, LLC

  • Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC


  • InComm InCentives

    InComm InCentives builds value into every interaction through innovative loyalty, rewards, and recognition solutions. Consumers, employees, and businesses form meaningful relationships through our patented, award-winning technology. InComm Incentives is an online ordering platform that makes... Read More
  • Inconen Corporation

  • inContact Inc

  • Indam Inc.

  • Indeed


  • Independent Recruiting Consultants, LLC

  • Independent Retirement Consulting, LLC

  • Indigo Anchor

  • Indivizo

  • Indoor Sciences

  • Indusgeeks USA Inc.

  • Industrial Communications

  • Industrial Staffing Services Inc

  • Industrial Training Consultants Inc.

  • Industrial UI Services

  • IndustryMasters, Inc


    We provide simple and effective spreadsheet solutions (Excel and Google Sheets templates) designed for HR professionals. Whether you are part of a large organization or a small one, spreadsheets are very handy to perform a lot of HR related tasks. Our templates have been downloaded by...
  • INETICO, Inc.

  • Infection Control Coach LLC

  • Inficare Technologies

  • Infinisource, Inc.

  • Infinite Massage

  • Infinite Recruiting Resources, LLC

  • Infinite Resource Services

  • Infinite Wellness Solutions

  • Infiniti Employment Solutions, Inc.

  • Infiniti HR

  • Infiniti Resource Management

  • Infinity Benefit Solutions Inc

  • Infinity Consulting Solutions Inc.

  • Infinity Learning Solutions

  • Infinity Massage Chairs

  • Infinity Resources LLC