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Products in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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  • Japan Salary Survey By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

    Comprehensive, accurate and high-quality salary survey for Japan. • Covers most industries, including niche Industries • All job families and employee levels • Local national and expatriate positions • Statutory and non-statutory employee benefits, perquisites and allowances • Employment and... Read More
  • JazzHR Crowd By JazzHR

    Benchmark your recruiting with big data analytics. Learn which skills, schools, and job boards are associated with top candidates. Inform your planning and measure your overall recruiting performance. Use BLS data to research average competitive salaries in your area. Read More
  • Jira Align By Atlassian

    Jira Align connects your business strategy to technical execution. Get real-time visibility Aggregate team-level data to make all work visible across your enterprise in real-time. Align every team to strategy Get everyone on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps and dependencies across... Read More
  • Jira Service Desk By Atlassian

    Jira Service Desk is a flexible, collaborative ITSM solution built for rapid service delivery. Deliver exceptional IT service, fast Provide IT service and support without the cost and complexity of traditional ITSM solutions. Our affordable and transparent pricing lets you get started quickly... Read More
  • Jira Software By Atlassian

    Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software. Plan Create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across your software team. Track Prioritize and discuss your team’s work in full context with complete... Read More
  • Job Analysis By DeGarmo

    Data can be an invaluable resource when making tough choices about job requirements, and specifically those work styles, competencies and related attributes that separate your top talent from everyone else. DeGarmo’s platform can provide you with the capability to quickly collect job analytic... Read More
  • Job Analysis and Test Validation Services By ioPredict, Inc.

    ioPredict has unique expertise in conducting job analysis and test validation studies for high stakes hiring and certification examinations to ensure they are in compliance with all relevant federal laws, regulations, and guidelines as well as relevant professional standards, which provides... Read More
  • Job Analysis Research By DCI Consulting

    Through a structured study of the jobs within your company, you’ll gain a better understanding of each position, the tasks of the job, and the characteristics that are required to perform those tasks. This knowledge often provides a foundation for you to assess the legal defensibility of your... Read More
  • Job Board Postings By FroggerJobs.com

    If you are looking for a cost effective way to place your Help Wanted Ads on the Internet to be viewed by millions of Job Seekers on a daily basis, we have several options available, including subscription pricing. Read More
  • Job Board Software By JazzHR

    Connect with candidates wherever they are. Syndicate to free job boards, paid job boards, and popular social media channels. Entice candidates to apply by showcasing why your company is a great place to work. Candidate Quick Screen gives you the flexibility to view resumes while on-the-go. Read More
  • Job Board Software By ejobsitesoftware.com

    ejobsitesoftware.com - Job Board software in the world and is easy to deploy, customize and use. Ejobsitesoftware enables career site companies to successfully achieve their objectives. It is customizable to meet the specific needs of particular industry or location and provides all the tools... Read More
  • Job Board/Candidate Tracker By eQuest

    Standard: -Data Scrubbed — All bogus data produced from bots, spiders, etc., are removed prior to analysis. -Job Board Comparison — Side-by-side comparison for easy review. -Activity Summary — Tracks all candidate activity received during a defined time period. Premium: All the features of... Read More
  • Job Boards & Career Sites By Jobcase

    • Technology license for Powered sites • Technology license for Affiliated sites • Operational license for Powered sites • Operational license for Affiliated sites Call for terms and application process (must be ‘real’ site with real jobs and business model that is respectful of any... Read More
  • Job Delivery By eQuest

    Imagine having job posting access to every career site in the world — all from a single online application. Major commercial, industry specific, niche, regional, local, and even little known, free career sites that produce thousands of interested candidates. Commercial Job Boards (5,000+) From... Read More
  • Job Description Decoder By Cangrade

    Uncover the softs skills your candidates need to succeed, for free. Our Job Description Decoder shares the soft skills to look for in your candidates, interview questions, and language for your job description. Read More
  • Job Evaluation By gradar the job evaluation engine

    The concept of job evaluation describes a standardized approach to analyze and evaluate jobs within an organization based on their formal work requirements. Grading jobs with gradar the job evaluation engine is easily done and very cost efficient. The first step in evaluating a job is the... Read More
  • Job Evaluation By Corporate Compensation Partners, LLC

    Our Job Evaluation services cover: • Market-Pricing • Job Families / Career ladders • Point Plans • Job analysis and descriptions Read More
  • Job Matching By gradar the job evaluation engine

    Job evaluation is a method to determine the relative value of a position whereas job matching is the art of identifying benchmark jobs from compensation surveys in order to assess the market price of a position. Accurate job matching is the foundation of salary benchmarks and market... Read More
  • Job Posting & Resume Screening Services By A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists

    A.R. Mazzotta’s Job Posting and Resume Screening services are designed for companies and HR departments that want to keep their hiring functions in-house, but don’t have the time to effectively advertise their current job openings and carefully review resumes. Our team of staffing experts will... Read More
  • Job Posting Site By Resource Employment Solutions

    Chili Jobs is quickly growing as one of today's leading job posting sites, while also serving as a go-to destination for individuals who are working on finding a job and beginning a new career. By serving both fields, we're able to help both employers and candidates to find the correct match as... Read More
  • Job Postings – Special Offer By FroggerJobs.com

    Would you like to hear about our Special 3 Job Postings for 30 Day FREE Trial Offer? How would you like to post your first 3 Jobs on the Internent that reaches millions of Job Seekers for FREE for the next 30 Days? Froggerjobs.com is pleased to offer all 40+ million US and Canadian Companies a... Read More
  • Jobtimize™ By Fit First Technologies

    Jobtimize helps the world work happier and hire better! We’ve built a single integrated platform that connects everyone within the career discovery and employment cycle – matching people with the right occupations, employers with the right people, and advisors/educators with the right... Read More
  • Jobvite Hire By Jobvite

    Want more than a typical ATS? Built to serve the needs of today’s recruiters, Jobvite Hire helps you manage your entire hiring process more intuitively and efficiently. We go far beyond traditional Applicant Tracking Systems, providing the social and innovative features recruiters demand. Read More
  • Jobvite Video Interviewing By Jobvite

    Tired of wasting hours on scheduling? Jobvite Video is an on-demand video interviewing tool that helps you quickly weed out less qualified candidates and zero in on those who best meet your requirements. In turn, you can cut costs and hire much faster. Read More
  • John Maxwell Leadership Training By XcelMil, LLC

    As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or... Read More
  • JollyDeck Authoring By JollyDeck

    JollyDeck equips you with a simple-to-use tools to make rich content for courses, quizzes, checklists and more. A host of different media types, such as video, PDFs, images, YouTube links and anything else you can imagine can be effortlessly inserted into your content. The software is built to... Read More
  • JollyDeck LMS By JollyDeck

    JollyDeck’s LMS reduces the complexity of your learning operations by automating day-to-day routines, providing real-time analytics and allowing smooth integration with a host of external systems. We know that learning is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With JollyDeck you can tailor the... Read More
  • Journey to Leadership - Forbes Specialist Certificate By Learn At Forbes

    7 Courses 12 Hours Don’t believe the axiom that “leaders are born, not made.” You can master the qualities of great business leaders with Learn@Forbes. These interactive courses will challenge your concept of leadership, and bring your best traits to the surface through practice, training, and... Read More
  • Juro - Free Offer Letter Template By Juro

    The employment offer letter is a key company communication that sets the foundation for your relationship with your new colleague. But too often it's a dense affair filled with legal jargon, devoid of warmth an unlikely to make a good impression. In a competitive market for talent, the right... Read More
  • Juro Contract Management Guide By Juro

    Contract management can go from an inconvenience to a major headache as a company scales. Read this explainer to explore the different stages of the contract lifecycle, and how and when software can help take the burden off business colleagues. Read More
  • Juro Free NDA Template By Juro

    For the most important hires, getting a non-disclosure agreement in place is often key to a frank and open discussion about the role and the package that accompanies it. But too often, NDAs are frightening legal documents that leave the counterparty feeling anxious. With thoughtful contract... Read More
  • Juro Remote Onboarding Guide By Juro

    People and talent teams need to survive and thrive, hiring and onboarding employees in a business environment changed suddenly by COVID-19. If employee onboarding is fully remote, how can you make it successful, delightful, and more human? This guide shares insights from people and talent... Read More
  • Juro: The Contract Platform for HR Teams By Juro

    MORE HIRING, LESS PAPERWORK: Hiring a new employee should be one of the happiest moments for a company. But too often it's a painful process of exchanging Word documents via email, losing tracked changes between versions and searching for missing PDFs. Juro empowers your HR team to create,... Read More