Products in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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  • Kachinga @Work By

    Offering robust employee perks is essential to a thriving workplace in which employees see themselves as fulfilled both inside and outside the office. With opportunities for personal and professional development being one of the most values perks by employees, making a Kachinga app subscription... Read More
  • Keka HR By Keka

    Keka HR software is designed to delight your employees. Our employee centric user experience coupled with hooks and data insights always piques your employee's curiosity and adopt the platform. Read More
  • KeldairHR | Applicant Tracking System By KeldairHR

    KeldairHR is the modern, intelligent recruiting and hiring platform. Our Applicant Tracking & Communication System is a comprehensive platform designed to give our users a sophisticated and systematic approach to managing the applicant journey. Read More
  • Kennect By Kennect Inc

    Kennect is a leading incentive platform for businesses which needs a simple solution to manage their complex compensation plans. Kennect’s no-code platform allows enterprises to design, simulate and automate their incentive plans. It helps improve sales productivity by providing performance and... Read More
  • Keynote Speaker By E3 Solutions

    Don Rheem has traveled the globe to speak to business leaders about creating healthy workplace cultures and deep engagement through the lens of neuroscience. He is among the top 1% most popular speakers in the Vistage International stable (the world’s largest organization for CEOs). Audience... Read More
  • Keynotes By Frame of Mind Coaching™

    For event planners who are looking for a speaker who creates a deeply interactive, engaging and challenging learning environment that leaves every single participant with a personal awakening that impacts them for years to come... Meet Kim Ades. Kim Ades is the President and Founder of Frame... Read More
  • Kill the Numbers without Killing Yourself By ExecuLiv LLC

    Metrics are the language of business and a central measurement of executive performance: they can also be the source of enormous stress and pressure. Sure, you can hit the numbers, but at what cost to you and your overall health? In this three-session engagement, you will learn the principles... Read More
  • Kinverse Diversity & Inclusion Audit and Assessment By Kinverse

    The Kinverse platform gathers data from employees through a genuinely anonymous process, with safeguards in place to protect identity, and an experience designed to maximise data capture. Kinverse Audit and Assessment is currently delivering in excess of 70% participation rates. You get... Read More
  • Knowledge & Skill Tests By Interviewed

    Find candidates who’ve mastered the knowledge and skills to be job-ready. The test library begins with foundational skills like language, math, customer service, and sales and continues on to advanced skills for specific jobs. Read More
  • Knowledge and Skills Tests By Ramsay Corporation

    Ramsay Corporation's consulting team specializes in validation services, pre-employment selection, and employee development. We have extensive experience providing job analysis documentation and validity studies of assessments, interviews, and hands-on tests. We are a publisher of off-the-shelf... Read More
  • Knowledge Management By Addison Solutions Academy

    Knowledge management (KM) is a strategy to manage an organization's knowledge assets that is proactive and systematic in its approach. This encompasses the identification, capture, organization, retrieval, and application of an organization's collective knowledge. In order to increase... Read More
  • Knowledge Transfer Workshop By Executive Forum

    Provide the tools and processes for effective knowledge transfer — to cross-train individuals or teams, get new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently, and meet succession needs as employees prepare for retirement. Knowledge Transfer means moving the right skills, aptitudes, and information... Read More
  • Knowledge Transfer, Technical Writing, Procedures / SOPs& Technical Training By Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

    We provide training and technical documentation solutions including technical writing - Procedures / SOPs, Self-Study, OJT (on the job), Classroom. Some of the OJT training processes we’ve designed have helped our clients transfer knowledge between skilled senior (perhaps retiring) employees and... Read More
  • KnowledgeCity Learning Management System By KnowledgeCity

    KnowledgeCity LMS is more than a state-of-the-art employee training platform to take your organization to a high level of success. Our highly intuitive LMS is loaded with powerful tools that put you in full control to manage, optimize, personalize and guide organizational training to deliver the... Read More
  • Kudos® Android App By Kudos Inc.

    Recognition matters! Engage & thank your team on our social recognition network. Kudos® - an employee recognition system and corporate social network - makes it easier than ever to say, “thank you”. Our simple-to-use social recognition app* can help you improve retention, enhance recruitment,... Read More
  • Kudos® Employee Engagement Web Application By Kudos Inc.

    Kudos is a peer-to-peer employee engagement system and corporate social network that delivers robust recognition and aligns teams for a strong connection to your corporate culture. Our simple-to-use, secure SaaS solution has an extensive feature set and multi-language offering that will motivate... Read More
  • Kudos® iPhone App By Kudos Inc.

    Recognition matters! And now it’s easier than ever to say “thank you”. Kudos® is an employee recognition system and corporate social network that engages employees and aligns teams for a strong connection to company culture. Our simple-to-use social recognition app* can help you improve... Read More