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  • Leadership Potential Assessment By DeGarmo

    The research is clear: Your organization’s success depends largely on the strength of your current leaders, and the individuals you are preparing to lead in the future. How are you equipping your company to meet this challenge? Whether you need to screen candidates for current leadership roles... Read More
  • Lab-based urine drug testing By Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions

    Urine drug testing detects recent drug use and is the only specimen type approved for federally mandated testing. Businesses rely on laboratory-based urine testing for its cost-effectiveness and ability to screen for a wide variety of illicit and prescription drugs. Read More
  • Labels & Badges for Brother Printers By Velocity Badge and Label

    Visitor badges and labels developed to work effortlessly with your Brother® QL-700 and QL-800 series printers and visitor management software. Customizable to fit your security and identification needs, these excellent quality badges and labels are guaranteed to work effortlessly with visitor... Read More
  • Labels & Badges for DYMO Printers By Velocity Badge and Label

    Custom printed labels for your DYMO® LabelWriter® series printers. These direct thermal labels are guaranteed to work effortlessly with your printer, providing the high quality print results you depend on using materials and construction specifically for DYMO® LabelWriter® printers. We can... Read More
  • Labels & Badges for Zebra Printers By Velocity Badge and Label

    Visitor badges and labels guaranteed to work with your Zebra direct thermal desktop printer. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous custom graphics on top quality materials or prefer one of our ready-to-ship plain labels or badges, we guaranteed our products work effortlessly and reliably with your... Read More
  • Labor Law Compliance By America's Back Office

    Labor laws are always changing, tasking human resource administrators and other staff with additional burdens. Let the expert team at America’s Back Office take this off your plate. We’ll keep you current and compliant in a dynamic and sometimes confusing regulatory environment. Our team is... Read More
  • Labor Law Posters By SHRMStore

    State and Federal Labor Law Posters available for purchase from J.J. Keller by ordering through the SHRMStore, J.J. Keller’s State and Federal Labor Law Posters. These Labor Law Posters come with J.J. Keller’s Annual Update Service that ensures you receive an updated poster if a required change... Read More

    THE GREYROCK GROUP DIFFERENCE Your management team keeps your business going day in and day out; having to deal with union negotiations may seem like a huge extra burden. Greyrock Group can help. Working closely with your company representatives, our experienced facilitator will help assess... Read More
  • Labor Relations By Union Avoidance Group

    We have deep experience in Labor Relations and can assist you with all facets of your current labor / union relations issues: - Contract negotiations - Grievances - Arbitrations - Dispute resolution - Mediation - Decertifications Read More
  • Labor Relations By G&A Partners

    Stay Compliant and Up-to-Date with Federal & Local Laws Let's look at one federal agency for perspective. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) enforces more than 180 federal laws, which impact more than 10 million employers and 125 million workers. ADA, COBRA, EEO, FLSA, FMLA, HIPAA, OSHA, ACA –... Read More
  • Labor Union and Collective Bargaining Pay By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

    Reliable up-to-date global labor union and collective bargaining data, to mitigate the risk of falling into employment traps around the world. Such traps could lead to labor unrest, charges, sanctions, and in some countries – public shaming. • More than 180 Countries, Remote and Difficult... Read More
  • Labor Union Protest / Negotiations By Tullis Worldwide Protection

    TWP has worked with large and small companies throughout the United States pre-and post union dispute and work stoppages. TWP Agents have a true understanding of relationships between companies and their union. TWP provides videography and security assistance during these troubling times. TWP... Read More
  • Laboratory Ergonomic Services By ErgoFit Consulting

    We offer ergonomic tools to improve employee safety, wellbeing and company profit through consultation, training and products. Group training sessions or 1:1 consultations focused on reducing injury and discomfort among lab personnel in a variety of settings including, but not limited to... Read More
  • LaborSoft Employee Relations Software By LaborSoft, Inc

    LaborSoft puts YOU in control of your employee information with automated workflows and customized modules that allow you to achieve operational goals faster and with fewer incidents so you can keep your company in full compliance with industry regulations. But what we also have is the expertise... Read More
  • LABORsuite By American Time and Labor Company

    As your business grows, so does the challenge of managing all the administration responsibilities that comes with it. Working with American Time and Labor Company, those administration responsibilities become significantly reduced. Our service offering is a full-service bundle of products and... Read More
  • Language Proficiency Assessments By Language Testing International, Inc.

    From Fortune 500 corporations to small and mid-size companies, Language Testing International® (LTI), a Samsung company, works with corporate clients to test prospective candidates and current employees for language proficiency and to help assess what level of proficiency is needed for different... Read More
  • Language Testing and Assessment By Language Testing International, Inc.

    Measuring language proficiency is a complex process that necessitates the use of valid and reliable language testing tools. Language assessments take various forms depending on the skill or proficiency level being tested. With ACTFL assessments, you can accurately measure your prospective... Read More
  • LANGUAGE TESTS By Talentate HR Tech

    Language Tests Talentate Language Tests in 7 Languages Talentate Language Tests aim to determine the candidates’ proficiencies of a specific language. It replaces the paper-based tests and provides the facility to assess in a fully digital platform. In today's business world where communication... Read More
  • Lanteria HR By Lanteria

    Solution for talent management & HR that creates a collaborative environment where employees & line managers can cooperate. Lanteria HR manages all HR tasks in a company with 7 basic modules: Core HR, Time & Attendance, Recruiting, Performance, Learning management, Self Service Portal and Report... Read More
  • Large Business Employer Program By Purchasing Power

    Traditional financing options are failing your employees, and they are turning to you for help. The right voluntary benefits not only protect their financial future, but also help your employees meet their current financial needs. That’s why Purchasing Power pioneered the industry leading... Read More
  • Large-Scale Coaching Programs By Epiphany Coaches Inc

    Epiphany has designed and delivered over 100 scalable coaching programs for organizations that require coaching for many leaders at once. We provide end-to-end management for all of our large-scale programs including: on-boarding materials, electronic coach selection, program launch calls,... Read More
  • Launch into Leadership By ExecOnline

    Successful managers get things done. Being a key player in your organization means you have more responsibility and are tied to driving impact in the business. Learn the art of management that sets you apart. ExecOnline’s first-time manager development program sets new managers up for success by... Read More
  • LawLogix Edge By LawLogix, a division of Hyland

    Cloud-based immigration case management software that offers an efficient and accurate way to manage your caseload and provide online access to your clients. Read More
  • LawLogix Guardian By LawLogix, a division of Hyland

    So secure and efficient, Guardian creates perfectly prepared electronic I-9s for every employee – and with fewer errors. It even migrates existing paper I-9s and stores them all in the cloud for fast access. Create a perfectly compliant electronic I-9, every time, for every employee. Plus, no... Read More
  • Lead | HR Management By Paycom

    Lead the way by automating processes with Paycom’s HR Management tools. As generational shifts and technology change the nature of the workforce and the workplace, business leaders look to HR to capitalize on these disruptions. However, transitioning the HR department into a talent- and... Read More
  • Leader As Great Coach By Churchill Leadership Group Inc

    Build Coaching Capability to Deliver Strategic Initiatives -Accelerate Employee Growth -Individualize Development -Speed Up Trust & Engagement -Improve Strategy Execution Empower Your Leaders To Become "Leader Coaches." More and more organizations realize that building an internal coaching... Read More
  • LeaderLab By ThinkHuman

    This is ThinkHuman’s flagship program, designed to support people leaders in developing themselves and their teams, leading to more personal, team, and organizational success. As a key part of this program, each participant will design their own specific program goal, feeding the motivation needed... Read More
  • Leadership By Moementum, Inc.

    The crux of leadership lies in cultivating relationships. Period. Lots of other stuff matters but not as much. People know their company through their supervisor, which means your leaders should be focused on creating connection, empathy and trust while killing gossip, entitlement and... Read More
  • Leadership & Development By AdventHealth

    Creating a Healthy Culture Equip your wellness team with the training and tools needed to garner leadership buy-in and increase employee engagement. Your leadership team should be on the front line of your new health culture. They are responsible for sustaining employee engagement, and that... Read More
  • Leadership & Management Development By Idea Learning

    At the core of any successful business is a strong leadership team. Idea Learning designs leadership programs tailored to your organizational culture, strategy, and unique learner needs. Some programs we’ve built include: -A series of two-hour sessions for supervisors in a union environment -A... Read More
  • Leadership & Staff Training By Odasi Consulting, LLC

    Training is an integral part of any organization. Developing leaders and providing tools for employees to professionally grow is often the difference between a high-performing company and one that seems to always be struggling. Odasi Consulting provides custom-tailored training on a wide variety... Read More
  • Leadership Accountability By Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

    This practice helps organizations improve the accountability of their senior leaders and teams, bridging the gap between expectation and current performance. Read More
  • Leadership and Management Workshops By Addison Solutions Academy

    As the needs of organizations change, leaders are challenged with gaining the knowledge needed to address those changes. Leaders, at all levels, should take the opportunity to enhance their skill set and knowledge to remain competitive in the business world. address those changes. Our workshops... Read More
  • Leadership and Organizational Development By AllenComm

    Your organization needs leaders who remain true to their personal values, can promote change while remaining adaptable, and are accountable for business objectives. We can help you make good managers into great leaders. For example: -A scenario based, critical thinking curriculum designed... Read More
  • Leadership and Professional Development By Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development

    Kaplan’s Leadership and Professional Development programs enhance the technical competence and behavioral confidence of your biggest asset – your people. Empowering them to make better decisions and drive commercial performance. Our team of Technical and Behavioral Specialists will work with you... Read More
  • Leadership Assessment - 360°Right® By HSD Metrics

    Improving Individual Effectiveness Our 360° Feedback tool captures the full-circle view of important skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors from multiple sources: supervisors, direct reports, peers and others. Through a comprehensive understanding of how others view an individual, an... Read More
  • Leadership Assessments By DecisionWise

    The DecisionWise Talent Assessment Process (TAP) provides a comprehensive picture of organizational and individual talent. We analyze those factors most critical to success in your organization, and develop a process to assess the talent in your organization based on these factors. Using various... Read More
  • Leadership Award By

    Recognize the Outstanding Qualities of a Recipient by Awarding a Leader of a Team or Organization with an Employee of the Month, Teacher of the Year, or President’s Award that they will Greatly Value and Appreciate. Read More
  • Leadership Buy-In By Quest Diagnostics Employer Population Health

    Senior managers play a significant role in supporting a wellness program. Primarily, they are advocates for the program and support investing money in population health. Additionally, senior leaders also have a significant influence on organizational culture and can drive support for employee... Read More
  • Leadership Coaching By Meaningful Coaching

    One-on-one coaching supports leaders in creating actions to realize their potential and meet or exceed role demands. Through powerful questions and active listening, the coach supports the client in moving through barriers, revealing underlying paradigms that often block success, and accessing... Read More
  • Leadership Coaching By Lean For Humans

    Bella provides one-on-one coaching for organizational leaders as they navigate the challenges of change and personal development, always focused on developing leaders who can lead others to be lean thinkers and creative problem solvers. Read More
  • Leadership Coaching By Arabona Coaching & Training, LLC

    75% of Americans have left a job because of a manager. As you work to retain your young talent, don't forget about their managers and executives. Through leadership coaching you will not only see the amazing benefits of coaching in the manager who receives it, but also from everyone else that... Read More
  • Leadership Coaching By L&SA - Leadership & Sales Academy

    TO WHOM IS THIS PROGRAM ADDRESSED TO? People in managerial positions who want to step up to the next level and reach a leadership position in their professional life. This program works with professionals on an individual basis through 15 to 20 coaching sessions, with exercises and homework... Read More
  • Leadership Coaching for Management Success By Ontario Business & Coaching Academy

    Leadership Coaching delivers a range of exceptional, proprietary workshops – each one developed to be entertaining, experiential and engaging. Custom-tailored to meet your objectives, our workshops are designed to support your leadership vision, leverage coaching or unite others as passionate... Read More
  • Leadership Coaching -helping abrasive managers become admired managers By Experience Results

    Increase engagement by eliminating toxic or abrasive behaviors in the workplace. Read More
  • Leadership Coaching REMOTE By Biztorming Training & Consulting, LLC

    We coach employees to become more agile at work to become more successful. Our coaching method is the called the We care system, that is based on 4 daily habits that engage employees to work in an agile way every day. These 4 habits are: connect, ask questions, respect and empower. Employees... Read More
  • Leadership Consulting By Kincentric

    Through deep leadership consulting expertise and holistic perspective on your business, we can ensure your succession planning fully supports your strategy now and in the future. Our experienced leadership consultants work in close partnership with clients to produce a robust plan and create... Read More
  • Leadership Consulting By Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

    We build high-performing executive teams and cultures, develop their successors, and when the time comes, plan for a smooth transition of talent. Read More
  • Leadership Development By G&A Partners

    Providing your employees with training and development opportunities is known to increase job satisfaction and engagement. But not every company has the budget or ability to develop a professional in-house training program. That’s why G&A offers a comprehensive online learning management system... Read More
  • Leadership Development By Talent Edge Group

    This 6-12 month program is designed for frontline and emerging leaders. Each of the six modules focus on a foundational element of effective management. Topics include: -Transitioning from “Doer” to “Manager” – getting results through others -Leadership Style and Versatility -Leader as... Read More
  • Leadership Development By JER HR Group

    JER HR Group helps leaders and managers build a culture of growth, achievement, inclusion, and innovation. We do this with proven-to-work coaching, development, and training programs designed for executive leaders, managers, and teams. Our executive consultants are experts in interactive adult... Read More
  • Leadership Development By Harrison Assessments International

    Leaders are required to manage apparently conflicting needs on a daily basis. Paradoxical Leadership methodology allows managers to understand this balancing act and expand their leadership capabilities to maximize organizational performance. Leaders gain the essential understanding of their... Read More
  • Leadership Development By A.J. O'Connor Associates (AJO)

    OUR APPROACH Our four-phase process is designed to partner with you to explore your goals and needs, and to deliver extraordinary solutions and desired results. Whether you are seeking to augment your in-house capabilities or looking for design, development and program management support,... Read More
  • Leadership Development By HR Bones

    If you have Supervisors or Managers that need improvement, we at HR Bones have extensive experience using metrics and individual coaching to develop your managers to their full potential. Read More
  • Leadership Development By AEU LEAD

    We provide leadership training for front-line supervisors, using a variety of proprietary tools to help identify individual development needs and to reinforce learning objectives. We also train and support sponsors or sponsorship teams, responsible for implementing training initiatives.... Read More
  • Leadership Development By Infopro Learning, Inc.

    Our Evolutionary Development Model emphasizes the attributes that leaders need to embrace in order to navigate organizational change in the digital age. This model provides a roadmap to focus leaders on priorities for success. Self-Reflect To inspire, adapt, and develop, evolutionary leaders... Read More
  • Leadership Development By Clarity Consultants

    Elevate Your Team’s Leadership Skills Read More
  • Leadership Development By Keystone Partners

    Keystone Partners provides leadership development solutions built around your organization’s unique challenges and objectives, using proven processes and industry best practices. Read More
  • Leadership Development By Talent Curve

    Strategic Imperative Success comes from having real leadership in the right places, backed by a deep bench of emerging leaders in development. It’s simple; good outcomes flow from good leadership. People are motivated by good leadership, guided by good leadership and held accountable by good... Read More
  • Leadership Development By Fidello

    Based upon more than 33,000 open-ended survey responses asking, What People Expect from Their Leaders, Fidello’s approach has taken leadership development to a new level. With LEADING INDICATORS™ we can assess leaders on 52 measures of effective leadership. Then, based upon the results we can... Read More
  • Leadership Development By Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

    Our programs create confident, capable and inspiring leaders who can change company cultures, drive performance, and improve employee engagement. Read More
  • Leadership Development & Development Coaching By BHFL Group LLC

    To the clients we serve – federal contractors, cannabis and private sector business owners – leadership is imperative to overcoming hurdles and fatal mistakes that disengage your employees. An investment in leadership development and coaching are vital in creating a brand experience for... Read More
  • Leadership Development & Training By EXCELERANT

    Executive Development Senior Leader Development Key Leader Development Supervisor Development New Leader Development HIGHLY-INTERACTIVE We believe that development programs should be an interactive and engaging experience, not a lecture on leadership. Our leadership programs and workshops are... Read More
  • Leadership Development & Training By ProHabits

    ProHabits is a leadership development and training program supported by a platform designed to create sustained behavior change. The technology provides individuals with daily digital coaching through a MicroAction method rooted in the science of habits, neuroscience and positive... Read More
  • Leadership Development Certification Program (LDCP) By Institute of Organization Development

    IOD's Leadership Development Certification Program (LDCP) provides you with a comprehensive approach to help organizations design and implement an aligned Leadership Development process. As a leadership development strategist you will learn how to partner with your clients to identify a... Read More
  • Leadership Development Coaching & Mentoring Programs By Edge Training Systems, Inc.

    Experienced Leadership Development Coaches & Mentors for all Leadership Levels Having effective educational and development programs at your disposal is critical to making sure your leaders and employees reach their full potential. But, without experienced leadership development coaches and... Read More
  • Leadership Development Consulting By Elevated Talent Consulting

    Do you have that employee that has all the pieces to lead and take an entire division or company to the next level, yet, just does not see how to put all the pieces together? We all have blind spots. Yet, when working with a skilled coach backed by data analytics tools, leaders can learn self... Read More
  • Leadership Development for Human Resource Professionals (LDHRP) By Center for Creative Leadership

    This four-day program is specifically designed for human resource professionals. Participants will gain a perspective on and learn specific how-tos to help them maximize HR's impact on the organization. Participants will examine the HR role as a credible activist, a facilitator for... Read More
  • Leadership Development Program By Center for Creative Leadership

    Developed for mid to senior-level managers, this five-day program offers an in-depth process that builds the skills, knowledge and confidence that leaders need to succeed. Participants fill out 360-degree assessments before attending. During the program, assessment data, experiential activities... Read More
  • Leadership Development Programs By Epiphany Coaches Inc

    Leaders in growing organizations must constantly evolve to successfully address shifting demands & opportunities. We facilitate rapid growth for large groups of leaders by combining executive coaching with skills development workshops. Read More
  • Leadership Effectiveness & Development By OQ Consulting LLC

    Assessment Facilitation Leadership Coaching Expat Coaching Development Programs Coaching for Performance Emotional Intelligence Managing Compensation Optimizing The Team Read More
  • Leadership Essentials - Forbes Specialist Certificate By Learn At Forbes

    8 Courses 26 Hours Your development as a leader can begin at any age or experience level, and today’s best leaders rarely wait until they’ve earned a management title to get started. You can build a case for yourself as a coach, mentor, and motivator with help from your Learn@Forbes Leadership... Read More
  • Leadership Essentials for Supervisors By Center for Internal Change

    Supervisors have the most contact with the largest part of your workforce. This means their leadership skills will significantly affect employee engagement and results. Supervisors are usually selected for their role because they are excellent individual contributors. However, even for standout... Read More
  • Leadership Fundamentals By Niagara Institute

    Being a successful leader requires more than a title. Leaders who have the skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively lead are the ones that grow their careers and their employee's careers. This is why it is no surprise that leaders have the biggest direct influence on the employees they... Read More
  • Leadership Fundamentals (LF) By Center for Creative Leadership

    This two-day program for individual contributors is often the first leadership development program that they have attended. We keep the pre-program preparation minimal, with only a brief self-assessment required. In a dynamic, group driven learning environment, participants are provided with... Read More
  • Leadership Lab™ By Executive Forum

    In today’s fast-paced workplace, team leaders and managers alike need to come to the table with well-honed leadership skills. Our unique and highly interactive Leadership Lab™ teaches current best practices in the interpersonal skills needed to successfully lead and engage others for productive... Read More
  • Leadership Launch By CareWise Solutions,Inc

    The Leadership Tool Kit allows busy leaders to easily introduce wellness work and care solutions with confidence and consistency across the business. Build an employment brand by communicating your care solutions to your employees, potential employees, suppliers, customers, and community.... Read More
  • Leadership Pathway By Executive Forum

    We teach people at all levels how to lead. Our Leadership Pathway shortens time to implementation with the systematic delivery of powerful core content. Participants in our experiential learning programs address current issues, demonstrate successful growth and set the stage for future change.... Read More
  • Leadership Programs By Peagram Consulting

    Peagram Consulting leadership programs give leaders insight into their management style, leadership traits, and delegation skills. The sessions help support the current curriculum or program in place and develop further momentum on what is needed to accomplish those goals. Peagram Consultants... Read More
  • Leadership Report By PeopleKeys

    Just as there are different types of people, so too are there different types of leaders. The PeopleKeys Leadership Report provides you with the information you need to maximize your leadership potential and discover the best way to communicate and motivate those around you. Being aware of your... Read More
  • Leadership Retreats By Capa Talent

    Our tropical island retreats and team-building are customized to meet you where your company is at, leveraging themes of wellbeing, healthy communication, and productivity. We take teams into realms of collaboration they never thought were possible by focusing on reducing stress, overwhelm and... Read More
  • Leadership Seminar By L&SA - Leadership & Sales Academy

    L&SA will take your leadership skills to the next level! WHO SHOULD ATTEND? People in a leadership position who need to lead a team to success. SEMINAR OBJECTIVES YOU WILL UNDERSTAND: The difference between leadership and management. Your behavior and emotional intelligence to better relate... Read More
  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Management By Addison Solutions Academy

    Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Management Have you been recently promoted to a leadership role but have not had the opportunity to develop your leadership skillsHave you been in your current leadership role but need to enhance your leadership skills... Read More
  • Leadership Solutions By The Ken Blanchard Companies

    Solve complex issues, achieve measurable results, and develop leadership capacity to improve productivity and performance. Read More
  • Leadership Training By MyEmployees

    Employee engagement isn't an employee problem, it's a leadership problem. Better managers make better employees. Your commitment to improving yourself is what led you here today. That desire is what will make you a leader. Now it’s time to sharpen your skills; to take the step that will... Read More
  • Leadership Training By SeeKing HR

    Our subject matter experts can develop custom training and/or present interactive and memorable programs. We provide a full range of training programs virtually or onsite. We also offer small group and individual coaching sessions. Topics include but are not limited to: Constructive... Read More
  • Leadership Training By Talent Edge Group

    Through our Level Up training programs, we expand the skills of leaders at every level from front-line and first-time supervisors to mid-level managers and directors up to senior executives and the C-suite. Our Level Up Supervisor Essentials program is designed for emerging and front-line... Read More
  • Leadership Training By ALeSYS (Applied Learning Systems)

    Leaders must be able to communicate your company’s business strategy in a manner that employees of the company can understand, and then help them understand the role they play in accomplishing the strategy. Our leadership training programs are focused on your specific business goals to enable... Read More
  • Leadership Training & Curriculum Development By AFC Management Services

    Executive level coaching, off-the-shelf and customized training to include use of Six Sigma, PMP and change management protocols are part of our project management approach. From senior level executives to junior level supervisors, AFC’s Professional Development team will work closely with your... Read More
  • Leadership Training for Managers (Columbia, SC) May 16, 2018 By PST

    Join us in Columbia, SC for this 7 week program beginning May 16, 2018. Classes are from 1:30 - 5:30 pm every Wednesday evening. What You’ll Learn Discover the 5 Drivers of Leadership Success and master an 8-Step Planning process that enables you to define and align performance goals. Learn to... Read More
  • Leadership Training Program By AdventHealth

    Equip your wellness team with the training and tools needed to garner leadership buy-in and increase employee engagement. Your leadership team should be on the front line of your new health culture. They are responsible for sustaining employee engagement, and that requires education and clear... Read More
  • Leadership Training Program By The Simon Leadership Alliance

    Take your company’s leaders on a collaborative quest through a 6 or 12 month leadership development program that transforms them into passionate leaders focused on excellence and exquisite care. Our unique leadership development program will strengthen your culture, create an environment... Read More
  • Leadership Training Workshop By Effective Presentations Inc

    Our Corporate Leadership Training program is strategically designed to cover every discipline fundamental to a leader’s success: Powerful Presentation Skills Impactful Public Speaking Cutting-Edge Sales Training Expert Time Management Our leadership training workshops are uniquely designed to... Read More
  • Leadership: 5 Keys To Success By

    Leadership entails nuances and skills that vary from field to field, but by talking to real-life managers, employees and experts on the subject, one can distill the essence of good leadership. Explore the five skills of great leaders with Leadership: 5 Keys to Success. Featuring conversations... Read More
  • Leading By The TAI Group

    What if you were able, even for a few moments, to let go of the roles imposed upon you and experience yourself acting from your own vision, focusing on what you value and experiencing the kind of impact you desire? Your definition of yourself as a leader would expand and your effect on those... Read More
  • Leading and Managing Globally By ExecOnline

    Leading and Managing Globally, a 6-week leadership development program, delivers participants the ability to use informal authority to create alignment and change and to lead effectively within a matrixed global organization. Executives acquire the global mindset and competencies needed to... Read More
  • Leading Change By Executive Forum

    For companies interested in taking full advantage of change and its organizational impact, we offer a 2-day intensive workshop that teaches the necessary skills and mindset so that your managers and teams can effectively lead change, not succumb to it. This program focuses on the changes your... Read More
  • Leading Customer-Centric Growth By ExecOnline

    In this 6-week program, top faculty from Wharton show leaders how to increase their organization’s value by enabling them to identify and understand high-value customers, and then creating strategies that capture their wallets. Read More
  • Leading Effective Decision-Making By ExecOnline

    Stepping into a leadership role means addressing pivotal decisions while contending with an ever-expanding range of considerations, and managing a quickly shifting landscape. This 6-week program will prepare executives to provide structure and clarity to uncertain situations, incorporate a... Read More
  • Leading for Organization Impact: The Looking Glass Experience (LOI) By Center for Creative Leadership

    This five-day program is designed for senior executives who are responsible for organizational functions, divisions or business units. In preparation for the program, participants fill out web-based assessments which look at thirteen leadership competencies needed to succeed at this level.... Read More
  • Leading from the Middle By Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

    In this program, we develop the skills and mindset of your mid-level managers, revealing the techniques they need to master to become accountable and effective leaders. Read More
  • Leading HRIS Payroll Software Vendors By HRIS Payroll Software

    Our HR software experts are dedicated to helping you find the system that is perfect for your company. We do intensive research on the top HRIS software solutions available from the hottest vendors so that you don’t have to. We save you time and money by analyzing the various features and... Read More
  • Leading Innovative Change By ExecOnline

    Leading Innovative Change, a 6-week leadership development program, delivers participants the ability to gain greater command of their company’s needs and more effectively identify and implement innovation opportunities in a fast-moving and competitive landscape. The program offers a strong case... Read More
  • Leading Operational Excellence By ExecOnline

    Leading Operational Excellence, a 6-week leadership development program, delivers participants the most effective tools to align their operational capabilities to service their customer value propositions. This cross-functional program will foster improved perspective and decision-making through... Read More
  • Leading Remote Operations Training By ActiveOps

    Managing at a Distance isn't ending anytime soon. Managers used to having their teams around them have been challenged to sustain customer service and the new requirements for ensuring staff well-being, assuring regulatory compliance, and controlling productivity at a distance. • Free online... Read More
  • Leading Strategic Growth By ExecOnline

    Leading Strategic Growth, a 6-week executive development program, delivers participants the ability to gain greater command of their company’s needs and the skill to identify and execute new growth opportunities in a fast-moving and competitive landscape. The key to organizational success is to... Read More
  • Leading Strategically By Center for Creative Leadership

    During this five-day program, senior managers receive a comprehensive assessment of their strategic leadership skills. By taking part in a realistic business simulation, participants experience the creation, implementation and execution of strategy and are able to practice new behaviors. A... Read More
  • Leading Teams for Impact By Center for Creative Leadership

    Matrixed organizations, cross-functional projects, interdependent departments and interconnected work — all these factors require people to work together, in teams. And teamwork requires collaboration, trust and accountability. This four-day program includes extensive assessment feedback,... Read More
  • Leading Through Financial Excellence By ExecOnline

    In Leading Through Financial Excellence, MIT Sloan School of Management’s elite faculty elevates non-financial leaders by giving them the concepts, language, and skills necessary to make important business decisions through a financial lens. Upon completing the certificate program, business... Read More
  • Leading Well in Your Sandbox: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” By The Alloy Consulting Group

    This is an insightful training session that will explore how personalities and behaviors affect the quality of interpersonal and work relationships. Through role playing, case study review and lots of interaction, participants will have many opportunities to delve into how they can make a... Read More
  • Leading with Data and Analytics By ExecOnline

    As the volume of available business data expands, the winners in tomorrow’s marketplace will be those who can generate insight from information. Yet, many leaders feel daunted by the sheer amount of data out there. Many others make the critical mistake of looking for patterns in the data they... Read More
  • Leading with Mindful Intention By ExecuLiv LLC

    Competing priorities and the constant demands on senior executives from multiple directions can challenge even the most focused leader. Having to process too much information at once can be counterproductive, creating mental overload, lack of focus and limited outcomes. Senior executives who... Read More
  • Leading with Motivational Intelligence - Open Enrollment Virtual Course By 2logical

    In a world wrought with disruption, uncertainty and turbulence, a new level of leadership is required. Today, leaders must understand how to engage virtual teams, foster collaboration by partnering across the organization and most importantly, help people to adapt, grow and innovate in a highly... Read More
  • Leadr CoreHR By Leadr

    Spend Less Time on Paperwork and More Time With Your People. Engage, grow, and retain your staff with an all-in-one HR software platform. With LeadrHR, have engaging performance reviews, track PTO with ease, get birthday & work anniversary reminders, simplify your onboarding process, and more. Read More
  • Leadr Health By Leadr

    Better Care for the Health of your Team and Their Family Members. Creating a healthy team culture means starting with healthy individuals. LeadrHealth offers individual and group health plans so you can better retain and develop your team. Your LeadrHealth team will help you consider your... Read More
  • Leadr People Development By Leadr

    Develop Leaders at Every Level of Your Organization. Leadership development pipeline is one of the biggest challenges organizations face. With Leadr, you can develop leaders at scale with consistent 1:1 meetings, clear goals, and regular feedback. Our people development software allows you to... Read More
  • Lean and 5S Workplace Organization By Biztorming Training & Consulting, LLC

    The 5s is a methodology to achieve workplace efficiency and employee engagement through 5 steps that start with letter S: sort, store, shine, standardize and sustain. More than a method, it implies a true cultural changed if implemented as a long term way of working. It is one of the first tools... Read More
  • Lean Consulting By National Career Group T&D

    We have over 25 years of combined executive recruiting experience across a variety of industries, let us help you! Read More
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification By’s Online Black Belt Training & Certification is an open-enrollment, fully online, self-paced course designed for Go-Getters who want to lead process improvement programs and coach project teams to success. It’s intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable which will help... Read More
  • Lean Six Sigma Champion Training & Certification By’s Online Champion Training & Certification is an open-enrollment, fully online, self-paced course designed for Go-Getters who want to build their problem-solving muscles and deliver amazing improvement results. It’s intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable which will... Read More
  • Lean Six Sigma Go-Getter Membership By

    30+ Lean Six Sigma Single Modules Single Modules are a smart new way to learn the basics of a single Lean Six Sigma concept or tool. It’s training “Just-In-Time” – a Lean way to learn! 100+ Lean Six Sigma Templates & Tools Easy to use templates that will help ensure your projects are completed... Read More
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification By’s Online Green Belt Training & Certification is an open-enrollment, fully online, self-paced course designed for Go-Getters who want to build their problem-solving muscles and deliver amazing improvement results. It’s intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable which will... Read More
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training & Certification By’s Online White Belt Training & Certification is an open-enrollment, fully online, self-paced course. It’s designed for Go-Getters who want to build their problem-solving muscles and start improving processes. It’s intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable which will help... Read More
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training & Certification By’s Online Yellow Belt Training & Certification is an open-enrollment, fully online, self-paced course. It’s designed for Go-Getters who want to build their problem-solving muscles and start improving processes. It’s intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable which will help... Read More
  • Lean Thinking By Lean For Humans

    Your organization is unique. For-profit, or not-for-profit? Start-up, or family-owned? Delivering products or services? Highly automated or hand-made? Digital or analog? Because people are always the heart of any organization, the people-centered principles of lean thinking can help you be more... Read More
  • Lean Training & Certification By’s Online Lean Training & Certification is an open-enrollment, fully online, self-paced course. It’s designed for Go-Getters who want to build their problem-solving muscles and start improving processes. It’s intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable which will help ensure... Read More
  • LEAP - R2 (Leadership Potential Assessment – 2nd Revision) By PsychTests AIM Inc.

    LEAP will determine whether a person possesses the personality traits that characterize good leaders, and evaluates the type of techniques he or she would utilize if given a leadership position. VITALS No. of questions: 100 Question type: Situational, self-report Estimated completion time:... Read More
  • Learn More About Our Investment Strategy By Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.

    At Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. our approach to investment management is always based on the unique needs of each client: 1. Define Your Goals: Align your investments with your financial goals, because with a destination in mind you can be more focused. 2. Build Confidence About Investing:... Read More
  • Learning By Lanteria

    Equip your organization with E-Learning courses (SCORM), video, documents, quizzes and web links. Create a central storage of all the learning materials, structured and fully searchable. Create quizzes and track employee certifications. Manage and track your compliance training for various jobs... Read More
  • Learning By Dering Consulting Group Inc

    We design engaging, interactive learning and training solutions on technical and interpersonal topics to build individual and organizational competency. Read More
  • Learning & Development By WorkRamp

    Create a culture of learning at your company by delivering exciting employee learning and development programs with WorkRamp. Deliver the best-in-class onboarding experience that your employees will rave about. Combine instructor-led training and on-demand guides to build robust L&D... Read More
  • Learning & Development By Saba Software

    Self-Driven Learning Experiences to Develop and Grow Your People. Saba's comprehensive and continuous learning solutions are built to deliver the modern self-driven development experience your employees want, without sacrificing the tools, insights and connectivity you need to drive a... Read More
  • Learning & Development By BizMerlinHR

    - Easily and consistently train your employees as you engage them with ongoing development. - Track a talent matrix (also called skill matrix) that always stays up to date, automatically. - Assign trainings to your workforce, create assessments and give certificates on completion. - Monitor your... Read More
  • Learning & Development Video Templates By Powtoon

    Working in Learning & Development? Choose from these popular L&D video templates to train employees, implement a digital transformation, and communicate policies, compliance, and guidelines with ease! You can be sure it will save you tons of time and allow your lessons to be memorable and... Read More
  • Learning & Training Systems (LTS) Division By Aptima

    Aptima’s Learning & Training Systems (LTS) Division promotes the evolution of complex skill-sets through the design and development of effective and efficient learning systems and experiences. The resulting technologies and solutions blend scientific theory, real world constraints, and data to... Read More
  • Learning Administration By Information Services Group

    ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services that help businesses as they grow. ISG has expertise in the administration of enterprise learning, including selection of learning management systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) software. Our market intelligence and... Read More
  • Learning Analytics By PeopleFluent - Learning

    Learning Analytics, powered by Watershed. Learning happens everywhere in your organization—not just within your LMS. With one solution, you can measure all your learning programs, regardless of where or when they’re happening.. Our learning analytics platform, powered by Watershed, gives you... Read More
  • Learning and Development Coaching By Bravely

    The skills employees need in order to thrive at work—like collaboration, empathy, and decision-making—are best retained when they’re put into action. Bravely connects people with professional coaching for the critical skills they need to do their best work. We're creating stronger teams through... Read More
  • Learning Consulting Services By CGS Enterprise Learning

    Today, more than 75% of companies use agile methodologies to accelerate time to market, increase productivity and better manage change. It’s no wonder that learning and development teams are thinking more like project managers and adopting this approach. Agile is attractive because the sooner a... Read More
  • Learning Content By Brainier

    Take your organization where it needs to go with learning content for every device. Brainier offers built-in learning content, as well as thousands of off-the-shelf courses from partners, and a native content authoring tool to create custom learning content. Convert nearly any learning asset,... Read More
  • Learning Effectiveness By Clarity Consultants

    Enhance Performance with Better Training Insights Read More
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP) By PeopleFluent - Learning

    Learning Experience Platform, powered by Instilled With our easy-to-use, structured LXP powered by Instilled, you can foster an efficient learning culture. Deliver relevant, timely training content that engages your learners and supports business objectives. Take the hassle out of finding,... Read More
  • Learning Management By BizLibrary

    Whether you are looking to deploy off-the-shelf video content, upload custom content, manage classroom training and certifications, or all of the above, we have a solution for you. BizLibrary’s learning management system is conveniently organized into three tiers to allow you the option to... Read More
  • Learning Management System By Centranum Talent Management Systems

    Fully integrates Performance Evaluations, Competency Assessments, Career Interest & Development, Individual Development Plans and CV records. Designed for targeted just in time learning. Set up a simple system or use the multiple options to set up a fully featured Learning Management... Read More
  • Learning Management System By Litmos

    Litmos is the world's easiest to use Learning Management System. For training professionals who need a trusted vendor with deep domain expertise, Litmos by CallidusCloud provides a cloud-based learning management solution (LMS) that unifies virtual, classroom, mobile, social and eCommerce... Read More
  • Learning Management System (LMS) By BIS Safety Software

    A training deployment system with every feature you have come to expect from a Learning Management System, plus: -Secure Cloud Hosting -Mobile Compatibilty -Integrated Exam Engine -API and SSO Integrations -Enterprise Level Scalibility -Access to Advanced Reporting Tools As part of... Read More
  • Learning Solutions By Ogletree Deakins

    Ogletree Deakins Learning Solutions™ works with human resources and management to deliver customized training options to align with your strategic goals. No matter the obstacles, this team is the “one-stop source” for all of your training needs. Read More
  • Learning Staffing By Infopro Learning, Inc.

    Our specialized L&D recruitment strategy provides reliability, simplicity, and speed to modern learning organizations that need highly skilled learning resources. Reliability With over 20 years of experience, we know how to find top talent; with a proven recruitment process and a network of... Read More
  • Learning Strategy By Idea Learning

    The Idea Learning approach begins with a thorough analysis to identify your desired business outcomes and the required changes in actions/behaviors you’d like to see. After conducting a thorough needs analysis, we recommend a learning strategy to achieve the defined results – whether its... Read More
  • Learning Technologies By AllenComm

    Our learning content platform, DesignLab, allows us to develop solutions quickly with the knowledge implemented throughout the design phase. The output is fully responsive HTML5 content that works in any platform and is kept up-to-date with HTML5 standards. Read More
  • Learning Technology By Clarity Consultants

    Deliver Employee-Centered Training Through New Technology Read More
  • Learning to Manage Customizable Course By

    Learning to Manage walks you through the process of successful management by introducing the tools and techniques for effectively handling five target areas – people, projects, performance, problems, and even personal development because successful management starts with being able to manage... Read More
  • LearnLux Digital + Human Financial Wellness By LearnLux | Financial Wellness

    LearnLux is the leading provider of independent Financial Wellness for the modern workplace. Our holistic program blends digital education with interactive tools & access to unbiased Financial Advisors. All Plans Include: Best-in-class financial education created by experts Digital tools for... Read More
  • Leave Administration By High Line Corporation

    High Line handles virtually unlimited leave plans/types – including your most complicated plans. Read More
  • Leave Administration Outsourcing By Trüpp

    Managing employee leaves of absence presents a number of legal landmines that can be difficult to navigate, even more so for those with employees in multiple states or large metro areas where there may be a variety of leave and sick time regulations. Let the experienced professionals at Trüpp... Read More
  • Leave Administration Services By GTM Payroll Services

    GTM’s Leave Management service helps plan, track, and handle employee leaves, including administration, claims management, return-to-work support, and reporting. The service is delivered via a secure, cloud-based solution and backed by a dedicated team of specialists who are SHRM-certified and... Read More
  • Leave Management By Benefits Auditing & SVCS

    Offering Leave Management that save your company money with the mismanagement of traditional leave management providers and eliminates the hassles of in-house administration. Read More

    Managing employee leaves of absence is overwhelming and the myriad of different laws can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially when leave is not your primary focus. Lean on the experts at HR Works to manage the complexities of compliance when it comes to all the changing State and... Read More
  • Leave Management By Acumen Data Systems

    Manage every aspect of your employees’ leave. Then keep track of regulations—from national to state to union to local—and all in a single tool. LeaveVIEW is a complete leave management software solution that helps you streamline and save time, keeping your leave policies in-line with the... Read More
  • Leave Management Software By Sparrow

    Sparrow combines industry-leading service and cutting-edge technology to create an end-to-end employee leave management solution. Our technology integrates with HRIS and payroll systems, and automate the parts of leave management that create the most risk for employers: managing employee... Read More
  • Leave Management System By HR Partner

    Employee Time-Off Requests The leave management system in HR Partner allows employees to request time off using the employee portal. - Easy for employees to request time off - Employees can see their leave balances and the leave calendar (usually set to show for their department but... Read More
  • Leave of Absence Arrears Collections By Benefits Auditing & SVCS

    This audit identifies employees that are past due on their benefits payments but still enjoying the luxury of having benefits. Potential Company Savings: $$$$$$$ Read More
  • Leave of Absence Billing By CobraHelp

    At CobraHelp we understand the many challenging aspects of managing employee benefits and compliance. That is why we offer leave management services for employers to meet Federal FMLA guidelines. for employers, so they can focus on other pressing human resource matters. Whether you are a... Read More
  • Leave of Absence Management By Pulpstream

    Reshape the employee absence management experience Strengthen the link between employee needs and organizational performance with one integrated solution to manage leaves of absence, intermittent absences, and accommodations. Without the proper handling, an employee's protected leave can turn... Read More
  • Leaves & Absence Management By Ursa HR Consulting

    Ursa HR Consulting is your trusted HR advisor. We're here to help with your Total Absence Management needs, including PTO and Sick Leave, ADAAA administration, disability benefits, leaves management, and workers’ compensation. We can create comprehensive return to work programs, restricted duty... Read More
  • Legacy Leadership 360 Assessment By Legacy Business Cultures

    The Legacy Leadership 360 assessment is different from other individual survey tools. Designed to provide immediately actionable feedback on the dimensions and qualities most closely linked to a leader’s ability to perform effectively in their role, it leverages the latest research from both... Read More
  • Legacy Planning By Navigate Forward

    Unsure what comes next? We can help! After decades of leadership, it can be difficult for seasoned executives to picture what a fulfilling retirement or next step entails. Few want to leave an active corporate career without a clear plan for how you’ll spend your time, leverage your skills and... Read More
  • Legal & Regulatory Assistance By G&A Partners

    Take the mystery out of employment law. Stay up to date on employment laws and regulations with the help of G&A’s regulatory and compliance experts. Read More
  • Legal & Regulatory Issues By G&A Partners

    Take the mystery out of employment law. Stay up to date on employment laws and regulations with the help of G&A’s regulatory and compliance experts. Understanding and remaining compliant with the many laws and regulations related to legal workplace practices can help you avoid unnecessary... Read More
  • Legal Compliance & Medical Direction By Emergency Skills

    ESI’s Medical Director & staff will provide documentation to ensure compliance with federal, state & local laws to mitigate risk & protect your organization & trained responders from legal liability. Services include: • Required prescriptions for AED purchase • Physician oversight to ensure... Read More
  • Legal Compliance Deck by JollyDeck By JollyDeck

    JollyDeck is an e-learning and performance management platform that is built to address your compliance needs. We offer engaging off-the-shelf compliance courses and the software to run the training. Our Legal Compliance Deck will increase your learner's awareness, encourage positive conduct... Read More
  • Legal Training - HR Topics By Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

    C4IOE partners with Littler Mendelson, The National Labor Law Firm, and its attorneys to provide training and consulting services to Clients regarding compliance and labor law topics. Read More
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance By 1STWEST BACKGROUND DUE DILIGENCE

    1STWEST takes compliance seriously. We have maintained an impeccable reputation since 1991 by delivering our clients accurate and compliant reports. 1STWEST’s expert in-house compliance team assures strict oversight of research methodology and information reporting in accordance to all... Read More
  • Length of Service Awards By Awards Network

    Let your employees select the service award of their choice out of our brand name awards catalog featuring approximately 120 gifts in each price level. Schedule personalized emails to congratulate your employees on their anniversary date and take them to their personal gift selection account... Read More
  • Level-Funded Plans By Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc.

    Looking for a sustainable solution to the rising cost of health care for small business? Our unique level funding product provides control, flexibility, and savings on medical claims bridging the gap between a fully-insured and a self-funded plan. Read More
  • Lever Analytics By Lever

    Lever Analytics layers flexible reporting and analytical tools on top of your cleanly structured Lever recruiting data, enabling talent teams to assess and improve their recruiting processes. Read More
  • Lever Hire By Lever

    Intentionally designed and deceptively simple, Lever Hire is the collaborative recruiting platform your employees and candidates will love. Lever Hire combines ATS and CRM functionality in a single, powerful platform to manage hiring end-to-end. Read More
  • Lever Nurture By Lever

    Introducing Lever Nurture: powerful workflow automation technology designed to engage top candidates. With Nurture Workflows, Engagement Alerts, and an Intelligent Lead Pipeline, recruiting teams can scale their reach and achieve effortless organization. By sending a series of email touchpoints... Read More
  • Leverage Concierge By ACI Specialty Benefits

    The ultimate perk to attract and retain top talent, ACI's Leverage Concierge offers customized corporate concierge and errand running services that support best place to work initiatives and help companies thrive in competitive industries. Leverage Concierge is passionate about going above and... Read More
  • LGBTQI+ Gender Identity & Expression Diversity Training By Diversity Builder, Inc.

    Being inclusive and affirming with gender identity and expression is an essential practice to build a culture of belonging. Our company's gender identity and expression class is available online, onsite, or via live trainer webinar. The course helps employees better understand gender and how it... Read More
  • Life Advisor EAP By Ulliance, Inc.

    Support Your Employees' Emotional Well-being With An EAP While most companies provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to their workforce, not all EAPS are created equal. Learn more about how the right EAP can help you improve the emotional health and overall well-being of everyone in your... Read More
  • Life Advisor Wellness Programs By Ulliance, Inc.

    Well-Being Programs For Today's Workforce Employee wellness programs aren't new. They've been around since the early 1980s when the wellness movement became mainstream. At that time, they were seen primarily as a fancy perk for employees of large corporations. But things have changed. Read More
  • Life Insurance By G&A Partners

    Ancillary benefits that enrich your employee insurance package. Life can take unexpected turns. Choosing how to prepare for those moments is a personal decision. When you provide your employees with the option of affordable disability and life insurance, you give them the ability to secure a... Read More
  • Life Insurance By Stevens & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Cost Effective Factor Do I need It? Example: If you purchased a Long Term Care policy at age 58, $200.00 day, Lifetime Benefits until compounded inflation 0 day Elimination assuming your annual premium is $5,714.00 If you were to pay this for 20 years you would have paid $114,281.00. Now if we... Read More
  • LIFE Intelligence By LIFE Intelligence

    LIFE Intelligence is one app to support employees in every aspect of their LIFE: for self, career, and relationship success. With our data analytics and mobile self-care toolkit, get insight into how your employees feel, and content to help them feel better immediately. Our comprehensive... Read More
  • Life Sciences Recruitment By Human Capital Solutions, Inc.

    Change brings ambiguity and risk; but it also presents opportunity. Nearly every sector of the life sciences industry faces unprecedented change. The identification and recruitment of top talent has never been more important; but without professional support and guidance the process can be a... Read More
  • Life Sciences Recruitment By Pharma Search Partners, LLC

    We place candidates that deal with anything in the discovery areas. Our way of doing business has allowed us to fill rather hard roles with clients across the United States and in Foreign Countries. We have set up teams in the UK, India, and Singapore, to name a few. Read More
  • Life-Changing Wellness By Namaste New York

    COVID-19 is changing our world at lightning speed. Your wellbeing is our top priority. Empower and take care of yourself in new and different ways with wellness practices that keep you thriving amidst challenging times. Our multi-modality approach. Anytime, anywhere. FLEXIBLE TIMES THAT FIT... Read More
  • LifeLock Benefit Solutions By BPC, part of FuturePlan by Ascensus

    In today's digital world, it is not a matter of if but when identity theft will happen. 28 million people were victims of identity theft in 2012*. A stolen identity can be used over and over to drain accounts, open new lines of credit, ruin credit, obtain jobs, falsify income tax returns, commit... Read More
  • Lift By Impact Suite

    Science-based support for lasting emotional healing from depression and anxiety. Mental health issues are at an all-time high, impacting a staggering 1 in 3 Americans. The difference between some hope and no hope is huge. Even small adjustments in your life can lead to measurable improvements... Read More
  • LightWork Learning Management By LightWork Software

    LightWork® Learning Management gives human resources professionals the ability to deploy customized training to individuals based on job titles, roles and responsibilities. LightWork Learning Management, powered by dialogEDU, is a unique technology that provides digital learning and... Read More
  • LightWork Managed Services By LightWork Software

    LightWork Managed Services is a leading provider of managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses supporting the applications, infrastructure, desktops, email, web applications, document management, and other technologies that run your business. LightWork Managed Services specializes... Read More
  • LightWork People Management By LightWork Software

    LightWork People allows you to house your company’s employee data. Employee profiles can be updated from an outside source or within LightWork People. These profiles hold information like, general employee details, organizational levels, the primary and secondary job, employment status,... Read More
  • LightWork Performance Management By LightWork Software

    LightWork Performance Management is a dynamic workforce management system designed to help identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success. Its flexibility and intuitive interface contains easily modified appraisals and... Read More
  • LightWork Recruit and Onboarding By LightWork Software

    LightWork Recruit, powered by iRecruit, is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible applicant tracking and recruiting software. LightWork Recruit's set-up and implementation are quick and easy. •Immediate ROI: LightWork Recruit pays for itself with branding, posting to major job boards, tax... Read More
  • LightWork Time By LightWork Software

    LightWork Time is a program designed for companies with single or multiple locations and easily accommodates remote employees. Both managers and employees can input employee time at intervals specified by the company. Time can be entered via desktop punch, kiosk punch, or biometric/swipe time... Read More
  • Line of Credit By Merritt Business Solutions

    Line of Credit - Merritt Business Solutions is excited to release a new service offering called the Merritt Business Solutions Client Credit Line. In partnership with Payroll Funding, the Merritt Business Solutions Credit Line provides our valued clients with a unique opportunity to obtain a... Read More
  • LinkedIn Optimization By 4SIGHT COACHING

    Today, in many industries, your LinkedIn profile is as important as your resume. In some instances, it can land you an interview quicker than your resume. ​We will help optimize your profile so it's reflective of your capabilities, and so people can find you in the search engines. Read More
  • LinkedIn Optimization By NimoHR

    Help you find a clear picture of your personal and professional goals, both the long-term and short-term goals Create a search strategy based on those goals Establish an online brand that will be prepare you for the next steps Provide networking techniques that will help you obtain leads,... Read More
  • List of Relocation Services By MoveCenter

    Home Sale, Rental Assistance, Area Tours, Home Finding/Home Purchase, Buyer Value Option, Household Goods Moving, Temporary Furnished Housing, Expense Tracking, Group Moves, Web & App Reports Read More
  • Listen By Perceptyx, Inc.

    A great survey not only asks great questions, but it asks them in a beautiful and engaging way. We want the survey to match your company's unique voice and culture. CAPABILITIES - Leverage our recommended employee survey questions and our survey question review to help you match your survey... Read More
  • Listenforce Training By Listenforce

    Our training is made to fit your unique business We offer a blended learning approach customized to your individual needs: Sales Performance Customer Service Skills On-site Training eLearning courses Leadership Coaching One-on-one Training Interactive Webinars 24/7 online video learning We... Read More

    Our Custom Corporate Live Chef Challenge transports your teams to Kitchen Stadium! Teams work together to successfully produce masterpieces in a timed Iron Chef-style culinary competition. Once we reveal the "Secret Ingredient", each team will be charged to produce an Appetizer, Main Entrée, and... Read More
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting By First Contact HR

    First Contact HR's nationwide live scan fingerprinting process is fast, accurate and convenient. It typically takes about 10 minutes from the time a subject arrives, until all of your fingerprints have been captured. The results are turned around much faster than traditional ink fingerprinting... Read More
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting Services By Bay Area Background Checks

    We are a California Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Live Scan private service provider. Please contact us if you require Nationwide Service. Read More
  • Live Theater Training By The Center for Respectful Leadership

    After developing a customized script that meets the client needs and cultures, professional actors from the Gregg Ward Group deliver a fully memorized, compelling performance on client site. After each performance, a subject matter expert facilitator leads the audience in Guided Interactive... Read More
  • Live Video Interviewing By Async Interview

    Async Interview’s live video interview technology creates a professional, employer branded experience while allowing for one or many interviewers to speak with candidates, record it, and revisit the interview later. Read More
  • Live Webcasts By NewPoint Strategies

    Live Webcasts reach people around the globe. -Engaging, highly interactive webinars -Dynamic multimedia content -Led by skilled facilitators -Participants have access wherever they are Read More
  • LLoyd Executive Search By LLoyd Staffing

    LLoydSearch clients have access to best-in-class candidates who work with us knowing that a retained engagement assures them of the exclusivity, confidentiality and commitment to feel comfortable in their consideration of new career opportunities. Our in-depth client needs analysis and proven... Read More
  • LMS & HRIS Courseware By ServiceSkills Customer Service Training

    ServiceSkills offers LMS training courses on customer service, team building, respectful workplace issues, email etiquette, telephone skills, virtual meetings, customer loyalty, conflict resolution and mentoring. All 18 series in the ServiceSkills library are all available in SCORM 1.2 and... Read More
  • LMS Software By Absorb Software

    Absorb LMS empowers organizations to train employees with the skills needed to stay modern and relevant in today's fast-paced world. Make learning and development your competitive advantage by integrating an award-winning learning management system that empowers organizations across the globe to... Read More
  • Load It Once By Budd Van Lines

    Americas First only Patented Modular Solution for Executive Moves. Read More
  • Local Movers Near Me By Collegian Movers

    Movers Near Me in CT At Collegian Movers, we provide you with full-service local moving and storage at affordable prices. From packing services to moving transportation, and storage our local moving experts are ready to help you. We go beyond other moving companies to make sure that every detail... Read More
  • Local Moving By John C Murphy Moving & Storage

    You’ve come to the right mover! We are a fully licensed and insured mover with locations in New York and Connecticut. The Murphy family has been moving families in the region locally since 1914.Award winning quality with customer service being our top priority. Packing, crating, storage, self... Read More
  • Local Sales Recruitment By Media Staffing Network

    Our team of expert media recruiters coaches your management team with out-of-the-box solutions for locating potential sales candidates both in and out of media! Read More
  • Local Sales Recruitment Online By Media Staffing Network

    We have created an out-of-the-box online solutions platform for locating potential sales candidates both in and out of media! Satisfy a recruitment initiative for your EEO Program with the FCC while you gain knowledge, tips and tools to build a successful talent acquisition program at your station. Read More
  • Local Storage By Collegian Movers

    Connecticut Storage Moving, remodeling, staging, or just in need of some extra living room? Reserve your Connecticut storage space today. Get the extra room you need for a low rate with no credit card required. You care about cost and convenience. That is why storing your items with us is a... Read More
  • Localization By Global eLearning

    Are you struggling with translation of L&D content? So much of today's learning content is multimedia, so without a cultural evaluation of the photos, animation, and videos, the content in the target culture could be mis-interpreted, misunderstood or lost entirely. In addition, hundreds of... Read More
  • Logbooks By Croker Risk Management Services

    Croker logbooks are designed to comply with city, state and federal codes. Multiple logbooks may be necessary and/or required to meet all compliance initiatives. Croker has developed an assortment of logbooks to meet different building types and requirements. A number of Croker... Read More
  • Logistics Industry Experts By Top Talent

    At Top Talent, we are laser-focused on logistics. We have been bringing together Top Talent logistics candidates with companies for years. We have real-life experience in the issues and expectations involved. This expertise allows us to understand fully the specific requirements you have.... Read More
  • Long Distance Moving By John C Murphy Moving & Storage

    Are you relocating to the sunny shores of Florida, California, North or South Carolina or to the mountains of Colorado or the warmth of Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada? Let John C. Murphy Moving and Storage transport your shipment to anywhere in the United States or around the world. Read More
  • Long Distance Moving Company By Collegian Movers

    Long Distance Moving Company in Connecticut Collegian Movers is a long distance moving company. We offer affordable long distance moving services that fit both your budget and your moving needs. Our specialty is in moving to Florida from Connecticut. In addition, we deliver household and... Read More
  • Long Distance Moving Services By Colonial Van Lines Inc.

    Are you looking for a preferred long distance moving company you can trust? Maybe you need a team who understands your situation and has the tools and skills required to navigate it. Maybe you’re just not sure who you can trust with your big move, and you’re seeking someone who seems reliable... Read More
  • Long Term Care By LifeSecure Insurance Company

    When your employees face a chronic illness or disability, they may need help with things like eating, bathing and dressing. Getting this type of assistance can be expensive. And health insurance typically does not cover this type of care. Now you can offer them a long-term care insurance plan... Read More
  • Long-Term Incentives Survey By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

    Our global long-term incentives market data, gives you an independent up-to-date view of all long-terms incentives types, provided to individual positions across all employee levels, around the globe. • More than 180 Countries, Remote and Difficult Locations • Up-to-date View of All long-term... Read More
  • LookinBody Web By InBody

    A cloud database that can be used to manage all your participants’ InBody data from any computer anytime, anywhere. With multi browser compatibility, you can use any computer or tablet to keep track of participant data. The LookinBody web analytics take the guesswork out of one-on-one... Read More
  • Loyalty Technology and Consulting By Maritz Motivation

    At Maritz Motivation, we help companies provide more than just a loyalty program. We combine science with experience and cutting-edge technology to create a journey that shifts people's behavior and grows businesses. The result? A personalized, memorable, and meaningful loyalty... Read More