Products in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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  • Microsoft Office Skills Testing By ioPredict, Inc.

    Office Skills Testing measures the most critical skills and abilities required in today’s administrative and clerical positions. Ensure that your employees have a working knowledge of the following software applications so they can hit the ground running: Software skills tests: Microsoft®... Read More
  • Milk Shipping By Kin by Medela

    Make it easy for working moms to get their breast milk home from anywhere in the world when they travel for business. Moms can choose the shipping option that works best for getting milk back home to baby. Read More
  • MadCap Doc-To-Help By MadCap Software

    Doc-To-Help gives policy writers, HR managers, and administrative staff the ability to easily write, manage, and publish documentation to any format or device, all the while continuing to us Microsoft Word. With Doc-To-Help, the process of creating policies and procedures, corporate intranets,... Read More
  • MadCap Flare By MadCap Software

    Meet MadCap Flare Whether you need to create technical documentation for online Help, software and API documentation, policy & procedure manuals, illustrated parts catalogs or maintenance manuals, knowledge bases or user guides, MadCap Flare is powerful software for technical documentation that... Read More
  • MadCap Mimic By MadCap Software

    MadCap Mimic is an easy-to-use software simulation and multimedia tool that lets you create fully interactive movies, e-learning videos, simulations, presentations and tutorials of software or systems. Read More
  • Make HR Compliance & Guidelines Video Using Templates By Powtoon

    All companies have rules, some are just better at communicating them. While immensely important, compliance and guidelines materials can be some of the driest and colorless necessities of HR. Bring them to life with these video templates! Teach about company-wide guidelines and regulations in a... Read More
  • Manage Big Changes By Emerson Human Capital Consulting

    We help organizations capture the benefit of their change initiatives. We don’t care what you’re launching – a new technology, product, service, organization, market strategy, operating model – we’ll help you achieve the intended benefit sooner. We get your people on board fast, and ready to... Read More
  • Managed IT Provider By ScienceSoft

    With 30 years in IT, ScienceSoft provides managed IT services for companies across numerous industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking and financial services, and telecoms. The company offers IT infrastructure management for applications, servers, data storages (databases,... Read More
  • Managed IT Provider By ScienceSoft

    With 30 years in IT, ScienceSoft provides managed IT services for companies across numerous industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking and financial services, and telecoms. The company offers IT infrastructure management for applications, servers, data storages (databases,... Read More
  • Managed Learning Services By Infopro Learning, Inc.

    Our model for transforming Learning and Development organizations from a cost center to a profit center by managing the end-to-end execution of an entire L&D organization. Our learning outsourcing model was specifically built for global organizations looking for an end-to-end L&D service... Read More
  • Managed Services Provider By Merritt Business Solutions

    Managed Services Provider - Merritt Business Solutions becomes the single-point-of-contact for our clients to streamline the management of their Payroll and HR Services. Through a master services agreement, we manage all vendor relationships according to customized service level agreements. We... Read More
  • Managed Staffing By SeeKing HR

    This service is best for an organization looking to augment its existing staff or assist with long-term projects. Read More
  • Management & Leadership Training Programs By Paramount Potentials

    Management & Leadership Training Programs We deliver a thirteen-module supervisory training program (which can be reduced and tailored to fit your needs), a six-module mid-level management course, and a three-module executive level leadership development program which have repeatedly been... Read More
  • MANAGEMENT 360S By Lausanne Business Solutions

    Regardless of a company’s overarching strategy, successful organizations need management that engages their people, effectively lead their teams, and drive the best results. Today’s managers execute in an ever changing landscape where they face new challenges every day. Therefore, it is crucial... Read More
  • Management Consulting - The Voice of Respect™ By The Center for Respectful Leadership

    Gregg Ward Group consultants take a “systems approach” to organizational consulting, based on the practices of analyzing organizations as a collection of interconnected systems and processes and changing these holistically to meet client goals and expectations. We start by doing a “pulse check”... Read More
  • Management Development Certificate Program By Contract Trainers, Inc.

    Nobody told them that being a good supervisor would be easy. In fact, in some organizations, nobody tells them anything about being a supervisor. Avoid the problems of the new supervisor not knowing what to do and who to ask. Provide your first-line supervisors or potential supervisors with... Read More
  • Management Gaps By WILL Interactive

    Management Gaps explores the challenges of being a leader in a workforce that may span four distinct generations. Common myths and misperceptions are addressed and users are invited to assess their own knowledge and attitudes as they manage the diverse employees of Pencil Pushers, Inc. Read More
  • Management Search By McAleer Gray, LLC

    Our Management Search services provide companies with leadership placement in mid-management corporate roles (under the Vice-President level), such as Directors, General Managers, and Senior Managers for companies of various sizes. We can fill multiple positions for similar roles in the fields... Read More
  • Management Tests By Resource Associates, Inc.

    Our team is comprised of leading professionals in industrial & organizational psychology and human resources who have developed effective job-specific personality and aptitude testing solutions, most of which are valid & reliable predictors of job candidate potential. Our online personality... Read More
  • Management Training By L&SA - Leadership & Sales Academy

    WHO SHOULD ATTEND? People who are in management position and need to coach their team to success. OBJECTIVES OF THE SEMINAR YOU WILL UNDERSTAND: Who you are and what is your team profile. What you can do to build the right team, and manage them to success. What strengths and limitations you... Read More
  • Manager 360 By People Element

    Built with a busy manager in mind, Manager 360 empowers managers to understand how they are perceived like never before, and equip them with the right tools to grow, engage, inspire, and lead. In addition to being an easy way to gather feedback from direct reports, supervisors, and peers,... Read More
  • Manager As Mediator By Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc.

    Put the tools of the professional mediator into the hands of any employee who is responsible for the cooperative work of others. Organizational leaders can quickly learn Managerial Mediation to negotiate productive work relationships and find solutions to business problems caused by conflict... Read More
  • Manager Development Program By Alterity Solutions, Inc.

    You recognize raw talent when you see it. But raw talent needs finessing, and confidence needs building. Our management development program helps grow the leaders and managers of tomorrow. Your employees will define and develop the key skills and competencies they need to be successful leaders... Read More
  • Manager Effectiveness By Churchill Leadership Group Inc

    Set Up Your Managers For Success -Manager Capability to Fit Your Need -Consistent Expectations and Skill-Sets -Higher Talent Attraction & Retention -Faster Results – Less Headache Manager Effectiveness Active Learning Journeys include: 1) Manager Effectiveness 1.0: For brand new managers,... Read More
  • Manager Effectiveness Surveys By People Element

    Managers have a critical impact on engagement and retention in the workplace. At their best, good managers know how to support their employees and keep them engaged, while continuing to grow and improve themselves. On the flipside, less than great managers have the potential to hinder... Read More
  • Manager on Call Subscription By Manager on Call

    Our number one service is the Manager on Call, a personal and flexible executive level service for the everyday manager at a fraction of the cost. A Manager on Call is an accredited executive coach, human resources professional and leadership trainer with a track record as an experienced... Read More
  • Manager Resource Center By E3 Solutions

    TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM DYNAMICS. Seeing high rates of turnover? Frustrated by disengaged employees? Refresh your work culture by providing a comprehensive learning platform to accelerate essential skills for leaders at all levels. The Manager Resource Center (MRC) is uniquely rooted in neuroscience... Read More
  • Manager Support Coaching By Bravely

    While companies spend billions of dollars annually on learning and organizational development, managers continue to lack the support and training they need to be effective leaders. As a result, their performance and relationships suffer. With Bravely, they can connect with professional coaches... Read More
  • Manager’s Edge Program By Southwestern Consulting

    A high-impact personal and professional development program designed to help managers grow themselves and their teams. We know leading a team can be challenging. The Manager’s Edge program has proven successful in helping managers grow and lead high-performing, cohesive teams of successful,... Read More
  • Managing Distributed Teams Workshop By Blue Beyond Consulting, Inc.

    The Managing Distributed Teams Workshop is designed for the modern-day manager. Grounded in Blue Beyond’s Deep Trust and High Expectations™ model, this workshop provides managers with practical tools to build and maintain connection among their team, regardless of their location, so they feel... Read More
  • Managing Employer Risk By G&A Partners

    G&A can create, implement, and maintain a workplace safety program that protects your employees and your business Read More
  • Managing for Excellence By Fair Measures, Inc.

    Managing for Excellence, for both new and seasoned managers, is designed to address one of the most critical skill sets needed to develop staff performance while minimizing legal risk. This half-day program on performance feedback provides a host of best-practice tools to support managers at all... Read More
  • Managing Upwards By Addison Solutions Academy

    At work, many business professionals face a big challenge: aligning our priorities with our supervisors'. Knowing our manager's values and how they prefer to work and communicate allows us to work more effectively and provide a wider range of options. This workshop will equip participants with... Read More
  • Managing Within the Law By Fair Measures, Inc.

    Managing Within the Law leads to lower employee turnover, and therefore higher customer satisfaction, which in turn drives profits. Good managers determine if people stay or go. This program teaches managers to live the company’s values, build consistency and trust across managers’ teams,... Read More
  • Managing Your Current Home By Paragon Home Resources

    Paragon Home Resources can help with managing your current home and getting repairs done when needed. Our services allow seniors and others to remain in their homes for as long as possible. We can also assist with managing a home that is vacated during the sales process. Our services include... Read More
  • MANSSA - R4 (Management Skills and Styles Assessment - 4th Revision) By PsychTests AIM Inc.

    The MANSSA - R4 is an in-depth assessment that evaluates a person’s managerial potential. This all-encompassing test covers over 60 competencies, traits, and skills. VITALS No. of questions: 391 Question type: Situational, self-report, skill testing Estimated completion time: 120 minutes... Read More
  • Manufacturing By E3 Recruiting

    E3 Recruiting is a full service recruiting firm near Charlotte, NC. We serve companies large and small all across the United States in all industries. We consider ourselves the match-maker of our client company’s hard to fill positions with the “right” candidate, fitting not only the... Read More
  • Manufacturing By Foxhound Partners

    The recruitment landscape has changed. Increasingly, companies are struggling to meet their recruitment goals. In medium to large organizations, in-house human resources professionals can attest to the difficulties of hiring in an environment with low unemployment and a lack of qualified talent... Read More
  • Manufacturing ERP Software for Small Businesses and Mid-sized Companies By Passport Software, Inc.

    Whether you operate a small business or mid-sized company, PBS™ Manufacturing software offers sophisticated features at an affordable price. - Better inventory planning - Better production scheduling - Better cost tracking - Improved order management - Unlike larger systems, PBS allows users to... Read More
  • Manufacturing Executive Recruiting By Brooke Chase Associates, Inc.

    Established in Chicago in 1980 and now based in Sarasota, FL, Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. has grown into a boutique retained executive search firm with international reach, specializing in the identification, recruitment and placement of industry professionals with manufacturers, distributors... Read More
  • Manufacturing Executive Search By JMJ Phillip Executive Search

    JMJ Phillip Manufacturing Search Division was founded in Detroit, Michigan leveraging its 20+ years of expertise in the manufacturing industry across the nation. Manufacturing runs in our blood as we started our company in the manufacturing capital of the world. Read More
  • Manufacturing Executive Search By Alder Bowman

    Alder Bowman's team members have over 50 years collective executive search experience in manufacturing and industrial services. By maintaining close, long-term relationships with clients, our understanding of their needs assures targeted and timely identification of qualified candidates. Our... Read More
  • Manufacturing Recruitment By VITESSE Recruiting & Staffing Inc.

    Production Workers, Assemblers, Material Handler, Order Puller, Pick and Pack, Labeler, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving, Certified Forklift Diver (sit down or stand up), Cherry Picker, Clamp Operator, Warehouse Supervisor/Manager, Traffic Supervisor, Dispatcher, Operations Manager,... Read More
  • MapRecruit AI By MapRecruit

    MapRecruit powers frictionless recruitment "Cognitively at scale" to see happy & productive 4 Billion workforce!! is most modular, multi-lingual (105 languages), multi-channel workflow (Phone/Video/Chat bots), highly scalable, explainable, AI contextual algorithms to generate 10X... Read More
  • Marijuana 101 Workplace By IntroVentions

    Marijuana 101 Workplace is an evidence-based online intervention course for employees who have violated the Employer’s drug policy either through a workplace incident or have tested positive for marijuana. The Extended Interventions portion of the program includes four follow-up contacts sent... Read More
  • Marijuana in the Workplace By National Drug Screening, Inc.

    Think twice about dropping marijuana from your drug testing program. This decision will take a lot of thought and debate. Either way make sure drug free workplace policies are revised and up to date with best practices and State laws. When revising drug testing policies, consider expanded... Read More
  • Market Research Surveys By National Business Research Institute

    Assess your market and take advantage of it. Are you interested in gaining the inside track on your competition? Market Research Surveys might be the right choice for your organization. These types of surveys provide targeted insights into consumer perspectives and can be used to guide an... Read More
  • Marketability Assessment By The Barrett Group

    The Marketability Assessment is comprised of five defined topics, the Job Search Strategy Assessment, Resume Analysis, LinkedIn Profile Review, Mock Phone Interview and Mock Video Interview. All results are detailed on your Marketability Scorecard, which you will Debrief with one of our... Read More
  • Marketing By Foxhound Partners

    The recruitment landscape has changed. Increasingly, companies are struggling to meet their recruitment goals. In medium to large organizations, in-house human resources professionals can attest to the difficulties of hiring in an environment with low unemployment and a lack of qualified talent... Read More
  • Marketing Compensation Survey By Western Management Group

    Conducted annually since 1995, the Marketing Compensation Survey is the premier source of data regarding marketing positions for a wide variety of industries, including consumer products, technology, restaurants and food service, banking, insurance, financial services, automotive,... Read More
  • Marketing Digital and Creative Staffing By Sparks Group

    Sparks Group is a marketing, digital and creative staffing agency that rapidly provides highly-skilled talent in flexible temporary/contract, contract to hire and direct hire/permanent positions. Our specialized team is comprised of dedicated creative recruiters and account managers, many of... Read More
  • Marketing Exective Search By MarketPro, Inc.

    Selecting a new marketing executive sets the stage for success for your entire company, but it’s a difficult, resource-intensive and unfamiliar process. For most organizations, finding a CMO or marketing VP is an occasional occurrence. At MarketPro, we do it every single day. Who do you want... Read More
  • Marketing Executive Recruitment By Brooke Chase Associates, Inc.

    Established in Chicago in 1980 and now based in Sarasota, FL, Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. has grown into a boutique retained executive search firm with international reach, specializing in the identification, recruitment and placement of industry professionals with manufacturers, distributors... Read More
  • Marketing Staffing By MarketPro, Inc.

    There’s no question marketing is evolving at a terrific pace. Contract staffing solutions from MarketPro offer an effective way to stay ahead of the competition, with flexible talent options to fit your needs and keep you on the cutting edge. Whether you need to supplement your marketing... Read More
  • Mass Text Messaging By TextMarks

    Mass Text Messaging allows you to send tens, hundreds, even thousands of SMS text messages at one time directly to your subscribers' mobile phones. Read More
  • Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development By UT Dallas Organizational Behavior, Coaching, & Consulting

    The Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development degree program explores essential issues associated with leadership and human systems to conduct planned interventions, using the behavioral-science knowledge that will increase an organization’s effectiveness and health.... Read More
  • Master of Science in Organization Development By University of San Francisco

    - Typical program length is 21 months, with 32 units. Opportunity to take electives in other programs, including MBA, Non-Profit & Public Administration programs. - Classes scheduled weeknights and occasional Saturdays; a convenient student schedule for working professionals. - Small class... Read More
  • MAX By HireMax

    There are two essential ingredients in the performance equation: 1. hiring the right people 2. developing good leadership The hire side of hireMAX gets the right people into the right seats. The MAX side of hireMAX develops your leadership so that you can get the most out of those... Read More
  • Maximizing Your Leadership Potential (MLP) By Center for Creative Leadership

    Developed specifically for first-time and front-line managers, this three day program focuses on key skills needed for success at this level: self-awareness, learning agility, communication and influence. Using assessment and feedback, as well as experiential learning activities, participants... Read More
  • Maxwell Health - Simplifying Benefits and HR By Maxwell Health

    The Maxwell Health platform is a cutting-edge benefits administration technology. Sun Life’s created a seamless, connected experience to better enroll in, administer, & manage benefits throughout the year. Maxwell’s level of connection with Sun Life goes beyond partnership - we are one... Read More
  • MBA for Business Professionals - Forbes Specialist Certificate By Learn At Forbes

    8 Courses 43 Hours Working professionals and active job seekers can’t afford to spend years in school. Learn@Forbes helps you outpace the competition with one, all-inclusive suite of business courses. Your MBA for Business Professionals Specialization covers the fundamental knowledge you’ll... Read More
  • MD Fee-Only Financial Advisor By Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.

    As a MD Fee-Only Financial Advisor and independent wealth management and investment advisory firm, we specialize in financial and retirement planning, portfolio management, pension & fiduciary consulting services. Read More
  • Meaning By The TAI Group

    Everyone who works for you has a unique reason for spending their waking hours in the service of your business. It goes far beyond the paycheck and the benefits. It is connected to something personal. It’s true for every employee from the custodial staff to the management team. And it is true of... Read More
  • Measurement By Performance Advantage

    Our 5 Levels of Measurement technology diagnoses root causes of human talent and performance. We designed or can access hundreds of assessments for 1) Trait - motives, personality, aptitude, 2) Preferences - thinking patterns, 3) Values - beliefs about how life works, 4) Skills - know-how,... Read More
  • Media On-Camera Training By Effective Presentations Inc

    If your comany is putting out YouTube videos, webinars, or other video products, you will want whoever appears on camera to come across as confident, knowledgeable, and genuine. Each year, video strategy becomes less of an option and more of a requirement for businesses. If you want to make it... Read More
  • Mediation By EEO NETWORK

    At EEO Network, we provide trained mediators who are skilled in resolving employee/management disputes arising from EEO-based complaints. Mediation will include complaints stemming from existing judicial or administrative actions or issues that have the potential of growing into a protracted... Read More
  • Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional By The HR Mediation Academy

    In this online course you will learn how HR professionals mediate workplace conflict and handle difficult employee relations situations competently, with confidence and ease. All the materials, including over 6 hours of instructional and demonstration video, the text of the book Peace at Work,... Read More
  • Mediation Training By Simon Mediation

    Organizations that wish to handle their conflict internally may choose to train a group of employees as peer mediators. These courses are 24 - 30 hours in length and are universally loved by participants. You can see testimonials at Simon Mediation’s Youtube channel:... Read More
  • Medical Case Management By AIMM

    Includes patient-centric comprehensive care management for patient’s with catastrophic illnesses and injuries, and “light” case management for all acute illnesses members experience. Designed to assure that the patient obtains optimum recovery through the provision of the highest quality, most... Read More
  • Medical Certification Courses By Security Concepts Group LLC

    Certification Courses Offered; *Bleeding Control (B-Con) 4 Hours Massive bleeding from any cause, but particularly from an active shooter or explosive event where a response is delayed can result in death. Similar to how the general public learns and performs CPR, the public must learn proper... Read More
  • Medical Professionals on Rotation or Temporary Assignments By Corporate Quarters, Inc.

    We can assist medical professionals traveling for rotations or temporary assignments. Community Features Rather than a building with blocks of rooms, you will reside in a Class-A residential apartment community. Although some services vary by location, you can rest assured that your community... Read More
  • Medicare (Medigap) Supplement By EHB Insurance Group

    Medigap Plans: also called Supplement Plans are provided by private insurance companies. Medigap plans only work with "Original Medicare" and can cover much of the 20% cost sharing you would have to pay with "Original Medicare". There are presently eleven plans (A,B,C,D,F, select, G,K,L,M and... Read More

    SmartConnect's NO COST Medicare Advocacy is here to empower your employees to know what they should be doing before they have to do it. We help your people understand the world of Medicare so they can make an educated decision when it comes to their healthcare needs. SmartConnect offers an... Read More
  • Medicare MSAs By EHB Insurance Group

    MSA stands for Medical Savings Account. MSAs are one type of Medicare Advantage plan that the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, partners with private insurance companies to offer. MSA plans combine a high-deductible Medicare Advantage Plan and a trust or custodial savings... Read More
  • Medicare Part C Advantage By EHB Insurance Group

    Part C: the Medicare Advantage Plans have co-pays and co-insurance. These plans consist of organizations like: HMO's (Health Maintenance Organizations) where you must visit a primary physician in the network to receive any specialist referrals within the network and PPO's (Preferred Provider... Read More
  • Medicare Part D Rx By EHB Insurance Group

    Part D: the Prescription Drug Plans (PDP's) are voluntary and help with your present or future prescription medication needs. PDP's are basically offered in two forms: 1) a stand-alone program where you can enroll with a monthly premium: 2) integrated with some Part C Advantage Plans that may... Read More
  • Medicare Supplements By Stevens & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.

    We represent over 50 plans, with Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, so we can find a plan to fit nearly any situation. Our Customer Service Department provides overwhelming “Concierge” service . Our Customer Service Representatives are problem solvers, solution finders... Read More
  • MedSavvy By MedSavvy

    With MedSavvy, you can compare medication safety, effectiveness and costs to find the best options for you and your family. Use MedSavvy to compare medication options and see costs at pharmacies near you. You can also download a coupon to save - there may be equally or better graded... Read More
  • Meeting of the Minds By Emergenetics International

    Our signature workshop – the Meeting of the Minds – can be delivered virtually or in person. Attendees learn to use their strengths to achieve their potential while organizations discover the tools to maximize performance and enhance workplace culture. Designed for adult learners, the program’s... Read More
  • MeetingPulse By MeetingPulse

    MeetingPulse offers a flexible and customizable suite of online meeting engagement tools including Q&A, brainstorming, complex voting, and audience reactions. No download required! MeetingPulse (SaaS) can stand alone or run alongside services like Zoom, Webex, and Teams. Read More
  • Meetings & Incentive Travel By Luxe Incentives

    - Program Design & Itinerary Development - Event, Flight, Tour, Transfer & Accommodation Bookings - Destination Research - Site Selection & Inspections - Program Management - Experienced On-Site Staff Read More
  • MEIQ - HR (Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Quotient - Human Resources Version) By PsychTests AIM Inc.

    The MEIQ-HR is an excellent tool for assessing emotional intelligence. The assessment is based on the mixed model of EI, and is comprised of both self-report items and ability/situational questions. The report provides numerical scores, graphs and narrative interpretation of four main emotional... Read More

    Mental health and wellbeing isn’t a benefit, it’s a business imperative. Our intelligent insights identify when your workforce is approaching stress, burnout, even depression, to elevate the response towards more immediate assistance. meQuilibrium was built on groundbreaking research and our... Read More
  • Mental Wellness Webinars By Namaste New York

    Inspire lasting self-care habits To educate employees on the benefits of self-care, and using the latest mental health and wellness research - our series of 45-to-60-minute interactive Masterclasses support employees dealing with stress, anxiety, and more, empowering them with mental health... Read More
  • Mentor Coaching Program By Coaching Out Of The Box®

    COURSE OVERVIEW: The COTBx One-to-One Mentor Coaching Program consists of three individual mentor coaching sessions with an ICF credentialed coach. Mentoring provides professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the ACC and... Read More
  • Mentoring By Prositions, Inc.

    Prositions, Inc. is leading the modernization of mentoring. Through the dynamic combination of tailored consulting, high-quality content, and award-winning software, we are helping organizations identify and achieve desired results through mentoring. Regardless of where you are in the... Read More
  • Mentoring Complete Software By Mentoring Complete

    For three decades, we’ve helped companies design and implement robust mentoring programs. We understand that mentoring is a people process, which is why we designed a comprehensive online mentoring software. Mentoring Complete brings together the most critical components of a successful... Read More
  • Mentoring Consultation By Mentoring Complete

    Through our mentoring consultations, we help your organization by providing the skills, experience, and perspective necessary to create, manage, and sustain a successful mentoring program. We work with you to determine: -- Your organization's mentoring goals, such as diversity initiatives,... Read More
  • Mentoring University By Mentoring Complete

    Thinking about a mentoring program but don’t know where to start? Mentoring University offers courses to better understand the difference between mentoring and coaching, learn how to match a mentor and mentee, and become certified as a mentoring program manager. Dive into courses on group... Read More
  • Mentorship & DEI Workshop By Dreami

    We conduct workshops on how to have great mentorship relationships in the workplace, how to be a great mentee and how to be a great mentor. These are effective tools that are transferrable to leadership principles. Read More
  • Mentorship Platform By Dreami

    Simple, easy, beautiful mentorship programs for DEI, ERGs, women and under-represented employees. Read More
  • MentorString By Prositions, Inc.

    MentorString is a powerful virtual mentoring and secure social collaboration platform that is revolutionizing the way organizations manage and develop talent. This application allows organizations to easily implement and administer mentoring and coaching programs. In addition, it helps busy... Read More
  • MentorString By Prositions, Inc.

    MentorString is a powerful virtual mentoring and secure social collaboration platform that is revolutionizing the way organizations manage and develop talent. This application allows organizations to easily implement and administer mentoring and coaching programs. In addition, it helps busy... Read More
  • Merger & Acquisitions Due Diligence By Strategic Benefits Advisors

    When two companies merge or a business is acquired through a stock or asset purchase, attention must be paid to the benefit plans of the company being acquired. Particularly in a merger or a stock acquisition, the acquiring company can become responsible for the benefit plans of the acquired... Read More
  • MERIT By HCR Software Solutions, Inc.

    Completely eliminate the manual labor of copying, pasting, emailing and inspecting workbooks. MERIT supports YOUR planning strategy, workbook format, formulas, and approval workflow. Reduce the duration of focal planning cycles by 70% while staying within budget and making better informed... Read More
  • Merit Salary Increases and Inflation Survey By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

    The global merit salary increases data is collected from over 7,000 survey participants. CPI information obtained from official sources and premier economic research institutions. • More than 180 Countries • Specific cities • Specific labor markets within those countries • Remote and Difficult... Read More
  • Messaging & Structure - In-person By Effective Presentations Inc

    Presentations that are memorable and cause your audience to take action are not just about who is presenting but what and how it is being said. If the message and structure of your presentation are not clear and leading others to action, you might as well be talking to a wall. This course will... Read More
  • Messaging & Structure - Virtual By Effective Presentations Inc

    What will I get out of this course? You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to design your presentation so that your audience will listen—and understand—every word you say! Last but not least, you’ll learn advanced techniques for answering tough questions from the audience and enjoying every minute... Read More
  • MI Gift Bundles By Marketing Innovators International Inc

    Engage Your Remote Workforce to Enhance Productivity and Work-Life Balance. The lights may be off, conference rooms quiet, and coffee kettle empty… but the internet, phone lines, and video conferences are still abuzz. Now, how are you thanking and recognizing your employees for their continued... Read More
  • Microaggressions Workshop By Artesian Collaborative, LLC

    Learn intervention skills to effectively address workplace microaggressions that arise from unconscious bias. These skills reduce harm for the aggressed while fostering growth and connection for all parties involved. Concepts & Skills Addressed • Acknowledging Bias • Intervention Skills • Bias... Read More
  • Microfinance & Specialized Training By JPCann Associates Ltd

    At JPCann Associates Limited we have the expertise in Microfinance – credit, insurance and other allied services. Our team of experts has deep knowledge, skills and practical experience in the industry. We provide both capacity building, and design and implementation of the structures needed to... Read More
  • Microlearning to the Rescue! By Learning Rebels, LLC

    Learning Rebels Microlearning Strategy Process: With cool ideas and even cooler tools, Learning Rebels will always begin with the end in mind. Learning Rebels will help you to determine key organizational goals and then align those goals with your microlearning outputs. We use our highly... Read More
  • Milestones™ Employee Service Recognition Program By Foot Locker Gift Card Sales / Patriot Marketing Group

    It is a time- and instance-proven fact that employees work harder and stay longer at jobs where they are recognized for their dedication and hard work. And one of the best ways for you, as an employer, to do so is a Length of Service program like our Milestones™ Program. How the Milestones™... Read More
  • Military Court Martial Verification By VettFirst Security LLC

    Military judicial proceedings lie outside of the state and federal court systems accessed during a traditional search for criminal records. As a result, records that would otherwise be of interest to those making important risk-based decisions may be overlooked or even missed altogether.... Read More
  • Millennial Engagement By Professional Adulting

    Customized Millennial Engagement to increases the awareness and aptitude of your workforce. Our trainings work to bridge the gap between the individual and the organization for the workforce of today and the workforce of the future. Read More
  • Mindful at Work By Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University

    What if we could increase our capacity for focus, innovation, and collaboration? This course is for anyone interested in applying science-based mindfulness practice in their work life. Beginners as well as experienced mindfulness practitioners are welcome. You will expand your repertoire for... Read More
  • Mindful Company Assessments By Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.

    Sample Competencies Measured Include: Leadership, Teams, Employees, Culture, Integrity, Wellness, Public Standing When a company is designed well and its teams are supported consistently, its leaders, teams, and employees can clearly connect their own personal purpose with the goals of the... Read More
  • Mindful Team Trainings By Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.

    Great teams, leaders, and companies don't just happen by accident, they are designed, nurtured, and created intentionally. Once designed, the design must be implemented and practiced in an ongoing and meaningful way over time, in a way that each team member feels a connection, responsibility,... Read More
  • Mindfulness Based Performance Improvement By Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.

    Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. offers services to teams, leaders, and individuals seeking expert council in various workplace situations and environments. The MLMW Team advises professionals on how to make their work more effective through applying mindfulness-based approaches. We begin with... Read More
  • Mindset Wellness Device By Koa Health

    Each year, 57% of people in the US with a mental illness do not receive any treatment. With Mindset, providers can expand their reach and offer additional support to patients outside of scheduled sessions. Designed for people with depression, Mindset offers an eight-step program based on the... Read More
  • MiniLab: Leader as a Coach By ThinkHuman

    The most effective managers operate as coaches. Learn the framework and practical tools to apply this approach. Put into use the most important management tool - the well-run one on one meeting - to set clear expectations, remove obstacles and elevate the performance of others. Provide... Read More
  • MINUTES TO WIN IT By Teambonders

    Our custom team challenges are perfect for groups of all sizes, and can be played virtually anywhere. Unlike the television program (whereby only one or two contestants are challenged at a time), Teambonders special, customized edition promotes an all-inclusive atmosphere – requiring entire... Read More
  • Missing Participant Solutions By We Search For You, Inc.

    We provide solutions to fill in missing data, find new data, or confirm existing participant data. Our solutions are -Address confirmation -Address search -DOB -Phone Search & Confirmation -Email search & Confirmation -Relative and Beneficiary Search, -Obituary search We can provide batch or... Read More
  • MIT - R (Multi-dimensional Intelligence Test - Revised) By PsychTests AIM Inc.

    MIT measures several factors of intelligence, namely logical reasoning, math skills, language abilities, spatial relations skills, knowledge retained and the ability to solve novel problems. VITALS No. of questions: 109 Question type: Numerical, verbal, image-based Estimated completion time:... Read More
  • Mitrefinch Time & Attendance By Mitrefinch Ltd Canada

    The Mitrefinch Time Management System (TMS) software is used by some of the world’s leading organizations, across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, transportation and logistics, health and service centres. Mitrefinch TMS is fully customizable and offers a wide range of... Read More
  • Mobile App Engagement Platform for Employees By Emplify

    Leverage a branded, native mobile app tool to effectively communicate and engage with employees. Truly engaging and retaining employees is of paramount importance to employers today. Savvy employers understand that engaged employees are more productive, more likely to be satisfied in their job... Read More
  • Mobile Attendance & GPS Tracking By American Time and Labor Company

    Employees capture their time and attendance information in real time. Timesheet information is collected on the mobile device along with associated GPS location data. Data is either pushed back immediately, or stored on the mobile until sufficient cellular coverage or Wifi is available.... Read More
  • Mobile Learning Apps By Designing Digitally, Inc.

    Your workforce is mobile, so why isn't your training? Give your employees the advantage of accessing training when they need it, where they need it. We create modules designed for quick reference in the field, tablet and phone-friendly versions of our eLearning courses, and custom apps for... Read More
  • Mobile Phone Forensics By Eide Bailly LLP

    Cost-effective cellphone forensics make a difference in many cases. As technology has progressed over the last few decades, one of the most important and most personal items that we all carry today are our cellphones. Our cellphones hold our pictures, videos, calendars, contacts and all of our... Read More
  • Mobility Professionals - Durable Medical Equipment (DME) & Medical Supplies By Pharmacy Trust Professionals

    Your Accessibility and Mobility Partner As a part of our family of companies at Mobility Pro's we understand that your rehab equipment is not just a piece of equipment, it represents independence. The freedom to regain your mobility, to be more productive, to reclaim your lifestyle. Our team... Read More
  • Mobilizing your Workforce By At Ease Solutions, LLC

    Are you relocating employees to a new country or a new state? Have you hired someone who will need to move for the position? At Ease makes sure that your employees have the appropriate authorization or status to begin working at their new location. You are notified of the necessary compliance... Read More
  • Modern Outplacement by GetFive By GetFive

    Through Active Engagement™, GetFive has redefined outplacement to be more than just career transition support. By ensuring that your outbound employees are immediately focusing on their careers - rather than their frustrations - we are able to substantially reduce the adverse impact on your... Read More
  • Money Experience Pro By Money Experience

    Money Experience Pro covers the whole arc of life decisions from early career through to retirement. Using a graphic novel featuring relatable characters and a highly engaging simulator, Money Experience takes a personalized approach to financial education by focusing on quality of life,... Read More
  • Monte Carlo Simulations By Exequity

    Exequity assists clients with valuing market-conditioned equity awards such as relative TSR, absolute TSR, and stock price hurdle awards. More importantly, we help clients understand how to better align market-conditioned awards with company strategy. Read More
  • Monthly Health Promotional Materials subscription By Occupational Medical Consulting, a subsidary of Wellness Workdays

    Are you spending time creating health promotional materials each month for your organization? Let us help you save time so you can focus on the important things. The OMC WellnessWorks health promotional materials are delivered through a self-serve, web-based portal. As a registered member you... Read More
  • Monthly Workshops By Legacy Business Cultures

    Legacy Business Cultures offers these workshops throughout the year, visit our website for specific dates and locations! Connecting With Respect The Connecting With Respect workshop is the most comprehensive and powerful curriculum of its kind. Incorporating the latest research from the fields... Read More
  • Mortgage and Financial Services By Paragon Home Resources

    By working with qualified national mortgage lenders, we can facilitate low interest rates and a convenient, quick, hassle free experience through a single point of coordination. Paragon Home Resources makes obtaining a loan or other financial services a simple process throughout the United... Read More
  • Mortgage Benefit Program By Provident Funding

    With Provident Funding’s Mortgage Benefit Program, offer your employees a 0.25% discount to the price of a home loan at no cost and no obligation! ABOUT US While the mortgage industry and our economy have gone through some changes, the American Dream of owning a home has remained the same.... Read More
  • Mortgage loans and refinancing By SoFi at Work

    It’s harder than ever for your employees trying to buy their first home, particularly in urban areas with high prices and 20% down payment requirements - SoFi’s unique underwriting approach allows borrowers to qualify for more financing than traditional lenders offer. Use the link... Read More
  • Mortgage Services By Signature Relocation

    With Signature Relocation you can expect an experienced team of leading experts devoted to your company. We have teamed up with trusted lenders to help make sure getting a new home loan is a seamless part of your relocation. With dedicated mortgage specialists, online tools, and resources at... Read More
  • Mosaic: Talent Leadership and Development By Paradigm Learning

    As organizations struggle to attract and retain the best and brightest in a changing workforce landscape, one fact becomes increasingly obvious: Individual managers and leaders have the largest impact on an employee’s engagement and development. Mosaic: The Art of Talent Leadership® is a... Read More
  • Moscow Ballet Classic Nutcracker Soldier By Moscow Ballet

    German folklore tells of nutcrackers protecting homes and bringing good luck to families. Continue this tradition with your choice of nutcrackers from Moscow Ballet, Ulbricht, Steinbach or Kurt Adler. All are ready to protect your loved ones and perfect to add to your collection! Moscow Ballet’s... Read More
  • Motivating Your Workforce By Addison Solutions Academy

    When it comes to motivating your employees, there are several options available, but some are more effective than others. Offering rewards, offering assistance and recognition, and creating goals are all excellent strategies to motivate your staff to perform at their highest levels of... Read More
  • Motivation By FurstPerson

    1stScreen ® 1stScreen evaluates a candidate’s behavioral tendencies and interpersonal style. Based on the Big-Five model of personality, 1stScreen measures a candidate’s characteristics that affect social interaction, performance, retention, and motivational fit with a job and environment. -8... Read More
  • Motivation vs Threats—Changing Workplace Culture (Influencing for Productivity & Motivation) By The Alloy Consulting Group

    As a manager, do you desire to motivate instead of threaten for a productive environment? What environment are you creating for your direct reports and staff? Workplace culture plays a powerful role in determining employee satisfaction, relationships and progress. While a positive workplace... Read More
  • Motivational Interviewing Training By Occupational Medical Consulting, a subsidary of Wellness Workdays

    OMC has integrated the practice of Motivational Interviewing into our company culture, WellnessWorks™ programs, and training. Motivational Interviewing evokes intrinsic motivation that empowers individuals to make positive behavior changes. Traditional healthcare interventions have the tendency... Read More
  • Motivational Interviewing/Coaching By IntroVentions

    Motivational Interviewing/Coaching Sessions is a 15 to 20 minutes evidenced-based method that works on facilitating and engaging intrinsic motivation within the client in order to change behavior. MI is a goal-oriented, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping... Read More
  • Motivational Posters & Art By Successories

    Successories has put together a 21 step proprietary system to ensure the quality of our motivational posters is unsurpassed. This includes using the highest premium-grade paper, employing the finest printing techniques, and utilizing quality framing standards unmatched in the industry. That's... Read More
  • Motivosity Lead By Motivosity

    65% of people think they would be more effective if they had a better boss. Using Motivosity Lead, transform your managers into leaders by giving them the tools they need to coach their team and create powerful relationships. Read More
  • Motivosity Listen By Motivosity

    Discover what your employees need — and want — in real time. Understand employee satisfaction. Give them a voice and make sure they’re heard. Read More
  • Motivosity Recognize By Motivosity

    3 out of 4 employees think their mental health would improve if they received more appreciation for their work. When you implement Motivosity Recognize, you are telling your employees that what they do matters. Managers and team members can celebrate the day-to-day 'wins' in real time. Read More
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search By Backgrounds Online

    We confirm the status of anyone's license, check for traffic violations and review their accident history. This search shows you an applicant's license class and status along with any reportable convictions, infractions or accidents. It also lets you know if a candidate is properly licensed for... Read More
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search By Express Background Checks

    Express Background Checks was founded by a top management team with expertise in Human Resources, Staffing, General Administration, Employment Screening, Telecommunication and Internet industries. Our staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable. Express Background Checks has over 25 years of... Read More
  • Motor Vehicle Record Services By Global HR Research

    Global HR Research provides Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with additional service for several Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico and Guam. These records are reported in a standard format under each state’s guidelines and include various types of... Read More
  • Move Management By Quantum Relocation Services Inc

    The Quantum Relocation Services team has managed thousands of household goods moves. In addition, clients benefit from Quantum's comprehensive network of reliable van lines, including such carriers as North American, Allied, Atlas, Mayflower and United Van Lines. As a result of our move... Read More
  • Moving Household Goods Nationwide By NRI Relocation, Inc.

    For household goods, NRI partners with dedicated professionals to ensure that goods arrive safely and on time to their destination. Efficient transportation of individual or family personal effects, whether local or around the world, is vital to the success of a move. The last thing your... Read More
  • Moving Services By MoveCenter

    We work with a wide variety of moving companies. This includes van lines as well as more self service options. We focus on providing a quality service at a reasonable price. Read More
  • Mozayix By

    Mozayix supports Commercial, Donor Funded and Government clients to seamlessly integrate innovative physical security across their organizations. Security Planning Our SecurityAssess™ services assesses your vulnerabilities to relevant threats resulting in a prioritized list of mitigating... Read More
  • M-PULSE™ Inventory By Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS)

    The M-PULSE Inventory is an effective pre-conditional and post-conditional offer screening instrument designed for law enforcement officer selection. It can be used either pre-offer to identify candidates’ liability potential, or post-offer as part of a total assessment battery that includes... Read More
  • MRO Service - Drug Testing By National Drug Screening, Inc.

    With MRO services from National Drug Screening, you get a team of four full time Medical Review Officers and a team of twelve full time Medical Review Officer Assistants. You will have access to the same system in which the MRO reviews and verifies the results. MRO coverage is available 8am to... Read More
  • MSI Business Travel Compliance By MSI GTS

    MSI takes an advisory and consultative approach to business travel compliance. We understand that one system does not fit all companies and cultures. We will work with you to determine the best approach and fit to your tax, immigration, duty-of-care, permanent establishment compliance issues,... Read More
  • MSI Global Employer Services By MSI GTS

    As experts in talent management and workforce mobility, we maintain a specialty practice in the area of global employment compliance, which is a critical concern for corporations employing in foreign jurisdictions today. Legal employment options vary by country and can vary depending on the... Read More
  • MSI Global Immigration By MSI GTS

    The goal of MSI Immigration is to help employers easily and efficiently move their people around the globe, utilizing the latest technology along with high-touch service and a compliance and education-driven focus. MSI partners with clients to seamlessly manage your needs worldwide, helping to... Read More
  • MSI Global Talent Expansion By MSI GTS

    MSI’s Global Expansion’s advisory and consulting services enable companies to strategically and rapidly deploy talent and initiate operations compliantly and cost effectively in a foreign location through a team of multi-disciplined partners and professionals. We provide services that range from... Read More
  • MSI Tax and Compensation Administration By MSI GTS

    MSI’s worldwide tax & compensation administration is designed to help organizations plan & apply a systematic approach to compensation data collection, tax preparation, and payroll administration worldwide. Accounting practices and tax codes are diverse and complex depending on the worldwide... Read More
  • Multiple Employer Welfare and Pension Arrangements By LearnYour Benefits

    The LearnYour Benefits Platform instantly gives you customized, video-focused benefits engagement sites that your member organizations and their employees will immediately use and appreciate. Contact us for ENTERPRISE LEVEL white-label solutions. Give your members videos and technology they... Read More
  • Multiple-Choice Hiring Exams (Online) By ioPredict, Inc.

    Following is a partial listing of our stock library of off-the-shelf multiple-choice tests developed specifically for the following positions: Account Clerk Administrative Analyst Administrative Assistant I/II Administrative Clerk Administrative Specialist Administrative Technician Case Manager... Read More
  • Multi-Session Series By Make Believe Works

    Custom-designed arc of workshops that activate new behaviors and build new mindsets. (Typically six or twelve sessions, hosted bi-weekly or monthly.) Read More
  • Multi-Technology Readers By Allegion

    aptiQ™ Multi-Technology Readers not only feature cutting-edge security technology, but are transforming basic access control products into all-in-one solutions, providing customers with convenience and options. Each of these sleek readers handle all applicable ISO standards (14443A, 14443B,... Read More
  • Mutual Aid Groups By Idealist

    Mutual aid groups offer opportunities for communities to connect, both virtually and in person, in order to support one another and share resources in this time of crisis. Start connecting with others near you by searching for or creating a group in your community. Read More
  • Muuvment People By Muuvment Ltd.

    Muuvment People is an essential tool to help manage the health and well-being of your staff so they can be at their most productive. Integrate all your existing health programs in one platform and instantly offer personalized support to your employees. Employees check in regularly with a short... Read More
  • MVR Driving Records By

    Candidate’s Driving History for a selected period Driving History varies by State (3, 5, 7, 10 Years) Speeding or other moving violations Chargeable accidents DUI offenses Suspension or revocations Accumulation of points Drivers License Number Data from all 50 states Read More
  • My Health (Lifestyle Coaching, Biometric Screenings, and Health Assessments) By Sonic Boom Wellness, Inc.

    Our wellness platform is (and always will be) laser-focused on high-energy, socially charged activities designed to improve daily health habits. But we recognize and appreciate the desire to know your numbers and to measure your health status over time, so we also provide lifestyle coaching,... Read More
  • My Secure Advantage Financial Wellness Program By My Secure Advantage

    Empowering employees to take charge of their financial future, My Secure Advantage (MSA) is on a mission to change financial stress in the workplace, one employee at a time. Our holistic financial wellness program blends 1:1 telephonic financial coaching with budgeting software and on-demand... Read More
  • myBenefits Mobile Contacts By Groh Benefits Communication

    myBenefits Mobile Contacts is a "digital wallet card," lising all benefit service centers and links to carrier and other websites. Employees download from an email or a benefits portal and use their touchscreen phones to click tiles for each of your benefits. The tile opens to provide phone... Read More
  • MyCare Plan By Financial Education Services

    You have important issues financial issues for the future. You have concerns about what is going to happen to your children, your family, and your loved ones if something should happen to you. You want to protect them. You want to be prepared by planning for your family's future, knowing that... Read More
  • myHRhelpline By my HR help

    Don’t have enough in your budget for a full-time HR person, but your employees and the organization still need access to an HR professional for advice and guidance? Avoid expensive legal costs by having an HR professional when you need them. No matter how big or small your organization is, if... Read More
  • myOptimity Platform By Optimity Inc.

    Introducing Optimity, the employee success and workplace wellness software that turns Office Potatoes into Corporate Athletes. By adding snippets of activity into your 9 to 5, Optimity helps you make health a lifestyle at work. You can add fun activities to your day no matter where you are. We... Read More
  • Mystery Shopping By PT Meta Visio Indonesia

    With Mystery Shopping service, our team will retrieve valuable information by visiting your business location and conducting real-life scenarios as customers or buyers. Mystery Shopping by MEVIS is a research service with multi-purposes such as: – Gain real insight to and measure staff... Read More
  • myWisely® Mobile App By Wisely® by ADP®

    Put financial wellness, money management and spending flexibility into every employee's hand. Spending, saving and financial wellness all in one place. The myWisely mobile app helps cardholders get the most out of Wisely. myWisely makes it easy for employees to: -Manage their money by... Read More
  • MZQ Compass By MZQ Consulting, LLC

    MZQ’s Compass package provides a full array of document preparation and other services to satisfy ERISA requirements for your benefit plan. Our dedicated team of Compliance Specialists will keep you on track and on time with your compliance document needs, making sure you avoid filing penalties.... Read More