Products in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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  • p.a.Plus By CWS Software

    Automate performance appraisal processes from setting goals and development plans through monitoring and tracking performance. P.A.Plus simplifies every aspect of talent management, assisting managers in including comments throughout the year, creating reports and conducting more productive... Read More
  • Packaged Training Content By Litmos

    Train your organization to work smarter Your most valuable asset (and largest budget line item) is your staff. They drive the success of your organization. Making sure they have the right job skills is critical for productivity and your bottom line. Litmos offers engaging and relevant training... Read More
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Manager Excel Template By INDZARA

    Simple and Effective tool to manage Paid Time Off for employees in your company. You can establish a PTO policy that aligns with your business needs. The template does all the PTO balance calculations for you. It also presents the PTO days of employees on a monthly calendar visually, as well as... Read More
  • Pair DISC® Assessments By Extended DISC North America, Inc.

    Pair Assessment combines the results of two individuals into one, user-friendly report. It identifies the DISC-styles of individuals, how the DISC-styles complement one another, and where the behavior gaps exist. This tool is very popular in many applications including: • Supervisor –... Read More
  • paiyroll® By paiyroll®

    Automated cloud payroll. Half the cost. 75% time saved Read More
  • PAM™ Pandemic Workplace Management Services By FocusPoint International

    Pandemic business continuity services give you the ability to control access & screen individuals who are visiting your physical sites or working remotely. Monitor, Manage and Communicate with Employees and Partners in Your Supply Chain Via Our Pandemic Application Management App... Read More
  • pandoIQ By PandoLogic

    pandoIQ is the most cost-effective job advertising platform available that uses predictive algorithms built on A.I. to fully-automate and intelligently manage your recruitment spend and job ad campaign strategies across 1000’s of sites in real-time. Read More
  • Parking Benefits By Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions

    Parking benefits can be used to help cover daily or monthly parking fees and can even be combined with transit benefits for those who park and then take the train. In contrast to popular belief, parking benefits do not cover gas, tolls or parking tickets. Sorry, Chicagoans and New Yorkers! Our... Read More
  • PART D By Stevens & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Please complete form on the linked page and we will provide you with a Medicare Part D comparison that includes our recommendation. The Part D comparison is based on the information that you provide such as current medications, dosage/strength, important known health information, preferred... Read More
  • Partner | Compliance Connect By Health e(fx)

    A PARTNER MODEL FOR YOU From running your ACA Client Services on our SaaS Platform to outsourcing your ACA Client Services to Health e(fx), or somewhere in between—we will customize a Partner model for you. Flexible options for your clients Health e(fx) offers comprehensive ACA options to fit... Read More
  • Partnering to Heal By WILL Interactive

    Partnering to Heal addresses the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections and the serious consequences they have on thousands of lives every year. We designed the course to improve critical thinking, judgment, and decision-making among hospital employees, aimed at the prevention of HAI's. Read More
  • Partners By First Advantage - MultiLatin Background Screening

    The importance of preventing risks in processes of alliances or mergers and acquisitions is heightened by strict regulations regarding the prevention of fraud, corruption and bribery. The responsibility to investigate, verify and review background information on potential partners is a company’s... Read More
  • Partnership Disputes By Simon Mediation

    Transformative Mediation provides the greatest likelihood that partnership disputes, or conflicts within closely-held corporations, can be resolved efficiently and to the satisfaction of all concerned. If Simon Mediation is employed early, we can eliminate the need for legal fees. If we’re... Read More
  • Partnership for Talent By Partnership for Talent

    Whether for-profit or non-profit, strong talent management partnerships help to advance organizations and position them for success. At Partnership for Talent, we specialize in providing strategic, executive level human resources and organizational design consultation to small and medium sized... Read More
  • Partnership Success Model By Designing Digitally, Inc.

    Designing Digitally’s Partnership Success Model breaks down the trusted process we utilize to ensure every partnership we establish leads to effective learning and positive business results - Consult, Develop, and Support. By following this model, we can identify your objectives upfront,... Read More
  • Pasito By Pasito

    Pasito benefits decision support software saves companies and employees money on health premiums and payroll. Integrated directly into your payroll system, Pasito uses personal financial, health, and family data and modern technology to guide employees to the best benefits bundle for them. Read More
  • Passport By ProviderTrust

    Automated monitoring of employees, providers, and more. Compliance shouldn't be a chore. With Passport, you can easily monitor individuals in your organization in the ways that matter most to your compliance program. Every list, every month. That’s the federal guideline. With Passport, this... Read More
  • Paternity Testing By Bottom Line Screening, LLC

    Legal and non-Legal Paternity testing is available within certain areas. Read More
  • Path Editor By Rapt Media

    The path editor is the main editing area of the Composer. It is the first section you arrive at after clicking “edit” in the project dashboard. At any point, you can return to the path editor by clicking the corresponding icon on the left-hand side of the application. Read More
  • Pathway Planner By Predictable Performance Systems

    Career change statistics suggest that the average person will make a career change approximately 5-7 times during their working life. Do you need help identifying career choices, and careers that you will be able to learn at a comfortable pace, excel in using your natural tendencies, and love... Read More
  • Pathways to Retirement By Beck Financial Strategies

    Beck Financial Strategies provides the dynamic Pathways to Retirement workshops assisting employers with maintaining good employee relationships and helping their senior members plan for retirement. The organizations that sponsor these workshops find the programs to be some of the most popular... Read More
  • Patient Interface By mySugr Inc.

    We specialize in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes - made by people with diabetes. Our apps, services and diabetes coaching all work together to ease the daily grind of diabetes. In short, we make diabetes suck less! - Create Entries Important therapy data like meals, meds,... Read More
  • Patient Service Centers By Quest Diagnostics Employer Population Health

    Only Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness offers wellness screenings at 2,200 Patient Service Centers (PSCs) nationwide. Read More
  • Pay | Payroll By Paycom

    Deliver flawless payrolls with Paycom’s Payroll tools. Every payroll is processed quickly and accurately, so that your efforts to attract, hire, engage and retain great employees are not blemished by errors. By automating your processes with Paycom’s software, you eliminate the frustration and... Read More
  • Pay As You Grow! By ATS OnDemand

    - Customizable Recruit Flow - Automated Reference Checks - Data Forwarding for Team Collaboration - Knock Out Questions (Auto Recruiting) - Automatic Status Letters - CRM & Talent Network for Passive Recruiting - Offer Approval Hierarchy Read More
  • Pay Compliment By Pay Compliment

    For people seeking meaning from their work, knowing that they are learning, contributing to something bigger than themselves and feeling a sense of purpose is a stronger motivator and retention tool than money. Frequent feedback is the way to provide such meaning and to give each employee... Read More
  • Pay Data Reporting By Trusaic

    To demonstrate commitment towards equal pay, some states are mandating organizations to report on employee pay data, much like the EEO-1 Component 2 reporting required by the EEOC in 2019. Although Component 2 reporting had been suspended, it is expected to return under the Biden administration,... Read More
  • Pay Equity Analysis By Trüpp

    PAY EQUITY LAWS ARE THE NEW TREND, HERE ARE SOME OF THE WAYS TRUPP CAN HELP HIRING PRACTICE Trüpp’s team of compensation specialists conduct an audit of your hiring practices to ensure your application process, interview practices, and new hire offers aren’t putting you at risk. INTERNAL... Read More
  • Pay Equity Analysis Consulting By DCI Consulting

    Paying employees equitably is the right thing to do. It also makes business sense. Outsourcing your pay equity analysis can reduce the workload burden and ensure an accurate and defensible analysis. We are leaders in addressing pay equity. From hundreds of US and Internationally based studies... Read More
  • Pay Equity Solutions By Berkshire

    Berkshire offers a flexible, customized approach to proactive internal pay equity analyses. Our experts examine your compensation data using the most advanced statistical analyses. Berkshire’s consultants have deep knowledge of the changing pay equity environment and of the data science and... Read More
  • PayCheck Direct® Purchase Program By PayCheck Direct

    Through the PayCheck Direct® purchase program, employees shop thousands of leading name-brand products within more than 70 different product categories. With price points to fit every budget, shopping through PayCheck Direct is easy and affordable. Employees find shopping through PayCheck... Read More
  • PayLumina By PayNorthwest

    PayLumina is a part of PayNorthwest’s single workforce management platform, Lumina. PayLumina is a web-based payroll system that offers PayNorthwest payroll customers a flexible, easy-to-use yet powerful tool to manage and process payroll. Benefits include: -Highly configurable roles and... Read More
  • PayNorthwest Cloud HCM By PayNorthwest

    PayNorthwest’s software and service bring clarity and peace of mind to mid-size and growing businesses that see the smart use of technology as a means to becoming a better, more productive employer. Our cloud-based platform scales to meet your organization's HCM needs from hire to retire. Read More
  • PayNorthwest WOTC Solution By PayNorthwest

    With Enhanced Services from PayNorthwest, you’re positioned to be an employer of choice for current and prospective employees. You’re able to offer pay cards for unbanked employees and automated access to earned wages anytime. Combined with maximized Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) through... Read More
  • PayParity By Trusaic

    Potential employees - and potential investors - are increasingly evaluating companies based on their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Whether proactively safeguarding your reputation or protecting against litigation risk, transparency and concrete action plans are... Read More
  • Payroll By Z3N Payroll

    Accountant Partners Church & Clergy Nonprofit Restaurant Officer-Only/S-Corporation Household Nanny Small Business Read More
  • Payroll By HR Source Staffing

    We provide candidates from coordinators to directors that can be placed as temps or direct hire. We place payroll specialists that know your systems and provide seamless integration. Consultants possess the skills and understanding including: Up to date on tax law changes, tax rates, and... Read More
  • Payroll By American Time and Labor Company

    When American Time and Labor Company manages your payroll, you will have the flexibility and control of a powerful enterprise payroll system coupled with personal service from experienced professionals who know you and your business. You can rely on us to provide prompt and accurate payroll, no... Read More
  • PAYROLL By Tesseon

    Access and edit your payroll data anytime, anywhere. Our web-based, real-time solution also identifies the proper tax jurisdiction necessary for tax withholding, payment calculations and reporting based on work locations and employee home addresses. Read More
  • Payroll By Paypro

    Make Life Easier With Online Payroll Solutions Are you a small business owner or payroll manager wearing too many hats? Will you grow sales or get your next promotion or year-end bonus by processing payroll in-house? Do you spend hours each week manually reviewing and verifying payroll data? Do... Read More
  • Payroll & Statutory Compliance Outsourcing Services By TATVA

    PAYROLL & STATUTORY COMPLIANCE @TATVA Complete Digitalisation & 100% legal compliance to streamline and strengthen the HR process in the organisation Read More
  • Payroll & Statutory Compliance Outsourcing Services By TATVA

    PAYROLL & STATUTORY COMPLIANCE @TATVA Complete Digitalisation & 100% legal compliance to streamline and strengthen the HR process in the organisation Read More
  • Payroll & Tax Services By TRICORE

    TriCore's cloud-based payroll system is available 24/7 from any device on the internet. Best of all, it is fully integrated with our HCMS and benefits administration systems. TriCore’s payroll administration service is highly responsive to your needs and wants, giving you the feel of an in-house... Read More
  • Payroll & Timekeeping By Information Services Group

    ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services for organizations of all sizes. Whether an enterprise conducts domestic or global payroll, ISG has the experience, data and proprietary tools to help organizations across verticals develop an optimal payroll strategy, evaluate and select a... Read More
  • Payroll Administration By Integrity Employee Leasing

    Let Us Handle the Details Payroll is one of the most important aspects of any business, but as an owner or leader, you don’t necessarily have the time to devote to double checking everything. At Integrity Employee Leasing, we offer complete payroll outsourcing so you can focus your time and... Read More
  • Payroll Administration By Corban OneSource

    Scalable payroll administration for business with 100+ employees. Worry-free payroll. Powerful technology and certified experts to simplify processing. Advanced customer support. Increase efficiency and make your people happy. Employee support center. A dedicated U.S. based number just for... Read More
  • Payroll Administration Services By Axcet HR Solutions

    Managing payroll is a recurring, necessary fact of life for any employer. But it can be particularly challenging for smaller companies. Payroll administration is complicated and, because it comes around every week, every couple of weeks or every month, time-consuming and tedious. Business... Read More
  • Payroll Cards By Ganaz, Inc.

    Save money, time, and resources needed to process and distribute traditional paper paychecks to multiple locations. Eliminate costs from check fraud, postage for mailing checks, and replacement of lost/stolen paper checks. Direct deposit wages into employee paycard accounts. Dedicated... Read More
  • Payroll Cards / Paycards By G&A Partners

    If at all possible, companies should attempt to enroll employees in electronic payment options, such as direct deposit or paycards. That's where G&A Partners can help. When tasks like payroll administration take you away from efforts that help grow and evolve your business, outsourcing might... Read More
  • Payroll Compliance By Axcet HR Solutions

    Axcet’s team draws on relevant professional certifications and years of experience to help small and mid-sized companies remain compliant in their payroll practices. The IRS and other agencies levy substantial fines for non-compliance. However, companies that partner with Axcet HR Solutions, a... Read More
  • Payroll Data Aggregation By Who's Where

    Who’s Where makes the complex process of aggregating ALL your payroll data simple — no matter how many (or which) vendors you work with. Then we give you the tools to easily identify exceptions (those items that need your attention) and the means to take action, without moving to a different... Read More
  • PAYROLL DIRECTOR By McCambley Consulting

    Need someone to handle your payroll setup, processing, reports, filings, etc? Let me help take that burden off your shoulders! I can even set your company up with an HRIS system, so you and your employees can have access to paystubs, timesheets, policies, company newsletters, and more! Pricing... Read More
  • Payroll for Small Business By Fingercheck

    Unlimited, One-Price Payroll Stop paying fees each time you process payroll and cut costs in a half with a low, single monthly fee – no matter how often you run payroll. Read More
  • Payroll Integration & HCM Solutions Powered by Paylocity By Benefits Square

    Simplify everyday tasks with modern, online payroll software. Go beyond everyday payroll functions with our intuitive, user-friendly payroll software solution. From custom reports to proactive features like the pre-process register to evaluating compliance, the accuracy and time saved is... Read More
  • Payroll Managed Services By Vintage Hill Consulting, LLC

    With Vintage Hill Consulting, you don’t have to go it alone. As challenges multiply, our experienced team will provide administrative relief, dedicated support, and reduced liabilities, so you can spend more time growing your business. We have a deep understanding of payroll processing and the... Read More
  • Payroll Management By Org Next Solutions

    An integral part of the HR Process is accurate and timely processing of Payroll. While cutting paychecks, an employer has to combine all timesheets, vacation pays, and tax deductions carefully. At Org Next Solutions, We can provide you a complete solution to tackle the hassle of time-consuming,... Read More
  • Payroll Outsourcing By HROne

    HROne offers customizable payroll solutions to foreign SME and start-ups operating in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our payroll & tax services effectively streamline your company’s payroll management. Our payroll experts will compute your employees’ monthly salary in accordance to all... Read More
  • Payroll Outsourcing By PNP Staffing Group

    Payroll Outsourcing, the perfect remote service, is an effective tool for cost-effective management of some or all of your employees by moving them on to PNP’s payroll. PNP currently provides Payroll Outsourcing for hundreds of employees in many nonprofits, with responsibility for the... Read More
  • Payroll Processing By PrestigePEO

    Outsourcing payroll services is nothing new for small businesses, but some still opt to keep it in-house using payroll software. As tax rates change and software updates get overlooked, keeping payroll in-house can get tricky. PrestigePEO offers comprehensive payroll services. From data... Read More
  • Payroll Processing By GTM Payroll Services

    Ensure your payroll is processed efficiently, accurately, and easily. GTM’s cutting-edge payroll processing technology is fully integrated with your HR, timekeeping, and benefits data with no software to install, simplifying your process. Efficient, accurate, secure, and easy payroll processing,... Read More
  • Payroll Services By Merritt Business Solutions

    Payroll Services - No more waiting on hold for a simple answer to a question. We don’t rely on an automated attendant for your payroll support, we offer a powerful, human connection. We know your business is anything but small — it's everything. That’s why our firm offers a suite of scalable HR... Read More
  • Payroll Services By Kengen Consulting

    -Web deployable Human Resources Information System (HRIS) -Direct deposit and Visa pay card with no fees -Payroll tax liability transfer -Depositing federal withholding tax liabilities -Depositing state unemployment taxes -Depositing federal unemployment taxes -Filing 941 form -Filing 940... Read More
  • Payroll Services By G&A Partners

    Spend time building your business. Not processing payroll. With reliable, timely payroll services from our seasoned specialists, you can get back to focusing on the big picture. Read More
  • Payroll Services By Paychex Inc.

    - Enter and run payroll online in as few as two clicks or via our free mobile app. - Award-winning, 24/7 U.S. based customer support and flexible services. - Calculate, file, and pay payroll taxes accurately and effortlessly 200+ compliance experts monitoring ever-changing laws and... Read More
  • Payroll Services & Technology By Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

    Gone are the days when payroll companies just cut paychecks and managed tax filing. Payroll technology now plays a vital role in delivering a single, web-based platform designed to integrate data, eliminate spreadsheets, manage talent, improve operational efficiencies and create robust... Read More

    The California wage payment system requires companies to adhere to laws such as the scheduled salary twice a month, employee coverage, and method of payment. Regulations are surrounding this payroll management and activities, and we are here to ensure that your company adheres to every... Read More
  • Payroll Software By Pocket HRMS

    Payroll software is a system that automates the entire process of payroll. It is an all-in-one solution to manage payroll and ensure that it complies with the tax and financial regulations. It simplifies payroll processing by automating employee taxes calculations, their monthly inputs for... Read More
  • Payroll Tax Administration Services By Axcet HR Solutions

    Payroll tax laws change frequently and sometimes even adjust retroactively. As if they weren’t complex enough already, these fluctuations make the laws even more difficult to follow and understand. Payroll tax administration therefore can be overwhelming for small and mid-sized companies, which... Read More
  • Payroll Technology By G&A Partners

    Spend time building your business. Not processing payroll. With reliable, timely payroll services from our seasoned specialists, you can get back to focusing on the big picture. Read More
  • Payrolling By Contemporaries, Inc.

    Contemporaries can help you with your payrolling costs. Our Boston temp agency will take the contingent employee you would like to payroll, and assign that employee to you as a W-2 temporary or contract employee. Our employment agency in Boston, MA will place the employee on our payroll and... Read More
  • PayScale Benchmark By PayScale, Inc.

    PayScale Benchmark enables HR and Leadership to access fresh market data and trends to ensure your compensation strategy is sound. Instantly access the largest compensation database to ensure you are matching your unique positions accurately and leveraging the real time data to move your... Read More
  • PayScale Crew By PayScale, Inc.

    PayScale Crew makes the increase cycle simple, giving HR the ability to lead the strategy and arm managers to make and communicate pay decisions to employees. Save Time on the Increase Process: Pay increases don’t have to require back and forth emails and multiple versions of spreadsheets.... Read More
  • PayScale Insight By PayScale, Inc.

    Today more than ever, businesses need to leverage top talent to be successful. PayScale Insight provides a modern compensation solution giving organizations the ability to track and analyze their comp strategy with real-time salary data. With PayScale, businesses leverage a visual tool that... Read More
  • PBM & PEX Card Pre-Paid Debit Card Services By Pharmacy Trust Professionals

    Years of experience have taught us that each client has a unique set of requirements. We not only provide a broad range of Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services but have structured them to be highly flexible. We simply feel that true customer service means tailoring our work methods to... Read More
  • PCRecruiter By PCRecruiter

    PCRecruiter is a recruitment CRM and Applicant Tracking System selected by thousands of companies worldwide across a variety of roles and industries. The system's ability to track candidates, jobs, and organizations with highly flexible forms and fields has made it the choice of single-recruiter... Read More
  • PeachDish Meal Kits By PeachDish

    PeachDish meal kits make cooking at home easy. Fresh pre-measured ingredients are delivered directly to your door along with a detailed photographic recipe card. Preparing the meals are easy, fun, and tasty. PeachDish Meal Kits are a great way to start or add to your Corporate Wellness Program. Read More
  • PEAK Collection By Peak Performance, Inc.

    Unbox a new experience with PEAK Collection professional boxes. Provide pre-designed or custom built swag boxes to your employees or customers to stay connected and show them you care. PEAK Collection professional boxes can help you connect with clients during virtual conferences and events,... Read More
  • PEAK Workforce Training Center By Peak Performance, Inc.

    Peak Performance offers Virtual-Instructor Led, In-Person Instructor Led and Online Self-Paced training courses in Safety, Health & Environmental, Process Simplification & Lean Processes, Organizational Effectiveness, Performance Metrics, Process Effectiveness & Control, Product & Process... Read More
  • Pecunia Pooled 401(k) Plan By Pecunia

    Pecunia is committed to helping small and medium size businesses by offering a simplified, cost effective, and efficient solution for offering a 401(k) plan. Pecunia supports both start-up and takeover (existing) 401(k) plans and enrollment can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Read More
  • Peer Recognition By Pingboard

    Check out a person’s profile to see work they were recognized for, giving you context about what they worked on and the unique skills and perspective they bring. As a leader, it’s easy to sign up to be notified every time someone on your team, in your office, or across the org receives peer... Read More
  • Peer to Peer Recognition (Peerceive©) By Royal Recognition

    Reinforce positive communication, increase employee trust and inter-personal relationships with Peerceive. Royal Recognition’s strategic peer to peer SaaS provides: • Personalized employee profiles, with recognition board displaying earned rewards, high fives, e-cards and more • Employee and... Read More
  • Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow™: Action Steps for Success By Sollah Interactive, LLC

    Best-Selling Program! Making the leap from peer to boss is never easy. In addition to dramatic change, new managers frequently struggle to balance their old coworker relationships with their new management responsibilities. Designed to help participants make a successful transition from... Read More
  • Pension Plan Administration By Strategic Benefits Advisors

    SBA provides clients full defined benefit outsourcing services for both qualified and non-qualified plans. Our services include actuarial projections and calculations for participants, comprehensive communications and fulfillment services for those participants commencing payments, payment... Read More
  • Pension Plan Termination Consulting By Strategic Benefits Advisors

    Terminating a defined benefit pension plan requires careful planning and meticulous attention to detail. The planning and execution process takes anywhere from 6 months to over 2 years and requires a focused, coordinated effort of the employer, actuary, legal counsel, benefits committee,... Read More
  • Pension Plan Termination Outsourcing By Strategic Benefits Advisors

    Because the plan termination process is confusing and often upsetting to participants, it is critical that your administrator accurately answer questions and respond to requests in a timely manner. SBA’s high-touch service center and outsourcing operation provides these services. Our call... Read More
  • Pensions & Savings By Mercer H & B

    We can advise you on the breadth of savings vehicles and resources to keep you competitive and help your people become financially confident in their ability to save wisely. Defined Benefit (DB) Plans, Defined Contribution (DC) Plans, Financial Wellness, Benchmarking, Benefit Administration and... Read More
  • Pentesting Services By WebSec B.V.

    WebSec offers Pentesting, Ethical Hacking, Red Teaming, Security Awareness Training, and more offensive security services. Visit our website to see what more we have to offer! Read More
  • PEO / Employment Outsourcing By HROne

    HROne offers employment outsourcing solutions, also known as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services or Employer of Record in Greater China. Our PEO services are built for foreign companies whose business operations require to hire local or foreign employees in China. While all... Read More
  • PEO Cost Reduction By PEO Spectrum Inc.

    Reduce your current costs without transitioning away from your PEO. A thorough audit of your PEO invoices to identify inconsistencies and unfair pricing. This process brings transparency to the most complex methodologies of PEO pricing. Compare your PEO pricing to other PEO customers working... Read More
  • PEO Services By Onward Advisors

    Whether you need guidance in choosing a professional employer organization, or would like to enhance the experience you have with your existing provider, as PEO specialists we have a platform to meet your demands Read More
  • People Element Platform By People Element

    Intuitive and easy to learn, yet powerful and adaptable to fit your needs and provide actionable workforce insights. The People Element platform is the survey tool designed to help organizations of any size quickly and easily obtain, understand, and act on employee feedback. Save time with... Read More
  • People Skills Tests By Ramsay Corporation

    Ramsay Corporation's consulting team specializes in validation services, pre-employment selection, and employee development. We have extensive experience providing job analysis documentation and validity studies of assessments, interviews, and hands-on tests. We are a publisher of off-the-shelf... Read More
  • People Solutions By BHFL Group LLC

    Managing talent and having a competitive advantage requires the ability to manage change in a marketplace that is driven by information and technology where CEOs can become obsolete if not agile. Measurable Results We leverage our experience and lessons learned to create – and maintain –... Read More
  • People.Partners By Softronic Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.

    It is a stable product with 19 modules (that can align with your current as well as any future requirement), including Competency Assessment as well as Profiling (Behavioral Profiling, Intelligence Profiling, Emotional Intelligence Profiling and Personality Profiling), allowing you to hire the... Read More
  • PeopleFirst Community By eqtble

    Welcome to the PeopleFirst Community! The first of its kind community: transparent, no sales and all about people analytics. Read More
  • PeopleStrategy By PeopleStrategy, Inc.

    Designed for employers with 50 - 300 employees, PeopleStrategy offers a comprehensive technology platform that automates HR, payroll, benefits, time and attendance and talent processes through self-service, configurable workflows and mobile access. Employers also benefit from having all employee... Read More
  • PeopleStrategy Benefits Services By PeopleStrategy, Inc.

    While technology can help you streamline your administrative tasks, your responsibilities as an HR or Finance professional extend beyond processing payroll and managing open enrollment. Attracting and retaining top talent takes more than just a competitive salary. The benefits and culture you... Read More
  • PeopleStrategy HR Technology Suite By PeopleStrategy, Inc.

    PeopleStrategy offers SMB companies an end-to-end human capital management (HCM) solution that lets HR manage administrative tasks faster, easier and more accurately while empowering employee and managers with the tools they need and expect in today’s workplace. A better employee experience.... Read More
  • Pequity By Pequity

    Pequity automates HR and compensation workflows from offers to promotions & transfers - so companies save time, money and talent. Read More
  • Performance By Performance Advantage

    ABC Time Machine is a collection of tools that help people better use-manage-invest their time by providing these 3 user-friendly learning and self-management tools: 1) Survey of Time Management habits, 2) Guidelines to Prioritize work tasks 3) Worksheets to Schedule-organize time... Read More
  • Performance By Lanteria

    With this employee appraisal system, you can: Create customized and easy-to-use evaluation and review forms; Set up career paths for employees that align with your organizational goals; Visualize and align goals using graphical dashboards; Work with talent pools for various employee groups and... Read More
  • Performance & Coaching By Saba Software

    Inspire Your People to Perform Their Best. Saba's agile performance management system gives your people and managers the tools and technology to provide proactive continuous feedback and to coach for growth, so you can build a high-performance culture that’s meaningful for your people and... Read More
  • Performance + Competencies By Workitect, Inc.

    Evaluate “Employee Behaviors and Competencies Demonstrated” in addition to “Organizational Results Achieved” We Help Organizations: •Design total competency-based performance management systems that are linked to work planning or goal-based systems, and to competency development and succession... Read More
  • Performance and Leadership Coaching By Full Circle Confidential Workforce Wellness

    Confidential Coaching and Counseling for your Company, Organization, and Remote Workforce. We use a wholistic approach to reveal hidden connections and blind spots. We can help your workforce achieve peace of mind, personal happiness, and breakthroughs. Our Performance Coaching will help your... Read More
  • Performance and Talent Management Platform By WorkDove

    No two organizations are exactly alike. Use our Apps to create your ideal experience. 9-Box Leadership Succession 360-Degree Feedback with Robust Reports Recognition Check-Ins for continuous feedback and coaching Performance Reviews (Self Assessment + Multi-Rater) & Reports with Multi-filter... Read More
  • Performance Appraisal & Management Services By Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

    Providing feedback on performance is the basis for motivating a workforce, if done well. If used in an ineffective manner, feedback (or lack of) can also be very de-motivating. Feedback needs to be provided in a balanced (both affirming & adjusting), fair and frequent manner. Formalized... Read More
  • Performance Appraisal Development By HR Bones

    HR Bones has the tools and experience to develop a performance appraisal process that works to actually improve your employees work behaviors. We research your organization, talk to staff and develop the tools and processes that can take you into the future to improve your organization. Read More
  • Performance Assessment Technologies (PAT) Division By Aptima

    Aptima’s Performance Assessment Technologies (PAT) Division develops innovative, valid, and reliable solutions to measure human performance at the individual and team levels. PAT’s multimodal assessment suite offers a unique blend of sensors (neurological, physiological, body worn,... Read More
  • Performance Augmentation Systems (PAS) Division By Aptima

    Aptima’s Performance Augmentation Systems (PAS) Division creates advanced technology solutions to enhance human social, cognitive, and physical capabilities on the job. PAS leverages Aptima’s work in computational analytics and performance assessment to create systems that are based on models... Read More
  • Performance Consulting By ALeSYS (Applied Learning Systems)

    At ALESYS, we develop performance solutions specific to your organization by building you into the process. We leverage your knowledge of your company and our expertise in workplace learning, and build a solution that is customized and targeted to the performance results your organization must... Read More
  • Performance Consulting By AllenComm

    Our approach to building training for our clients starts with an analysis of their current business conditions and leads to our performance mapping process to make sure our design precisely matches business objectives and fits the learners’ needs. Read More
  • Performance Evaluation By Hirezon Corporation

    Hirezon’s Performance Evaluation & Management System can be tailored to meet the specific requirements and preferences of individual higher education institutions. Specifically designed for ease of use, its flexibility and comprehensiveness make it a first choice for all evaluation needs. Read More
  • Performance Evaluation System Design By Pontifex Consulting Group

    Our performance evaluation systems ensure that there is communication and involvement by both the supervisor and employee. A properly constructed system will involve extensive involvement by all parties in the development of its elements as well as training of supervisors on its effective use.... Read More
  • Performance Management By ASL Consulting

    Manage Goals & Objectives with ASL's Integrated Performance Management System. According to Dr. David Cohen, managing performance is a continuous activity and setting up defined organizational goals and objectives and managing employees’ achievements, key milestones as well as challenges and... Read More
  • Performance Management By KEYGroup

    Let’s face it…traditional employee performance reviews don’t work. Unfortunately, too many managers view them as a necessary evil—an interruption in an already too busy routine. It often becomes a once-a-year, check-the-box activity, rather than a summary of the coaching and feedback... Read More
  • Performance Management By Spiralinks Corporation

    Where compensation is the reward for the achievement of goals by employees, performance is a complex interaction of Goals, Skills, Competencies, and Development as seen by Employees and their team leaders. SpiraLinks has developed a generic Performance & Talent Management module that integrates... Read More
  • Performance Management By Effective Resources Inc.

    The goal of corporate performance management is to create a work environment that allows employees to perform to the best of their ability to achieve the company mission and vision. Effective Resources can improve your performance appraisal management system and help your managers become better,... Read More
  • Performance Management By G&A Partners

    Improve your performance management with online training and customized processes. Read More
  • Performance Management By Nestor

    Increase company transparency, collaboration, and alignment by fostering a purpose-driven, inclusive workforce. Nestor is the best workspace to connect people’s day-to-day activities, performance, and growth objectives with business results. Our platform helps adapt your performance management... Read More
  • Performance Management By BizMerlinHR

    - Define corporate-level goals that cascade down to team and individual team members. - Configurable workflows make it simple to automate the performance review cycle to match your established processes. - Lauch Performance Reviews in bulk using templates by organization-, department-, location-... Read More
  • Performance Management By Fidello

    Successful strategic performance management is more than a once-a-year “work interruption.” It is a dynamic, ongoing process which requires the right tools, training, and methods to administer efficiently and use most effectively. Let Fidello help you: -Audit your current system against... Read More
  • Performance Management By Centranum Talent Management Systems

    Next generation performance management is a process not a performance appraisal form. It is THE fundamental leadership skill. Centranum Performance Management software provides real operational support for staff and managers rather than an administrative burden with little value. Effective... Read More
  • Performance Management By Rhabit Analytics

    Change employee behaviors to drive performance in the workplace. For decades, performance management has been plagued with the collection of infrequent and imperfect data collection. Written feedback is riddled with preferential bias at worst, and victim to imperfect human memory at best – for... Read More
  • Performance Management Software By Affirmity (a part of Learning Technologies Group, PLC)

    Performance management—goals, appraisals, competencies, and feedback—is key to unlocking company productivity. Done right, the process energizes employees around the goals of the business, clarifying how they can contribute and how doing so will enrich their careers. PeopleFluent fully... Read More
  • Performance Management Tool By G&A Partners

    For your company to perform at its peak, you need your employees to do the same. An effective performance review process provides your team with the feedback and direction they need to align their efforts with company goals. G&A will work with you to build a customized process designed to fit... Read More
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING By Lausanne Business Solutions

    Performance management is more than just a required review. To activate high performance in your team, performance management must be an on-going process. Your managers and supervisors must initiate and encourage a mutual two-way dialogue with their teams. Organizational strategy must cascade... Read More
  • Performance Measurement Service By Monalco Talent Solutions (MTS)

    Whether to demonstrate the value of the Monalco Talent Solutions assessments to your CEO or others or just want to know for yourself, we want to be your experts. Monalco Talent Systems offers an evaluation component unique to your company. Performance Measurement and Evaluation includes the... Read More
  • Performance Pro - Performance Management By HR Performance Solutions

    Performance Pro is a customizable, user-friendly, automated performance management platform. Save time with our customizable libraries of content from competencies to tools that help managers leave more meaningful feedback & establish smart goals. Empower your employees to pursue their own... Read More
  • Performance Reviews By Dominion Systems

    ENHANCE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Dominion’s Performance Reviews are fully equipped to rate performance, manage goal progress, and gather critical feedback. Easily track and score competencies, evaluate day-to-day performance, and send notifications. Read More
  • Performance Reviews & Check-Ins By PerformYard

    Run timely and efficient review cycles. PerformYard facilitates any review process, across any frequency and with customizable inputs. Access our best practice review questions, forms, and templates to drive success. Read More
  • PERFORMview™ Performance Management Software By HRSoft

    Faster, Easier and More Productive Performance Reviews PERFORMview™ is cloud-based software that dramatically streamlines and simplifies the performance review process by providing a fast, fair, easy-to-use “one page approach” that drives improved engagement and performance for managers and... Read More
  • PerformYard - Performance Management Software By PerformYard

    Create your performance management vision with the right combination of reviews, goals and continuous feedback. PerformYard can be slimmed down for simple annual reviews or built up for more complex strategies. 360 Reviews Incorporate feedback from across the organization. Employee reviews can... Read More
  • Permanent and Fixed Recruitment By Inspire Recruitment Myanmar

    Permanent and Fixed Recruitment For Companies focusing on core operations, while leaving recruitment needs with a trusted partner ​ IRM is responsible for sourcing and managing candidates Candidates are on client’s payroll One time recruitment fees Client does onboarding and training Read More
  • Permanent Recruiting and Staffing By National Career Group T&D

    Contact us to learn more about our permanent recruiting and staffing today! Read More
  • Personal & Short-Term Disability Management By Axiom Medical

    Welcome to Axiom Medical’s Personal & Short-Term Disability Management Program. As part of our employee absence management program, we offer disability absence management to help employees with their recovery journey and help employers reduce their overall workers’ compensation and disability... Read More
  • Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ By Coaching Out Of The Box®

    COURSE OVERVIEW In this course participants learn advanced coaching skills to help highlight and explore areas that are often at the source of where a coachee becomes stuck, self-defeating or demotivated. Participants learn how to use the accompanying Personal Groundwork for Coaching... Read More
  • Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ Workbook By Coaching Out Of The Box®

    Coaching is a process where the whole person is coached, not just their goals or results. Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ is a structured program put in workbook form for coaches and their clients to work through co-actively. It helps both the coach and the coachee examine and define... Read More
  • Personal Loan By SoFi at Work

    We offer personal loans at rates customized to reflect the superior credit of your employees so they can fund what matters most – whether it’s paying off credit cards, making home improvements or tying the knot. Benefits of SoFi Personal Loans SERIOUS SAVINGS Borrow $5K-$100K at fixed rates... Read More
  • Personal Move Solutions By Signature Relocation

    Working with Signature Relocation takes the stress and hassle out of researching, negotiating, and scheduling your next move. Whether you’re moving across town, across the country, or around the globe, our experienced team of professionals is here to assist you. We will be your advocate through... Read More
  • Personality Style Report By PeopleKeys

    The DISC Personality Style Report provides a comprehensive overview of the way that people think, act, and interact. It is the most widely used profiling tool of its kind, and is supported by decades of validation and reliability studies. The PeopleKeys DISC Personality Style Report identifies a... Read More
  • PERSONALITY TEST By Talentate HR Tech

    PERSONALITY TEST Get to Know Your Candidates Better Personality Item Test is a Talentate Online Assessment Center tool that can be used in all HR processes such as talent acquisition, career management and organizational development. Personality Item Test helps you to place the most suitable... Read More
  • Personalized Business Travel Accessories By

    Give your coworker, employee, or boss a personalized business gift made just for traveling. These handy items include passport holders, wallets, luggage tags, ID holders, travel mugs, and more. With a personalized company logo and name, these business gifts can promote your company on the go,... Read More
  • Personalized Career Site By Eightfold AI, INC

    Candidates can upload a resume and instantly match to relevant jobs according to their skills, experience, & interests—and apply with only one click. Engage the candidate to answer any questions and help them to complete the process of applying. Deliver the full Personalized Career Site... Read More
  • Personalized Name Badges By Name Tag Wizard

    Name Tag Wizard presents customers with a custom name tag designer that quickly and easily creates Custom Name Tags for company and business use. Our custom options for badges include engraving, full color text, photo IDs, custom logos and pre-designed templates. No matter what your unique... Read More
  • Personalized Reporting By Quest Diagnostics Employer Population Health

    How employees engage with their screening results is just as important as determining how they can complete their screening. That’s why Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness offers a variety of reports that don’t just explain test results, they help participants understand their overall health... Read More
  • Perspectives Wellness Device By Koa Health

    Combining clinically validated therapy with app-based personal support, Perspectives is being developed to provide guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with coaching support to patients across a range of disorders. Following years of collaboration with MGH, Perspectives is in a pivotal... Read More
  • Pet Insurance/Care Account By BASIC

    The Lifestyle Reimbursement Account is a great way to invest in your employees and help improve their overall well-being by reducing financial barriers to the things they care about, including pet wellness or insurance. Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Recruitment By Pharma Search Partners, LLC

    We have filled very difficult roles in areas like Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Medical Directors Regulatory, Compliance and Manufacturing. We believe that relationships are the key to success. We deal in a people business and must recognize that the decisions we make impact not only... Read More
  • Phase 1 - Client Visits By CMI - The Sales Recruiting Experts

    It's our goal to find the most viable candidates who match your corporate culture. We achieve this by visiting our clients' headquarters to meet key decision-makers and hiring managers. This provides us with important information about environments and expectations, including tempo & pace,... Read More
  • Phase 2 - Candidate Evaluation By CMI - The Sales Recruiting Experts

    Depth. That's what we seek during candidate evaluations. Through our three part interviewing and screening process, we determine the skill sets, personality profiles and wish list criteria of marketing, sales and information technology professionals. We always adhere to this process because we... Read More
  • Phase 3 - Personality Profile By CMI - The Sales Recruiting Experts

    True character and work persona is what we uncover in this step, along with the candidate's method of problem solving, ability to respond to challenges, Interpretation of success, preferred work style and environment. vision of the future, level of creativity, and interpersonal skills. Read More
  • Phase 4 - Wish List Criteria By CMI - The Sales Recruiting Experts

    We ask our candidates to describe to us the ideal career option. This enables us to clearly define the motivating factors of a decision, as well as preferences for their target market, CEO's, consumers, distributors, product or service sales, overtime restrictions, inside/outside sales & new or... Read More
  • Phishing Training By Alterity Solutions, Inc.

    Cybercriminals target computer users at home and at work, sending fake emails to solicit personal information. They might fake an email from a bank, trying to get account details. Or they might hack a friend’s email account, then send emails to make targeted victims think their friend is in... Read More
  • Photo ID Badges By Name Tag Wizard

    Employees rely on the professionalism and security that custom photo ID badges provide. Photo IDs allow for precise identification of key team members while providing a unified and branded look for your business. Medical professionals, home services, universities and many other fields are... Read More
  • Physician Job Board By HospitalRecruiting

    Our Physician Job Board is a high exposure and low cost job board where employers are able to reach physicians in regards to their open positions. Our physician job board provides excellent advertising space for jobs of any medical specialty or sub-specialty. Please spend a few minutes... Read More
  • Piano Moving Company By Collegian Movers

    Piano Movers We know playing the piano takes practice, skill, and hard work. Moving a piano does too. With over 25 years of practice, our piano moving crews are in tune with one another. As a result, they have mastered the proper techniques on how to move a piano safely and... Read More
  • Pipplet Screening By Pipplet

    Sort early-stage candidates based on their language skills. See their overall oral and written communication score, and sort your candidates quickly based on this score. Read More
  • Pipplet Talent By Pipplet

    Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate in detail - useful for making later stage decisions. Read More
  • Pitching Workshop By GoldJam Creative

    During this interactive workshop, employees will learn to present talking points persuasively, eliciting direct responses from the listener (trust, excitement, etc.). Participants will learn to pitch their company, humanize their product, and present persuasively. This workshop prepares... Read More
  • Plan Compliance and Operational Review By Strategic Benefits Advisors

    We perform full-scale or limited-scope reviews of administrative, operational and regulatory plan procedures and requirements and provide thorough assessments with practical recommendations. Read More
  • Plan Design By PlanPILOT

    While it is important to monitor plan design from a compliance and competitiveness perspective, PlanPILOT believes it is equally important to assess your plan design relative to the return on investment received by the plan sponsor. Plan sponsors should expect to receive value that exceeds their... Read More
  • Plan Design By Cafaro Greenleaf

    Cafaro Greenleaf designs, optimizes and administers the most appropriate, cost effective and legally compliant retirement plan programs that help you attract and retain the very best employees. Good plan design provides the foundation for the ultimate success of your retirement plan benefit,... Read More
  • Plan Design & Implementation By Madison Pension Services, Inc.

    The three principal categories of work to be performed in this phase are the preparation of plan documents, the setup and coordination with the financial institution where your money will be invested, and the education of both your human resource department as well as your employees who will be... Read More
  • Plan Governance By PlanPILOT

    PlanPILOT’s involvement with plan governance provides a significant value-add, as we draw on our extensive knowledge of industry best practices, guidance from the DOL, ERISA counsel, and case law to provide foundational documentation and fiduciary training to each of your retirement plan... Read More
  • PlanWell Voluntary Financial Wellness Program By Four Seasons Financial Education

    If your company would like to implement a financial wellness program, but you don’t have the budget for it yet, consider PlanWellTM. PlanWellTM is a voluntary financial wellness program that may be offered on a payroll-deducted basis to your employees. At only $19 per month, it offers benefits... Read More
  • Platinum Membership Coverage By MASA MTS

    MASA MTS Platinum is the new standard in emergency transportation coverage. Aside from covering you, your partner and all children under the age of 26, this membership provides ultimate peace of mind. Think of it like your own team of financial defenders, protecting you from surprise charges,... Read More
  • Playcare to Go By Adventure Kids Playcare

    In addition to our locations, we also provide Playcare To Go! Through Adventure Kids Playcare, we provide childcare at your special occasions and events for you and your guests. Whether you’re having a wedding and reception, office party, large corporate event or even a dinner party in your... Read More
  • Plena Health By ArmadaCare

    Plena Health insurance plan includes: - Medical reimbursement for eligible expenses with $25,000 in aggregate family coverage.* - TopDoc Connect, a specialist matching service that helps each member find the perfect physician specialist for his or her condition.** The goal is to avoid... Read More
  • Policy & Program Design By Paragon Relocation

    The first and most important step in “Assisting with Life Decisions” is creating a plan that cares for employees’ needs while also aligning with the organization’s talent management strategy and goals. Any misstep in getting started trickles down into every subsequent activity. At Paragon, we... Read More
  • Policy and Procedure Management By Ademero, Inc.

    While Policies and Procedures aren’t the same thing, they do go hand in hand. Policies are more of the broad guidelines while the procedures are the specifics for how that policy is done. Companies around the world have them, to varying degrees, because they ensure that operational needs for... Read More
  • Policy Development & Benchmarking By Signature Relocation

    Whether you need to develop a new relocation policy or simply update an existing one; at Signature Relocation we identify all your company’s needs, concerns, goals, and requirements then build policies around your criteria and directive. Always prepared to provide the highest quality in the... Read More
  • Policy Management By G&A Partners

    Establishing HR policies and procedures is more than just a legal requirement—it provides your organization and your employees with a set of guiding principles and standards to ensure ethical behaviors, quality products and service, and a safe environment for your team and your customers. And... Read More
  • PolicyTech Policy & Procedure Management Software By NAVEX Global, Inc

    Policy and Procedure Management Software that Works for You PolicyTech enables organizations to improve efficiency and provide employees with easy access to all the policies and procedures that they need. Healthcare, financial, life sciences and industrial manufacturing organizations all use... Read More
  • PoliteMail Email Measurement By PoliteMail Software

    What’s the Difference Between PoliteMail® and Online Email Marketing Tools Like Constant Contact® and MailChimp®? Instead of monkeying around with online email marketing tools designed for small businesses, consider these reasons why you will see better results using PoliteMail for internal... Read More
  • PoliteMail Responsive Design By PoliteMail Software

    As More Employees and More Executives Read Email on Mobile Devices, Why Shouldn’t Your Communications be Responsive? Create and edit HTML pages right in the email editor you already know how to use, Microsoft Outlook! No Dreamweaver or other HTML coding required. PoliteMail templates enable your... Read More
  • Political Research Surveys By National Business Research Institute

    Assess political opinion and intentions. A vote in the ballot box cannot be obtained without an understanding of the voter who is casting it. NBRI’s Political Research Surveys empower both elected officials and candidates by giving them a window into the hearts and minds of potential voters,... Read More
  • POP Plans (Premium Only Plans) By ERISA Pros

    POP plans allow employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay their premium contributions for most employer-sponsored health and welfare benefits, but a POP plan requires appropriate documentation to meet IRS regulations. ERISAPros offers this POP plan documentation as part of our Wrap-Tight solution.... Read More
  • Population Health & Wellbeing Management System (WMS) By HPN Worldwide, Inc.

    HPN provides each new group with a HIPAA compliant website of their own, often within 5 days of signing up, depending on initial needs and customization desired. At the core of each site is our proprietary population health and WMS web platform which is suite of tools and capabilities that are... Read More
  • Portable Hand Washing Stations By Nessel

    Bring handwashing anywhere. -Bring comfortable and non-toxic hand hygiene anywhere with our portable sinks. Bring handwashing to hallways, classrooms, gyms and lobbies, no plumbers needed. Designed for everyone. -Portable sinks with color options that integrate seamlessly into any indoor... Read More
  • Portable Lactation Station By Nessel

    Introducing the first all-in-one solution for pumping employees. Functional & Clean -Patent-pending design with portable sink, refrigeration and outlets. Sanitary for pumping, working and privately storing milk. Easy -Perfect for any small space. All you need is a room with an outlet, no... Read More
  • Positive Corrective Action (PCA) software By HR Efficient

    A labor relations software proven to save your organization Time, Money and Reduce the uncertainty involved in progressive discipline! Call us at 505 238-6454 to schedule a demo Read More
  • Positive Stress-Turning Everyday Challenges to Your Advantage By ExecuLiv LLC

    Everyone has stress in their lives to one degree or another, and executives have more than their share. Yet stress doesn’t have to be negative; in fact, by applying the right approach and techniques it can be a positive motivational influence. In this three-session engagement you will gain tips,... Read More
  • Post flexible jobs By Workhoppers

    Post up to 3 jobs to be matched with the right professionals for freelance, contract or part-time work. Read More
  • Post Pandemic Employee Survey By Platz & Associates Inc

    There has never been a more urgent time to ask your employees about what they are thinking. You may wish to engage them, but you best satisfy them first. Read More
  • Post-Hire Monitoring By Good Egg

    Traditional background checks create a picture of your candidate’s past, but once you hire a new employee, it’s important to keep a pulse on their behavior. Our unique monitoring system offers ongoing post-hire insights, minimizing risks to your company and promoting future success. From... Read More
  • Post-Hire Services By Choice Screening

    Remain compliant and organized after your hiring decision with Choice Screening. Our Form I-9 Comply is fully integrated with E-Verify (as an optional add-on, complimentary service), runs on a secure platform and is optimized with error checking algorithms and easy-to-use applications and... Read More
  • Power of Influence By Executive Forum

    Authority isn’t all at the top anymore. Influencers can occur at any level of the organization. These people have the power to get others to do what they want because they have learned how to use basic principles to develop relationships and build trust, allowing them to use their power wisely... Read More
  • Practicing Positive Leadership By CorpU

    Expert Faculty: Dr. Kim Cameron, William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Many people think effective leadership is defined by knowledge and skills, but the energy you exude to drive performance is just as critical. This... Read More
  • Pre Employment Background Packages By eKnowID

    Choose from several pre-bundled employment screening packages that are right for your screening needs and save. Read More
  • Pre Employment Screening Services By Peopletrail

    Ongoing Screening Peopletrail provides all of our background and screening solutions as an ongoing screening service. We customize all our programs to ensure compliance and lower the potential risk in the workplace. Worker's Compensation Report A Worker’s Compensation Report identifies an... Read More
  • Pre·Valuate® Online By Presenting Solutions

    Take the guesswork out of the candidate review process. Pre·Valuate® Online will accurately identify an individual´s strengths and weaknesses. Verify candidate skill levels before making your hiring decision. Hundreds of evaluation titles available in the following categories. Read More
  • Preciate Recognition By Preciate Social

    Increase engagement, improve performance, and attract better talent. Company culture, teamwork, and engagement are driven by relationships. The stronger and deeper relationships are among your employees, co-workers, and partners, the more resilient and effective your business will be. Preciate... Read More
  • Preciate Social By Preciate Social

    Unlike conferencing tools built solely for meetings, Preciate Social was built from the ground up to provide a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers. Our clients love using Social for everything from virtual coffee breaks to remote... Read More
  • Precision Care Employer Health Program By WithHealth

    A PERSONALIZED AND PROACTIVE APPROACH TO EMPLOYEE HEALTH WithHealth’s Digital-First Precision Care Delivery Model lowers cost and provides better outcomes for employees by utilizing genomics, interoperability, and vital sign devices. Included in the Digital First Precision Care... Read More
  • Precision Matching By Mentoring Complete

    Making a good mentoring match is a critical component of a successful mentoring program. At Mentoring Complete, we’ve been in the business of corporate mentoring for 30 years, achieving a 90% success rate. Precision Matching, a cornerstone component of our mentoring software, is now available... Read More

    We’re always open to listening to what will help you build the workforce you need so that you can make the best decisions when considering new candidates. We also offer area orientation, handle travel arrangements and make it easier to manage relocation spend and track expenses with the right... Read More
  • Pre-Departure Services By Weichert Workforce Mobility

    No matter who you are moving, no matter where or for how long, our goal is to help you leverage your mobile talent to its full potential. Our solutions include: - Pre-assignment Counseling - Compensation Planning - Assignment Cost Projections - Assignment Letter Preparation - Tax Planning &... Read More
  • Predictive Index Assessment By Kelly Consulting

    Build a talent strategy that can implement your business strategy. Backed by 60 years of science and 33 million behavior and cognitive assessments, The Predictive Index software and tools enable you to connect your talent strategy to your business strategy so that you finally achieve your... Read More
  • Pre-Employment and Post-Hire Screening By Good Egg

    You don’t have to sacrifice screening speed for accuracy. Our end-to-end-automated background check process makes it easy to get data on every relevant facet of your candidate’s history. And it’s all backed by expert customer service, on hand to help every step of the way. Criminal Confirm your... Read More
  • Pre-Employment Assessments - Construction and Extraction By AIT

    AIT offers interactive pre-employment assessments for over 1,100 job titles, helping clients realize tangible ROI through reduced turnover and enhanced job performance and engagement. Assessment users have realized: • 68% reduction in applicant assessment time • 7% increase in 30-day new hire... Read More
  • Pre-Employment Assessments for Urgent Hiring Need Positions By AIT

    AIT has released a line of pre-employment assessments designed to meet the surging and sudden hiring needs of organizations dealing with the current world pandemic. These assessments measure all job-critical attributes and contain special content designed to predict worker behaviors for... Read More
  • Pre-Employment Background Check Packages By Express Background Checks

    To conduct a thorough background check for a potential hire, a criminal record search is vital. The most common types of criminal searches include Nationwide Criminal, Statewide Criminal, Country Criminal, and the Sex Offender Registry. In addition to these searches, Express Background Checks... Read More
  • Pre-Employment Background Screening By CourtHouse Concepts, Inc

    Verify your new hire with Arkansas' #1 provider of pre-employment background checks! At CourtHouse Concepts, our employment background screening services can help you answer these questions: - Is your applicant who they say they are? - Have they honestly represented themselves? - Does your... Read More
  • Pre-employment drug & health screening testing By Checkr

    Checkr’s AI-powered platform manages drug and health screenings in one efficient portal, while our extensive network of labs delivers timely, reliable results. With Checkr, your team has access to comprehensive drug and alcohol testing for flexible and safe hiring at scale. Read More
  • Pre-Employment Personality Test By Hire Success, LLC

    A pre-employment personality test is an assessment of job candidates that helps you determine whether their personality fits the job. For instance, using a professionally developed work personality test can help you identify whether a candidate is introverted or extroverted, patient or... Read More
  • Pre-Employment Screening By AmeriWide Screeners

    Our cloud-based platform makes pre-employment screening simple, straightforward and reduces the labor on your HR department. Here’s how: -We work with you to setup predefined screening options for your needs. -You can then use your own customized online portal to order and review the status... Read More
  • Pre-Employment Skills and Personality Assessments By Corvirtus

    Pre-Employment skills testing and assessments are only useful if the results are easily understood and bought into by those who will be using them everyday. Our assessment results provide you with the most critical information in a timely manner to ensure you make a quality hiring decision. Our... Read More
  • Pre-Employment Testing By Axiom Medical

    Axiom Medical specializes in providing Pre-Employment Testing within the complete occupational health services for our clients’ workforces’ total health life cycle. We help clients manage workers’ compensation, disability case management, workplace injuries, and other OSHA-mandated medical... Read More
  • Preferred Plan By

    Most popular! For organizations up to 500 employees Includes all FMLA requests made at your organization for a low monthly price. --Full service of FMLA Request from start to finish. --Low cost monthly fee based on total number of employees eligible for FMLA. ----Standard pricing only $2 per... Read More
  • Pre-Hire Assessments By EnCompass Background Screening Solutions LLC

    Our system is designed to be set-up and managed by the busy HR Manager or small business owner with little hassle, disruption and distraction. We will help you get started and test your 1st candidate quickly – often within 1 business day. The System requires minimal training and support. We... Read More
  • Pre-Hire Assessments By Cangrade

    Identify your top talent with data on how likely candidates are to succeed and stay in their role. Our assessment is quick, mobile-friendly, and gives candidates instant feedback they can use to grow their careers. Read More
  • Pre-Hire Tests for Applicants By EmployTest

    Make Smarter Hiring Decisions, Starting Today! Interviews and references don't tell the full story. Our pre-hire job tests will show you what applicants can do, before you hire them. Our tests are EEOC compliant and include these topics: -Basic Employment Skills -Attention to Detail -Microsoft... Read More
  • Pre-Hire Tests for Job Applicants By EmployTest

    Make Smarter Hiring Decisions, Starting Today! Interviews and references don't tell the full story. Our pre-hire job tests will show you what applicants can do, before you hire them. Our tests are EEOC compliant and include these topics: -Basic Employment Skills -Attention to... Read More
  • PRE-HIRING ASSESSMENTS By Lausanne Business Solutions

    Hiring is risky. You shouldn’t have to roll the dice and hope you’ve made the right decision. At Lausanne we take the challenge of finding best fit. We don’t just believe you need talent, we believe you need the right talent. HIRE RIGHT. HIRE BETTER. Our research-based process is deeply rooted... Read More
  • Premier Integrations By AssureHire

    AssureHire is integrated with many of the most popular HR Systems, allowing you to quickly integrate screening into your business software and processes with our easy to use API. Read More
  • Premium Billing & Reconciliation By Workterra

    Workterra manages the entire process of premium billing consolidation, reconciliation and payment to alleviate clients' admin burden and ensure accurate & timely payments. We save clients hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year acting as a single point of contact between your... Read More
  • Premium FMLA/HR Services Plan By

    Includes all FMLA services in the Preferred Plan (see above for Preferred Plan for details) plus HR services for new hire employee processing (full time employees) provided by America’s HR Services (our parent company). --Available for organizations up to 500 employees. --Full service of FMLA... Read More
  • Premium Plan By Kashable

    The Premium Plan is offered at a small fee to employers with 300-500 benefit-eligible employees. A small fee may also apply to employers who wish to expand eligibility and approval limits. Read More
  • PREP By Lutkus

    Participant Retirement Education Program (PREP) provides detailed education to employees on their investment options, so that they can make informed decisions. We use well-regulated sources of information but, take out the legalese, accounting and financial jargon that is normally found in... Read More
  • Prepaid Cards By Marketing Innovators International Inc

    A Quick, Easy, and Trackable Payout Process Sending a payment to your customers, clients, even employees, should be a smooth experience. Anything else can be traumatizing for someone that is waiting to be paid. That's not good for your brand or your bottom line. Prepaid cards are a win/win... Read More
  • Preparation of Reports Such as EEO1, VET4212 & Compensation By Mark M. Mansell & Associates, LLC

    We offer many additional services. Ask how we can assist your company in meeting its obligations. Read More
  • Prepare to Engage By Prepare to Change, Inc.

    Leaders engage staff through personal influence, temawork, communication and the management of performance expectations. By shifting focus between individual and organizational goals, intentional leaders pay attention to both productivity and employee well-being. Our organizational development... Read More
  • Prepare to Hire™ By Prepare to Change, Inc.

    Our online platform features a competency-based assessment application to: • support your recruitment and selection processes, • enable you to identify and evaluate candidates, and • make job-related, reliable and valid selection and hiring decisions. Using a state-of-the-art assessment... Read More
  • Prepare to Lead By Prepare to Change, Inc.

    To ensure your organization has the right leaders to get the job done, identify the factors that directly increase performance, but also assess whether current and prospective leaders need a plan for developing the factors that drive performance. Read More
  • Pre-Recorded Audio Interviews By Async Interview

    Audio Interviews allow multiple candidates to record audio responses to pre-set questions with just a phone. Your team can then review and evaluate those audio responses and make a decision. Audio interviews are great for call centers, virtual representatives, or entry-level field positions... Read More
  • Pre-Recorded Video Interviews By Async Interview

    Async Interview’s pre-recorded technology delivers a time savings solution to the screening process used by clients all over the world. Unlike Skype, employers enter or record questions, send invitations to candidates and then view and share the video interviews. Read More
  • Prescription Discount By Clear Price Health

    Immediate Savings on prescriptions, save up to 80%. Accepted by Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, Publis, Safeway and many, many more. Download the app "Fair Price Networks" on Apple or Google Play Read More
  • Present in the Moment By Interplicity

    Present in the Moment is an online course for anyone interested in applying science-based mindfulness practice in their work life. The live, online instructor is from Naropa University, a pioneer of North America’s mindfulness research and a leader in the modern mindfulness movement. Beginners... Read More
  • Presentation and Communication Training for Teams By Cool Communicator LLC

    Training programs are customized to your team's needs and priorities. Programs can include but are not limited to: -Lessons & Strategy: Principles of verbal delivery, persuasion, influence, assertiveness and charisma -Drills & Exercises: Role-plays, simulations and structured exercises during... Read More
  • Presentation Skills Training - Virtual By Effective Presentations Inc

    Getting in front of an audience can be terrifying. We all feel it. Learn how to settle your nerves and hook your audience with your message quickly as you speak more confidently and effectively. Our virtual class covers the very same information and skills as our on-site training, but it is done... Read More
  • Presentation Skills Workshop - In-person By Effective Presentations Inc

    Getting in front of an audience can be terrifying. We all feel it. Learn how to settle your nerves and hook your audience into your message quickly as you speak more confidently and effectively. Our small group (>10) experiential workshop is perfect for both novices and seasoned professionals... Read More
  • Presentation Training for Company Events and Branding Opportunities By Cool Communicator LLC

    We will help your people build public speaking confidence and overcome stage fright or camera shyness. Training will equip your team with the skills to organize and facilitate engaging panel discussions, present at trade shows and industry conferences, and provide successful media interviews.... Read More
  • President Quality Award By John C Murphy Moving & Storage

    The President’s Quality Award recipient is selected from an elite group of top service providers. It is also based on quality service performance measured through the eyes of their customers via post-move surveys. The award clearly distinguishes the winner as the best of the best. In earning the... Read More
  • Preventing Sickness & Enjoying Well-Being Course By R3Results®LLC

    “If you don’t have your health…” goes the saying. There is nothing more central. Hearing another lecture about how we should eat more broccoli and take the stairs instead of the elevator, is not going to change anything. You may have a wellness center nicely equipped. Yet despite this, our... Read More
  • Prevention and Risk Management By Miller Law Partners, PC

    At Miller Law Partners, we take a proactive approach to the practice of law, partnering with our clients to help them avoid disputes and keep pace with their business objectives. Through careful management and activation of sound business and employment policies and processes, we assist our... Read More
  • Prevention Employee Engagement And Retention By First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness, LLC

    Initiates change in your business. Allow enlighten worksite wellness vendor to further increase workforce productivity. There are budget employee care plan for your company. All employees are faced with daily living challenges. In the new age, employees cannot depend on the Human Resources... Read More
  • Primary Services Job Request By Primary Services

    Need a Position Filled? Making the connection between the right person, the right opportunity, and the results. Read More
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital By Janou Pakter

    We specialize Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Intelligence, Market Analysis, Startup Collaboration, Service Design and Organizational Development! Read More
  • Private Lactation Spaces By Kin by Medela

    Space to pump breast milk at work is required by a variety of federal and state laws, and Mamava’s easy-to-place lactation pods can make compliance fun, modern—and cost-effective. Mamava’s app gives moms autonomous access and provides you with helpful insights and usage data. Read More
  • Private-Labeled Partnerships By Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc.

    Nova has the flexibility to private-label your plan administration services. We recognize the potential challenges clients face when outsourcing to multiple vendors. To alleviate these issues, we focus on partnership and collaboration to maximize client and member satisfaction and plan success.... Read More
  • Process Improvement with Gap Analysis By Addison Solutions Academy

    Gap analysis is one of the most significant methods in the process improvement toolbox. In order to discover areas where business processes are not meeting expectations, gap analysis helps companies identify such areas and then proposes strategies to enhance those processes. An effective gap... Read More

    Save tons of cost and headaches with our multi-state and multinational expertise on your side. We'll help keep you in compliance and operating at top efficiency with modernized technology, ready to scale with your business. Automate, integrate, and optimize processes allowing your internal HR... Read More
  • Product Knowledge Training By Infopro Learning, Inc.

    Learn how product knowledge training can improve sales and customer satisfaction. Product training for sales and customer support is no longer a nice-to-have in today’s customer obsessed world. These frontline employees must have access to training for all of your organization’s products and... Read More
  • Product Messaging By Results Training Group

    Simple copy that paves the path to purchase is where we excel. With deep roots in training, the natural evolution into product messaging was a no-brainer. We’re pros at taking large amounts of complicated information and distilling it down into quotable chunks. Distinguishing your brand to... Read More
  • Productivity & Communication Based on the Medium (email, phone, in-person) Workshop By GoldJam Creative

    This interactive workshop helps employees identify and assess ways that messages are misinterpret when conversing in-person and through technology, and learn how to prevent miscommunication as best they can. Using tips and tricks for which medium to choose for various situations and best... Read More
  • Productivity analysis By AssessTEAM Performance Management Software

    Productivity analysis can anticipate profit potential for specific projects, project types and teams. With AssessTEAM, you’ll be the first to know when projects are at risk or employees need guidance. We deliver timely reports (accessed from the dashboard) that direct you towards greater... Read More
  • Professional Coaching By Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

    Whether you’re a corporate executive, a salesperson, an HR professional, the owner of a practice, or an employee seeking leadership advancement, you have the potential to affect meaningful change through formalized coach training. Uncover the deep connection between energy and power. Equip... Read More
  • Professional Development - Diversity and Inclusion By Defined Software Development, LLC

    Improve Productivity and Retention Through Diversity and Inclusion Training. NCEA offers diversity and inclusion training, speaking and consulting services that will improve your organization’s productivity, crime prevention, workplace cultural, bystander engagement, and gender equity. The... Read More
  • Professional Development Workshops By Institute of Organization Development

    Take advantage of this great opportunity to continue your professional development by attending our Professional Development Workshops. Each course offers valuable learning opportunities and tools to support your career development. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! These webinars... Read More
  • Professional Development/Course Listing By Berney Associates, LLC

    We offer high energy, interactive and practical workshops ranging in length from several hours to several days. All sessions include business cases tailored to your organization's unique needs and a specific and practical focus on applying classroom learning back to your workplace. We offer... Read More
  • Professional Driver By PT Meta Visio Indonesia

    Driver assignment is something that MEVIS takes in high regard, simply because we know the importance of having a reliable and trusty personnel on the go. Our method is simple and effective, which involves receiving applicants screening, in-house training, service implementation, and high... Read More
  • Professional Employer Organization By G&A Partners

    Free Up Time to Grow Your Business with HR Solutions from G&A Partners. If payroll and other HR administrative tasks are monopolizing your days (and nights), or if you’re struggling to find quality, affordable benefits for your employees, it might be time to consider HR outsourcing. When you... Read More
  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services By Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

    7 Star is recognized as one of the nation's leaders in the PEO and HR Outsourcing industry. As a division of Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, we coffer experience in human resources, risk management, benefits and payroll to ensure your business operates efficiently. Together we will help you... Read More
  • Professional Interpreting & Translation Services By Continental Interpreting

    Bridge the communication gap with Continental Interpreting's professional language services. When you can't train the entire workforce to speak a new language, include them in your HR communications with professional translation and interpretation. Our services are available in over 150 languages. Read More
  • Professional Investigative Services By Business Intelligence Inc

    The Business Intelligence team features highly-trained professionals with investigative expertise and legal backgrounds, and information specialists with many years of experience who engage in continuing education activities. We understand how to properly collect and present evidence to comply... Read More
  • Professional Moving Services By Colonial Van Lines Inc.

    We understand that moving can be challenging and we’re here to help. That’s why we offer long distance moving services that are customized to meet all your needs. As one of the nations’ top long distance moving companies, we continually strive to provide excellent long distance moving services... Read More
  • Professional Packing Services By Colonial Van Lines Inc.

    Did you know that Colonial Van Lines offers more than just moving and transport? We also offer packing services to help you get from Point A to Point B. At Colonial, our goal is customer satisfaction and to make your move as easy and simple as possible. Dedicated to supporting you in every... Read More
  • Professional Persona & Effective Communication Workshop By GoldJam Creative

    During this interactive workshop, employees will make intentional choices about how they represent themselves. They will build awareness around how others perceive them and begin to align that with how they would like to be perceived. They will learn to speak directly, in an appropriate and... Read More
  • Professional Presence in a Casual World By Employee Development Systems, Inc.

    Professional Presence in a Casual World is a unique, instructor–led, one–day program designed to make everyone from individual contributors to emerging leaders more professional in the workplace. Building professional behavior throughout your organization creates an environment of courtesy,... Read More
  • Professional Reference Checks & Verifications By GoodHire

    With GoodHire, our team of experts helps reduce your workload by conducting Professional Reference Checks for you. GoodHire’s Professional Reference Checks help you get a clear picture of your candidate’s previous work experience, such as soft skills, character, general reputation, and personal... Read More
  • Professional Services Salary Survey By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

    Remuneration plans used by professional services organizations, comprise of all forms of cash and non-cash pay. They include base pay, short-term and long-term incentives, perquisites and benefits etc. • More than 180 Countries, Remote and Difficult Locations • Up-to-date View of Cash and... Read More
  • Professional Skills Workshops By Addison Solutions Academy

    Professional skills workshops allow learners to identify ways to build their strengths to succeed in the workplace. This type of learning is considered a lifelong process of career and professional growth. We know that every learner's path to personal growth can provide variety. Our... Read More
  • Professional Storage Services By Colonial Van Lines Inc.

    Looking for professional storage services you can count on? Need a climate-controlled place to store your valuables, family heirlooms, or seasonal items? Want to work with a reputable team who will look after your goods like you would look after our items? Welcome to Colonial Van Lines – your... Read More
  • Professional Tests By Resource Associates, Inc.

    Our team is comprised of leading professionals in industrial & organizational psychology and human resources who have developed effective job-specific personality and aptitude testing solutions, most of which are valid & reliable predictors of job candidate potential. Our online personality... Read More
  • Professional to Executive Recruiting By E3 Recruiting

    E3 Recruiting is a full service recruiting firm near Charlotte, NC. We serve companies large and small across the United States in all industries. We consider ourselves the match-maker of our client company’s hard to fill positions with the “right” candidate, fitting not only the competencies of... Read More
  • Professionals For Nonprofits By PNP Staffing Group

    Since 1996, PNP STAFFING GROUP has been providing talent exclusively to the nonprofit sector. Specializing in Executive Search and Direct Hire, Interim Professionals, Consultants, and Contract/Temporary Staff, we offer every staffing solution a nonprofit may need. With a deep understanding... Read More
  • Profile XT By Predictable Performance Systems

    The ProfileXT® (PXT) assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization. The “job matching” feature of the PXT is unique, and enables you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job. It is used throughout... Read More
  • Profile XT® Executive Leadership Report By KEYGroup

    Great leaders aspire to be as effective as possible in the myriad situations they encounter. Becoming aware of your strengths to exploit, and potential challenges to address, is the first step in developing and refining leadership skills. To this end, The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report... Read More
  • Profiles Sales Assessment By DES Growth Partners, Inc.

    The Profiles Sales Assessment™ (PSA) measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization. It is used primarily for selecting, onboarding, and managing sales people and account managers. The “job modeling” feature of the PSA is unique, and can be customized by company, sales... Read More
  • ProfileXT By DES Growth Partners, Inc.

    The PXT assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization. The “job matching” feature of the PXT is unique, enabling you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job. It is used throughout the employee... Read More
  • Program Management By Crown World Mobility

    Understanding the connection between employee and business performance is key to delivering an effective mobility program. Our insight and management tools make it easier for you to design the best program and understand how it’s operating. Policies and the choice of supply chains can impact... Read More
  • Program Management & Analysis By AFC Management Services

    Our team of subject-matter experts and tenured consultants can assist in the areas of business process reengineering, assessment and evaluation services. We work closely with you to understand your environment, identify your business needs, create a strategy plan, and work step-by-step to... Read More
  • Programming Tests By Interviewed

    Let candidates work on executable code that does something real in the browser, desktop, or IOT device. Our programming environments let developers work with the code editor and operating systems they’re already comfortable with as they solve real-world engineering situations. Read More
  • Progress Follow-Up By Staffing Kansas City, Inc

    Your Staffing Kansas City Recruiter will check in periodically to see how things are going. If for some reason you have any concerns, we ask that you let us know. It is our job to discuss and counsel our employees. Read More
  • PROGRESS IN WORK LLC - Legal Industry Specialists By Progress in Work LLC

    Progress in Work is an award-winning career management firm that primarily provides attorneys and other professionals within the legal industry with tools and resources to help them "progress in work" and maximize career success. Progress in Work's outplacement division has helped thousands... Read More
  • Project Management Workshops By Addison Solutions Academy

    Project and contract management increasingly become highly demanding skills. Many businesses require that their employees have the knowledge they need to manage projects. Having the skills necessary to manger resources, projects, and business contracts will help learners achieve business goals... Read More
  • Project Planning: All You Need to Know By Addison Solutions Academy

    Prior to anything else, it is critical to grasp what project management is and what it can do for you and your organization. The act of planning, coordinating, procuring resources, and managing the work to meet certain goals and objectives is what project management is all about in its most... Read More
  • Project Recruitment By Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions

    Our project recruitment solutions are ideal for hiring ramp-ups, seasonal hiring or new locations. We offer a wide range of recruiting support, including full end-to-end recruitment solutions delivered by our experienced project recruiters armed with our tools and technology, or we can provide a... Read More
  • Project RPO By Aspirant

    Land the talent needed to build out new groups with supplemental resources that enable HR to stay focused on other priorities. Read More
  • PromptPayPlanner By Prompt, Inc.

    PromptPayPlanner® is our Global Total Rewards Planning software that offers a secure, user-friendly, and affordable solution for all of your compensation management needs. Your managers will easily view their employees, make pay decisions within your guidelines, and use powerful, easy-to-use... Read More
  • Pronto AAP - AAP Software for Small Businesses By DCI Consulting

    Only $895/Location! Pronto AAP is an online Affirmative Action Plan application available for small federal contractors with 150 employees or fewer. Pronto AAP enables businesses to create an AAP in-house in a cost-effective and OFCCP compliant way. This is ideal for companies that do not... Read More
  • Proofreading By AOT Language Services

    Translations are proofread by a highly qualified translator/editor, which allows for a greater degree of accuracy of your already translated document. We make sure it is right! Read More
  • Property & Casualty Insurance By BXS Insurance

    Property & Casualty Insurance Read More
  • ProSky Platform By ProSky

    Companies can use ProSky's Platform to evaluate candidates and hire for internships or jobs. Candidates can use our platform to create digital profiles to showcase talents and skills to companies. Our software has a variety of features all geared towards helping you find and hire the most... Read More
  • Provider Consultation By PlanPILOT

    PlanPILOT’s approach to recordkeeper consultation relates to knowing the core services available and the appropriate fees that you and your plan participants should be paying for the services you are actually receiving. We have often discovered that plan sponsors are not fully aware of their... Read More
  • Psychological Testing By Sensible Care

    We're all about data-driven treatment plans. Psychological testing is available for adults 18+ and helps with ADHD, memory, and personality or diagnostic clarification assessments. Testing takes place at our Santa Ana clinic with appointments spaced out to follow CDC guidelines and keep our... Read More
  • Public Sector Employer Program By Purchasing Power

    As a public sector employer, you’re being challenged to address your employees’ benefits needs while your budget and access to resources are dwindling. At the same time, your employees’ needs are becoming increasingly complex, particularly when it comes to their financial health. They need... Read More
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop By GoldJam Creative

    During this interactive workshop, participants will shake nerves around public speaking, build confidence to speak with presence, and gain the charisma to connect with any audience. They will boost creative thinking, produce memorable presentations, and hone leadership skills by identifying... Read More
  • Public Speaking and Communication Coaching for Individuals By Cool Communicator LLC

    One-on-one coaching programs include strategy sessions, drills, exercises, and other learning tools. All content is customized to help you become a more confident, persuasive and effective communicator. Speaking goals can include: -Overcoming stage fright -Building charisma -Pitching projects... Read More
  • Publish - Single-Source Publishing By Xyleme

    With Xyleme, your learning content is ready for anything –mobile, web and print outputs —all at the click of a button. Sound easy? With single-source publishing, it is! Publish rich learning materials, without the tedious formatting. Xyleme transforms the content you create into any kind of... Read More
  • Pulse Survey By Innovative HR Solutions, LLC

    The Pulse offers clients the ability to ask employees five statements along with one open-ended pre-set question. This survey provides a snapshot on how your employees perceive the effectiveness of the human resource programs, their satisfaction with these programs and their engagement to the... Read More
  • Pulse Surveys By People Element

    KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE PULSE People Element pulse surveys provide quick data collection and reporting of your new hire feedback, engagement levels, exit data, and/or any employee voice feedback. • Understand how employee perceptions trend over time so you can monitor engagement levels at... Read More
  • pumpspotting For Business By pumpspotting

    For less than $1,000/yr, pumpspotting For Business is the quick-hit-big-impact, family-forward benefit that sends a message of commitment and goodwill to breastfeeding + expecting employees and job candidates. Read More
  • Purchasing Power Employee Purchase Program By Purchasing Power

    Since 2001 Purchasing Power has empowered hard-working people with the means to obtain products and services that improve the quality of their lives. Provide your employees a better way to buy: • Employees can shop thousands of brand name products for their home and lifestyle, and to help... Read More
  • Pure Customer Service Certification Program By The Brownlee Group/ Pure Customer Service

    Now is your chance to receive life-changing and business-changing coaching from David Brownlee, one of the world's most influential trainers and public figures. Get David's foundational, succinct aerial view for delivering world-class customer service in your business. Grow your customer base,... Read More
  • Pure Customer Service Leadership Training By The Brownlee Group/ Pure Customer Service

    Leadership skills are vital in any role or organization, and can dramatically increase your employability and performance. Fulfill your potential to influence and guide others towards success by developing essential leadership qualities that will propel your career to new heights. In this... Read More
  • Pure Customer Service Quick Start Program By The Brownlee Group/ Pure Customer Service

    You need to train your team ASAP in how to deliver a world-class customer experience to all of your customers. But you don’t have the time or the resources to put them through hours of training. That’s why we created the Pure Customer Service Quick Start Program. In this laser focused program,... Read More
  • Purpose and Passion at Work By ExecuLiv LLC

    Business visionary and icon Steve Jobs said – “the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you... Read More
  • Purposeful Conversations© By Coaching Out Of The Box®

    The Purposeful Conversations© Training Program draws from the most advanced knowledge base in the coaching field and is translated into a simple, intuitive, and highly transferable framework for busy executives, managers, and influencers. The ability to influence others, the management of... Read More
  • PXT Hiring Selection and Development Tools By Molto Crescendo, Inc.

    PXT Select ™ is the superior pre-employment screening tool that helps you find the right candidate for a given job based on data, not impressions. This powerful tool gives you a clear picture of the candidate’s cognitive and behavioral traits and interests and provides intuitive questions to... Read More
  • PXT Select By DES Growth Partners, Inc.

    Having the right people in the right jobs is truly powerful. PXT Select™ not only helps you find the right people, but also helps you shape the overall employee experience. PXT Select’s suite of reports helps you select, onboard, coach, and develop employees to reach their full potential. Read More
  • PXT Select By KEYGroup

    PXT Select makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. Combining over 20 years of research with powerful assessment technology, PXT Select and its intuitive suite of reports helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview. This powerful selection assessment provides... Read More
  • PXT Select™ By Center for Internal Change

    PXT Select is a hiring assessment that provides objective data for employers to use during their hiring process. It’s a predictive assessment, and it will measure if a candidate will be successful in any given position. It was designed to help employers avoid hiring bias, benchmark employee... Read More
  • PXT Select™ By Training Solutions, Inc.

    -PXT Select™ makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. -PXT Select™ helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview. It provides organizations with actionable objective data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help you to interview better and... Read More
  • PXT Select™ Assessment Suite By The Assessment Company

    PXT Select™ profile assessments empower organizations to select the right people for the right job, matching people to roles based on job-specific traits most essential to be successful. Our scientifically validated, fully adaptive assessments help reduce hiring bias, so organizations and... Read More