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  • Rakuna Recruit By Rakuna

    Rakuna Recruit is an effective campus recruiting solution for recruiters who have trouble handling stacks of paper resumes and managing candidates’ information amidst the constant travel between campus recruiting events. With Rakuna Recruit, recruiters can capture resumes and evaluate prospects... Read More
  • Rapt Media Composer By Rapt Media

    There’s nothing to install, just login and get down to business. Drag and drop to arrange your content and form a branching, interactive narrative. The Rapt Media Composer allows creatives to iterate without the need for continuous tech and dev support. Read More
  • RB360Online By RedBird Fitness LLC

    RB360online is RedBird’s online fitness program. It offers our best Pilates, HIIT cardio, dance-based toning, and cardio dance classes in streaming workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime and on any device. Read More
  • RCMP Criminal Record Checks By Certn

    Certn streamlines the criminal record report process across Canada. Our RCMP Name Based Criminal Record reports are 100% online, which means no paper and no long manual processes. Our intuitive dashboard provides an official document issued by an Accredited Police detachment within minutes. We... Read More
  • Real Colors® Personality Type Test By Real Colors

    Real Colors® is a dynamic workshop experience using a personality type test. The goal is to provide participants with the skills to: -understand human behavior -uncover motivators specific to each temperament -improve communication with others The basis of this workshop is the Real Colors®... Read More
  • Real Estate By Corporate Relocation International

    CRI is independent and not tied to any real estate affiliations, we are able to offer our clients a Best In Class home sale and purchase service. Our customers receive unbiased advice from experienced, independent real estate professionals. Our team helps to avoid costly mistakes and wasted... Read More
  • Real Estate Services By Quantum Relocation Services Inc

    The Quantum Homemarketing Service is a comprehensive program designed to assist transferees and develop a realistic asking price by preparing an objective and un-biased marketing strategy to include a competitive pricing analysis. Our home sale Program is designed to assure the sale of the... Read More
  • Real Life 101 Series: Real Jobs. Great Career Choices By

    Do you know what you want to do for the rest of your life? Have you thought about your dream job? Do you have any idea what it takes to get there? Not sure? Real Life 101 introduces you to real people doing real jobs. From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to counselors, teachers and... Read More
  • Realistic Job Previews By Interviewed

    Put your candidates in challenging work situations that mirror the reality of the job and see how they perform. Watch them close support tickets, prospect for leads, build spreadsheets, write code, and even talk to AI-powered simulated customers on the phone. These realistic job previews help... Read More
  • Realtors and Top Rated Service Providers By Coast 2 Coast Relo Partners

    We are a National relocation company, Our company selects your premiere Realtor and provide Vetted 5 star service providers to assist you when relocating to another state or city. We offer top performing Lenders, Insurance options, Home Inspectors, General Contractors, Roofing co, Plumbers,... Read More
  • Recordkeeping By simplyHR

    Not sure what should to include in a personnel file and for how long you should keep it? Want help with the best way to store I-9s, so they are organized, secure and accessible? We can help! simplyHR can take a look at your current recordkeeping system and get you up to speed and in compliance... Read More
  • Recruit Right ATS By Recruit Right

    The Recruit Right ATS has all the capabilities your team needs for hiring, simplified. Post Jobs: Posting the same job to multiple websites is a pain. Recruit Right makes it easy to create and advertise job postings. Start by building a standard template that recruiters can customize to any... Read More
  • Recruiting By Dallas City Apartments

    The need to hire one new employee or many new employees can arise at any time and for many reasons. Business owners and leaders in Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas know that the process of recruiting and hiring good people can be time-consuming and costly. However, the process is of... Read More
  • Recruiting By IQTalent Partners, Inc.

    We also provide full life-cycle recruiting. Some partners have used us as their in-house recruiting team while they build their own in-house capability. Others have brought us on for peak hiring demand or for special projects. While others keep us onboard as the variable portion of their... Read More
  • Recruiting By SGA Talent Sheila Greco Associates

    Today with hiring on the rise and the war for talent at an all time high, many companies are being faced with the many challenges of meeting hiring and recruiting demands. By offering recruiting solutions that range from total outsourcing to selective outsourcing companies are turning to us as... Read More
  • Recruiting By TopDogHR

    1 Click Job Board Posting Create and seamlessly post your job position across multiple job boards and social media networks Read More
  • Recruiting By Integrate Autism Employment Advisors

    Identify and screen candidates - Provide skills training - Recommendations for accommodations Read More
  • Recruiting & Onboarding By Saba Software

    Discover, Attract and Onboard the Best People. Saba recruiting software is the engine that your organization needs to bring in top talent and engage them from the very first moment of contact. We implement solutions that provide a captivating, personalized and intuitive experience for... Read More
  • Recruiting & talent operations By Employera

    Our recruiting and talent operations team works collaboratively with you and your team to create and deliver better integrated recruiting processes, programs and tools that produce a well-designed candidate and employee experience aligned to your unique culture and business... Read More
  • Recruiting Component By PDS

    Streamline your recruiting process using the Vista HCM Recruiting component. Recruiters can easily manage their requisitioning process while leveraging the predefined organization structure. Some of the features include: • Integrated HR & recruiting platform • Manage from "recruit to... Read More
  • Recruiting CRM By Rakuna

    Recruiting CRM is highly effective in bridging the gap between recruiters and candidates. The solution humanizes the recruiting process and improves the candidate experience, thus, helps grow your company branding. With Recruiting CRM, the candidate complete profile is fully accessible with... Read More
  • Recruiting for Direct Hire By A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists

    When you partner with A.R. Mazzotta for your recruiting needs, you’ll never be disappointed. Our custom-tailored, in-depth recruiting process is proven to deliver only the best-matched talent to the companies we work with. And it’s how we’ve become one of the top CT employment agencies around.... Read More
  • Recruiting for Startups By The Sourcery

    Fill open roles now, and put the right process in place for when you double in size. Every hire is critical for a startup, whether it’s adding brilliant engineers or bringing the first sales professional on board. But startups also need to put a system in place to scale up hiring when the time... Read More
  • Recruiting Machine Applicant Tracking System (ATS) By Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions

    There are a lot of Applicant Tracking Systems on the market, but how many of them were designed by recruiters? We know recruiters rely on a tool that can handle everything from sourcing great talent to closing the best candidates, and that’s why they were instrumental in building Recruitment... Read More
  • Recruiting Process Technology By IQTalent Partners, Inc.

    We know a thing or two about assessing talent, and the best tool we have come across that supports a collaborative interview assessment process is Comeet. We are a distribution partner for this SaaS-based platform that also serves as an applicant tracking system. Read More
  • Recruiting Services By IMAGE SERVICES Staffing

    IMAGE SERVICES is a professional staffing service providing highly skilled and dependable employees for temporary, temp to hire and direct hire positions for virtually every industry. IMAGE SERVICES has been serving Hampton Roads since 1989. We serve companies of all types as well as... Read More
  • Recruiting Services By Resource Employment Solutions

    Unlike other recruiting companies, we provide customized solutions which are available for professional and skilled candidates. Our recruiters will insure a perfect match utilizing the following tools: -Company culture study -National remote recruitment -National candidate databases -Relocation... Read More
  • Recruiting Services By Advice Personnel

    We provide staffing and recruiting services. Read More
  • Recruitment By High Line Corporation

    Create, track, and fill job postings for your organization from both internal and external applicants Read More
  • Recruitment & Applicant Tracking By TRICORE

    If your organization is growing, you need a system to review, sort and file résumés; track the progress of applicants through the hiring process; and alert supervisors and managers when action is required or completed. When the hiring process stalls, the candidate’s enthusiasm suffers, and the... Read More
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition By The Stakeholder Management Group

    At The Stakeholder Management Group, we have developed a unique sourcing and recruitment methodology, known as the Hybrid Sourcing Methodology (HSM). The Hybrid Sourcing Methodology (HSM) is designed to help us craft an optimized, tailored sourcing solution depending on your needs and... Read More
  • Recruitment IT Computer Technology Recruitment By Foxhound Partners

    The recruitment landscape has changed. Increasingly, companies are struggling to meet their recruitment goals. In medium to large organizations, in-house human resources professionals can attest to the difficulties of hiring in an environment with low unemployment and a lack of qualified talent... Read More
  • Recruitment Manager Excel Template By INDZARA

    The Recruitment Manager template is useful for Recruiters to manage their recruitment process. It is a simple and effective tool to store jobs and applications received for those jobs. It is designed to make it easy to track progress/status of all the applications or candidates. It has a fully... Read More
  • Recruitment Marketing By Yello

    Cultivate your employer brand, transform candidate engagement and increase awareness of your organization to become every candidate’s employer of choice. Leverage Yello’s recruitment marketing solutions to build relationships with candidates in your talent pipeline. Connect through compelling... Read More
  • Recruitment Marketing By Employera

    Our Recruitment Marketing team can help you reach and convert high quality, culturally-aligned candidates to hires with ever-increasing efficiency and nimbleness so you have the right people in your pipeline ahead of the demand for them. We can help with any or all aspects of the recruitment... Read More
  • Recruitment Operations By Yello

    Free yourself from spreadsheets and legacy systems. With Yello’s recruitment operations solutions, create a seamless experience from interview to offer. Stand out to candidates by offering a best-in-class candidate experience that simplifies communication, enhances collaboration and increases... Read More
  • Recruitment Optimization By DeGarmo

    Are your recruiters still recruiting the same way they have for years? It’s time to transform your Talent Acquisition function into a strategic business unit that delivers more value to your organization. With a focus on more effective and consistent processes and alignment of talent strategy to... Read More
  • Recruitment Options By Hire Disability Solutions, LLC - Be a Hero Hire a Hero

    Maximize views and responses to your job ad by purchasing powerful upgrades. Read More
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing By Reaction Search International

    The RSI Recruitment Process Outsourcing division centralizes the resources of our expansive domestic and international network of executive search recruiters. There is no other permanent staffing organization with the ability to provide single-source staffing services on a global scale. You... Read More
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing By MarketPro, Inc.

    If you’re like most organizations, you’re not equipped to hire large volumes of specialized professionals all at once. You know all too well how difficult it can be to hire one good marketer. What do you do when you need to hire 25, 100 or more on a tight deadline? The solution? Marketing... Read More
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing By Talent Savant

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a solution that allows you to reduce your Time-to-Fill (TTF) as well as your Cost-Per-Hire (CPH) by outsourcing your entire talent acquisition process to a dedicated third party. This allows you to spend your dollars on your business, rather than hiring... Read More
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) By G&A Partners

    Create your dream team with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services from G&A RPO services from G&A combine advanced online and cloud-based technology with years of recruiting expertise to support your dedicated human resources team. Campaigns are customized to your needs and provide you... Read More
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)/Contingent Labor By Information Services Group

    ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services to help organizations win the battle for talent. We work with you to build effective recruitment and contingent labor strategies that support your specific business and organizational goals. Our experts know the global RPO and Managed Service... Read More
  • Recruitment Research – Talent Intelligence By SGA Talent Sheila Greco Associates

    Talent Intelligence is more than just a name. Talent Intelligence is more than just a profile. Talent Intelligence provides the inside scoop on a competitor and companies of interest. Talent intelligence provides organization charts with names, titles, emails, profiles and accurate data that... Read More
  • Recruitment Software Reporting & Compliance By JazzHR

    Generate critical HR recruiting reports in seconds. Fulfill reporting requirements and be prepared to address legal matters. Identify where the best candidates are found and expose bottlenecks in your process. Get unprecedented access to your data with 100% customizable reports. Read More
  • Recruitment Training By ALeSYS (Applied Learning Systems)

    Recruitment in any organization is about finding the best talent for your culture – people who demonstrate the skills of the job and, more importantly, possess the ability to not only do the job well, but also to make real contributions and help grow the job in the right way to accomplish the... Read More
  • Recruitment, Selection and Retention By CMS, Communication and Management Services, LLC

    CMS works to develop every organization's most valuable resource: their staff. The best laid plans or business models are only as good as the people you surround yourself with to carry it out. CMS can help you find the best people, ensure compensation is in alignment with the market and job... Read More
  • RECRUITview™ Recruitment Management Software By HRsoft

    Efficiently Automate, Optimize & Centralize All Your Recruiting Efforts. RECRUITview™ is cloud-based strategic recruiting software that automates, optimizes and centralizes all of your recruitment efforts while promoting your employer brand resulting in higher quality candidates with a lower... Read More
  • Redeployment By Randstad RiseSmart

    RiseSmart Workforce Redeployment enables valuable employees to discover new opportunities within your organization quickly, allowing you to retain the best and the brightest while creating a flexible and mobile workplace environment. Through our semantic matching technology, we pair the goals,... Read More
  • RedFlag By Pocketstop

    RedFlag is the easiest way to distribute critical information. Our solution is an easy to use multi-channel mass notification system allowing you to deliver real time alerts and critical information to groups or individuals of any size via email, text messages, voice calls, social media,... Read More
  • Reference Checking By Scott-Roberts and Associates, LLC

    Telephone interview of an individual whose name was provided as a reference by the subject. Personal references are asked about the subject’s character, trustworthiness, drug/alcohol usage, and criminal record. Source of information: Applicant Provided References Type of source: Personal... Read More
  • Reference Checks By Research Services, LLC

    The majority of people provide truthful, sincere information about themselves. However, businesses today are faced with increased regulation to their hiring practices and to what can and cannot be asked in an interview or credit application. Moreover, who has the time to check every detail of... Read More
  • Reference Verification By Backgrounds Online

    Our staff conducts in-depth interviews to provide a better picture of the candidate's job-related strengths and weaknesses. We interview an applicant's professional references to help you learn how they are perceived by colleagues. To start, we ask about the length and nature of each... Read More
  • Refinance By Citizens One

    Offers your employees a choice of rates and flexible repayment terms to suit their needs, plus employees receive an exclusive credit of up to $1,000 on new loans. Read More
  • Refine or Build Your Coaching Skills By Peagram Consulting

    A note from your Coach Dr. Kortney Peagram With my line of work, I often find that there are a lot of missed coaching opportunities. People jump to quickly to recommendations. My goals are to help you build upon your coaching skills to help you empower your team, build your clientele, and... Read More
  • Reimbursement Delivery Options By Expenseport

    ExpensePort utilizes a combination of two distinct reimbursement delivery options. Depending on the expense service, the program might use one delivery option exclusively or a combination of both to ensure efficiencies and quality of service. Direct Reimbursement Model With this model, future... Read More
  • Relational Presence Workshops By Meaningful Coaching

    Whether individuals have public speaking anxiety or simply want to express themselves with greater clarity and power, Relational Presence training enhances one's comfort and confidence in front of the room. The main goal of this practice is cultivating presence - a real connection to oneself and... Read More
  • Relevant HR Podcasts and Articles By Sentinel Background Checks

    Articles and interviews related to hiring best practices, risk management, due diligence, Human Resources, and background checks. Read More
  • Relocation Home Sale & Home Purchase By NRI Relocation, Inc.

    Without home marketing assistance, one of the biggest challenges impacting the success of relocation programs today is the ability of the transferring employee to sell their existing property. Our strategies and programs excel at selling homes at the best price in the shortest amount of time.... Read More
  • Relocation Home Sale Programs By HomeServices Relocation

    Home sale programs eliminate the need for tax assistance (gross-up) by avoiding taxable reimbursements of commissions and other home sale closing costs. The home sale program creates two separate transactions: one where the transferee sells their home to a relocation management company (RMC),... Read More
  • Relocation Management By Weichert Workforce Mobility

    You can leverage our decades of insight and deep bench of expertise to develop a more competitive and cost-effective policy, map a plan to achieving your program’s designed “future state”, or execute a seamless group move. Our solutions include: - Home Marketing Assistance - Home Sale... Read More
  • Relocation Policy Development and Counseling By HomeServices Relocation

    HSR is proud to have extensive experience in the area of policy consulting. Our team averages more than 15 years each in the relocation industry. Many hold the CRP and GMS designations from Worldwide ERC, as well as state real estate licenses. Recognized as thought leaders, our team has... Read More
  • Relocation Program Management By Corporate Relocation International

    CRI experts will collaborate with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your present policies, relocation goals and concerns. Based on our findings, our experts will carve out a bespoke program designed to support your corporate culture and objectives. Our Client Services group will be there... Read More
  • Relocation Services By Expenseport

    ExpensePort Relocation specializes in processing lump sum allowances and reimbursements of employee relocation expenses for corporations and institutions. Programs that deliver relocation services include: Lump Sum Allowance Management The founding of ExpensePort originated with its... Read More
  • ReloSource for Clients By TRC Global Mobility, Inc.

    TRC’s ReloSource™ technology gives you all the tricks and tools you need to manage a complex global workforce and mobility program. We built ReloSource to make the world a little more manageable—and your job a little easier. Think of it as your virtual relocation department. Read More
  • Remedial Coaching By Talent Curve

    Sooner or later, nearly every organization discovers that they have one of “those people” who actually are, or who have made themselves appear to be, indispensable. Often, they are demeaning to their co-workers and subordinates, disrespectful to their superiors and dismissive of the fact that... Read More
  • Remesh Platform By Remesh

    Remesh makes it possible to chat with a large group of people live, in order to discover the Truth of a population. It gives the depth of a focus group and the scale of a survey at the speed of real-time conversation. Understand your audience at scale - Up to 1000 participants at once -... Read More
  • Remote Coaching By mySugr Inc.

    Comprehensive, personalized education and support from experienced Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) right in the palm of your hand. No matter where you are or how busy your schedule is, your mySugr Coach is there for you. Together with your Coach, you’ll work on strategies that fit your... Read More
  • Remote Interpreting By Continental Interpreting

    Remote Interpreting services are available for online meetings and events. Continental Interpreting offers several solutions that enable clients to bridge language gaps—virtually. We offer a premier cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpreting platform that allows participants to view, listen... Read More
  • Remote Team Management By Pratt Leadership Consulting

    Our PLC team will coach managers of how to effectively lead a team remotely with the most effective tools necessary. Although it is best practices to establish clear remote-work policies and training in advance, in times of crisis or other increasingly changing environments we are here to help... Read More
  • Remote Worker Screening By eKnowID

    Hiring remote can be daunting as these workers are remote performing critical operations. Still, their credibility and experience is essential and must be verified to ensure work proficiency. Let us help you with fast and thorough remote hiring background checks. Read More
  • Remote Worker Training By CCCE Corporate Training Solutions

    We've all seen and experienced the overwhelm that employees and managers feel in this remote work environment. That's why we created this online expert-led professional development series for remote workers and leaders. Increase employee resiliency and productivity with fast, affordable and... Read More
  • Remote Workers By Capa Talent

    Capa Talent can help your company fill the talent gap and be more competitive in your industry by hiring remote workers. Presently, 43% of all U.S. workers are working remotely to some degree and that number is expected to grow - especially with the COVID-19 crisis that the U.S. and the world... Read More
  • Reporting - Data & Insights By Montage

    For many, video and voice interviewing is brand new, creating a responsibility to report on its use and effectiveness. Montage offers multiple levels of reporting, all designed to provide organizations the insight they need to increase efficiency and quality. Recruiters have a self-service... Read More
  • Reports & Analytics By ATS OnDemand

    Build a report or select from 21 report templates to capture recruitment and system data. Read More
  • Research & Development Tax Credits By Corporate Tax Incentives

    Your Untapped Resource For Revenue The research and development (R&D) tax credit is a tax incentive offered to companies who engage in research and experimental activities in the U.S. and incur qualified research expenditures (QRE). R&D tax credits deliver a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your... Read More

    At CareerXroads we’re constantly working to research and benchmark talent acquisition data that matter to our members. Some of this research is sparked because our members specifically ask for real-time responses to help with strategic deliveries within their organizations. Other content is... Read More
  • Research and Analytics By Analytic Focus

    Our research and data analytics experts use advanced statistical analysis, experimental design, and research development. Our investigations use complex sample designs that answer multiple questions. For impact research, we plan “but-for” analyses to determine changes that result from policies... Read More
  • Research and Sourcing By IQTalent Partners, Inc.

    We utilize our knowledge, expertise, cutting-edge methods and technologies to find, scout and source interested, qualified candidates for you. Many of our clients outsource all or a portion of their sourcing function to us. Our world-class sourcing capabilities allow our partners to better... Read More
  • Resilience in Challenging Times By ExecuLiv LLC

    The pace and volume of change in today’s business environment can quickly accelerate to a seemingly overwhelming level, requiring extraordinary resilience for even the most adept executive. The ability to remain calm, centered and focused is essential for those who are responsible for leading... Read More
  • Resource Capacity Planner Excel Template By INDZARA

    This Resource Capacity Planner template is designed to determine the available resource capacity, compare with demand and identify surplus/deficit in capacity. It also allows us to modify the resource availability or demand (to meet our objectives) and see impact of the changes instantly. This... Read More
  • Respectful Workplace Training for Managers & Employees By Fair Measures, Inc.

    Creating a respectful workplace reduces sexual harassment, discrimination in workplace, a hostile work environment and retaliation issues, which are not only illegal, they can be symptoms of a larger problem. Our Respectful Workplace workshop starts with a discussion of the minimum requirements... Read More
  • Responding Effectively to Conflict Training By Simon Mediation

    This two-day course will transform how your colleagues and employees handle conflict. The curriculum is based on the most advanced understanding of human conflict, transformative theory. Participants will gain a deep understanding of what is at the root of conflict, and they will learn to make... Read More
  • Restaurant Diversity Training By Belmont Consulting

    Diversity and Inclusion are not things that can be trained in a day. They must be part of a sustained culture of addressing and discussing these issues at all levels of the organization. Our Program offers a road map and a starting point for navigating today's complex and ever changing challenges Read More
  • Resume Harvesting By JobDiva, Inc.

    - Intelligently Automatically Create an Extensive Database of Candidates - Use Job Board IDs in the Most Effective Manner - Watch JobDiva Harvesters Source Resumes Based on Your Criteria - Sleep Well Knowing That JobDiva Harvesters Are Working Silently in the Background for You 24 Hours a Day,... Read More
  • Resume Optimization By 4SIGHT COACHING

    Learn from recruiters what industry discussion, career coaches, professional resume writers don't teach you. Then, turn it into your unique advantage over the competition. If you're updating your general resume, or have a big application coming up, we're ready to help. It's just 10 to 20... Read More
  • Resume Package By NimoHR

    Resume Revision Cover Letter Correction LinkedIn Optimization Read More
  • Resume Revission By NimoHR

    Create a summary statement with value Review old descriptions in your background and revise to maximize impact Include new skills, achievements, certifications, and job responsibilities with keywords that will get results Tweak the format for readability Will add key words that will get your... Read More
  • Retail Sales Compensation Survey By Western Management Group

    Initiated as a collaboration with leading retail companies, the survey has been designed to fulfill the need for a specialized and detailed compensation study for the industry The survey includes multiple levels for jobs in the Retail industry, from entry-level individual contributors to... Read More
  • Retained Executive Search By Brooke Chase Associates, Inc.

    Retained Executive Search and Recruiting – A Strategic Partnership Recruiting may be the most important task management undertakes and hiring the wrong person can be a disaster. A bad hire sets back the organization’s forward momentum and sends a negative message to the staff, clients and... Read More
  • Retaining International Talent By At Ease Solutions, LLC

    Do you have a talented employee who will need long-term work authorization? Wondering what your options and obligations are with filing an employment-based green card employee? At Ease helps you navigate the employment-based green card process and connects you with an immigration firm to submit... Read More
  • Retention and Engagement Strategy Consulting By People Element

    When it comes to achieving meaningful organizational change, most find that the greatest challenge is getting everyone moving in the same direction to take action based on the data. Professional coaching and human capital consulting helps bridge this gap by providing expert advice built on... Read More
  • Retention, Outplacement & People Planning By Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

    With four generations in the workforce, retention and people planning strategies are more complex because of the need to manage the variety of work motivations and behaviors of these groups. For instance, the "free agency" nature of younger generations makes the need for retention strategies and... Read More
  • Retiree Billing By CobraHelp

    Most retired employees have questions regarding their premiums, and supplemental and/or alternative coverage – we are here to help! At CobraHelp we understand retiree billing and coverage are important aspects of any business – and we know it can be very time consuming. That is why CobraHelp... Read More
  • Retiree Premium Billing & Communications By Benefit Allocation Systems, LLC

    Let our team take over the burden of retiree communications, enrollment, and premium billing & collections. Get started with MyEnroll360 Retiree Direct Billing Services. Reduce cost, save time and ensure accuracy! Read More
  • Retirement By G&A Partners

    Help your employees plan for a more secure retirement. For small or medium-sized businesses, the cost of a retirement plan can put the option out of reach. Many employers also shy away from offering a 401(k) due to the time and expertise needed to administer the plan and navigate bureaucratic... Read More
  • Retirement Administration By BPC, part of FuturePlan by Ascensus

    Since 1979 BPC's team of credentialed professional have been providing clients with integrated and focused administration of ERISA plans. Learn why BPC has been ranked #1 in an independent customer service satisfaction survey and how BPC can help your organization design an ERISA retirement plan... Read More
  • Retirement Consulting By G&A Partners

    Help your employees plan for a more secure retirement. For small or medium-sized businesses, the cost of a retirement plan can put the option out of reach. Many employers also shy away from offering a 401(k) due to the time and expertise needed to administer the plan and navigate bureaucratic... Read More
  • Retirement Financial Planning By Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.

    Clients new to our firm receive assistance with retirement financial planning; which also includes a free financial plan, portfolio review and a comparative investment analysis. These complimentary services comprise the core value of our wealth management and investment management solutions.... Read More
  • Retirement Income Sources By Your Retirement Reality

    Just because you stop earning a paycheck, it doesn’t mean your income has to stop. Retirement income can come from many different sources. If you’re exploring your options for setting up retirement income sources after you clock out of your job for good, these pages may help. From annuities to... Read More
  • Retirement Plan Services By Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.

    At Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. we assist employers with achieving greater levels of transparency, efficiency and cost savings. We also seek to improve investment performance within a company-sponsored retirement plan. Our Statement of Work explains our review process and how we utilize the... Read More
  • Retirement Plan Services By Matthews Gold Kennedy & Snow

    If you are ready to sponsor a new plan, or you are currently sponsoring a plan that has become a problem, we are here to help. MGKS provides an efficient process for our clients when a review of your current plan design is necessary. We apply those same principles to active prospects looking to... Read More
  • Retirement Planning By HUB International

    Retirement planning isn’t top of mind for many of your employees, even if it should be. But you can help many of them get started. By designing employee retirement plans that consider their long-term goals, you’ll not only get them on the right path, you’ll also help achieve your goals for... Read More
  • Retirement Services By PrestigePEO

    With tax benefits, compounding interest, and employer contributions, a 401(k) plan is a long-lasting benefit you can offer your employees. So, why not give your employees the benefit of a 401(k) plan so they can save for their retirement? You send the message that you’re invested in your... Read More
  • Retreat & Meeting Facilitation By EXCELERANT

    Board Meeting Executive Team Meeting Strategic Planning Meeting Manager Meeting Safety Meeting Brainstorming Meeting Project Planning Meeting New Team Meeting Task Force Meeting New Technology Implementation Meeting Board Retreat Company Retreat Executive Team Retreat Leadership... Read More
  • Retreat Center Rental By Retreat & Learn

    In-person retreats and workshops are offered at client sites as well as at two riverfront locations that offer tranquil views — one over the Wicomico River and one over the Potomac. South Hatton, a private waterfront home on the Wicomico River, offers quiet places to sit and reflect, large... Read More
  • Retro Offset Solution By Innovative Methods Consulting LLC

    This solution was created to close the existing gap in delivering the Oracle Retro process. It eliminates the need to manually create several offset entries whenever retro transactions are picked up but not needed. Read More
  • Return to Work Responsibly By SixFifty

    Employers have never faced a challenge like COVID. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. We partnered with the employment experts at Wilson Sonsini to help you (1) assess your back-to-work readiness, (2) generate the back-to-work policies and other documents you need, and (3) track employee health... Read More
  • Return to Work Self Assessment By HSD Metrics

    Prioritize workplace safety by implementing a COVID-19 self-assessment. This easy-to-implement tool provides your team with insight on employee symptoms and exposure. Employees complete the assessment daily before coming into work and will receive a notification indicating whether they should or... Read More
  • RevelationEd By ofPartner LLC

    Colleges and universities are seeking to improve operational efficiency and streamline outdated processes. Faced with funding and other financial challenges, educational institutions need better information to guide their most critical decisions and shape their future. In response to this need,... Read More
  • RevelationLegal By ofPartner LLC

    RevelationLegal is a unique analysis tool that delivers unprecedented insight into your operations by analyzing the job-related activities performed by each individual within your firm. Developed specifically for law firms, RevelationLegal provides a holistic view of your organization that can... Read More
  • RevelationLegal-i By ofPartner LLC

    RevelationLegal-i is an extension of RevelationLegal, ofPartner’s revolutionary analysis tool designed for legal and administrative teams—even entire firms. We created this “i”ndividual version to empower solo practitioners, managing partners, practice group leaders and administrative... Read More
  • REWARD By HCR Software Solutions, Inc.

    You know how much your organization does for your employees. But do the employees know? On an ongoing basis, increasing costs for housing and healthcare are making an impression. Now is not the time to hope employees get the employee value proposition. It is time to get intentional and make some... Read More
  • Reward Codes By Marketing Innovators International Inc

    Reward Your Employees with Personalized E-Gift Cards of Their Choice The MI Gift Cards reward code program empowers your teams, customers or channel partners with the freedom to choose their own digital reward, redeemable from a huge selection of name-brand gift cards. No more pressure to... Read More
  • Reward Link By Tango Card

    A Reward Link is simply the easiest way to give the reward of choice. With dozens of premium gift cards, and with digital delivery, recipients will receive the reward value instantly. Reward Link recipients are a few simple clicks away from choosing the gift card they really want. Read More
  • Rewards & Compensation By Mercer H & B

    We can help you design rewards plans to attract and retain top talent, and give you confidence that your job openings are competitive. We can also help you manage the talent you have, from your sales team to your executives, with advice on salary benchmarking, executive rewards and more. Job... Read More
  • Rewards Catalog By Qarrot

    Offer your employees a global catalog with 200+ leading brands. Read More
  • REWARDview™ Online Employee Communication Portal By HRsoft

    REWARDview™ is an online employee communication portal that gives employers a proactive year-round, strategic tool to engage and retain employees by providing a better understanding of the full value of their compensation package including salary, benefits, equity and more. This centralized... Read More
  • Rhabit Software By Rhabit Analytics

    Experience the transformative power of feedback. Rhabit combines the latest research in organizational psychology with beautiful, human-centered software to unlock the power of continuous employee feedback. Read More
  • RIF Analysis By DCI Consulting Group, Inc.

    It’s important to have an expert review your RIF to ensure that the staffing changes don’t result in adverse impact. DCI consultants provide RIF analytics based on such categories as race/ethnicity, sex, and age. We can customize these analytics to consider variables like performance ratings,... Read More
  • Risk and Vulnerably Assessments By Security Concepts Group LLC

    Your security team may have a good response when the time comes for inspection, but how well do your security controls stand up during normal operations? Security Concepts Group’s assessment and analysis methods not only find the gaps, but they also can test the Standard Operating Procedures... Read More
  • Risk Assessment Tools By XpertHR

    Whether used to launch an entirely new compliance program or to support, power and validate your existing compliance processes, these sophisticated interactive risk assessment tools increase the speed, confidence and accuracy of answering complex compliance issues. Read More
  • Risk Management & Compliance By Benefits Square

    The protection you need. Managing the workers’ compensation and risk management component of your business can be complicated. Benefits Square can help. From harassment claims to wage and hour disputes, Benefits Square risk management consultants help ensure your employee policies and training... Read More
  • RISK MITIGATION By Clearpath Global

    The Clearpath risk mitigation team has extensive experience developing, implementing, and managing programs in the United States and throughout the world, including in challenging environments such as Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We provide on-site expertise to clients through... Read More
  • Risk, Regulatory, and Compliance Training By AllenComm

    Compliance training is not just about presenting information to employees and getting them back to work as quickly as possible. We help you create custom solutions that meet compliance and regulatory standards, but also align with your organization’s procedures, culture, and philosophy. For... Read More
  • RiskRate Third Party Risk Management Software By NAVEX Global, Inc

    RiskRate Powers Your Third-Party Risk Management and Enterprise Due Diligence Program RiskRate delivers a robust solution for your third-party risk management and enterprise due diligence program. Execute on your risk-based third-party risk management program with centralized onboarding,... Read More
  • RMF for DoD IT Workshop By STS Systems Support, LLC.

    The NIST Risk Management Framework is governed by documents known as special publications, including SP 800-37 and SP 800-39 NIST publishes a catalog of security controls known as the SP 800-53 Rev 4 (soon SP 800-53 Rev 5, in 2019), to which defense components will now look to when implementing... Read More
  • RPO By Source2

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing Read More
  • RPO Recruiting By Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions

    We offer end-to-end recruitment support, a dedicated team, full-scale services from candidate generation to onboarding and full RPO services. Our veteran recruiters, science-based methodology and industry-leading platform work as an extension of your team. We help you achieve your recruitment... Read More
  • RPO Recruiting By Foxhound Partners

    The recruitment landscape has changed. Increasingly, companies are struggling to meet their recruitment goals. In medium to large organizations, in-house human resources professionals can attest to the difficulties of hiring in an environment with low unemployment and a lack of qualified talent... Read More
  • RPO Services By Virtual Employee Services, LLC

    Monthly Recruitment Services Through this process we are able to find the perfect fit candidates for each position. Our recruiters narrow down the candidate field by using a combination of 4 key target interview areas before any background screening takes place. These 4 areas are as follows: •... Read More