Products in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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  • Wage Subsidies By can not only help your company save money through tax credits, but actually receive money through wage subsidies. Wage subsidies are designed to increase job competitiveness for people on public assistance – food stamps, welfare, disabled workers, etc. A wage subsidy... Read More
  • Waggl IS Employee Engagement By Waggl

    Enable immediate action, rapid alignment, and informed decision-making, in real-time. -Source insight from every employee. -Generate real-time prioritization through meaningful gamification -Create visual reports to deliver immediate action at every level of the organization -Recognize patterns... Read More
  • Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. is a Proud Member of The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA) By Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.

    Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. is a proud member of The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA). As a SOFA member, we are pleased to offer 30+ FREE financial education workshops. Visit our profile page on the SOFA website to learn more about our free educational workshops. Read More
  • Web Xpress By Celayix Software

    Web Xpress allows organizations to deploy Celayix workforce management solutions anywhere there is Internet access. Web Xpress is a self-service portal that automates frequent manager-employee related processes and interactions. Routine tasks such as forwarding employee schedules, confirming... Read More
  • Web Xpress Mobile By Celayix Software

    Celayix Web Xpress Mobile allows your employees to clock-in and clock-out of shifts at remote locations using their smartphone. Read More
  • Webinar Subscription By ASIS International

    Get access to more than 75 live and on-demand webinars, anytime, anywhere with this annual, one-year subscription. With content delivered by security experts who have proven experience in their field, the information in ASIS webinars are relevant to the work you do as a practitioner every day.... Read More
  • Website Blocking By ActivTrak

    In our experience, we’ve learned that most of your lost productivity gets surfed away somewhere on the internet. A simple solution for this is ActivTrak’s powerful Website Blocking. The Website Blocking tab is where you’ll go after you’ve done some research and discovered sites of low... Read More
  • Wellness By Groh & Associates, Inc.

    -Online interactive videos on wellness programs and incentives -Ongoing newsletters, articles and fact/tip sheets -Portal postings and email messages -Posters, promotional materials, etc Read More
  • Wellness and Substance Abuse Workplace Services By First Advantage Corporation

    First Advantage offers a full breadth of drug-free and retention workplace services to provide employers of all sizes a high-quality, cost-effective and legally defensible program. Drug screening services include: Instant and lab-based testing DOT programs Drug-free workplace... Read More
  • Wellness Incentive Programs By ConnectYourCare

    Encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. Wellness programs that promote exercise and nutrition are growing in popularity and can be very effective to attract and retain employees. Invest in your employees’ health and well-being with our Wellness Incentive Programs. Delight... Read More
  • Wellness Management By AIMM - Ault International Medical Management, LLC

    This is a proactive approach to patient-specific wellness management with an emphasis on education and compliance. Wellness Management addresses compliance with issues such as Mammography, PAP Smears, Prostate Screening, Childhood Immunizations, and others. Read More
  • Wellness Program By Health Advocate

    Health Advocate works with organizations to customize an approach to wellness that best fits the unique needs of their workforce. We offer a suite of services in order to build a program that will engage and support employees as they work to improve their overall well-being. Biometric... Read More
  • Wellness Program By Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network business

    A workplace wellness program is important because employees who live healthier lives are typically happier and more productive at work. To get—and keep—employees motivated and participating requires thoughtful, strategic rewards curation. Our research shows that different people are motivated by... Read More
  • Wellness Strategic Planning & Consultation By Occupational Medical Consulting (OMC WellnessWorks!)

    OMC, a partner with expertise and proven results, works with employers to develop and execute a healthy workforce, sustainable strategy. Needs are unique and solutions are tailored for each client. Contact Denise Dumont-Bernier director for more information:... Read More
  • Wellness Works Tracking System software solution By Occupational Medical Consulting (OMC WellnessWorks!)

    OMC's Wellness Works Tracking System is a HIPAA compliant, robust software solution that is licensed nationally to wellness professionals and employers looking for: - effective data collection and analytics - customizable features - encounter documentation and management that guides... Read More
  • Wellness Workshops By The Mullings Group

    Our wellness workshops develop all aspects of your employees. 1. How to Get Rid of Chaos and Clutter 2. How to Never be Broke & Live a Debt-Free Life 3. How to Live Life on Purpose – Strategic Life Planning 4. How to Plan on Purpose 5. Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your Online Presence When Job... Read More
  • Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software By Willis Towers Watson Data Services

    Global compensation management is about striking the right balance. Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software helps global companies design, build and manage an effective compensation structure that places total compensation within the context of performance, market benchmarks and systemwide... Read More
  • Women Empowerment Workshop By GoldJam Creative

    During this interactive workshop, female* employees will learn to turn micro-aggressions and other uncomfortable situations into empowering, constructive interactions. They will develop stock phrases to help them speak up with confidence and power, and overcome the double bind women face.... Read More
  • Women's Leadership Experience By Center for Creative Leadership

    The Women's Leadership Experience is a bold, exploratory, and results-driven program that tackles provocative and timely issues facing high-achieving female leaders who are ready to rise to the next level of management and leadership. Outcomes: • Gain clarity on your identity as a leader •... Read More
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Savings By CMS - iRecruit

    By taking advantage of the newly renewed Work Opportunity Tax Credit*, CMS can find your organization significant savings. Between 8-15% of New Hires may fall into one of 10 qualifying categories for WOTC. This can make you eligible to receive a tax credit of between $2,400 and $9,600 depending... Read More
  • Work Permit + Expats Employment By Acumen International

    International expansion is becoming an integral part of the successful companies’ growth strategy. Facing growing shortage of skills, some employers regularly report problems with finding skilled workers that motivates them to look for workforce abroad. Acumen International helps you relocate... Read More
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Pay-As-You-Go By TRICORE

    TriCore provides Pay-As-You-Go administrative services for most of the largest and best workers’ compensation insurance companies. In this type of plan, your actual workers’ compensation premium due is calculated precisely every month, based on the actual wages paid to employees. Under the... Read More
  • Workfolio Directory By Workfolio

    Get More Customers. Help clients learn why your team is right for the job with an engaging staff directory. Workfolio Directory decreases the costs of building and maintaining your staff directory. Help clients and visitors get to know your team or use Directory internally to find the employees... Read More
  • Workfolio Websites By Workfolio

    Get More Attention. Elevate your personal brand in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Workfolio Websites takes the guesswork out of creating a personal website, making it easy to share your unique story. We provide beautiful designs, content suggestions, and friendly, responsive support to... Read More
  • Workforce Consulting By HRO Partners

    We offer these workforce solutions: Internship Program Development Vendor Management Recruitment Outsourcing Employee Outplacement On Site HR Management Absentee Management Read More
  • WorkforceONE Payroll By ONEMINT™

    Experience a unique, robust web-based application that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options. Our payroll system has been developed to be both easy to use and intuitive for a range of basic and complex scenarios. By performing... Read More
  • WorkforceONE Time & Labor By ONEMINT™

    Time & Attendance ManageMINT - Delivering deeper insight and more accurate data on your workforce With disparate systems and inefficient time and attendance, scheduling, and data collection processes, many organizations experience issues that can slow growth and frustrate employees. Integrating... Read More
  • WorkforceONE™ By ONEMINT™

    The ONEMINT WorkforceONE™ suite combines the power of workforce management and human capital management (HCM) in one unified cloud platform to help you manage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire — whether they’re salaried, hourly, full time, or part time, the WorkforceONE™ Solution... Read More
  • Working with Interpreters By The Mullings Group

    Have you ever worked with an interpreter? Does your business need to work with interpreters? This workshop will provide the information needed to determine if effective interpretation is happening, where to find excellent interpreters and the ethical policies that interpreters must adhere to.... Read More
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ By Paradigm Personality Labs

    Paradigm’s WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is based on the Five-Factor Model of personality. The assessment and reports use clear and concise workplace language that is suitable for all industries and organizations. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is one of the most psychometrically robust tools on... Read More
  • Workplace Investigations By Legacy Business Cultures

    An employee complaint about a workplace issue is serious business. A prompt, thorough and impartial investigation can provide the employer with needed information to resolve the matter. It can also satisfy an employer’s legal obligation to investigate complaints in an effective, fair manner –... Read More
  • Workplace Mediation By Simon Mediation

    In addition to corporate workplaces, Simon Mediation has resolved disputes at the US Postal Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs, as well as many other federal, state, and local agencies. The most successful workplace mediation program of... Read More
  • WorkPlace Performance 360˚™ By Paradigm Personality Labs

    Paradigm’s WorkPlace Performance 360°™ design is based on Paradigm’s rigorous research and extensive expertise in assessment development. Our 360° reports are concise and include easily digestible graphics and tables that clearly outline results. The reports give insights into how individuals’... Read More
  • Workplace practices By Montgomery, Rennie & Jonson

    Training, audits of internal employment practices, forms and handbooks Read More
  • WorkPlace Values Profile™ By Paradigm Personality Labs

    Paradigm’s WorkPlace Values Profile™ is a contemporary framework to identify the motivations and values of individuals in your workforce. Our values are our choices. They are an expression of what is important to us. The WorkPlace Values Profile™ normative report describes the Paradigm 16 values... Read More
  • Workplace Violence Prevention By Odasi Consulting, LLC

    Odasi Consulting provides fully-customized solutions for all types of organizations including public and private companies, colleges and associations for the prevention and intervention of violence in the workplace. Implementing a comprehensive workplace violence program requires more than... Read More
  • Workplace Violence Program By U.S. Security Care Inc

    According to the National Center for Health Statistics, one in four workers are attacked, threatened or harassed each year, resulting in $13.5 billion in medical costs and 500,000 employees missing 1.75 million days of work. U.S. Department of Labor statistics tell us that 2 million Americans... Read More
  • Workpop By Workpop

    Workpop’s Applicant Hiring System offers candidate sourcing, applicant tracking and digital onboarding on an easy-to-use platform centered around people, not just paperwork. Workpop automates paid sourcing using artificial intelligence, optimizing budgets for best results across every major... Read More
  • Workshops and Training Sessions By Pontifex Consulting Group

    We have provided training sessions on performance management, compensation practices and global HR for professional groups and associations. We would be happy to design a course for your managers, administrators or employees on a variety of human resources areas. Read More
  • Worksite Safety Training Services By Medcor

    Medcor offers basic, advanced, and specialized training safety courses. Basic standards apply to all worksites. Advanced courses cover specific industries, standards, and hazards. Specialized courses provide technical knowledge and skills. Custom courses can also be developed to fit specific... Read More
  • WorkStride Incentives By WorkStride

    WorkStride Incentives is a configurable software solution designed to make contest creation quick and easy, record sales activity, reward performance, and provide business intelligence. Read More
  • WorkStride Recognition By WorkStride

    WorkStride Recognition is a configurable software solution designed to uncover the great work being done at your company and reinforce those desirable behaviors through recognition, rewards, and social participation. Read More
  • WorkStride Safety By WorkStride

    WorkStride Safety helps your employees learn how to work safely and recognizes behaviors that contribute to prevention of unsafe working conditions. Read More
  • WorkStride Training By WorkStride

    WorkStride Training creates interest and excitement in training through incentives, rewards, and gamification. Read More
  • WorkStride Wellness By WorkStride

    WorkStride Wellness helps your organization recognize and reward behaviors that contribute to improving the health of your workforce, reducing insurance expenses, and increasing employee engagement. Read More
  • WorldatWork Events By WorldatWork

    WorldatWork produces and hosts the following events: Total Rewards Conference; Spotlight on Sales Compensation; Future of Work Forum, Total Rewards Canadian Conference. Read More
  • WorldatWork Membership By WorldatWork

    WorldatWork membership is an investment in you. Members get the best in total rewards training and exclusive access to many member-only resources. • Up to $700 in Savings on Education and Training • Up to $815 in Savings on Conferences and Events • New Member Welcome Email with 10% Savings... Read More

    The Original Hotel Based Escape Game - Our skilled program architects can build a game for any property and any corporate team. Imagine your corporate identity blended with a realistic, cyber espionage crisis and you're in the thick of it! Utilizing actual hotel rooms and hiding the game in... Read More
  • WrapDoc360 By HR 360, Inc.

    Your clients complete a simple, straightforward questionnaire. You or your staff then input this data into WrapDoc360’s wizard-based software system, which generates custom, accurate SPDs and Plan Documents in minutes…complete and ready to send to your clients. Read More