10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Products in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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  • Years of Service Recognitiion By E.A. Dion

    Service Award Programs are the most frequently offered type of recognition (90%+ of medium & large companies). Service Award Programs recognize the highest percentage of the employee population than any other form of recognition. Consider custom badge holders. These functional pieces are worn... Read More
  • Yellow On-Demand Webinars By Yello

    Stay up-to-date on Yello's latest talent acquisition trends. Read More
  • Your Perspective Matters® By G2nd Systems

    This GSL Learning System is designed for native and non-native English speakers and is available in workshops or full course configurations. Today's workforce is globally diverse and includes a convergence of non-native and native English speakers from different countries and cultures. This... Read More
  • Your Solution to Vehicle Reimbursement Programs By AutoReimbursement.com

    If you have employees that drive for business, and have a wish to move to a reimbursement model; a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Plan can help you reduce risk, policy issues, and cost while allowing your employees to drive a car they prefer to drive and fits their lifestyle. Read More
  • yüMIvü People Chemistry Platform By Collaboration Insights, Inc

    Work the Way You’re Wired. yüMIvü provides actionable insights into yourself and those around you to make collaboration the best it can be. Get started with the free Better Chemistry Collection. Create your profile to learn how you are wired to work. Then, you can start sharing and comparing... Read More