White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • The Indispensable HR Outsourcing Buyer's Guide

    The decision to use an outsourced HR solution for your company requires thought and due diligence. Our white paper entitled 'The Indispensable HR Outsourcing Buyer's Guide' will help you make an informed decision on outsourcing HR, as well as choose the best option to elevate your business. In...
  • Leadership Trends in 2023

    The year 2023 brings forth a unique set of circumstances that demand innovative leadership approaches. This white paper explores the key leadership trends that are expected to shape the corporate landscape in 2023. It delves into the importance of visionary leadership, the rise of remote work,...
  • The State of Teams Report

    Hybrid teams have now become the norm. Only 29% of team members believe they will be able to remain connected to their team as more and more people continue to work remotely. In this report, Wiley shares the newest data on teams. Learn more about how the Five Behaviors of a Team product can help...
  • 4 Ways to Reduce Time-to-Hire

    Today’s hourly workforce demands faster, more intuitive ways to apply to jobs. What does this mean for your hiring strategy? The fastest company wins. But building brand awareness and a talent community isn’t enough to retain the best applicants — you have to keep them engaged and hire them...
  • Benefits of Oracle HCM to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

    Oracle HCM Cloud offers a comprehensive cloud-based software solution tailored to meet the HR needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Centralizing all HR processes from recruitment to retirement, it eliminates the necessity for multiple software systems, ensuring cost efficiency and...
  • 3 Reasons to Start With Identity Verification When Hiring

    Sterling recently gathered leaders in the Financial Services industry to discuss identity verification and how it can help deter and detect potential identity fraud to promote a safe workforce, while also strengthening background screening results.
  • Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action May Impact DEI Initiatives

    Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action May Impact DEI Initiatives
  • Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Capabilities

    Provides an overview of the capabilities that HRTec provides to its customers in conducting a follow-up assessment to the FEVS report to reduce redundancies, lengthy surveys and high costs.
  • Employee vs. Contractor Classification Guide

    Are Your Independent Contractors Independent?
  • The True Value of a Dietitian in Long-Term Care

    Registered dietitians are essential members of a healthcare team. Research shows that having an RD on staff can influence reimbursement, improve residents' quality of life, and increase resident satisfaction. This E-Book is the perfect tool to share with your colleagues, interns, managers, or...
  • TTI SI Stress Assessment Explained

    The TTI SI Stress Assessment is a diagnostic tool that is focused on workplace culture. The tool exposes potential sources of stress in the following categories: Workplace Demands, Effort/reward balance, Control, Organization change, Management/supervisor issues, social support, and job...
  • Vibe Check: The Secret Sauce for Measuring and Increasing Employee Satisfaction

    Most managers know that open communication is key to making sure employees stay motivated and happy. In the past, it was simple for employers to do a gut-check to gauge office morale based on consistent sounds of good-natured banter between colleagues, or frequent laughter around the water...
  • Incident Management Tracker

    Incident Management Tracker by webEHS is an accident tracking and prevention software that offers a fully-customizable interface, detailed safety data collection, and exhaustive reporting services. Visit webEHS.com to schedule a demo.
  • Search services for retirement plan balances

    When plan participants leave balances behind, it can cause serious complications for administrators. Leverage Millennium Trust's comprehensive search procedure to find missing participants and reunite them with their retirement assets.
  • To PEO or not to PEO - that is the question

    Organizations must regularly evaluate and adapt their HR strategies as they expand and develop. To effectively address their evolving needs, many companies are shifting from a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to fractional HR. Companies must assess the advantages of migrating to a...
  • Modern Mastery: Sourcing Talent In The Digital Age

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the corporate world, the quest for the best talent remains a constant. But how do you adapt to the changing tides? Join Source and Recruit’s Founder Matthew Burzon, SHRM-SCP on a deep dive in our latest e-book, “Sourcing Talent In The Digital Age”, and discover...
  • How Can we Communicate More Effectively?

    Recently there has been some discussion in social media as to how technology has changed the HR profession with respect to communication. With the changes in how people work, their role vis-à-vis working remotely, along with the competitive business climate, HR departments are learning that...
  • Genesis10 Company & Services Overview

    Our overview provides additional easy-to-read information on our services - and our recent certification as a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise.
  • Susan G Rosenblum - Century21 Lois Lauer Realty

    Susan Rosenblum has been listing & selling properties in Southern California Communities since 1985. Working with her clients to achieve their Real Estate goals has been a passion of hers from day one. Real Estate transactions can be difficult at best & get more complicated over time. Susan has...
  • Turnover Falls to 0% After Insurance Provider Engages Managers

    Turnover fell from 1.5% to 1.1% in one month and to 0% by the second month.
  • The Top 5 Benefits of a Managed Cap Program

    A top priority for recruitment and retention strategies should be to curate a fulfilling employee experience. For companies who are not currently in a position to increase relocation support, shifting from a Lump Sum payment program to a Managed Cap relocation program may help to secure...
  • Concerned about staying compliant with this new federal law?

    Learn what the law requires and how to provide your covered employees with reasonable accommodations related to pregnancy and childbirth. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a new US federal law that makes reasonable accommodations more accessible to pregnant and postpartum workers. This...
  • Quiet Hiring: Workplace Trend 2023

    Quiet hiring is one organizational response to quiet quitting. But is it an effective retention strategy for businesses?
  • The Pay Equity Communications Planner

    Ready to talk the talk with pay equity? Our Pay Equity Communications Planner provides step-by-step instructions on how to talk about pay equity to employees, investors, the c-suite, and other key stakeholders.
  • The Essential Guide to Handling a Layoff

    We know that managing a layoff is a big responsibility, and you don’t take it lightly. It’s essential to handle your company’s layoff with care because there are so many things at stake. That’s why we’ve created The Essential Guide to Handling a Layoff. Our guide includes the following:
  • Employee Termination Checklist: Everything you Should Know

    One of the reasons employee terminations can feel difficult to manage is that the process has so many steps to keep track of. From putting together a severance package to collecting access badges, an employee termination requires a lot of work and attention to detail from HR professionals. Use...
  • The Impact of Pay on Employee Motivation

    Is your compensation strategy having a positive or negative effect on the performance of your employees? That’s a difficult question for most business leaders to answer. And the research on the issue is both confusing and conflicting.
  • NINJIO Supply Chain Report

    Global supply chains have been under immense pressure over the past two years, from massive disruptions caused by the pandemic and war to high costs for raw materials and shipping. As if these crises weren’t enough, cyberattacks on supply chains have been surging as well – a threat that will...
  • Understanding the Workplace Wellness Rules

    The laws of wellness are changing and they are confusing. We have summarized the key things you need to know to better your understanding of the Wellness Rules in your Workplace.
  • The Overlooked Impact of Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

    Our comprehensive Speaker One Sheet includes all the necessary details about our offerings, ensuring a complete understanding of our expertise and how we can benefit SHRM members.
  • Interactive Team Building Activities for Conferences

    Strayboots is your go-to partner for enhancing conference experiences. Our team-building solutions are designed to engage attendees, foster networking, and maximize their conference experience.
  • I-9 Audit Checklist

    There is a storm brewing for I-9 compliance: hiked penalty rates, ICE upping enforcement agents, and the end of remote viewing of work authorization documents coming July 31st, 2023. These events foreshadow a renewed compliance crackdown, so employers need to double-down on their I-9...
  • Disrupting Racism in the Workplace

    While the workplace is more multiracial, 42% of employees experience or see racism. It is time to take a bold stance and commit to being an anti-racist company. This guide shows how businesses are rooting out racism by making racial diversity a moral value.
  • CHANGING LAWS: The PUMP Act What employers need to know

    The Providing Urgent Maternal Protections (PUMP) for Nursing Mothers Act is a new law effective on December 29, 2022 that expands the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law, adding breastfeeding protections to an additional 9 million working women of childbearing age in the U.S.
  • Manager Tells Employee to change hair style: Who Does That?!

    Latest legislation called Crown Act passed in Michigan. NewPoint has a product that gets important information and coaching to employees in less than 3 minutes with engaging animation videos.
  • Compensation Solutions

    Compensation Works: Elevate Your Rewards, Empower Your People!
  • Getzkin Executive Career Coaching & Consulting

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” GETZKIN EXECUTIVE CAREER COACHING SERVICES 1. INTRODUCTORY INTAKE including in-depth Career and Personal Assessment 2. Development of a PERSONAL BRANDING strategy for effective MESSAGING 3. Individualized MARKET RESEARCH to drive...

    Employee engagement is quickly becoming one of the most important factors in gauging workplace satisfaction. Today’s employees want to be involved in their work, committed to their colleagues and enthusiastic about their organization’s values. They want to be recognized for their efforts and...
  • DMEC Workplace Accommodations Pulse Survey Results

    The definition of a workplace has expanded greatly in the past several years, impacting both when and how organizations conduct business. As a result, we’ve seen shifts in accommodation management as employees and employers alike respond to this evolution. The DMEC Workplace Accommodations Pulse...
  • Who is MedStaffing

    MedStaffing, Inc. was incorporated as a Texas corporation in 2003. MedStaffing, Inc. (MSI) is the offshoot of Computerized Search Services and Techsource Services medical services group. The functionality and experience level of operations and management of these groups started in...
  • Competitive Capabilities International empowers collaboration with Teamflect

    Competitive Capabilities International (CCI) helps manufacturing and supply chain organizations around the world to improve their performance through expert coaching and as they do that, they use Teamflect as their performance management solution for Microsoft Teams.
  • Free Guide: How to write a job description

    Job descriptions serve several critical functions within an organization but often get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. Our free guide provides step-by-step instructions for writing comprehensive job descriptions that are aligned with your organization's goals.
  • The State of Skills-Based Hiring 2022

    The data reveals that companies implementing skills-based hiring methods are achieving remarkable outcomes across five essential metrics. Notably, 89.8% of organizations have witnessed a decrease in cost-to-hire, indicating improved efficiency in recruitment processes. Additionally, 91.4% of...
  • (Better) Leadership: Resources for Leading With Compassion, Wellbeing & Belonging

    Leadership isn’t what it used to be. Turnover, burnout, and exclusion persist after the pandemic, and the ways we work have shifted. As the world changes, leadership must change too — because healthy organizational cultures start with individual managers, who set the tone for their...
  • Compensation Consulting Services

    Compensation is generally the largest portion of an HR budget. As such, it is critical that your compensation programs are competitive, fair and legally compliant. CBIZ Compensation Consulting’s team of experts will work with you to design, implement, and communicate employee and executive...
  • Annual Spectra Assessment Report (ASAR)

    On May 20, 2021, Spectra Diversity released the inaugural issue of its Annual Spectra Assessment Report (ASAR). The first of its kind, the ASAR looks at DEI data collected from small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and educational institutions, rather than at the Fortune 500 organizations...
  • Morgan & Morgan Case Study: Digital Mailroom

    “Moving to Docufree’s automated Digital Mail Platform has enabled us to have total visibility and accountability into every piece of mail that comes into the firm. Paralegals and staff are processing mail in seconds and spending more time working on revenue-generating activities and not handling...
  • Mile HIGHlights Winning with People 1st! Part 3 · 3-part series

    We appreciate you joining us in our final article of the Winning with People 1st 3-part series! In case you missed it, in our first 2 articles, we covered the elements of creating a ‘cultural cadence’ for your team and took a deeper dive into Attracting Top Talent & Developing High Performing...
  • How AI is affecting “Online” Assessments, and what to do about it

    Access to conversational AI can help candidates appear like the right choice with online assessments. Are there any solutions?
  • Conducting Pay Equity Analyses for SSEGs Too Small for Regression Analysis

    When it comes to something as important as pay equity, your data matters. DCI's Mike Aamodt has created a comprehensive guide to pay equity analyses for groups too small for regression analysis.
  • Moving the Needle on Strategic Diversity

    The business case for a workforce diversity is no longer up for debate. Top-performing organizations have embraced the need—launching D&I initiatives, employee resource groups, diversity councils, and more. But without strong measurement, leaders struggle to define diversity goals, let alone...
  • One-Page Summary of TPOP Training

    A brief summary of the training we provide.
  • How Industry Leaders Save With SmartConnect

    Curious how SmartConnect can ensure your employees retain top-notch healthcare while improving your bottom line? See a few examples of best-in-class employers who have partnered with SmartConnect.
  • 20 Trends Shaping Remote Work in 2023: Embracing the Future of Flexible Workforce

    Exciting news! Check out the insightful visual guide highlighting the top trends reshaping the modern global workplace! 🌍 🌐 Hybrid Work Models 🌍 Digital Nomadism 💻 Remote Work Tools 🤝 Remote Onboarding ⚖️ Work-Life Balance 🏢 Remote Team Building 🔒 Enhanced Cybersecurity 🎓 Remote...
  • Comparing EAP Purchase Options

    ESI's EAP is not like a traditional EAP. We offer more counseling and work/life services than any EAP. Employees can also take advantage of our Personal and Professional coaching, Certified Financial Coaching, Certified Wellness Coaching and much more!
  • Know your recognition ROI

    Your go-to guide to identify the employee recognition metrics that matter, estimate ROI and business impact, and unlock leadership buy-in for recognition and rewards.
  • Case Study: HR Consulting Services for Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics

    The Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics (ICPD) collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to produce safer and more effective drugs for patients. They are headquartered in Schenectady and have an office in Buffalo. Several of ICPD's employees work remotely from different...
  • Cutting Through the Complexity - From Expense to Opportunity: Empowering Employees to Save on Healthcare

    Would you use your auto insurance to pay for a flat tire? Of course now. Instead, you would go to a mechanic or tire shop, find the best deal, and pay for it out-of-pocket. The same logic can be applied to healthcare services, where using your health insurance for every medical need isn't always...
  • What You Need to Know about Retirement Plan Fiduciary Obligations & Risk Management

    As a plan fiduciary, plan sponsors must operate their plans exclusively for the benefit of participants and beneficiaries. They can be held personally liable for failing to fulfill their fiduciary obligations to their plan participants and, potentially, face costly civil and criminal penalties....
  • The Need for Self-Service Tools in HR Technology

    Companies that prioritize a digital HR strategy with an emphasis on self-service tools have shown an increase in companywide productivity and improved employee experience. Self-service tools offer benefits to managers and employees by providing numerous ways to simplify basic HR tasks. This...
  • Workplace Personality Assessment Guide

    Employee personality testing has become ubiquitous in organizations. You’ve likely taken at least one or two personality assessments in the workplace as part of applying for a job, organizational training, or a leadership development program and have a collection of letters, numbers, or colors...
  • 2023 State of Workplace Empathy Report

    Over the past eight years, our data has made it clear that empathy is critical to employee engagement, culture, and organizational success. But the data is showing us that, year over year, the empathy gap is only getting wider, and HR is stuck in the middle. Return to office, mental health,...
  • Human Resources in the Professional Services Industry

    How do you keep your human resources team happy and productive in a professional services environment? There are many unique challenges that HR teams face in the professional services industry, and they can often be difficult to navigate. With this eBook, we've compiled some of our best tips...
  • Emerging Gen Z & A Managerial Call to Action

    Retaining Gen Z and the future Gen A talent largely hinges on the effectiveness of managers. However, most managers have not received any training on optimally managing this generation of employees. Without a better understanding of how to manage these generations, managers risk demotivating and...
  • Strategic Considerations for 2023 Benefit Planning

    Strategic Considerations for 2023 Benefit Planning WITH GUIDANCE FROM OUR SPECIALISTS AT BENEFITS SQUARE. Mina Hanna (732) 902-0020 | [email protected] Overview: Although business owners have only recently completed their 2023 plan year open enrollments and are just now flipping...
  • Abercrombie & Fitch's Best Practices for Form I-9 Compliance

    Which six best practices does Abercrombie & Fitch suggest implementing to drive I-9 compliance? Any company that has been through a large-scale ICE audit comes out of the experience with lessons learned. It’s always best to learn these lessons from a peer, rather than from ICE! See how...
  • 2023 IRS Standard Mileage Rate Alternative

    Is the current IRS mileage rate of 65.5 cents per mile too expensive? Learn more about an IRS-approved non-taxable vehicle reimbursement program tailored to the needs of your drivers and company cost initiatives.
  • How Unions Can Kill Your Organization

    Some employers will actually recognize and accept a union without putting up a fight. That’s a big mistake. Financial and economic analysts estimate that unions will add some 25 to 30 percent to operating costs for any employer that has to deal with a union.
  • "All of our efforts are focused on one common goal, your success!"

    Our network of technology consultants consists of industry veterans and subject matter experts familiar with the nuances of digital transformation. We work to drive your projects with leadership skills, technical knowledge, and diverse experiences to ensure agile, scalable delivery and growth...
  • The Step by Step Guide to Hiring in New States

    Are you expanding your business to new states? Congratulations! Before you start hiring, there are some crucial steps you need to take to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. That’s where our Step by Step Guide to Hiring in New States comes in. We’ve done the legal work to...
  • Bereavement Care Guide

    Loss-related tasks require hundreds of hours of work, and they can last for a very long time—an average of 13 months. Read our Bereavement Guide to understand what bereaved employees need most
  • How One Company Saved Thousands in Healthcare Spending

    The Company which services customers nationally, was spending $16 Million dollars annually on healthcare-related expenses. Over the last 3years, premiums increased by over 30% and costs nearly doubled. They were forced into a vicious cycle of reducing benefits and passing premium increases onto...
  • Future-Proof Partnership: The Lasting Impact of Agile Background Screening on Onboarding & Culture

    Discover how one of the nation’s top distributors strategically leveraged AssureHire’s end-to-end, tech-enabled screening to optimize its onboarding process and invest in company culture. With 50+ years of industry experience, this leading nationwide distributing enterprise has seen a lot of...
  • Throw HR a life preserver - White Paper

    It’s easy for HR to become overextended to the point where they feel like they’re drowning, impacting not just job performance but also job satisfaction and employee engagement. With everything HR must do to support your workforce, if they’re unable to work effectively, or to focus on work that...
  • Regional Workforce Intelligence WhitePaper

    Workforces and regional economies are inextricably linked. Work becomes a force for individual and collective prosperity when people are in the right work for their lives, employers have the right people with skills necessary for their organizations, and educators have the data-driven insights...
  • Onboarding for a Global Skin Care Leader Case Study

    How do you build a strong sales force in an industry where half of all distributors quit in the first year? A network marketing skin care leader knows that new distributors need a strong foundation to launch a successful career. Because 85% of the company’s distributors live outside of the...
  • What Can You Do About Manager Disengagement?

    In the post-pandemic work environment, manager disengagement has become a growing problem that impacts companies of every size in every industry. It can harm employee engagement, voluntary turnover, team cohesion and performance.
  • Top 5 Drivers of Employee Engagement

    If you asked your leaders what the top drivers of employee engagement are at your organization, what would they say? Looking at data over the last year of surveying employees across hundreds of organizations, we have identified the top five factors that are actually driving engagement. In...
  • With QuickConfirm change doesn't have to be difficult

    Changing vendors doesn’t have to be difficult. By choosing QuickConfirm, you can have your current and prior employee’s verification of employment and salary completed at no cost. Our implementation process is simple and can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. QuickConfirm's service...
  • Employer guide to managing FMLA

    Stiira's Employer Guide to Managing FMLA is a step-by-step guide that walks you through critical components of FMLA compliance. - Employer responsibilities - Workers' compensation considerations - ADA accommodations - Integration with state leave laws - Curbing leave abuse - Additional resources
  • Work and Payments in the Gig Economy Today

    The growth of the gig exonomy has evolved incredibly quickly, making it increasingly important to understand how platform and payments preferences amount workers continue to shift. This year's report highlight just how much has evolved in the last two years, with more workers shifting from just...
  • How to Create an Interview Scorecard

    What is an interview scorecard, and why would you want one? Should you create one of your own, or use a template? Why are interview scorecards popular, and what are the benefits of creating something like this? This guide covers all of these questions and more, including things like: • How to...
  • Diversity Worst Practices

    I have been in the diversity-training field for over 25 years and everybody talks about “Diversity Best Practices” today. Well, I think it is time, overdue really, for more conversation and deliberation about Diversity Worst Practices. I suggested this at a recent ASAE (American Society of...
  • Long-Term Incentives in Private Companies

    For the past 16 years, long-term incentives (LTI) in private companies have significantly increased. According to WorldatWork, the prevalence of LTIs in private companies increased from 35% in 2007 to 62% in 2019. Given the current hyper competitive market combined with volatile macro conditions...
  • CompLogix Case Study - Nexthink

    Read about Nexthink's success utilizing CompLogix's Compensation Management system!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving

    So much has changed in all aspects of the marketplace since we first published the guide in 2012 that we decided to renew and refresh this e-book. The economy, technology, the workforce, employee-engagement strategies and tools—all have transformed— and this version 2.0 incorporates new...
  • Creating Best-in-Class Paid Leave Policies (Virtual Panel)

    Sparrow and Paid Leave US (PL+US) were thrilled to bring together amazing people leaders to discuss best practices to creating a world-class paid leave policy.
  • 5 Reasons Why Virtual Headshots Make Onboarding simple

    In today’s fast-paced and competitive job market, making a strong first impression on new hires is crucial for any organization. One often overlooked aspect of the onboarding process is the importance of professional headshots.
  • Navigating The Hiring Marketplace: Why Hiring Recently Laid-Off Employees Might Not Be the Best Option

    If you are a VP of Sales, you might be excited to ramp up your team and bust out the company goal you are carrying. To buy time, you want to partner with a recruiting firm, but the CEO wants you to see what's available in the hiring marketplace due to all the tech layoffs over the past three months.
  • Apprenticeships Can Help Advance Career Opportunities for Women

    Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce that includes women is crucial to help bridge the economic gender gap and advance gender equity. However, research shows employers struggle to recruit and retain talent from underrepresented groups such as women, people of color, Veterans, and...
  • 5 Unique Benefits Employees Actually Want

    Retaining employees is more challenging than ever. But what is it that actually makes them stay? Find out the top 5 unique benefits that employees are asking for right now.
  • Applauz Book Club: The Art and Science of Employee Compensation

    In this edition of Applauz Book Club, we read Pay Matters by David Weaver and learn the steps to build a retention-driving compensation strategy.
  • Welcome- Get to Know Us!

    Get to know us and how we can serve you and your team
  • How Do Ethics Apply to OBM

    Over the past year or so, the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (JOBM) has published discussion articles revolving around ethics, licensure, and certification in OBM. One discussion argued for the use of licensure and certification as a way to manage the ethical behavior of OBMers,...
  • Employee Referral Statistics You Need to Know for 2023

    Employee referrals save significant recruiting costs in many different ways. Check out our 2023 employee referral statistics infographic.
  • VAULT Strategies Overview

    VAULT Strategies overview flyer
  • HR Giving and Volunteering Policy Toolkit

    Workplace giving and volunteering initiatives are an important, and now expected, component of both corporate philanthropy programs and employee benefits packages. They increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and company loyalty. They are a source of help to communities and, in the...
  • Effective Employee Benefits Communications

    Looking for an effective way to increase employee engagement and satisfaction? Personalizing your employee benefits communications could be the solution you are looking for. In our whitepaper, 'Effective Employee Benefits Communications', we discuss how leveraging technology like automated...
  • Leadership Coaching & Assessments with Stellar Synergy

    Stellar Synergy is a boutique consulting firm that partners with organizations to strategize and develop tools and processes that clear obstacles for leaders. Our goal is to ensure you are maximizing your time and productivity to reach goals and forecasted projections year over year,...
  • How Two Men And A Truck Uses The CLC Trip Card

    For many businesses, the process of managing employee travel expenses can be overwhelming. Traditional expense reporting and reimbursement can be time-consuming, confusing, and often leads to ill-will between employees and management. Fortunately, there are other approaches, such as combining...
  • Keep Your Employees' Pets Healthy with Spot's Pet First Aid Kit

    Give your employees tips on what to include in the pet first aid kit. And, contact us to give your employees a discount towards pet insurance. Spot is an easy to implement solution to help give your employees peace of mind.
  • Developing agile talent

    Businesses need talent development strategies that are responsive to today’s uncertainty and pace. These need to be adaptable, inclusive, data-driven and speedy, delivering clear gains for the business, DE&I and talent agendas, as well as offering best-in-class learning. And this strategy needs...
  • Ready for Anything

    A cardiac emergency rarely happens at a convenient time in a convenient place when you, the trained responder, are in a clear and responsive frame of mind. Combine this unpredictability with the fact that the office AED may have become familiar red and white décor (like the un-watered plant near...
  • ERGs Help Working Parents

    ERG leaders bring their corporate savvy and professionalism to address enormous and important issues across diverse communities with passion and perseverance. Supporting ERG resources needs can drive engagement, employee well-being and satisfaction.
  • Survey Research Informs Healthcare Decisions

    Have you completed these types of healthcare surveys? Sandy had surgery on her vocal cords and was an inpatient for four days. Before she was discharged, she was given a questionnaire and asked to describe her level of satisfaction with hospital services that included the admissions process, her...
  • Just Ninety - makes training delivery easy!

    As a trainer, Just Ninety make delivery easy. The packages are simple to deliver. Yes packed with solid information and background research. My clients love them. If you want to ramp up your service offering and ride the crest of the current trend in training delivery then this is for you....
  • Twello Virtual Wellness Catalog 2023

    The market’s most comprehensive virtual wellness catalog. View our corporate virtual class topics: corporate yoga, fitness, and nutrition. Download our catalog to see our complete selection!
  • OFCCP Compliance Checklist

    Affirmative Action Plan Checklist to be Audit Ready.
  • 5 Things You're Doing Wrong In Virtual Meetings

    Virtual meetings have become the norm rather than the exception in most companies. The problem is that all too often we do not think about how others see us on the other end of the meeting; our virtual presence. Here are 5 tips on what many of us do wrong and how to fix it. You can check out the...
  • How to Optimize Your Organization’s Employer Brand Perception

    With over 40 years of experience working with organizations, employees, and job seekers at various points throughout the employee lifecycle, we have gained unique insight and perspective into what makes an organization the place job seekers aspire to work or have on their resume. What separates...
  • Executive Coaching Program

    Leaders are facing unprecedented organizational change and complexity. They are under tremendous pressure to improve organizational performance, respond to changing market demands and develop their people. In our Executive Coaching engagements, we partner with leaders to create personalized...
  • Is Back to the Office Right for Your Company?

    The debate continues- office work vs remote work- productivity vs. cheeks in seats? What’s right for your company? The answer is – well….. it depends.
  • Employee Referrals Are Not Always the Best Hire

    Hiring managers often extend job offers to employee referrals without interviewing other candidates. When other candidates are interviewed, the employee referral is still most likely to receive the job offer. This outcome should not come as a surprise. Logically, there should be less risk in...
  • Questions Before Hiring An Assessment Vendor

    While the vast majority of assessment providers have years of experience and validated products to share, HR leaders might proceed with caution as some new vendors often have neither employee screening experience nor any employment based validation studies whatsoever.
  • Leadership: From Aspirations to Reality

    It certainly is realistic! Leadership isn’t a private club, or an opportunity restricted solely to people holding management positions or certain job titles. The only true barrier to your potential for leadership is your mindset.
  • New Business Checklist and Why I-9s Have to Be Part of the Planning

    It is essential for startups and new companies to know the importance of a new business checklist and why I-9s have to be part of the planning. Opening a new business is cause for celebration, but it can also bring with it an avalanche of responsibilities. While some new businesses tend to focus...
  • How to choose a consultant

    When your car malfunctions and you don’t know how to fix it you find a specialist who does. When your body sends your troubling signals you don’t know how to fix you find a specialist who does. When your organization performs poorly doesn’t it make sense to find a specialist if all your efforts...
  • 10 Mistakes Electronic I-9 Vendors Make And Why You Could Be At Risk

    Did you know that not all electronic I-9 software meets today's Form I-9 compliance requirements? Download this complimentary white paper to learn more about what to look for when choosing an I-9 Vendor.
  • The 2023 State of Employee Stress

    Why employers need to understand - and combat stress in the workplace
  • How to A.D.A.P.T Your Business Culture with Intentionality & Alignment

    Creating a business or team culture that is a magnet for top talent and a strong retention tool isn't impossible. To bring this kind of culture into reality, the keys are intentionality and tenacity over the long-term. The purpose of this eBook is to help you find your footing and give you a...
  • Essex Properties Emerging Leaders Program

    EngagedLeadership has been working with the Essex Properties Team year over year to help build great leaders one at a time.
  • Great Resignation Infographic Part 1: “What is it?”

    After ~12 months, when will “The Great Resignation” end? Let’s start with “What is it?”…the current workscape was created by a combination of: 1. Rapid increase in job openings 2. Accelerated decline in the unemployment rate 3. High percentage of employees who highly dislike their job 1 + 2 + 3...
  • Hugging in the workplace? Not everyone is comfortable with it

    Handshakes have given way to bear hugs, back pats and lingering embraces in some corners of the corporate world. Huggers say their touchy-feely approach breeds teamwork, trust and better business results. Huggees don’t always agree. There are legal and physical risks to consider, not to mention...
  • Affirmative Action Employer Compliance Calendar

    There is much to consider as Federal contractors and subcontractors begin planning for the year’s upcoming compliance deadlines. In 2023, OFCCP’s Contractor Portal certification requirement will make its second-ever appearance and reports that previously had static deadlines, like EEO-1 and CA...
  • What Is Employee Onboarding? Understanding Processes & Objectives

    As a business owner, you know there’s no more important time in an employee’s tenure than their first few weeks. If the onboarding process is executed effectively, you’ve got a solid foundation for your new employees’ careers with your company. But if the process falls short or needs to be more...
  • What it means to take a life-dimensional approach to wellbeing

    No one would argue that what makes someone a person is complex. It includes things like their career, hobbies, roles within their family unit, and roles within the larger community. But when it comes to health, too often there’s a push to go with a simple biological answer.
  • bitewell Case Study

    Understand the major impact that food and nutrition has on your team and bottom line!
  • 3 Surprising Hiring Facts That Can Help You Reduce Turnover

    Turnover is steadily increasing and this is a problem for talent recruiters and HR process managers. Here is a look at some of the hidden causes.
  • Atlanta GA Prohibits Discrimination Based On Criminal History - Backgrounds Online BLOG

    The City Council passed an Ordinance that makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against job seekers simply because they have any type of criminal conviction.
  • All Features Summary

    A list of SentricHR's current feature offerings.
  • Lifestyle Spending Accounts

    Learn everything you need to know about our Lifestyle Spending Accounts program.
  • WOTC At-a-Glance

    12 ways to offer employment to those most in need and earn valuable tax credits
  • The Mind at Work- A Report on Employee Mental Health

    We began the year with a renewed hope of recovery and a path forward with increased vaccination availability, reopenings, and for some, a return to the office. This year, we have primarily focused on the process of recovery in the wake of last year’s unprecedented challenges. Reflecting on...
  • DiSC® - A Day In The Life of an S (Steady)

    In today’s DiSC® lesson, we’ll share “A Day in the Life of an S (Steady)”. For simplicity, let’s call our S style Scott. My goal here is to show you how to apply DiSC® wherever you are. Use of DiSC® is about choice and intention. For example, I can go around all day being a D, leaving other...
  • Your compliant source for public records retrieval!

    1800Hiring offers expertise in the public records retrieval industry. We pride ourselves in the accuracy of our work. We understand that we work in a data driven industry and hence, put compliance and data protection at the core of all our processes and technologies.
  • Design an Employee-Centric Workplace: 15 Strategies to Inspire Engagement and Boost Retention

    The organizations that will prosper in the future will prioritize staff and empower them to succeed as whole people. To create a workplace where diverse individuals thrive, effective enterprises will turn to experts in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Organizational Development. Our...
  • Office Christmas Party Do’s and Don’ts

    The month of December is filled with Christmas carols, ridiculous amounts of sugar, and spending time with loved ones. Also making an appearance – the office Christmas party. Human resources experts typically see these kinds of parties as a hot spot for potential HR mishaps. On the other...
  • Is Now the Time to Evaluate Your Background Screening Program?

    As another year wraps up, companies are busy finalizing fourth-quarter initiatives and planning for the New Year. In addition to organizational performance, your leadership may be reviewing budgets, forecasts, and strategies. They may be analyzing sales and looking into shortfalls. If you...
  • How to Use Stay Interviews to Prevent Employee Turnover

    Employee turnover can be devastating for your org. Besides needing to replace top performers, it can cost one-half to 2x an employee's annual salary to replace them. If you're struggling with churn, employee stay interviews may be precisely what you need to boost employee engagement and increase...
  • 4 Surprising facts about background screening

    Did You Know? 4 Surprising facts about background screening
  • 6 Strategies for Tackling Quiet Quitting

    According to Gallup, 50% of the workforce in the United States is comprised of quiet quitters. This is why taking a proactive approach to quiet quitting before it spirals out of control and seeps into all aspects of workplace culture, is crucial.
  • How to Write an RFP - Signature Relocation

    Guide to writing a Request For Proposal (RFP) and optional sample RFP template.
  • Role of the Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) as Employee Champion

    The HR is experiencing a lot of pressure to change as a result of recent environmental and economic events, changes in workforce culture, rapid technological changes and a diminished talent pool. These changes call for a new, different, and more modernized approach by Human Resource towards...
  • How to Design Learning Analytics

    Understand how top training teams design and deploy learning analytics to show training impact across the organization.
  • Surface Family Product Sheet

    A detailed breakdown of Surface family keyboards we offer with all the comparables between the products.
  • Drug use hits new high

    Companies are rapidly hiring professional workers while workforce drug test positivity rises sharply. Have we reached a tipping point? Find out now and download the infographic. Learn more at DrugTest.QuestDiagnostics.com/Industries
  • Growing the Modern Law Firm

    Every law firm speaks about hiring based on merit, yet equity is still lacking within firms and across the industry. Orange Grove Consulting's Managing Partner Jodi Detjen contributed a chapter to this new e-book, Inclusion as a Business Imperative, with actionable steps to take towards...
  • Increasing Employee Engagement with Frontline Employees

    Last year, i3 Broadband started working with Kelly Gust at HR Full Circle to help build up their HR processes. One major area that the company needed to improve was their performance management. They never had a formal review process throughout the company. Each manager wrote their own reviews...
  • MBS Services Flyer

    We are an HR outsourcing company who solves problems and issues in the areas of payroll administration, employee benefits, workers' compensation, human resources, compliance, and risk management. Our goal is increase your profitability, maximize employee productivity, reduce time spent on...
  • Employee Handbook Template

    "The greatest gifts you can give your team are clarity, communication, and pulling people together around a shared mission." -Anne Sweeny, Former President of the Disney/ABC Television Group The best way to start providing clarity, communication, and purpose on your team? A solid employee...
  • HackerEarth Assessments Brochure

    Over 85% of candidates drop out before reaching the final stage of the hiring process, making the efforts put into screening developers redundant. This is where HackerEarth Assessments comes in: the most advanced developer assessment tool on the market. Read on to see how you can scale your tech...
  • An IRS-to-English Translation of IRS 1095-C Codes for the Affordable Care Act.

    The information below is a simplified orientation to the various IRS 1095-C Codes designed to make things more understandable. Please note, however, that there are nuances which should be reviewed in the IRS 1095-C instructions or by an Affordable Care Act professional before action is taken.
  • Recognition & Patient Safety UMCNO Experience

    Senior leaders at UMCNO are focusing on recognition to create an organizational culture of engagement and excellence. Dr. Peter DeBlieux is the Chief Experience Officer at UMCNO. With support from Jennifer Schwehm, Assistant Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, these two leaders...
  • How to Engage Employees in the Performance Management Process

    Engaging employees in the performance management process is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Check out this infographic for tips on getting employees engaged and keeping them engaged throughout their careers.
  • Why They Fight the Facts

    Along with combating audience attitudes, we have other cognitive phenomena such as Confirmation Bias. Confirmation Bias is a theory that says that generally brains like to confirm what we think we already know and dismiss everything else (Marks & Fraley, 2006). This happens because our brains...
  • 12 Employment Laws for Supervisors to Follow​

    In this new infographic, we share why these employment laws are crucial to know as a supervisor. In order to avoid a lawsuit, it's important that supervisors keep up to date with all the various employment laws and regulations.
  • MS Leadership and Organizational Consulting Factsheet UT Dallas

    MS in Leadership and Organizational Development Program Information: • Two-year program - six semesters • Concentrations and certificates available • Curriculum taught fully online • Spring, Summer, and Fall semester intakes • Tuition - $32,400 • Financial aid available for qualified applicants
  • The Inclusive Workplace Program

    Creating a workplace where people feel heard, seen and like they below is hard work. Get recognized for having created an inclusive workplace and stand out with top talent.
  • Best Selling Bite Sized Instructor Led Virtual Trainings

    Some of our best selling virtual trainings are listed here.
  • Implementing a Reward & Recognition Program: An HR guide

    The organisations’ expectations of HR have shifted - from it being transactional to having critical strategic capabilities. Modern-day HR are increasingly being asked to support their wider organisations on a range of key business priorities, from talent optimisation to staff motivation....
  • The ROI of People Analytics

    The most significant returns from people analytics are not felt within the People function’s budget but at the enterprise level (two case studies).
  • When Employees Keep Looking: Factors That Impact the Job Search – Turnover Relationship

    Have you ever searched for available jobs, even though you were employed at the time? If so, you are not alone – employed individuals are currently the largest population of job seekers. Learn more about why employees seek other jobs and what organizations can do to foster a positive environment.
  • Data Privacy and Unexpected Risks Handout

    Learn about Internal Errors and Unexpected Risks on both business and personal devices to prevent data breaches
  • Why Nonprofits Are Seriously Interested in eLearning Tech

    Nonprofits, like many other kinds of organizations, have accelerated their interest in eLearning technology (specifically, learning management systems) as more employees shift to remote workers. Contributing to this need for better eLearning tech may be higher demands for special requirements...
  • MapRecruit Brochure

    MapRecruit powers frictionless recruitment "Cognitively at scale" MapRecruit.ai is the most comprehensive, intelligent, AI powered end-to-end talent acquisition platform, for you to Attract, Source, Match, Engage and Qualify candidates, “faster than ever”, all in one single platform or as a...
  • Relocation Success Story: Outsourcing

    A global exploration company saw quick improvements after fully outsourcing their relocation program.
  • Your Guide to Seamless Offboarding

    Learn how to build a cohesive and efficient offboarding strategy that’s adaptable to your distributed team. ‍ Providing a well-planned offboarding experience — especially for a distributed workforce — is key to keeping your company ahead of the curve, increasing future retention and turning...
  • Our Partnership with United Rentals

    United Rentals, the largest equipment rental company in the U.S., partnered with Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) in 2013 to create their Service to Employment Program (STEP). STEP was designed to cultivate a pipeline of talent for the equipment rental industry while providing veterans with...
  • Transforming The Employee Experience In Hospitality

    Why team recruitment, engagement, and retention are top priorities in 2022 – and how technology can optimize them.
  • Harnessing the Power of Strategic HR

    The term Strategic HR is much more than a jargon to be thrown around in meetings and LinkedIn posts. With companies scrambling their resources to ensure the retention of their existing employees and attracting new talent, it becomes more important to build a Strategic HR function that bridges...
  • Empire Headhunters Deck

    Empire Headhunters Deck
  • Culture as a Talent Strategy

    Talent is scarce right now. Maybe as scarce as it’s ever been. Compensation and benefits might seem like the most important tools in the war for talent – but they’ll only serve to get people in the door. More money won’t engage and motivate teams in a sustainable way. The culture you create...
  • American University Client Success Story

    Givhero client success story highlighting existing Problems and Givhero's Solutions and Benefits, including increased employee engagement, reduced administration and data and reporting. Join the live Givhero challenge to see how easy it is to get started and change behaviors!
  • Worksite Clinic Success: The Essentials

    Employers who invest in a worksite clinic, whether the clinic is insourced or outsourced, should expect consistency in the care of work-related injuries, even across multiple sites.
  • Alcohol Use Disorder: Preferred Treatments & Methods

    The pandemic brought on a cascade of changes for everyone that is, unfortunately, leading to a sharp increase in alcohol consumption. We surveyed 154 people who said they were struggling with alcohol issues or had loved ones who were struggling with the problem. In this white paper, we detail...
  • About Vera Language Services

    "We strive to provide the most professional, accurate, and reliable interpreting and translation services."
  • The Benefits of Paperless Remote Onboarding with iRecruit Infographic

    The Benefits of Paperless Onboarding with iRecruit Infographic Centralized Database Recruit and manage new hires in a single database. Reduce Costs Eliminate mailing and printing costs with paperless onboarding. Decrease Time to Fill Automation provides better response times. Background...
  • Essential HR Guide for Small Business

    A definitive guide to understanding and valuing HR!
  • Research Study

    Overall, the operator showed improvements after completing Phase 1 of the Safe Sight Vision Training program. Within just 2-3 hours of distributed training, the program showed robust improvement with regard to worker attention, working memory, and processing speed.
  • The New Office: Anytime? Anywhere?

    A study we just completed with a client for a company with 300+ employees found that in various offices across the country 57% of employees said, “I realize my job is doable from home,” and 33% said, “My work-life balance has improved.” Both of these will have a significant impact on how...

    The checklist below is a tool for self-monitoring your execution of True Colors’ 5 True Leadership Habits. Following this framework ensures you’re actively developing your team in meaningful ways.
  • Starting and Running an Internal Coaching Program

    Process and best practices for coaching programs.
  • Bodha.AI One Pager

    Description of our B2B and B2C platforms.
  • Gym or Home? We'll keep you active either way.

    The Active&Fit Now™ program gives you the flexibility and choice you want from a fitness membership for one low cost per month.
  • The Future of HR: A Manager's 2021 Guide

    As companies shift to hybrid work, HR strategy needs to shift to visual communication. That means, more videos. Learn how to harness videos across every stage of the employee experience.
  • How to Fill the Critical Skills Gap

    The Critical Skills Gap is pervasive, complex, and a top priority for CHROs around the world. Learn how to make data-driven decisions to hire, upskill, and reskill your workforce.
  • Sample Report

    A sample of our report in PDF format.
  • The New DE&I Playbook—5 Key Actions to Create Sustained, Systemic Culture Change

    Over the last year and a half, we’ve witnessed chronic racial injustice incidents, a global health pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout, which has acutely impacted people of color and women in the workforce far out of proportion to the overall population. During this period, Black,...
  • CytomX: Seamless Support for Biotech Company Executive Team

    CytomX Therapeutics is a clinical-stage, oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company with a vision of transforming lives with safer, more effective therapies. It is developing a novel class of investigational conditionally activated therapeutics, based on its Probody® technology platform, for the...
  • Case Study-Archived UKG Workforce Central 7.0

    Learn how we helped clients archive data after migrating from old HCM system.
  • The True Cost of Retention and Turnover

    Bad hires can have a ripple effect across your organization, impacting revenue and profitability, causing delays in mission-critical projects and rupturing team dynamics. Get additional facts around the true cost of turnover, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can, in many cases,...
  • Formulate a Better Benefits Plan

    Learn about Nova's end-to-end integrated approach to custom solutions to meet clients' financial and health care benefits goals.
  • People Leaders - why you should not fear the great resignation

    As a Technology leader or a People leader you know that there is no time to prepare for the future of work: a new world is here. We all need to deal with the change’s life has imposed upon on us but also, we need to understand that people have also changed their priorities.
  • Recruitment and Retention in the Age of Customer Experience White Paper

    Customer Service Agent Recruitment and Retention in the Age of Customer Experience - White Paper details how improving overall communication skills improves sales and customer retention.
  • Servant Leadership eBook

    Become a More Effective Leader. What is the most effective leadership approach? Servant Leadership. Author Joseph Cook dives deep into servant leadership and how you can become more effective as a leader at home, at work, and in your community.
  • Employment Reference Checks - What to Ask and Why

    Bad Hires Are Costly, So... Reference checks are important to get the best possible candidate. In fact, 92% of employers according to SHRM conduct some sort of background check. This report offers some best practices to make the most of this valuable effort. Three Objectives of Reference...
  • Transforming Employee Onboarding with an Immersive Virtual Reality Training Solution

    In this eBook you will learn how powerful Virtual Reality (VR) can have be in the employee onboarding process. By bringing a simulated, replicated experience to learners they are able to get an authentic training experience. Download this eBook to explore these topics and more: 1. VR advantages...
  • ROI Search Group Overview

    ROI Search Group's Comprehensive Overview
  • Ultimate Guide to 30-60-90 day reviews and check ins

    As soon as an employee joins an organization, the HR managers start with the onboarding process to equip the employee with the job role, necessary tools, security measures, process and product training, and mission, vision, and goal of the organization. These practices usually last for 2-3 days,...
  • Scott Levinson, Fidelity Investments

    “Wow! Peg Doyle was amazing. She delivered just what we needed, in the way we needed, at the time we needed for our audience. Her real life stories were so inspiring I actually look forward to retiring, more than I did before her entertaining, insight filled presentation. I heard so many...
  • Do You Know Why You Pay Your Employees What You Do?

    Do you know why you pay your employees what you do? Just as important, do your employees know why you pay them what you do? And do they know what they can do to earn more? Compensation management has always been a challenging issue for employers. Some might even call it “uncomfortable.” But...
  • 2022 Megatrends in HR

    The past two years we’ve changed when, where, and how we work. People are seeking entirely new paths to purpose and fulfillment. Despite continued high unemployment, we’re witnessing talent scarcity and mass resignations in record numbers. It appears the balance is shifting: Employees have more...
  • The New Hybrid Workplace: Built on Resilience, Transparency, & Trust

    Organizations have not yet fully grasped the complex dynamics required for successful hybrid work environments. There are disconnects among employee segments regarding preferred work environments, and leaders may have faulty assumptions about how effectively they’re helping their workforce to...

    Think about a company. Its purpose is to make money and help the owners and investors execute the vision. It is definitely not a company's purpose to employ people. People are a tool, not a goal. Just like company owners buy technology to perform certain tasks, they "buy" people to execute tasks...
  • Respectful Leadership Report — The Case for Respect

    An overview of the current state of disrespect, toxic cultures, lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in our work places and communities. And how The Center for Respectful Leadership™ is using respect and Respectful Leadership™ to create organizational transformation and sustainable business...
  • B2B Flyer

    What we can offer your company and why.
  • HR's Role in Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture - Part 2: Onboarding

    Honestly assessing where you are at in the process of creating a diverse and inclusive culture is as important in creating a plan to move forward. Creating a inclusive culture takes time, effort and a consistent message beginning with the end in mind.
  • WILL Evidence of Effectiveness

    This document contains selected examples of evidence of the effectiveness for WILL Interactive's proprietary interactive behavior modification system. It contains: • Publicly available statistics • Evaluation summaries WILL is authorized to share
  • Industry Financial Wellbeing Trends 2021 (Retail)

    Here’s a high level overview of what financial well-being looks like across more than 30 large energy organizations.
  • 8 Must-Have Tech Items for Great Virtual Meetings

    Striving for great virtual meetings? Set yourself up to present like a pro by using the right equipment and backdrop to get the job done!
  • Does Your Engagement Curve look like a Smiley Face?

    If it does, you may be in trouble! It is not uncommon for companies to spend most of their time and energy focusing their attention at the initial point of employee or customer acquisition.
  • WorkStep eBook: Proactive Solutions to Stem Turnover And Drive Supply Chain Workforce Retention

    Download this WorkStep eBook to understand how supply chain companies are actively reducing their frontline worker turnover.
  • How to Set Up Employee Challenges Your Teams Will Want to Participate In

    Are your employees participating in your wellness programs? If they’re not, you’re not alone. Recent research by Gartner shows that, while 80% of companies offer physical well-being programs, less than one-third of employees actually use them. Uptake rates are even worse when it comes to...
  • The Evolving Role of HR: Redefining Responsibilities Post-Pandemic

    As a tenured HR employee, you’ve likely worn a variety of proverbial hats over the years. HR inherently requires its people to stretch themselves and fulfill many different roles and requirements—from talent scout to employee therapist to conflict mediator. The pandemic forced many in HR to...
  • The Business Case for Coaching Leaders at the Middle of the Organization

    For decades, organizations have invested in executive coaches for their most senior leaders to build capacity and provide strategic leadership from the top down. Executives consider these engagements vital to their growth and often credit their coaches with helping them to discover new ways of...
  • Talent 360

    Over 300,000 Assignments Since 1993, TalentLogistiX (TLX) has delivered over 300,000 contractors to clients in the fields of Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Using our time proven approach combining hard work, putting people first and leveraging innovative technologies, we...
  • 2022 Benefits Communications Calendar

    Improve your year-round benefits communication and education with this easy-to-use calendar of topics. Here’s what you’ll get: A monthly communications theme, 2-3 topics around each theme, each month, A reminder of notable holidays for that month
  • Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

    Some things never change, despite a worldwide pandemic and a topsy-turvy job market. One of those non-changers is that first impressions matter at your job interviews. In 2018 they mattered; in 2020, they mattered; and they still matter in 2022. Maybe even more now. Why?\n\nBecause hiring...
  • Path to Authentic Leadership - Part II

    Continuing on the path to leading through your values.
  • Background Check Health Report: Check Up 20 Questionnaire

    Is your background screening program performing as well as it should? Are you paying too much? Are you missing out on vital information? These 20 questions can help you assess your program to ensure you're getting the most out of your background screening provider.
  • Cyber Attack: Reaching Employees When All Other Systems Are Down

    How one national High Ground Solutions client was able to leverage our web-based platform to reach out to all employees after a cyber attack shut down all other communications and access to records.
  • Executive Coaching Guide

    Our guide to helping you maximize your leadership based on 20 years of experience and helping over 20,000 leaders achieve results. Download Now To Learn How Executive Coaching Will Increase Your Impact & Business Results.
  • 6 Critical Soft Skills for Improving Performance

    The top four critical soft skills identified by the US Labor Dept. are work ethics, communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking. Of these organizations have embraced teams specifically as a strategy for dealing with the ever-increasing market competition and survival. In a...
  • Strengthening Workplace Safety - What Employers Must Do, Can Do, and Should Do

    This report walks employers through understanding OHSA ETS mandate, how to adopt a culture of safety, and top of mind questions to consider.
  • Top Benefits of Digitizing HR Employee Filing in 2022

    Transform your employee filing strategy with a cloud document management system to streamline processes, cut time, and save costs.
  • How to Evaluate Your Benefits Administration Solution This Year

    And why having the right partner is more important than ever.
  • The Definitive Guide to Managing a Remote Team

    Over 100 pages of actionable advice for building, hiring, managing and leading an effective and affordable remote team.
  • Technology's Role in Training for High Performance: Target Results, Not Delivery Methods

    The 21st century has brought a watershed of high-technology options for delivering sophisticated training 24/7 to employees working on the front lines of businesses around the globe. Although a comprehensive training methodology can provide relevant examples, a chance to reflect and discuss,...
  • 8 Critical Soft Skills for Workplace Readiness

    Statistics show that most employees are hired because of their technical skills; however, many of them are let go (or quit) because of their lack of soft skills. Research shows that as much as 85% of success in the workplace is dependent on soft skills and only 15% is due to technical skills....
  • The Guide to Modern Employee Recognition

    This quick start guide to modern employee recognition includes the information, tools, and techniques you'll need to build a recognition-rich company culture. You'll learn about: -The fundamentals of employee recognition -Types of employee recognition -Recognition programs and strategies -Useful...
  • Practical Guide for Successful Change Management

    Deploying new software, setting up a new organization, or digitizing processes: how can you get your employees to support your project? Discover our 10 practical tips!
  • Developing your Covid-19 OSHA Compliance Plan

    Throughout the pandemic, we've helped companies nationwide implement the testing and vaccine verification programs they've needed to bring their teams back to work safely. From that experience, we've learned what it takes to create a seamless, effective program. This guide reviews the OSHA...
  • Talent Mapping & Sourcing

    Through our three core services: Mapping, Candidate Sourcing and Intelligence, we help Software, High-Tech, Life Sciences and Manufacturing companies translate their needs into a route map to strategize on talent needs. We scan the market, research key players in the industry and identify top...
  • Creating a Positive Customer Experience in Any Language!

    Earning the loyalty of customers starts with hiring employees who can communicate in the target language of your buyers. Multilingual employees provide a valuable resource and certainly give companies a competitive advantage. Certifying the language skills of your multilingual employees will...
  • How an H.R. Manager can Become a Chief H.R. Officer

    The answer in a sentence is: By seeing yourself in that role. The further answer in another sentence is: By understanding that companies and organizations are composed of people and their relationships.
  • Five Quick & Easy Steps for Successful Organizational Development

    Inspiring change and organizational progress/growth within the workforce is not always an easy task – especially if you want to maintain productivity and enthusiasm among your employees/team. Constructive criticism is one way to ensure your employees feel appreciated, while also providing...
  • An Employer’s Guide to Virtual Care in the COVID Era

    Employers are increasingly expected to make virtual care part of their health benefits. We offer a guide to navigating how to do that best. The more information they gather, the sooner they — and their employees — can reap the benefits of virtual care solutions.
  • Our Audience

    Built In's audience consists of the professionals that tech companies need to connect with.
  • Managers often need help discussing compensation

    Your Goal: We know that you want your employee(s) to leave the compensation conversation feeling engaged and valued. Yet, as we all know, getting there at times can be difficult. Our Goal: Our goal is to provide a psychologically safe environment for your employees. Let's face it, once a year,...
  • Are Social Media Reports Legal?

    Is it legal to order social media checks on applicants and employees? This question, or some variant of it, is often heard when the subject of social media screening arises.
  • Partnering With Axiom Medical: An Overview of Our Services

    In an evolving healthcare industry, experience and innovation is paramount to providing high-quality, cost-effective care. Benefit from our full range of occupation and public health services. In this white paper, we go over our spectrum of services and highlight the industries we serve and our...

    Since the impact of the pandemic, no one has really addressed the long-term consequences to the total rewards equation, specifically the future of setting compensation levels.
  • The importance of a spouse surcharge audit

    Our spouse surcharge audits have identified hundreds of thousands in missing deductions.
  • 9 Tips to Make Your E-Learning Content Compelling

    Read about ways to make your e-learning content more compelling for your users.
  • Don’t Be Blindsided: What HR Professionals Need to Know about Pay Equity Trends

    Public interest in pay equity is increasing and as a result employers and HR professionals need to understand the ever-changing landscape that they face. Increased activity comes not only from legal and regulatory agencies, but also from employees and clients. Here are some recent pay equity...
  • Plan Future Incentive Travel TODAY

    While travel may be iffy, now is the time to plan future incentive travel....take advantage of rates and availability today...we've been there. We know group incentive travel.
  • Modernize Incident and Claims Processes

    IS YOUR INCIDENT MANAGEMENT PROCESS DESIGNED FOR THE DIGITAL AGE? Ready to use digitization to get rid of manual touchpoints and optimize your business processes? Ready to throw away your disconnected systems and leave paper-driven processes behind? Change how work gets done and transform...
  • Overcoming the Skills Crisis in Today’s Modern Workplace

    We are amidst disruption in the way people work and learn and how companies operate.
  • Case Studies

    A sample of the positive impact we've made in organizations across the globe and across sectors.
  • HR Avatar Automated Reference Checks

    HR Avatar's Automated Reference Checks are a multi-rater survey for a job candidate. The candidate enters the name and contact info for 2-8 past supervisors and co-workers, who then complete a customized survey regarding their experience and observations while working with the candidate. The...
  • Work Smart 2021: What Does it Mean to Be a Resilient Organization?

    The disruption brought about by the last year with its ripple effect through out global economy make resilience an important skill set for leaders and organizations. This brief will help you understand what it means to work smart and what you can do to activate resilience in your leaders and...
  • 2021 Nonprofit Salaries & Staffing Trends

    PNP STAFFING GROUP publishes annual SALARIES and STAFFING TRENDS Reports to help you compete effectively for talent in the marketplace. These reports provide nonprofit organizations with the most up-to-date information available, including salaries for 43 positions across five nonprofit budget...
  • Revamping an Employee Recognition and Reward Strategy to Reach a Hybrid Workforce

    ORBIS Corporation operates globally with multiple manufacturing plants and a corporate headquarters. Its 2,900 employees were used to working in different locations across North America. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, its manufacturing workers were considered essential, while its corporate...
  • Employees Prefer Digital Experience

    Majority of your employees are probably millennials that preferer doing things online versus on paper or in-person.
  • Company Engagement Strategy

    Recognize is founded on modern principles of positive psychology. The result is a program centered on intrinsic motivation, reenforced behavior, and workflow integration. While other strategies surround around gifting of physical goods, the research shows this is a loosing strategy.1...
  • TABB INC. named one of HRTech Outlook’s Top Pre-Employment Screening Companies

    Is there an alternative process that can benefit candidates and employers? careerandtalenthub’s E-Reference Check platform offers solutions for employers that are looking for new alternatives and candidates seeking a proactive approach to the application process. Imagine viewing a resume or...
  • ActiveOps Hybrid Data Playbook

    Optimizing Productivity, Employee Engagement, and Organizational Agility in Banking
  • Rating Scale GuideBook

    Are your performance review rating scales not 'meeting expectations'? This guidebook will walk you through the right way to use rating scales to motive perormance.
  • Understanding Turnover

    The science of turnover is truly fascinating and complex (e.g., Lee, Hom, Eberly, & Li, 2018; Rubenstein, Eberly, Lee, & Mitchell, 2018). The most current thinking on it is that people do not leave an organization or role just because they are unhappy or even because a better opportunity has...
  • Helping Employers Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Results

    HPN Worldwide - Manage HR TOP 10 Corporate Wellness Solution Providers - 2020.
  • Keep Your Employees Safe: 7 Ways To Prepare For Workplace Emergencies

    Millions of workplace injuries documented. This year's flu season the worst in nearly a decade. Dangerous perpetrators flooding headlines. Yet, statistics can’t prepare managers or employees for what to do when their workplace becomes a target for any type of critical issue. Crisis...
  • Aging-In-Place - eBook

    8 Key Areas to Improve Your Home To Age-In-Place
  • 5 Ways To Support Talent Development With A Content Library

    Today’s human resource and learning leaders have access to libraries of learning content for their organizations and are using them in a variety of ways to support talent development. Effective leaders have learned a thing or two about subscription-based learning libraries that ensure the...
  • How Data and Document Capture Can Tame Shared Email Chaos

    A Problem | Solutions Brief from CAPSYS Technologies and Kodak Alaris I. Situation: The Nightmare That Is Shared Email Whether your organization is— Public, private, a government agency, or a not-for-profit entity In the healthcare, insurance or higher education marketplace A...
  • Bravely Overview

    Every day, employees face critical moments in navigating their jobs. Companies need to be able to support employees in these make-or-break moments to build culture and drive success.
  • How Crossrroads Medical Increased Productivity by 50%

    Learn how Crossroads Medical Management increased hiring rates while decreasing time spend on unqualified candidates at their assisted living facilities - during COVID. It gave the staff more time to focus on resident care, and less time on hiring and onboarding.
  • Set Your Workers Up for Success Building a Successful On-the-Job Training Program

    On-the-job training (OJT) can the gold standard of training, as many workers learn better by doing. But OJT can be dangerous if an unqualified person is teaching others. Bad habits and non-standardized training can pass from person to person quickly. Download this eBook for an easy read on how...
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Target Groups Infographic

    Get to know the Work Opportunity Tax Credit's Target Groups. WOTC is a Federal tax credit available to employers that hire individuals from targeted groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.
  • Welcome New Hires with an Interactive Benefits Orientation Video

    Learn how employers are using interactive benefit videos with newly hired and prospective employees. Interactive means viewers can take action while watching: download benefit materials, link to portals and carrier sites, answer survey questions, and choose what to view, and more. Includes 7...
  • 4 Mistakes Leaders should Avoid when Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    In today’s business world, diversity, inclusion, and equity must be a part of a company’s mission. While organizations are developing diversity and inclusion initiatives at different paces, these initiatives are increasingly becoming embedded into organizations as a core business goal. In the...
  • Applying Change Management to Agile Processes

    What is the best way to integrate change activities into Agile processes? This is the answer we set out to address in this post.
  • Planning Ahead and Creating a Communications Strategy

    It's important to think ahead and make communication plans. Creating a strategy can help you see what you're doing well and areas that need more attention.
  • 16 Ways to Reduce Your Employee Mobility Costs

    The pressure to reduce global mobility services and relocation program costs began before the current pandemic, but Covid-19 is certainly accelerating that process. As we slowly return to normalcy, companies will want to consider how they can preserve some of these cost savings while still...
  • 10 Best Practices for Reducing Time-to-Hire Every HR Professional Should Follow

    As an HR professional, you probably know that hiring has changed dramatically in the last decade. Today’s job market is candidate-centric. Top talent has higher standards and expectations than ever. While this environment generates better workplaces, more skilled candidates and many other...
  • Identifying the Components of an Effective Leader

    From the introduction: When it comes to leadership, we believe everyone is a leader. Or, at least, everyone has the potential to lead. Exercising leadership doesn’t depend on having a specific title, a certain level of seniority, or a set of personality traits you’re born with. Leadership is...
  • Top Comments I Hear from HR Professionals

    Let’s face it, no one likes to feel pressured or bombarded by sales reps, myself included. Although, I think we can all admit that just because one person was rude, pushy, or even just a bit odd; It does not mean everyone is. These are the most common responses I hear when someone finds out I...
  • COVID-19 Work-From-Home / Telecommuting Equipment Resources for both Employers & Employees

    COVID-19 Work-From-Home / Telecommuting Equipment Resources for both Employers & Employees
  • Using Spreadsheets to Manage Compensation Isn't Worth the Risk

    As an HR professional, you know that managing compensation using spreadsheets is a huge administrative burden. However, using spreadsheets comes with other risks and downsides that impact the whole organization. This article may help you convince your stakeholders it's time for a change.
  • CareerArc 2021 Future of Recruiting Study - Learn what candidates want now

    Get the newly-published insights you need to reach top talent first We surveyed 1,156 people and learned that talent are on the move: Over 60% of full-time employees are seeking new jobs in 2021. Download this report to learn what they’re looking for and where, what hiring professionals are...
  • Case Study: Analyzing the effectiveness of third-party diabetic management solutions

    Using a third-party service can be a smart business decision to free up internal resources and increase efficiencies. However, it’s critical for businesses to understand the effectiveness of these services. In this case, the client wanted HDMS to evaluate the impact and value of the diabetes...
  • COVID-19 And Its Impact On Employees Who Have Been Laid Off And Their Vested Benefits From Their 401

    Lost in the tumult of the last few weeks is a rather significant piece of pension legislation that was buried in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 that was signed into law on December 27, 2020. You know it more for its granting an extra $600 to Americans that were qualified to receive...
  • The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to AI in Human Resources

    The old ways of addressing talent challenges in many companies have not worked, and will not work for the future of work. These human-resources practices have not left companies prepared for remote work, highly diverse workforces, and the continually changing nature of the work itself. Now is...
  • The Dos and Don’ts of an Employment Verification Process

    The right skills on a resumé don’t always mean you found the appropriate person for the job. There are many factors that determine the best fit. One part of that determination is the background verification process. According to the Bureau of Labor, the average worker aged 25 to 34 only sticks...
  • The EEOC's Recent Sexual Harassment Suits

    Around 1/5 of adults have stated that they faced sexual harassment while at work. Sexual harassment is something that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission takes very seriously.
  • A Signature Life

    Your signature is a powerful thing! It binds you to contracts. It can make a worthless check turn into money. An athlete can put it on a football and increase its value a hundred-fold. A judge can control someone’s entire future with a stroke of a pen. But did you ever consider looking at the...
  • Generali Global Assistance’s 4th Annual Holiday Identity Theft Survey: An Infographic Ebook

    The holidays are the sweetest time of year... Well, most of the time anyway. Scammers and fraudsters can quickly sour your customers' holiday season if they're not protected. And unfortunately, most aren't. Your customers will already be facing enough challenges as it is this year, as the...
  • How Companies can Increase the Value of their Benefit Programs

    “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it…does it make a sound?” We’ve all heard this before. Now ponder a similar thought experiment: “If your company provides amazing employee benefits, and no one is there to tell you what they are, will they be amazing?”
  • EEOC Regulations

    Understand how Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regulations apply to background checks.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans

    See how companies can move from the abstract to a defined, manageable diversity and inclusion program
  • How to Use Mobile Location Management and Geofencing for a Distributed Workforce

    This eBook is for employers who are looking for the best mobile technology to manage modern workforces. This includes employees working at home, those in the office, and those who travel to various locations throughout the day. Mobile tech with geofencing is also helpful for contractors,...
  • 8 Step Virtual Layoff Notification Guide

    Notifying valued employees that they are losing their jobs is one of the most difficult situations an HR business partner or manager will face in their career. These events can be challenging and fraught with emotions for everyone involved, even in the best of times, let alone in the...
  • Complimentary Support for Mental Health and Behavioral Struggles

    As the scope of mental health and addiction in America continues to grow, counselors and doctors are doing everything they possibly can to help. There is a growing appreciation for the role digital tools can play to expand reach and complement care. These tools bring together key findings in...
  • DataCheck Screening Catalog

    At DataCheck, we’ve helped employers make solid hiring decisions for over 20 years. We screen your potential employees, so you can feel secure with your new hire. We do pre-employment background checks, drug tests & screening services. In today’s business climate, pre-employment screening has...
  • Don't Let the IRS Determine Your Taxes Paid

    Wouldn't it be incredible to have a self-funded pension like retirement plan available for you when you decide to retire? Wouldn't it be even more incredible if that self-funded pension like benefit provides tax-free income like a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) plan? How much more could you save into...
  • Employers Guide to Automating Employee Benefits

    Today’s growing benefits portfolios, and increasingly complex regulations makes benefits management overwhelming and time-intensive. See how we make it simple, seamless and enjoyable for over 10,000 Employers. Download EverythingBenefits' Guide to automating benefits with our 10 solutions for...
  • FAQ in Employee Background Screening

    A compiled list of our most frequently asked questions to do with the background screening. Download the FAQ eBook to learn more about employee background checks.
  • Pennsylvania Alliance for Security & Preparedness (PAASP)

    Suffice it to say that the Pennsylvania industry partnership related to security, is not what everyone thought it was, including the project management team. High-growth and high-demand security and preparedness occupations which were not previously considered, have now been included due to the...
  • Part 1 of the Four Pillars of Stress Management - Movement

    Movement plays a key role in reducing the chronic stress your employees may be feeling during this unprecedented time. Movement can range from aerobic exercise to mind-body practices such as yoga. Read this article to learn more about how encouraging movement can help your employees reduce their...
  • US 2020 Severance and Separation Benchmark Study

    With profound transformation disrupting today’s workforce, is your company prepared to offer severance and separation benefits that are fair and competitive? Download the full Severance & Separation Benchmark study for insights to help you strategize, plan and implement severance and...
  • Insurance Fraud and Bid Collusion

    Examining one bank loan can’t disclose structural discrimination by a lender. After a toxic groundwater spill, the sale price of one house can’t be used to find diminution in value for the area adjacent to the spill. The losses get swallowed up in the variation inherent in the activity. In...
  • VILT Best Practices for Instructor Led Virtual Training

    We’ve squarely transitioned to the Information Age, where technology makes remote training practical, affordable and sometimes the only accessible option. As more organizations work to rapidly transition from ILT to VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training), it is worth taking a moment to examine...
  • Pay Equity Checklist

    It can be intimidating to start your own pay equity analysis. But the experts at Berkshire have you covered!
  • How COVID-19 Is Transforming the Employee Experience

    There is a growing trend in the world and in our nation towards work-from-anywhere, anytime, and the current pandemic serves as a testing ground for how leaders meet the ever-increasing needs and demands of their workforce and their business.
  • Buyer's Guide to Choosing Executive Coaches

    Have you considered if Executive Coaching is right for you or your organization? Great business leaders have Executive Coaches that empower them to become the best at what they do. Leaders who have stronger strategic thinking capability can lead change, create alignment, and listen to their...
  • What to Consider When Considering an Employee Loan Program

    Employers are becoming more aware of the financial struggles their employees are experiencing. Roughly 25 million employees a year use payday and car title loans, paying triple-digit interest rates. One of the biggest reasons people are willing to pay such exorbitant rates for a loan is that...
  • Replace your Group Incentive with Individual "Build Your Own Incentive (BYOI)"

    Invigorate your company through unique recognition, retention, and customer loyalty reward programs from Peak Performance. With a customized rewards program, you can improve company performance, motivate employees, and encourage a lasting customer connection. Numerous studies have shown the...
  • A Coaching Approach: Leading in Uncertainty

    Tap into the questions and techniques contained within this free worksheet as you approach important conversations ahead. We encourage you to share this resource with your leaders. A unique quality of coaching is not having the answers. Rather than being drawn into uncertainty, a coaching lens...
  • Relocation Rebound: Strategically Advancing Workforce Mobility Post-Coronavirus

    In these challenging times, as the pandemic continues to impact all industries, most companies with mobile workforces have paused their activity and retrenched. During this down-time, smart companies are building their plans to “re-mobilize” once travel restrictions are lifted. To help prepare...
  • Numbers Don’t Lie: Making the Case for Employee Development

    Identifying the skills gap and the training/coaching solution is sometimes far easier than getting budget to fix the issue. Additionally, using a basic ROI equation like ROI (%) = ((Monetary benefit – Training Cost)/Training Cost) x 100 is short-sighted. To help you make the case for...
  • Onboarding New Employees | Challenge of Creating Productivity, Culture and Retention

    In the 1960s country singer Roger Miller, wrote a song titled, “You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd,” suggesting that sometimes you just have to go alone. After the Covid-19 pandemic is resolved, companies around the world will be rebuilding, often with many new hires at once. Without a...
  • COVID19:To Stave Off Economic Paralysis, We Must First Protect the Backbone

    Why employers must tap into technology to keep workers safe in a POST COVID-19 World. As a company that has operated in the healthcare technology space for a decade, mHealthCoach wanted to bring our expertise in workplace health to the businesses that make up the backbone of our economy. Pairing...
  • How to Make Diversity Data-Driven

    Where many organizations continue to struggle is the gap between intentions and impact. There are dozens and dozens of fantastic to decent diversity and equity and inclusion programs. These include talks, exercises, and online training among other initiatives. The intent of all of them is good,...
  • The Tax Leadership Shakeup Ahead - Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

    The crunch is coming. Read on to learn how to prevent your tax department from consuming unnecessary bandwidth later.
  • DIGITAL PERSONNEL FILE - Implementation guide in three steps

    The digital personnel file has become part of the standard tool kit of any HR administrator, and its advantages are well known: • Speed • Independent of location • Simultaneous access • Security • Efficiency • No file tourism • No shadow files Anyone thinking about introducing a...
  • Tackling Cross-Border M&A

    How a U.S. technology company doubled its headcount and navigated M&A-driven expansion in thirteen countries with Blueback Global.
  • 3 Hiring Practices That May Soon Replace Job Interviews

    Selection processes that consist of merely an unstructured interview are a poor predictor of success, yet an interview is still the candidate assessment tool of choice for many hiring managers. Understandably, these decision-makers want to meet applicants before extending job offers and feel...
  • Smart Sourcing - Using AI to Attract Talent

    Artificial intelligence has become so powerful and sophisticated that it often summons dystopian visions of a labor force crowded out by machines that work 24/7, don’t take breaks, want a promotion or demand a competitive benefits package. However, according to a 2016 Accenture report, AI...
  • Three "C"s Driving Coronavirus Outplacement

    Reacting and responding to Covid-19 has been as much about care and compassion for human beings as it has about economic impacts.
  • Coronavirus: What Employers Need to Know

    The recent outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused global concern. There is still a lot that is unknown about the virus, but there are steps employers can take to help prevent workplace exposures to acute respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19. The U.S. Centers for...
  • Millennial Health and Wellness Perceptions

    Discover crucial insights into this population and learn what wellness program essentials are needed to attract and engage this generation.
  • Corporate strategy, business strategy, and functional strategy; Why so many?

    Why are there so many types of strategy and how do you keep them all connected?
  • The Future of Service Awards and Milestone Recognition

    It’s no secret that when workers feel valued, they create value. With a generational shift in the workforce fast approaching, your milestone recognition program may need to shift gears to ensure that your employees stay to see those milestones. Download the e-book to understand the impact...
  • The Rise of Live Chat Support: Is Your Contact Center Ready?

    “The most effective customer service is designed to reduce effort at all stages of the customer journey—not just after a sale or when problems arise.” This insight from journalist and market researcher Craig Borowski rings particularly true in an age where digital interaction has become the...
  • Definitive Guide to Ethics & Compliance Training

    In this guide, you’ll find the tools and information you need to define and develop an engaging compliance training program, implement a multiyear education plan, address your most pressing risks, and measure, evaluate and improve your compliance training effectiveness.
  • Sonic Boom success stories

    A compilation of successes achieved by employees who use the Sonic Boom platform and mobile app.
  • A New Approach to Leadership Development

    Given the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the 21st century, leaders need to develop the ability to adapt and grow comfortable within this business environment. Change is continually happening and at an escalated scale. It is difficult to predict the future, and the drivers...
  • Considering an Integrated Service Model?

    Currently, in the relocation industry, there are several traditional models that Relocation Management Companies (RMC) utilize to administer household goods moving services; the direct model, blended model and bundled model. It's hard to know which will work best for your organization. Let's...
  • The Science of Microlearning

    Microlearning is a hot topic in today's learning. See why data and research prove the benefits of microlearning in this whitepaper. This whitepaper covers: -Key scientific research on why microlearning is an effective way to train your staff. -Feedback from learners on how microlearning...
  • Stress Recovery Effect

    Sometimes, it isn’t easy communicating value on investment or return on investment, here is a great place to start to help peak your interest, let us help you navigate and facilitate those conversations. Our programs are based on hard science, data, and research.”
  • How to Write a Discussion Guide (+200 Open-ended Survey Questions)

    Thoughtful discussion guides are a necessity in generating powerful research. Whether your insights team is gauging customer service satisfaction, or conducting employee engagement surveys, crafting a strong guide is key to company success.
  • Fiduciary Audit File Checklist

    The following items pertaining to your company retirement plan should be consolidated into a central location, reviewed annually, and updated when necessary.
  • How Executives Can Overcome Top Coaching Challenges

    The effectiveness of a team depends on all its members excelling in their roles and bringing their best efforts to the table every day.
  • Average Wholesale Price (AWP) for Workers' Compensation Medicare Set-Aside (WCMSA) Proposals

    This article briefly explores the history of AWP used in the pricing of prescription drugs, highlights some of the changes that have emerged through its evolution today, and looks at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) new policy as it relates to Workers Compensation Medicare...
  • Transform Your HR Department

    Redundant processes are the bane to productivity and efficiency. Your HR departments main focus should be people and not paper.
  • The Duty of Accommodation for Disabled Customers

    Many employers and HR professionals are trained and ready to handle requests for accommodation by employees, including understanding the obligation to engage in an interactive process with the employee to find a reasonable accommodation for the employee. However, are they as prepared to handle...
  • Why Companies Should Offer Outplacement Service for Departing Workers: Because It’s the Right Thing

    Saying goodbye to employees is never easy. Whether it’s a lay-off or a termination. Whether it’s one employee or one hundred employees. Deciding who and how to terminate an employee is never pleasant. The reality is it happens. Sometimes an employee just doesn’t work out, so you have to say...
  • How to Make Your Company 'Unpoachable'

    Every day your best people are contacted about new and better career opportunities. Every day many of the people in your organization walk in distracted, disenchanted or disengaged. Every day many of your people experience their direct manager as someone who doesn’t get them. Every day...
  • Evolving from Performance Management to Talent Development

    This eBook offers research-backed best practices for how organizations can make ongoing performance management a reality – from improving coaching and mentoring to leveraging technology to create a hyper-connected talent experience – to engage and inspire their people to achieve the results that...
  • Recognition is the Key to High-Performance Workplace Cultures

    Neuroscientists have proven what may seem obvious to some -- humans are hardwired at birth as herd animals. Finding secure membership, and a sense of belonging, in one or more “tribes” is essential for our brain to feel safe and relatively free from threats. To perform at our best, it is...
  • In Town Affordable Housing Program

    Let’s be honest, budgets are stretched thin and sometimes rent is hard to manage when you start looking for an apartment in Dallas! We’re here to explain how you can live in a NICER place for LESS money!
  • The Comprehensive Guide: Cobra Open Enrollment

    For most Benefits and Human Resource professionals there's a certain time of year that's unequivocally busier and more demanding then the rest: Open Enrollment season. From shopping and purchasing benefit packages to distributing, explaining, and enrolling employees, the to-do list can be...
  • Continuous Listening - A Guide to Developing the Right Listening Strategy for Your Organization

    When aligned to business objectives, the right questions at the right times can help you collect data critical to business performance. A continuous listening strategy can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business—but only if it’s designed to capture the right information. So,...
  • Five Tips to Rock Your Next Job Interview

    At Nxt Chptr , we talk a lot about finding a new job, changing careers, and interviewing for new roles. Not to mention, our amazing coaches have shared a handful of tips and tricks to make interviewing for a new job less intimidating and nerve wracking. Here are our top five interview tips for...
  • 2019 Sales Compensation Report

    One of the most crucial elements to attracting and retaining top performing sales talent is the compensation they receive for their skills. Spanning 1,000s of respondents, we've collected industry and regional averages for sales compensation, and share our insights for what top salespeople are...
  • The Hidden Costs of Diabetes

    Diabetes is one of the most expensive chronic diseases affecting the U.S. The documented costs alone are substantial, but the real issue affecting employers are the indirect costs associated with people living with diabetes.
  • Navigating the Unique Complexities of Home Health Care: Cooperative for Human Services, Inc.

    The Cooperative for Human Services, Inc. (CHS) approached Acumen Data Systems and presented their vision of a highly integrated, user-friendly system that addressed their complex business requirements.
  • Connective Leadership: What Business Needs to Learn From Academe

    For the past decade, academe has taken seriously - sometimes too seriously - the admonition to operate more like for-profit businesses. Despite some excesses, the overall result has been a salutary tightening of academe's financial ship. Yet, no organization lives by finance alone. Without...
  • Witnesses: An untapped resource to tackle harassment at work

    Workplace harassment and discrimination are widespread and experienced by a large number of people. Yet at least 70% of incidents are never reported. Underreporting means that companies don’t hear about issues until they become huge problems that affect everyone.
  • Best Practices for Conflict De-Escalation

    Be clear on the goal and the direction of the conversation. Explain that you want to resolve and move forward.
  • Incorporating Social Media Background Screening into your Hiring Process

    This white paper discusses how recruiters and hiring managers can leverage social media background screening in their hiring process.
  • Review your Annual Pay Strategy through a Broader Lens

    To attract, engage and retain critical-skill and top-performing talent, it is key to connect your Total Rewards strategy with the workforce you need. At the same time, your Total Rewards strategy should align with your company objectives and talent priorities.
  • Training with Spacer and Maintaining Engagement

    Have you ever used a SPACER to kick off a meeting? A SPACER is widely considered a great opener to ensure you have a good meeting or training class.
  • What is the Cost of A bad Hire?

    Every company wants to hire great employees, but what if your internal processes aren't set up to support efficient and thorough recruiting? Our white paper reviews the factors that affect hiring decisions and the tools that HR needs to effectively manage screening, hiring, applicant...
  • 4 Workplace Learning Trends All Talent Developers Should Be Aware Of

    The learning ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and the changing technologies and growing resources available to help individuals learn is likely a bit overwhelming for your Learning and Development team. Luckily for you, we’ve pinpointed the main trends to be aware of that will keep your training...
  • Workplace Investigation Report Template

    Many human resources investigators find writing workplace investigation reports to be the most onerous part of conducting investigations. How do you know what goes into the investigation report? What dates should you record and how should you organize it? i-Sight’s Workplace Investigation...
  • 5 Urine Drug Test Facts That Will Surprise You

    According to a poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and done in collaboration with the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), 57% of employers conduct drug tests on every single job candidate. Thinking of starting employment drug testing but not...
  • How to Measure Company Culture and Employee Engagement

    Company culture and employee engagement are related – but, they’re not the same thing. Learn about the relationship between culture and engagement, plus best practices for measuring these critical pieces of the employee experience.
  • The Myth of Diversity vs. Quality

    In hiring committee meetings, we’ve all heard the common refrain, “We want diversity, but there are just no qualified candidates out there!” or even, “We can’t sacrifice quality for diversity.” Although they may sound harmless at first (after all, we all want the best and brightest on our...
  • Big Global Mobility Trends to Watch in 2019

    Every year we highlight emerging trends and update some evolving topics from previous years. Crown World Mobility’s 2019 trends shed light on how companies and our industry are responding to and, in some cases, driving today’s transformation with significant change.
  • Credentialing Software Beyond the Healthcare Industry

    Credentialing is an important task in a variety of industries, especially in those where there are health and safety concerns such as law enforcement, construction, or manufacturing. When there are legal requirements to credentialing...
  • Coaching-Based Leadership: What It Is and Why It Matters

    If you’re not learning at the speed of change in your industry, you’re falling behind. In a world where the pace of change is quickening, it won’t be long before you’re out of the race. Coaching-based leadership can keep you and your organization up to speed, and even moving ahead of the pack,...
  • Employee Engagement: Giving Your Employees a Voice in the Workplace

    Your employees want to be heard. Boost engagement by empowering them to share their experiences. In our e-book, we explain the correlation between employee engagement and company performance. If you're looking for: More productive employees Lower turnover and absenteeism Higher...
  • Transforming your Policies and Procedures into a Powerful Business Improvement System

    Too bad it often takes a crisis such as a failed project or regulatory sanction to remind organizations how important it is to have clear policies, procedures, and controls in place. CEOs, Managers — even Boards of Directors — are re-evaluating the roles policies and procedures play in their...
  • Benchmarking Employee Surveys

    Learn how rigorous and accurate employee survey benchmarks can improve your decision making and action planning process.
  • Third Party Background Screening: The invisible workforce who handle your information

    The trend of outsourcing certain services is increasing, as companies seek to unburden their operations and become more efficient. The risks inherent to handling your company’s confidential information and the sensitive personal data of your employees or clients require a higher degree of...
  • Using Tech To Find Top Talent

    TalentSorter article featured in HR Reporter Magazine, June 2018
  • Services Brochure

    A complete list of services provided by MZQ Consulting.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Recognizing Employee Data Privacy With less than six months left for GDPR to come into effect, Michael DesRochers, Founder and Managing Director at PoliteMail Software explains how HR teams must prepare for the incoming EU General Data Protection Legislation. Less than a year away, on May...
  • Internal Communications Survival Guide

    The future of workplace communications will be more targeted, interactive, effective, and informative than ever before. This Internal Communications Survival Guide will provide you with tips to improve communication in the workplace and overcome the biggest issues facing communicators...
  • Dependent to Interdependent Model for Healthy Sustainable Living

    Beacon Coaching and Training Prepares You To Advance From Dependent to Interdependent
  • Changing the Conversation

    The proven link between gender diversity and financial results.
  • Misconceptions that sometimes hold back job mobility among Baby Boomers

    The overall aging demographics of the U.S. workforce are well known. As a result, the traditional approach to “retirement” has evolved from ceasing all work to moving into “phased”, “partial” or even “blurred” (stopping and then returning for periodic employment) “preretirement”. There are...
  • Hire Image’s Top 10 Background Screening Predictions for 2019

    When it comes to background screening, drug testing, and employment verification’s, those in the background screening industry must keep informed of the ever-changing rules, regulations, laws, and court decisions. What are the most impactful topics facing the industry for 2019? Of those,...
  • Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know

    Some employers look into your background before deciding whether to hire you, or before deciding whether you can keep your job. When they do, you have legal rights. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces a federal law that regulates background reports for employment, and the Equal...
  • 6 Startling Stats that Show Why Pre- & Post-Employment Drug Screening is Critical

    It's easy to spout off startling statistics, but without context, those stats remain just that: startling. Understanding a statistic's relevance is what makes a statistic useful. A good stat should help you make a more informed decision regarding your talent acquisition and retention process.
  • Download Now: 8 Things Employers and New Marketing Executives Must Know to Succeed in Onboarding

    The onboarding process is critical to the long-term success of a new marketing executive. However, it can be more difficult than you would expect for both the hiring company and the new executive if it’s not completed properly. This free guide covers 8 ways both employers and new executives can...
  • Coaching Assessment Tool

    The ability to set and consistently achieve one’s goals has many benefits including improved performance and heightened self-confidence. Conversely, it can be quite demotivating to repeatedly fall short of a goal or become stuck and unable to move forward. This is an area where coaching has been...
  • Validity and Reliability of The WorkPlace Big Five Profie

    Today's organizations and leaders face a demanding challenge in choosing from among thousands of personality assessment products and services. Validity and reliability are especially important factors to consider when evaluating assessments. Valid and reliabe assessments have been proven to be a...
  • The Public Health Threat is Real

    States with Legalized Pot Do Appear to Experience More Car Crashes
  • Guide to Launching Your First Employee Recognition Program

    Everything you need to know to build, budget and launch your program
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Toolkit

    This toolkit is intended to help employers that sponsor group health plans understand their compliance obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It also provides sample resources to help employers comply with HIPAA’s documentation requirements for their...
  • 2018 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report

    The results are in! We surveyed 350+ hiring professionals to learn about their HR priorities, budgets, hiring practices and secrets to success. Download the report to find out what they had to say.
  • Meet Paul Meshanko

    Author, professional speaker and business leader with over 20 years of experience in leadership development and organizational culture change.
  • Taking Your HR Onboarding Paperless with Ademero

    Your HR Department is the core of your company, handling entire lifecycles of paperwork for your employees and for the whole company. When it comes to a paperless office initiative, HR Departments are usually some of the last to make the leap to a paperless workflow because of the sheer volume...
  • 5 Steps to Mastering The Hiring Process

    In this guide, we’ll cover the five steps that will help you master the hiring process and deliver a great candidate experience.
  • How to Use Employee Availability Forms Efficiently

    Employee availability forms are your key to reducing shift scheduling headaches, but they’re just another form in the file if you aren’t using them the right way.
  • American Time and Labor Company

    Helping American companies manage employees, labor laws and payroll.
  • Applied Industrial Technologies Case Study

    See how Applied Industrial Technologies realized a $12.9 million lift in sales with AI-assisted hiring.
  • Partner Up to Hire Smart in a Tight Labor Market

    Companies are finding it harder than it has been for some time to find and hire top talent. A tightening labor market has tipped the scales towards the employee, and even the most sought-after companies are finding that they have to raise their game. This challenging environment also means...
  • Performance Appraisals that Transform Employee Performance

    Have you ever wondered exactly how many employees hate receiving regular performance reviews? The answer is…probably most of them! No one enjoys receiving negative feedback and employee performance reviews are often viewed as one-way discussions leading to criticism of the employee. However,...
  • HCM Lifecycle Part 6 - Analysis: Developing Effective Frontline Managers

    By giving your frontline managers the tools, training, and latitude they need to hold on to your best hourly workers, you can expediently improve retention, reduce the drag on your business caused by needless turnover, and save a substantial amount of money in the process.
  • Building a Compelling Employee Value Proposition: A Step-by-Step Approach to Making your EVP Real

    Get the eBook for tips and best practices on building, living, and sustaining a compelling EVP, including how to: discover and clarify the employee experience that is the essence of your EVP, conceptualize and articulate your EVP through messaging and imagery that reflects your values and...
  • Enroll in MBP!

    Employee benefits are expensive. Provident Funding’s Mortgage Benefit Program is FREE for your organization, and your employees. If you are looking for an employee benefit program that will offset the rising cost of benefits for your employees at NO cost to your organization, look to MBP....
  • Determine ALE Status

    Are you an Applicable Large Employer (ALE)? Do you know how to determine your ALE Status? Read this white paper from ACA GPS to learn how more.
  • Why Validate? The Importance of Selection Procedure Validity

    Tests and other selection procedures should be shown to be job-related and of business necessity, especially if the selection procedure has an adverse impact on the hiring, promotion, or other employment opportunities of members of any race, sex, or ethnic group. The Uniform Guidelines on...
  • CCP Services - One Page Download

    A listing of services most often requested of CCP.
  • To Ask, Or Not To Ask?

    Employees often wonder about asking questions on the job. What questions should I figure out myself, or ask my boss about? How many times is too many to ask for clarification? How many questions is too many? Questions are a completely normal and necessary part of being an employee...
  • Building Buy-in From Leadership

    A powerful social mission infuses company environments with positive opportunities to engage and retain employees. But how do you develop a culture of engagement through employee giving and connect results to your company's employee retention and recruitment goals?
  • Top CFO Interview Questions for New Recruiters

    Top CFO Interview Questions for New Recruiters 1.Is the candidate currently employed full time? 2.What is their reason for considering a new opportunity? 3.What are their reasons for movement over the last several years? 4.Specifically what made them leave each position and move to the...
  • Hidden Opportunity: The Employee Experience and Workplace Injury Prevention

    A hot trend in HR offers a fresh approach to reduce workplace injuries. The employee experience. In a new white paper, Hidden Opportunity: The Employee Experience and Workplace Injury Prevention, you’ll discover how to use personal relationships with onsite healthcare providers to reduce...
  • Smart Beta Investing: What Retirement Program Fiduciaries Need to Know

    Smart beta (or factor-based) investing is growing in its understanding, acceptance and usage in the asset management industry. While the use of stand-alone options using these strategies in retirement plans is limited due to their primarily ETF presence, their usage inside of asset allocation...
  • Re-Imagining the Workplace as a Hub for Financial Wellness

    Financial concerns are Americans’ number one source of stress. For employees, financial worries affect their focus and productivity on the job, leading to profitability losses for companies. Employers have woken up to this reality in recent years, and more and more companies are investing in HR...
  • “Boiled Business (Frog) Syndrome”

    In this white paper, we discuss the “Boiled Business (Frog) Syndrome” and its negative effects on company culture, leadership, and strategy. We also cover how this syndrome affects customer satisfaction, retention, and brand perception. The “Boiled Business (Frog) Syndrome” creates Gatekeepers....
  • Is your sales enablement system preventing sales?

    First there were sales portals—in theory, a great idea for putting sales collateral and other selling tools in one easy-to-access repository. But no one used them. Sales enablement tools followed closely behind, with the compelling promise of an intelligent software platform that would bridge...
  • Enforcing Restrictive Covenants in Foreign Locations

    Anytime a company sends an employee on assignment, there are multiple issues to consider when dealing with the host country’s employment and labor laws. One area that may be overlooked is the use of restrictive covenants in the employment contract, which can help protect the employer’s business...
  • CDH Account Trends: Tax-Advantaged Account Usage, Outlook and Perceptions

    In 2018, employees are more concerned than ever about health care expenses in retirement. Does your benefits plan meet employee expectations? Download the ConnectYourCare 2018 CDH Trends Report for these and more valuable insights into the spending patterns and demographic trends of...
  • Connected Culture

    Learn the 6 key ways to help employees make an impact: 1. Know what truly motivates your people 2. Create a compelling purpose together 3. Create and expand ‘line of sight’ for everyone 4. Create community outlets for connection 5. Lead persuasively and transparently 6. Craft roles to...
  • Integrating wellness services into an occupational medical practice

    Learn how to successfully develop and integrate a worksite wellness service linen into an existing occupational medical practice, as was done at a large health system in Maine using the Wellness Works Tracking System. OMC can help you develop a business and marketing plan to help you...
  • Why Implementing a Strong Onboarding Program for Your Organization is Crucial

    As you may be aware of, finding an extraordinary job candidate is a time consuming, hit-or-miss process. With many hours and funds going into recruiting, placing job ads, sending emails, making phone calls, scheduling interviews and finally making a job offer—it’s crucial that all that time...
  • Atlas - Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Fidelity for Your 401(k) Plan

    Reuters Article – “Special Report: Fidelity puts 6 million savers on risky path to retirement”. This article is commenting based upon the following article by Reuters on March 5th, 2018. This doesn’t surprise our firm, nor should it surprise most of the Plan Sponsors out there, especially...
  • Benefit Integration: Industry Report

    This white paper reviews the need for benefit integration to attract and retain top talent, as well as realize increased benefit ROI, across all industries.
  • The 5-Point Checklist to Evaluate Your Compliance Readiness

    How do you know for sure that you're managing compliance with labor laws and regulations correctly and accurately? Start by completing this checklist. Responses to a recent Kronos® survey of 812 HR and payroll managers identified five key compliance readiness issues that organizations need to...
  • Case Study: Port saves money, has happier employees with cloud-based HCM solution

    Learn how this Port dramatically streamlined its HR and payroll functions and saved a whopping 70% annually by deploying PayNorthwest's cloud-based payroll and HR solution.
  • How Design Thinking Can Improve Your Candidate Experience

    Employera Senior Partner, Experience Design, Mariana Somma, shares thoughts on applying design thinking principles to improve your candidates' experience with your organization. Mariana is also a lecturer at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.
  • Workers Compensation Premium Discounts: A Brief Overview

    Discounts vary by state and some states even offer multiple discounts. Following is a brief overview of which states offer workers’ compensation premium discounts.
  • Stop Turning A Blind Eye To Your Labor Liabilities

    Conduuit helps mitigate risk and maximize your contingent talent investment
  • Crelate: The Recruiters Guide to ATS Data Migrations

    Data migrations are often viewed by business professionals as a major obstacle that is simply too difficult and too costly to take on. This guide provides a vendor agnostic overview of the data migration process, steps to consider and things to watch out for. This guide covers all aspects of...
  • TalentCast - Intelligent Targeting to Attract Diversity Candidates

    Research has proven that a diverse workforce drives better business outcomes for companies, compelling organizations of all sizes andindustries to commit to advancing Diversity recruitment and inclusion in their workplaces. America’s Job Exchange (AJE) leverages a decade of diversity...
  • Active Shooter Legal White Paper

    Description of legal liability regarding Active Shooter and Workplace Violence. Case law examples of monetary losses, and legal grounds of previous situations.
  • How to Hire Right the First Time

    Hiring is never easy. Let us help you hire right the first time.
  • The Total Cost of Ownership: How to Achieve Perfect I-9 Compliance While Reducing Costs and Saving y

    Do you know what your current I-9 process is costing your organization? Companies today are leveraging the I-9 and E-Verify Total Cost of Ownership analysis to uncover I-9 cost savings, eliminate their I-9 compliance risk and become more efficient than ever before. Read the Whitepaper to find...
  • Employee Self-Service & Self-Service Kiosks: A Significant Cost Saving Solution

    Self-Service Kiosks and Human Resources The rapid rate at which Human Resource departments are evolving is forcing a paradigm shift in HR professionals who have often assumed the roles of compliance managers, benefits administrators, paperwork processors, policy and procedure educators and...
  • 360 Degree Feedback Best Practices

    This white paper provides start-to-finish advice for organizations that are looking to implement the process as well as those that have conducted 360 surveys for many years. The information is organized based on 12 of the most common questions asked by our clients.
  • SAML Single Sign-on for Higher Education

    Putting an end to students’ and faculty’s complaints about the requirement to remember multiple passwords is an objective at many universities. With multiple web applications being accessed, IT staff also struggle to manage multiple user repositories. For example, when a password changes in...
  • The Definitive Guide to Creating Policies and Procedures

    Develop clear policies and procedures with our white paper on best practices for human resource managers, policy writers, content developers, technical communicators, and administrative staff.
  • Become a talent magnet with student loan benefits

    Student loan benefits are changing the industry. Today's workforce is looking for an employer that will help them tackle their biggest financial concern – student debt. But while 80% of candidates want student loan benefits, only 4% of companies are actually offering them. That's a big gap in...
  • A Different Way to Look at Leadership

    In a healthy organization, an effective leader's behavior and character is different from the way the media typically portrays the concept of leadership.
  • A Practical Guide to Giving and Receiving Employee Feedback

    We all know employee feedback is essential. Employees crave it. Managers rely on it to improve and reward employee performance. Organizations depend on an exchange of feedback to grow employees and leaders, improve engagement, and retain top talent. So why do we resist it? Why is giving and...
  • The 4A framework to reinvent your performance management approach

    As organisations reinvent their approaches to performance management, the experts are divided on the new best practices to adopt. The inconvenient truth is there is no one size fits all approach. The 4A framework provides the imperatives for agile performance management and emphaisises...
  • HR Software Buyer's Guide

    Discover the secret to buying HR software without hours of research! Revolutionize your software buying experience by eliminating the guesswork and frustration using our HRIS Buyer's Guide.
  • Using Independent Recruiters to Locate Top Talent

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Popular Recruitment Models

    Succinct and relevant information about working with the Dover Consulting Group
  • 5 Keys to Fixing Communication Before You Lose ANOTHER Employee

    Masterful communication is vital for your success as a manager. Motivating employees, sharing your vision, and interacting with customers all depends on your ability to properly communicate. As a manager, you are in the business of human relationships. You must learn how to communicate well...
  • The Importance of Recognition in the Workplace

    A good compliment goes a long way. The impact of positive recognition in today’s workplace can be summed up in two results: repeated good behavior and motivation. When a manager, executive, or peer affirms a success, the employee knows their contribution is valuable. But how does recognition...
  • Why People Skills are Still Being Taught at Work

    How and why would a “soft” skills voluntary training course hold up for decades in a wide diversity of organizations, corporate cultures, and in a constantly evolving workplace? Three human resource veterans indifferent states who have never met, answer these questions, while sharing their...
  • BACKGROUND CHECK COMPLIANCE: Mitigating Risk to Your Business

    This in-depth guide will help you land on the right side of the FCRA, EEOC and ban-the-box laws. We’ll help you understand a background check provider’s role in helping you maintain compliance when conducting background checks, and using background check results to make hiring decisions. We’ll...
  • Why Talent Management Systems Fail - 5 Years On

    Review of the trends in Talent Management Systems since 2010. The complaints, the wish lists of those looking for systems, and the reasons why, 5 years later, today’s systems still do not live up to their promise. The DNA for a successful Talent Management system - one that does deliver on the...
  • US Payroll Archiving Strategy- What do we do with historical data?

    This paper provides insight into the scope, pitfalls, and best practices regarding the complex question of "What will we do with our historical data?" when changing vendors. Today more than ever ownership of data has become a strategic HR and Payroll challenge- many SaaS and ASP vendors have...
  • Executive Development for Succession

    They have years of industry experience and expertise in their field. They have history with the company and are aligned with the culture. They’re loyal, have good judgment, and have a strong work ethic. In short, these leaders have the potential to successfully move into positions of greater...
  • What Does it Mean to Be Globally Competent?

    To contribute to the valuable and ongoing debate regarding the definition of global citizenship and global competency, this study proposes a definition developed through the use of a Delphi Technique involving human resource managers at top transnational corporations, senior international...
  • How to Perform Compensation Benchmarking & Set Salary Ranges

    Potential employees are more informed than ever about the salaries paid for the same position at multiple companies. To compete for talent, you must be aware of what the market is paying for certain skills and develop fair and reasonable salary ranges in your company. Download this...
  • Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery Survey in 2015

    Information Services Group (ISG) conducted its second annual Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery Survey during the second half of 2015. The survey explores the changing landscape of HR technology and service delivery.
  • Developing a Strong Company Culture

    Bluebridge recently teamed up with FirstPerson and Todd Richardson to bring you this excellent resource. As a Bluebridge partner and FirstPerson Entrepreneur in Residence, Todd Richardson has consulted with hundreds of clients about how to transform their company culture into a competitive...
  • Exit Interview Process Q&A

    We sat down with Deb Dwyer, Founder and President of HSD Metrics, to talk about how exit interviews have taken on new meaning and importance over the years. Over her 30+ years of human resource management and survey research, Deb has helped companies discover opportunities to improve their...
  • Electronic Document Management: Capture the Benefits

    Today, it’s hardly a secret that EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) deliver significant monetary savings and numerous other advantages over the use and maintenance of hard copy records. Consequently, you can bet that any company or firm looking to expand profitability and viability...
  • 21 of the Most Common 1-9 FAQs

    Dear Managers, Supervisors and Business Owners, After training and consulting with thousands of HR managers and other Compliance Warriors over the last 15 years, I have asked and answered just about every I-9 question. So, I just decided to take the most common questions and provide the...
  • The Evolving Value Proposition of Video Interviewing

    Video interviewing is quickly becoming a recruiting best practice for many enterprises with more recognizing the value of purpose-built video interviewing over general chat or conference tools. While either can give you some cost and time savings, only purpose-built video interviewing adds to...
  • 7 Tips for Packing Like a Pro

    Regardless of the distance traveled, relocating is always a hectic time. But often the most stressful part comes in the form of packing and organizing. For some amazing tips on packing and moving, we've turned to a specialist. Elijah Seiple is a Crew Leader for Gentle Moving Company, based in...
  • Unleash the people power of your business in less than 90 days

    Today’s new breed of agile, fast-growing, global businesses often find themselves held back by IT systems that were designed for a slower-paced, more predictable world. Nowhere is this more true than in HR, where incumbent systems do little more than keep a record of paperwork. These outdated...
  • Why Companies Outsource Research And Recruiting Services

    When deciding to outsource research and recruiting services, many organizations start with the same question: Which activities should be outsourced, and which are we capable of doing in-house? Today with hiring on the rise and the war for talent at an all time high, many companies are being...
  • The Importance of Job Descriptions

    Job descriptions are a diverse tool for Human Resources. Whether used for hiring or conducting a performance review, at some time one or many job descriptions have crossed your desk as an HR professional. In short, a job description is a “written statement that describe the duties,...
  • Unemployment Tip - The Importance of the Final Incident

    The final incident is the very last event that led to the decision to terminate an employee. In other words, the event but for which the termination would not have taken place. Many employers wonder why they are losing unemployment claims for terminated employees who have a long history of poor...
  • 4 Simple Ways Staffing Agencies Can Build Better Client-Agency Relationships

    Let’s face it, the recruitment business is about building relationships. As a recruiter for a staffing agency, building good relationships means increased business and client trust, so you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to make your clients happy. If you’re a staffing agency that’s...
  • 2015 Retirement Plans Quick Reference Guide

    This guide contains information on a wide variety of tax-qualified retirement for both individuals and employers.
  • Perpetual Award Programs Provide Daily Motivation

    The traditional year-end award ceremony provides an opportunity to acknowledge excellence in a formal setting. On-the-spot recognition is ideal for offering instant informal affirmation. Somewhere between these two very different approaches lies the often-overlooked perpetual award program.
  • HR Software Buyer's Guide

    When you are responsible for choosing a human resource information system (HRIS), it can be difficult to determine which system is right for your company. This guide will provide you with 10 steps to help you select the correct system. You will learn how to determine your needs, look at various...
  • The Difference between an International and Domestic Background Check

    The news is everywhere about how both Domestic and International organizations have a desire to eliminate potential problematic candidates who can infringe on the security of the workplace, and of their clients. With the current ‘ban the box’ legislation being passed throughout the United States...
  • 4 Steps to Complying with the FCRA when Conducting Background Checks

    A White Paper for Business Leaders & Human Resource Professionals Before requesting a background check (consumer report), the client/employer must certify in writing to the consumer reporting agency (background screening service provider) that they will follow FCRA rules concerning disclosure,...