White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Maxwell For Employers: Platform OverviewBy

    Maxwell provides an easy-to-use technology platform that acts as your HR command center, making it simple to manage employee information and benefits.
  • Online Recruiting Made EasyBy

    Discover Hiring Happiness
  • How to Use Employee Availability Forms EfficientlyBy

    Employee availability forms are your key to reducing shift scheduling headaches, but they’re just another form in the file if you aren’t using them the right way.
  • American Time and Labor CompanyBy

    Helping American companies manage employees, labor laws and payroll.
  • Partner Up to Hire Smart in a Tight Labor MarketBy

    Companies are finding it harder than it has been for some time to find and hire top talent. A tightening labor market has tipped the scales towards the employee, and even the most sought-after companies are finding that they have to raise their game. This challenging environment also means...
  • Performance Appraisals that Transform Employee PerformanceBy

    Have you ever wondered exactly how many employees hate receiving regular performance reviews? The answer is…probably most of them! No one enjoys receiving negative feedback and employee performance reviews are often viewed as one-way discussions leading to criticism of the employee. However,...
  • Better Teams, Better ResultsBy

    The simple yet powerful practice of using the Performance-Values (PV) Matrix to manage your team will unlock the full potential of your business. The four quadrants represent the four possible combinations of high or low performance and high or low values. To hold your team accountable for...
  • HCM Lifecycle Part 6 - Analysis: Developing Effective Frontline ManagersBy

    By giving your frontline managers the tools, training, and latitude they need to hold on to your best hourly workers, you can expediently improve retention, reduce the drag on your business caused by needless turnover, and save a substantial amount of money in the process.
  • How to Calculate the Real Cost of Employee TurnoverBy

    We provide the free tools and show you how to calculate how much turnover really costs your organization.
  • Building a Compelling Employee Value Proposition: A Step-by-Step Approach to Making your EVP RealBy

    Get the eBook for tips and best practices on building, living, and sustaining a compelling EVP, including how to: discover and clarify the employee experience that is the essence of your EVP, conceptualize and articulate your EVP through messaging and imagery that reflects your values and...
  • Enroll in MBP!By

    Employee benefits are expensive. Provident Funding’s Mortgage Benefit Program is FREE for your organization, and your employees. If you are looking for an employee benefit program that will offset the rising cost of benefits for your employees at NO cost to your organization, look to MBP....
  • OFCCP Has Been Busy!By

    In furtherance of the OFCCPs efforts to become more transparent and efficient, August ushered in 5 different initiatives and/or directives. We have reviewed each new directive and initiative and provided a brief synopsis of each one for you.
  • Promotional Programs - Having the Most Qualified WorkforceBy

    Starting a promotional program and the types of assessments that can be used to determine which candidates to promote.
  • The 4 Most Important Traits of a Successful CMO in 2017By

    There’s no universal “perfect formula” for a CMO right now. What works best will depend on an organization’s structure, culture and market. But given current trends in technology, marketing, and business as a whole, there are a few capabilities that will be universally essential for a head of...
  • To Ask, Or Not To Ask?By

    Employees often wonder about asking questions on the job. What questions should I figure out myself, or ask my boss about? How many times is too many to ask for clarification? How many questions is too many? Questions are a completely normal and necessary part of being an employee...
  • 5 Key Steps to Starting an Employee Volunteer ProgramBy

    Through employee volunteer and skills giving programs, companies and their employees have the opportunity to strengthen nonprofit capacity and efficiency and form truly strategic relationships that bring value to everyone involved. Where should your company even start, and how can you be sure...
  • Affirmative Action PlanBy

    We have provided you this quick, non-exhaustive checklist to highlight your affirmative action full requirements.
  • The Unarticulated Value of a Corporate Alumni ProgramBy

    Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting - Think 'Alumni' and initially recruitment and boomerang hires come to mind. Dig a little deeper and uncover ten key areas where a healthy, engaged and thriving Alumni ecosystem generates profound value.
  • Hidden Opportunity: The Employee Experience and Workplace Injury PreventionBy

    A hot trend in HR offers a fresh approach to reduce workplace injuries. The employee experience. In a new white paper, Hidden Opportunity: The Employee Experience and Workplace Injury Prevention, you’ll discover how to use personal relationships with onsite healthcare providers to reduce...
  • Questions to ask when selecting compensation surveysBy

    What should I look for in a compensation survey? Not all compensation surveys are created equal. Consider the below survey evaluation questions when choosing your company’s main 3 pay survey sources. The questions are in order from the most important questions down to nice-to-have.
  • Re-Imagining the Workplace as a Hub for Financial WellnessBy

    Financial concerns are Americans’ number one source of stress. For employees, financial worries affect their focus and productivity on the job, leading to profitability losses for companies. Employers have woken up to this reality in recent years, and more and more companies are investing in HR...
  • The Simple Secret Behind Improving EngagementBy

    The competitive landscape that organizations exist within is intense. Industries are shifting landscapes as new technologies and ways of doing business necessitate an evolving corporate paradigm. ‘Evolve or be obsolete’ seems to be the harsh mantra of a rapidly changing world. Within this...
  • How to Write a Great CFO Job DescriptionBy

    CFO Job descriptions are typically written by an HR executive and/or the President or CEO of a company. They are typically used to describe the duties, responsibilities and requirements for a CFO Job opening. While a traditional CFO Job description does a fine job in describing duties,...
  • Communicating ACA Health Plan Options to Hourly EmployeesBy

    With over 1,000 hourly team members working at fast food restaurants in six states, the franchisee wanted team members to be aware of the 2014 requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to enroll in a medical plan or face paying a penalty.
  • CDH Account Trends: Tax-Advantaged Account Usage, Outlook and PerceptionsBy

    In 2018, employees are more concerned than ever about health care expenses in retirement. Does your benefits plan meet employee expectations? Download the ConnectYourCare 2018 CDH Trends Report for these and more valuable insights into the spending patterns and demographic trends of...