White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Inova Case Study - Stone Rudolph & Henry

    Stone Rudolph & Henry joined the referral partner program with Inova and helped clients outsource payroll to the experts.
  • Compensation Analysis & the OFCCP

    Federal contractors who are required to complete written affirmative action plans are also required to annually perform an analysis of their compensation practices. OFCCP most recently spoke to the issue by revising Directive 2022-01.
  • Remote Hiring and Form I-9

    Learn more about remote I-9 verification, including the alternative document procedure. Gain insights about the Form I-9 document review process and access best practices, tools, and tips in this complimentary white paper.
  • Quiet Quitting

    Over the last few years, life as we know it has forever changed, including the way businesses operate. The pandemic sparked new conversations about what it means to truly be happy with your job, and topics that were formerly considered “personal matters” like mental health became the forefront...
  • 5 ways employees would improve internal communication

    By listening to thousands of employees through focus groups, interviews and surveys, we’ve gained a unique perspective about what employees want from communication. Now you can use our insights to create and deliver more effective employee communication in your organization. We combed through...
  • DiSC® - Understanding the Si (Steady / Influence) Style

    This lesson continues our increased understanding of not just the four quadrants with which we are already familiar, rather an understanding how changing proximity (distance to a neighboring style) within a particular quadrant yields a result which identifies a separate, unique DiSC® style....
  • How a Nationwide Employer Improved Benefits Literacy for Remote Employees

    Prior to partnering with Flimp, this company’s HR team had worked with a few larger firms on their benefits-communication campaigns. However, they quickly realized the larger firms’ solutions were overwhelming, costly, one size fits all and, in general, they lacked individual attention for clients.
  • Long COVID: Assessing and Managing Workforce Impact

    Employers need information, guidance, and insights that enable innovative and practical approaches for managing long COVID. To help them support workers with the condition, the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), a national nonprofit association focused on education for absence and...