White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Continuing Employee Education, Boosts the Value of Your Greatest Asset

    If you ran a trucking business, you would likely jump at the chance to double the miles each of your vehicles could travel on a tank of gas. If you ran a computer-chip factory, you would no doubt embrace a way to make your assembly line robots significantly increase their daily output. And if...
  • 2022 Megatrends in HR

    The past two years we’ve changed when, where, and how we work. People are seeking entirely new paths to purpose and fulfillment. Despite continued high unemployment, we’re witnessing talent scarcity and mass resignations in record numbers. It appears the balance is shifting: Employees have more...
  • The State of Workplace Connection Report 2022

    In a new data-based report, we explore the complete findings from our surveys and offer key strategies to help organizations listen, learn, adapt, and close this Connection Gap to serve both their people and their business goals.
  • The New Hybrid Workplace: Built on Resilience, Transparency, & Trust

    Organizations have not yet fully grasped the complex dynamics required for successful hybrid work environments. There are disconnects among employee segments regarding preferred work environments, and leaders may have faulty assumptions about how effectively they’re helping their workforce to...
  • The Pay Equity Communications Planner

    Ready to talk the talk with pay equity? Our Pay Equity Communications Planner provides step-by-step instructions on how to talk about pay equity to employees, investors, the c-suite, and other key stakeholders.
  • Respectful Leadership Report — The Case for Respect

    An overview of the current state of disrespect, toxic cultures, lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in our work places and communities. And how The Center for Respectful Leadership™ is using respect and Respectful Leadership™ to create organizational transformation and sustainable business...
  • HR's Role in Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture - Part 2: Onboarding

    Honestly assessing where you are at in the process of creating a diverse and inclusive culture is as important in creating a plan to move forward. Creating a inclusive culture takes time, effort and a consistent message beginning with the end in mind.
  • WILL Evidence of Effectiveness

    This document contains selected examples of evidence of the effectiveness for WILL Interactive's proprietary interactive behavior modification system. It contains: • Publicly available statistics • Evaluation summaries WILL is authorized to share
  • Recruitment, Onboarding, and Engagement in 2022

    Looking to improve your recruitment, onboarding, and engagement in 2022? There are many approaches to take for these processes, and the pandemic made things a bit more complex for hiring and retaining talented employees. That’s why we’ve put together this Recruitment, Onboarding, and Engagement...
  • Navigating The Great Resignation: How Financial Empowerment Can Help Companies

    Employee retention is more critical than ever. One out of every four employees is looking for a new job. Do you know what turnover is really costing your business? And what really makes employees choose to remain? Download the report to find out!
  • WorkStep eBook: How to Combat Frontline Turnover

    In this eBook, learn how HR professionals are implementing new systems to help them combat frontline worker turnover in a challenging labor market.
  • 2022 Employee Engagement Trends Report

    2021 proved to be a time of adjustment for many as they learned how to live and work while facing ever-changing circumstances due to the ongoing pandemic. The importance of asking, listening and engaging with your workforce has become even more critical as the normal work/life balance has been...
  • How to Set Up Employee Challenges Your Teams Will Want to Participate In

    Are your employees participating in your wellness programs? If they’re not, you’re not alone. Recent research by Gartner shows that, while 80% of companies offer physical well-being programs, less than one-third of employees actually use them. Uptake rates are even worse when it comes to...
  • The Business Case for Coaching Leaders at the Middle of the Organization

    For decades, organizations have invested in executive coaches for their most senior leaders to build capacity and provide strategic leadership from the top down. Executives consider these engagements vital to their growth and often credit their coaches with helping them to discover new ways of...
  • Talent 360

    Over 300,000 Assignments Since 1993, TalentLogistiX (TLX) has delivered over 300,000 contractors to clients in the fields of Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Using our time proven approach combining hard work, putting people first and leveraging innovative technologies, we...
  • Here’s How to Keep Your Workforce Intact as the Great Resignation Continues

    The “Great Resignation” is a signal that the balance of power is shifting toward employees, and the pendulum won’t be swinging back any time soon. Americans are increasingly prioritizing personal happiness and the search for purposeful work over jobs that simply pay the bills. As a result,...
  • Six Ways Employers Can Trip Up While Handling the Form I-9 and E-Verify

    When it comes to new hires, there is no shortage of rules and regulations for employees and employers to comply with. This sentiment holds even more true when it comes to navigating the Form I-9 and E-Verify, but there are six top mistakes employers can make when it comes to their hiring...
  • Path to Authentic Leadership - Part II

    Continuing on the path to leading through your values.
  • Background Check Health Report: Check Up 20 Questionnaire

    Is your background screening program performing as well as it should? Are you paying too much? Are you missing out on vital information? These 20 questions can help you assess your program to ensure you're getting the most out of your background screening provider.
  • Cyber Attack: Reaching Employees When All Other Systems Are Down

    How one national High Ground Solutions client was able to leverage our web-based platform to reach out to all employees after a cyber attack shut down all other communications and access to records.
  • The Ultimate Guide To HR Service Delivery

    Use this comprehensive guide to learn the ins and outs of high-quality, modernized HRSD.