White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • The COVID-19 Vaccine Guide For EmployersBy

    As COVID-19 vaccines become available to the public, the prospects of “normalcy” in the workplace have become an enticing prospect for employers. But many questions remain, from the legality of mandating vaccination to ensuring that employees who want the vaccine can receive it. In this white...
  • The importance of a spouse surcharge auditBy

    Our spouse surcharge audits have identified hundreds of thousands in missing deductions.
  • Enhance Your E-Learning and Increase ProfitsBy

    Read why Enhancing Your E-Learning will Increase Your Profits
  • A Guide to Outsourcing HRBy

    Your organization is growing, and along with it, your bottom line. You and your employees are proud of your business’s success, but as time passes, you’ve observed that your coworkers are spending more time on paperwork administration and less time on strategy. You know your enterprise needs...
  • Plan Future Incentive Travel TODAYBy

    While travel may be iffy, now is the time to plan future incentive travel....take advantage of rates and availability today...we've been there. We know group incentive travel.
  • Optimize Business Process Management with a No-Code PlatformBy

    Accelerate Process Digitization with No Code Platforms. Future-proof your business with an intuitive no-code business process digitization platform.
  • No More Stress - The Power of the MindBy

    The pandemic has created a sense of shared experience around the globe. As a result, the world has been working together – and focusing on the present – to navigate COVID and its many variants. Officials and scientists had no time to dwell and regret the past and were forced to face the current...
  • Bridge the Workforce Skills Gap: 3 Key Places to StartBy

    It’s been said that 2020 brought about three years of digital transformation in three months. The initial phases of that transformation centered on adapting to the dramatic and sudden changes thrust upon us, such as enabling remote, distributed workforces to simply work, communicate, and...
  • HR Avatar Automated Reference ChecksBy

    HR Avatar's Automated Reference Checks are a multi-rater survey for a job candidate. The candidate enters the name and contact info for 2-8 past supervisors and co-workers, who then complete a customized survey regarding their experience and observations while working with the candidate. The...
  • Leadership StylesBy

    Learn the characteristics of these 5 different Leadership styles and how they express themselves.
  • Build a Better Business Through Better PeopleBy

    An employee benefit at no cost to your business.
  • Empowering your Employee's Health with Health KarmaBy

    Health Karma allows you to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare benefits to all of your employees, whether they are eligible for health insurance coverage or not.
  • 2021 Nonprofit Salaries & Staffing TrendsBy

    PNP STAFFING GROUP publishes annual SALARIES and STAFFING TRENDS Reports to help you compete effectively for talent in the marketplace. These reports provide nonprofit organizations with the most up-to-date information available, including salaries for 43 positions across five nonprofit budget...
  • A Company-Wide Approach to Tackling Employee BurnoutBy

    When the pandemic started to impact businesses, adrenaline kicked in and many organizations channeled that energy into great initiatives and behaviors that helped connect, recognize and support employees. Fast forward six months and that energy is fading — both leaders and employees are telling...
  • Employees Prefer Digital ExperienceBy

    Majority of your employees are probably millennials that preferer doing things online versus on paper or in-person.
  • The Great ResignationBy

    You have probably heard the swirling mass of speculation and opinions concerning the latest trend in the hiring world, “The Great Resignation,” coined by Anthony Klotz, a Texas A&M University associate management professor. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Klotz predicted that people...
  • Company Engagement StrategyBy

    Recognize is founded on modern principles of positive psychology. The result is a program centered on intrinsic motivation, reenforced behavior, and workflow integration. While other strategies surround around gifting of physical goods, the research shows this is a loosing strategy.1...
  • TABB INC. named one of HRTech Outlook’s Top Pre-Employment Screening CompaniesBy

    Is there an alternative process that can benefit candidates and employers? careerandtalenthub’s E-Reference Check platform offers solutions for employers that are looking for new alternatives and candidates seeking a proactive approach to the application process. Imagine viewing a resume or...
  • Rating Scale GuideBookBy

    Are your performance review rating scales not 'meeting expectations'? This guidebook will walk you through the right way to use rating scales to motive perormance.
  • Logi-Serve’s Key Role in the SEC’s New HCM Disclosure RequirementsBy

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently enacted new disclosure requirements to modernize corporate reporting by explicitly recognizing the vital role that human capital plays in determining corporate performance and value. Read this white paper to learn how Logi-Serve can help...
  • Download Free COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Form | Mask and Mandatory Vaccination PolicyBy

    As employers begin to reopen places of work, it is helpful to establish policies regarding masks and vaccination. This download includes: • COVID-19 VACCINATION VERIFICATION FORM | Ensure you have the proper documentation for employees that have received a COVID-19 vaccination • MASKS IN THE...
  • Helping Employers Optimize Health, Wellbeing and ResultsBy

    HPN Worldwide - Manage HR TOP 10 Corporate Wellness Solution Providers - 2020.
  • Keep Your Employees Safe: 7 Ways To Prepare For Workplace EmergenciesBy

    Millions of workplace injuries documented. This year's flu season the worst in nearly a decade. Dangerous perpetrators flooding headlines. Yet, statistics can’t prepare managers or employees for what to do when their workplace becomes a target for any type of critical issue. Crisis...
  • Aging-In-Place - eBookBy

    8 Key Areas to Improve Your Home To Age-In-Place
  • Bravely OverviewBy

    Every day, employees face critical moments in navigating their jobs. Companies need to be able to support employees in these make-or-break moments to build culture and drive success.