CareCounsel, LLC

101 Lucas Valley Road, Suite 360
San Rafael, CA 94903

About CareCounsel, LLC

Do your employees understand their health plans? Are they confused about new consumer-directed options? Do they grouse about their health plans' service levels? Is your HR department swamped with questions and troubleshooting requests? With the HIPAA privacy rules, how do you keep employees' health information outside of the corporate fold? Can you save costs with a health advocate?

CareCounsel, LLC is an expert healthcare advocacy organization focused on guiding employees through the complex healthcare system. Established in 1996, CareCounsel provides personalized support with healthcare options and optimizing healthcare benefits. Offering seamless integration into employer-sponsored benefit programs, they help employees make informed decisions about their health benefit concerns while also providing valuable support to HR professionals. Their commitment to reducing hassle and headaches in the healthcare experience makes CareCounsel a dedicated partner for both employees and employers.

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