White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • 5 Urine Drug Test Facts That Will Surprise YouBy

    According to a poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and done in collaboration with the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), 57% of employers conduct drug tests on every single job candidate. Thinking of starting employment drug testing but not...
  • How to Measure Company Culture and Employee EngagementBy

    Company culture and employee engagement are related – but, they’re not the same thing. Learn about the relationship between culture and engagement, plus best practices for measuring these critical pieces of the employee experience.
  • A Tool for Effective, Compliant Workplace InvestigationsBy

    Unsure whether case management software is right for your human resources department, or how it fits into the processes you already have in place? This buyer’s guide for software to manage workplace investigations will guide your decision making process and help you understand how investigative...
  • The Myth of Diversity vs. QualityBy

    In hiring committee meetings, we’ve all heard the common refrain, “We want diversity, but there are just no qualified candidates out there!” or even, “We can’t sacrifice quality for diversity.” Although they may sound harmless at first (after all, we all want the best and brightest on our...
  • Top 5 Tips to Lower Employee TurnoverBy

    Wondering how to decrease employee turnover in your company? Don’t panic. There are several tried-and-true steps you can take, as well as creative new solutions, to keep your star talent! Re-recruit your valued employees in these five key ways.
  • Big Global Mobility Trends to Watch in 2019By

    Every year we highlight emerging trends and update some evolving topics from previous years. Crown World Mobility’s 2019 trends shed light on how companies and our industry are responding to and, in some cases, driving today’s transformation with significant change.
  • Want to Tackle Workplace Harassment? AI is Your Secret WeaponBy

    Approximately 75% of incidents of workplace harassment and discrimination go unreported. That means you’re operating in the dark. But with an AI-based anonymous reporting tool, you can shed light on what’s really happening inside your organization.
  • HR Software Buyer's GuideBy

    10 steps to help you select the right HR/payroll solution for your organization.
  • National Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Data 2018By

    There are lots of reasons managers come looking for ways to increase employee engagement. They want to reduce turnover, hire the right people the first time, prioritize the customer experience, and be more profitable. Most senior executives (71%) rank employee engagement as very important to...
  • The most significant sex-based pay discrimination case in OFCCP HistoryBy

    Game changer for the OFCCP and federal contractors. The OFCCP will have to change its audit practices of federal contractors’ pay systems and its approach to “manufacturing” statistical evidence of pay discrimination.
  • Employee Engagement: Giving Your Employees a Voice in the WorkplaceBy

    Your employees want to be heard. Boost engagement by empowering them to share their experiences. In our e-book, we explain the correlation between employee engagement and company performance. If you're looking for: More productive employees Lower turnover and absenteeism Higher...
  • 2019 Guide to Severance Workforce TransitionBy

    RiseSmart’s 2019 Guide to Severance & Workforce Transition has the data and insights you need to design stellar severance programs that strengthen talent retention, and provides insightful competitive information to lead your organization toward delivering a 5-star employee experience that will...
  • Insightlink's Guide to Successful Employee ResearchBy

    In the past, many organizations viewed employee surveys as simply a human-resource driven initiative that gave their employees the opportunity to "let off steam" but had little strategic value. As a result, the results were often not regarded highly enough outside of HR for any positive action...
  • Four Ways to Justify Your New HCM and Payroll PurchaseBy

    In order to maintain peak performance, the HR Department must have the right resources in place. Whether you’re just beginning your HCM search or reevaluating your current system, this report will help you calculate ROI to justify HCM costs, measure “hard” versus “soft” dollars, and audit your...
  • Third Party Background Screening: The invisible workforce who handle your informationBy

    The trend of outsourcing certain services is increasing, as companies seek to unburden their operations and become more efficient. The risks inherent to handling your company’s confidential information and the sensitive personal data of your employees or clients require a higher degree of...
  • Reducing Drama, Social Conflict, & Negative Behaviors in the WorkplaceBy

    • Identify potential issues that may stir up conflict • Praise employee’s strengths and give positive feedback • Identify employee’s weaknesses in managing conflict and help with best practices • Address the situation immediately • Model appropriate behavior when working in teams • Avoid...
  • Using Tech To Find Top TalentBy

    TalentSorter article featured in HR Reporter Magazine, June 2018
  • COBRA Administration Case StudyBy

    We think our COBRA Administration solution is THE best, but don't just take our word for it. Our client, De Wafelbakkers, the international manufacturer of frozen breakfast products, recently shared their COBRA experience with us. We think their feedback will be invaluable for others looking to...
  • Wrap Plan Document and Web PortalBy

    MZQ's wrap plan document includes a web portal where employees can access necessary plan documents. The MZQ document and portal are designed to ensure that clients meet applicable legal requirements under ERISA.
  • Internal Communications Survival GuideBy

    The future of workplace communications will be more targeted, interactive, effective, and informative than ever before. This Internal Communications Survival Guide will provide you with tips to improve communication in the workplace and overcome the biggest issues facing communicators...
  • The Ultimate Guide to HR OutsourcingBy

    Should your business outsource HR compliance functions? How do you know what type of TPA or system to use? Learn more in this comprehensive guide to outsourcing human resources.
  • Games Smart Companies PlayBy

    With some of the greatest generational diversity in workplace history and an alarmingly high level of disengaged employees, organizations need to get in the game—literally. Increasingly, companies are “gamifying” their learning programs to engage a multigenerational workforce. But not just any...
  • Is your Talent Thriving?By

    The best HR professionals and managers know that high-performing talent is their organization’s most valued asset. While finding and keeping the best people can be difficult, keeping employees engaged, motivated and feeling valued, remains among HR’s most pressing challenges. At True Colors,...
  • Moving from Dependent to Interdependent RelationshipsBy

    Expanding Consciousness
  • How to Write Emails Your Employees will Actually ReadBy

    While email remains an essential tool for business communication, email overload and employee engagement present real challenges. With more than 200 billion emails sent and received every day, it is no surprise many go unopened or unread. Whether you are responsible for sending executive...