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White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Cyber Attack: Reaching Employees When All Other Systems Are DownBy

    How one national High Ground Solutions client was able to leverage our web-based platform to reach out to all employees after a cyber attack shut down all other communications and access to records.
  • The Ultimate Guide To HR Service DeliveryBy

    Use this comprehensive guide to learn the ins and outs of high-quality, modernized HRSD.
  • Executive Coaching GuideBy

    Our guide to helping you maximize your leadership based on 20 years of experience and helping over 20,000 leaders achieve results. Download Now To Learn How Executive Coaching Will Increase Your Impact & Business Results.
  • 2022's Biggest HR TrendsBy

    Companies of all sizes are experiencing a lot of recruitment and retention challenges in the employment landscape, and a better employee experience is one of the best ways to attract talent and keep workforces happy. Initiatives to improve experience, however, must be felt by every employee...
  • 6 Critical Soft Skills for Improving PerformanceBy

    The top four critical soft skills identified by the US Labor Dept. are work ethics, communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking. Of these organizations have embraced teams specifically as a strategy for dealing with the ever-increasing market competition and survival. In a...
  • How much time do HR professionals spend on work tasks?By

    HR Hero recently surveyed sixty HR professionals to understand how much time they spend on various work tasks. Here’s what we learned.
  • ACA 101 Toolkit 2021By

    The all new ACA 101 Toolkit for 2021 is here. Download this guide for important filing dates, penalty amounts, tips for improving ACA compliance, and steps to reduce IRS penalty risk.
  • Strengthening Workplace Safety - What Employers Must Do, Can Do, and Should DoBy

    This report walks employers through understanding OHSA ETS mandate, how to adopt a culture of safety, and top of mind questions to consider.
  • Top Benefits of Digitizing HR Employee Filing in 2022By

    Transform your employee filing strategy with a cloud document management system to streamline processes, cut time, and save costs.
  • How to Evaluate Your Benefits Administration Solution This YearBy

    And why having the right partner is more important than ever.
  • Goal Get It in 2022: Tips to Setting and Achieving Your Goals in the New YearBy

    Did you know that humans have been making New Year’s resolutions for about 4,000 years? Ancient Babylonians were known to mark the beginning of each new year by resolving to pay their debts and return items they had borrowed – in hopes that the gods would treat them favorably in the coming year....
  • 2022 HR Compliance CalendarBy

    Key dates and deadlines for HR compliance, from payroll to benefits and beyond.\n
  • The Definitive Guide to Managing a Remote TeamBy

    Over 100 pages of actionable advice for building, hiring, managing and leading an effective and affordable remote team.
  • Technology's Role in Training for High Performance: Target Results, Not Delivery MethodsBy

    The 21st century has brought a watershed of high-technology options for delivering sophisticated training 24/7 to employees working on the front lines of businesses around the globe. Although a comprehensive training methodology can provide relevant examples, a chance to reflect and discuss,...
  • 8 Critical Soft Skills for Workplace ReadinessBy

    Statistics show that most employees are hired because of their technical skills; however, many of them are let go (or quit) because of their lack of soft skills. Research shows that as much as 85% of success in the workplace is dependent on soft skills and only 15% is due to technical skills....
  • The Guide to Modern Employee RecognitionBy

    This quick start guide to modern employee recognition includes the information, tools, and techniques you'll need to build a recognition-rich company culture. You'll learn about: -The fundamentals of employee recognition -Types of employee recognition -Recognition programs and strategies -Useful...
  • Developing your Covid-19 OSHA Compliance PlanBy

    Throughout the pandemic, we've helped companies nationwide implement the testing and vaccine verification programs they've needed to bring their teams back to work safely. From that experience, we've learned what it takes to create a seamless, effective program. This guide reviews the OSHA...
  • Creating a Positive Customer Experience in Any Language!By

    Earning the loyalty of customers starts with hiring employees who can communicate in the target language of your buyers. Multilingual employees provide a valuable resource and certainly give companies a competitive advantage. Certifying the language skills of your multilingual employees will...
  • How an H.R. Manager can Become a Chief H.R. OfficerBy

    The answer in a sentence is: By seeing yourself in that role. The further answer in another sentence is: By understanding that companies and organizations are composed of people and their relationships.
  • Free Recruiter Training Resources 2021By

    You’re uniquely positioned to drive your organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts forward. Here are six steps to help you take your next step.
  • The 4 Pillars of Effective Succession Planning: Redefining Traditional ModelsBy

    Many organizations have addressed the near-term succession challenges by hiring retired employees as consultants, or implemented policies such as flex hours, telecommuting, part time and job sharing. While these tactics help bridge the gap, they do not represent a solid strategic approach to...
  • Gut and Mental HealthBy

    You may have heard about the gut-brain connection but may be wondering what the hype is all about these days. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world shifted in a multitude of ways. A focus on mental health came to the forefront – as did undesired weight changes. With over 40% of individuals...
  • Our AudienceBy

    Built In's audience consists of the professionals that tech companies need to connect with.
  • Managers often need help discussing compensationBy

    Your Goal: We know that you want your employee(s) to leave the compensation conversation feeling engaged and valued. Yet, as we all know, getting there at times can be difficult. Our Goal: Our goal is to provide a psychologically safe environment for your employees. Let's face it, once a year,...
  • The COVID-19 Vaccine Guide For EmployersBy

    As COVID-19 vaccines become available to the public, the prospects of “normalcy” in the workplace have become an enticing prospect for employers. But many questions remain, from the legality of mandating vaccination to ensuring that employees who want the vaccine can receive it. In this white...