White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Employee Records Management: 7 Essential Practices

    Do you need to get more organized when it comes to people’s records and procedures? No matter the size of your team, employee records management is critical in referencing and protecting sensitive information and documents. Explore seven essential practices for efficient employee records management.
  • Fostering Employee Retention: A Strategic Approach

    In the contemporary landscape of workforce management, employee retention looms large. In this article, we will address the critical importance of enhancing employee retention to strengthen and grow your organization.
  • 4 Ways to Encourage Accountability

    We all know that accountability in the workplace is one of the driving characteristics of high-performing teams and offices. If accountability isn’t part of your company’s culture, you will struggle with employee performance and engagement. Plus, if employees can always escape accountability by...
  • 2023 Edition of Preventing Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Online Training Course

    The newest release of SHIFT’s anti-harassment training marks a substantial step forward in compliance by enabling customers to use a single course for geographically dispersed workforces to achieve compliance in all fifty states.

    In today's digital age, keeping abreast of industry trends, networking, and acquiring knowledge has never been more accessible, thanks to virtual events. At Launch 360, we understand the importance of continual learning and connection for leaders. Here's our curated guide to upcoming virtual...
  • Our Approach to Partnering with Subject Matter Experts

    We've partnered with hundreds of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) over the years, and we need each other. In the end, we want the same thing: a dynamic learning experience that captures the audience's attention and makes a meaningful difference. Instructional designers and SMEs bring different...
  • FunEx Corporate Discounts Program - Learn More and Sign Up for Free

    Providing a wide range of discounted fun activities to US corporations of all sizes is all we do. Our no-cost platform provides substantial savings on admission to amusement and water parks, theme parks, movie tickets, dinner cruises, hotels and a host of family friendly activities.
  • The One Question to Ask to See if You Need a New Retirement Plan Advisor

    The most important decision that a 401(k) or 403(b) plan sponsor makes is hiring the right advisor. As advisors go, there are more dabblers pretending to know, than professionals. While retirement plan sponsors are waking up to the importance of choosing the right retirement plan, they are...
  • Mastering Change: How to Implement Successful Change Management Strategies

    This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of how to implement successful change management strategies in order to effectively navigate the challenges of organizational change.
  • Hiring & AI: Countering Common Misconceptions

    AI is often approached with hesitation, partly because some AI software, particularly tools using facial recognition technology, has perpetuated harmful biases in the past. And so many companies are reluctant to include a third-party AI platform to mediate hiring processes and risk potential...
  • What To Know About Nondiscrimination Testing

    If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Premium Only Plan (POP), the IRS requires you to submit to non-discrimination testing once a year. This is to ensure that a company's Medical or Dependent Care FSA treat all employees equally, and do not favor key or highly-compensated employees...
  • Nessel Lactation Station - FAQs

    The Nessel Lactation Station is the quickest and easiest way to transform any space into a safe, sanitary and supportive Mother's Room. This FAQ book answers common questions organizations have when considering how to best create their lactation space.
  • 20 Workplace Secrets from Global Leaders

    A leader's abilities are tested at some point in their professional lives. The ability to navigate through the highs and lows, the excitement and chaos, reveals whether a person is a great leader or s/he has a long way to go before becoming one. However, a great leader is one who has the ability...
  • The Dirty Little Secrets Of The Assessment Industry

    There are two basic designs of employee assessment in the industry: fixed-form and adaptive. Today, too many organizations make crucial hiring decisions based on the dicey results of fixed assessments. I can understand why many organizations have lost faith in employee assessments when making...
  • The Definitive Guide to Compensation Clarity

    Everything HR leaders must know to thrive in the new era of Adaptive Transparency.
  • Five Reasons to Hire a Compensation Consultant

    The question often arises as to whether to develop your pay programs in-house, or spend the money to hire a compensation consultant. Here are five significant reasons to consider engaging a compensation consulting firm.
  • The War for Talent is Over. Who Won?

    From the end of non-competes to the tug-of-war over return to office, there’s a reckoning underway between employers and employees. This shifting balance of power can impact everything from corporate hiring and retention to employee satisfaction and productivity. We've got guidance on 5 key...