White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • COVID-19 Return-to-Work ChecklistBy

    Get step-by-step guidance on how to safely return your workforce to the office in the wake of COVID-19.
  • COVID19:To Stave Off Economic Paralysis, We Must First Protect the BackboneBy

    Why employers must tap into technology to keep workers safe in a POST COVID-19 World. As a company that has operated in the healthcare technology space for a decade, mHealthCoach wanted to bring our expertise in workplace health to the businesses that make up the backbone of our economy. Pairing...
  • How to Make Diversity Data-DrivenBy

    Where many organizations continue to struggle is the gap between intentions and impact. There are dozens and dozens of fantastic to decent diversity and equity and inclusion programs. These include talks, exercises, and online training among other initiatives. The intent of all of them is good,...
  • Developing An Effective Employee Onboarding Process In The Modern WorkplaceBy

    As technology and business processes continue to change, we must take greater care to support employees with effective onboarding. Modern employees need modern training and this ebook provides a blueprint for how to create an effective onboarding process.
  • The Tax Leadership Shakeup Ahead - Don’t Get Caught Off GuardBy

    The crunch is coming. Read on to learn how to prevent your tax department from consuming unnecessary bandwidth later.
  • DIGITAL PERSONNEL FILE - Implementation guide in three stepsBy

    The digital personnel file has become part of the standard tool kit of any HR administrator, and its advantages are well known: • Speed • Independent of location • Simultaneous access • Security • Efficiency • No file tourism • No shadow files Anyone thinking about introducing a...
  • Whitepaper: How Employers Enable Financial FreedomBy

    It's no surprise that employees want Financial Freedom: The status of having enough income to pay living expenses for the rest of their lives without having to be employed or dependent on others. But, we also know that financial freedom requires hard work in the office, day-in and day-out to...
  • Putting the spotlight on taxable commissions and rebatesBy

    “Putting the spotlight on taxable commissions and rebates” is a white paper written to assist human resources, procurement and financial professionals understand how tax law changes ushered in by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 are affecting employer costs associated with household goods (HHG)...
  • What is a Biometric Time Clock?By

    Unlike readers used in the IAFIS database, which is the database used by law enforcement, most time clocks only use the fingerprint for the first step of the process - then the fingerprint image is discarded. None of Acumen's time clocks or the clocks we implement store the fingerprint image.
  • Workplace Investigation Report TemplateBy

    Many human resources investigators find writing workplace investigation reports to be the most onerous part of conducting investigations. How do you know what goes into the investigation report? What dates should you record and how should you organize it? i-Sight’s Workplace Investigation...
  • The need for an AAPBy

    Problem Why is it necessary to establish and maintain an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)? It is the Law. (Please see below on the background of Affirmative Action). Who mandates this? The US Federal Government. Who enforces Affirmative Action? The...
  • 4 Innovative Solutions To Customer Feedback Challenges [With Examples]By

    Measuring customer satisfaction is now a data-driven strategy. Stay one step ahead of your competition and hone your customer feedback management strategy.
  • Want Lower Employee Turnover and Higher Workforce Engagement?By

    Not only do positive-culture companies experience higher output and employee engagement, they also benefit from lower healthcare expenditures than their high-pressure counterparts, according to a study from BMC Public Health. The reasons to create a positive work environment are plenty—from...
  • The Myth of Diversity vs. QualityBy

    In hiring committee meetings, we’ve all heard the common refrain, “We want diversity, but there are just no qualified candidates out there!” or even, “We can’t sacrifice quality for diversity.” Although they may sound harmless at first (after all, we all want the best and brightest on our...
  • Big Global Mobility Trends to Watch in 2019By

    Every year we highlight emerging trends and update some evolving topics from previous years. Crown World Mobility’s 2019 trends shed light on how companies and our industry are responding to and, in some cases, driving today’s transformation with significant change.
  • HR Software Buyer's GuideBy

    10 steps to help you select the right HR/payroll solution for your organization.
  • Employee Engagement: Giving Your Employees a Voice in the WorkplaceBy

    Your employees want to be heard. Boost engagement by empowering them to share their experiences. In our e-book, we explain the correlation between employee engagement and company performance. If you're looking for: More productive employees Lower turnover and absenteeism Higher...
  • Insightlink's Guide to Successful Employee ResearchBy

    In the past, many organizations viewed employee surveys as simply a human-resource driven initiative that gave their employees the opportunity to "let off steam" but had little strategic value. As a result, the results were often not regarded highly enough outside of HR for any positive action...
  • Third Party Background Screening: The invisible workforce who handle your informationBy

    The trend of outsourcing certain services is increasing, as companies seek to unburden their operations and become more efficient. The risks inherent to handling your company’s confidential information and the sensitive personal data of your employees or clients require a higher degree of...
  • Using Tech To Find Top TalentBy

    TalentSorter article featured in HR Reporter Magazine, June 2018
  • Wrap Plan Document and Web PortalBy

    MZQ's wrap plan document includes a web portal where employees can access necessary plan documents. The MZQ document and portal are designed to ensure that clients meet applicable legal requirements under ERISA.
  • The Ultimate Guide to HR OutsourcingBy

    Should your business outsource HR compliance functions? How do you know what type of TPA or system to use? Learn more in this comprehensive guide to outsourcing human resources.
  • Games Smart Companies PlayBy

    With some of the greatest generational diversity in workplace history and an alarmingly high level of disengaged employees, organizations need to get in the game—literally. Increasingly, companies are “gamifying” their learning programs to engage a multigenerational workforce. But not just any...
  • Is your Talent Thriving?By

    The best HR professionals and managers know that high-performing talent is their organization’s most valued asset. While finding and keeping the best people can be difficult, keeping employees engaged, motivated and feeling valued, remains among HR’s most pressing challenges. At True Colors,...
  • From Frontline to C-SuiteBy

    Leadership "behavior" appears to be shared by leaders at every level, from Frontline to C-Suite. Numerous studies show that individuals who practice leadership and management skills under the supervision and support of someone who has mastered a specific competency develop the competency faster...