White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Leadership: From Aspirations to Reality

    It certainly is realistic! Leadership isn’t a private club, or an opportunity restricted solely to people holding management positions or certain job titles. The only true barrier to your potential for leadership is your mindset.
  • New Business Checklist and Why I-9s Have to Be Part of the Planning

    It is essential for startups and new companies to know the importance of a new business checklist and why I-9s have to be part of the planning. Opening a new business is cause for celebration, but it can also bring with it an avalanche of responsibilities. While some new businesses tend to focus...
  • 2022 Business Impact and Workforce Trends Report

    In an era of rapidly changing business models and workforce trends, coupled with economic uncertainty, how companies hire, retain and compassionately outplace their people can have a direct impact on the organization’s overall success. Each piece of the people puzzle influences the others.
  • 10 Mistakes Electronic I-9 Vendors Make And Why You Could Be At Risk

    Did you know that not all electronic I-9 software meets today's Form I-9 compliance requirements? Download this complimentary white paper to learn more about what to look for when choosing an I-9 Vendor.
  • Best Practices Guide: How to Lay Off an Employee

    In today’s fast-paced and globalized business environment, organizations have to continuously innovate and pivot to respond to external challenges or economic downturns. Layoffs are sometimes necessary as an important part of this process. Whether your organization is currently planning a...
  • It's a Sign

    Your company has purchased AEDs, you’ve trained staff, but does anyone know where the defibrillators are located? Show off the life-saving program you just implemented. Seconds count in a cardiac emergency. Retrieving the AED when someone is unconscious should be quick and practically automatic....
  • How to Generalize Behavior

    When practitioners see generalization as "an active process" of teaching, they immediately move from "train and hope" to delivering ABA treatment compassionately, interactively, and bringing about the generalized behavior change that is meaningful to the child, parents, and familiy life as a whole.
  • Customer Success Snapshot – Asbury Communities

    Customer Success Snapshot – Asbury Communities
  • Essex Properties Emerging Leaders Program

    EngagedLeadership has been working with the Essex Properties Team year over year to help build great leaders one at a time.
  • Great Resignation Infographic Part 1: “What is it?”

    After ~12 months, when will “The Great Resignation” end? Let’s start with “What is it?”…the current workscape was created by a combination of: 1. Rapid increase in job openings 2. Accelerated decline in the unemployment rate 3. High percentage of employees who highly dislike their job 1 + 2 + 3...
  • Hugging in the workplace? Not everyone is comfortable with it

    Handshakes have given way to bear hugs, back pats and lingering embraces in some corners of the corporate world. Huggers say their touchy-feely approach breeds teamwork, trust and better business results. Huggees don’t always agree. There are legal and physical risks to consider, not to mention...
  • Outplacement Services: Carrot or Stick for Departing Execs?

    This article explores how immediate access to transition support services can yield a positive separation, a stronger employment brand and a more cooperative separation process with outgoing VP and C-Suite leaders.
  • What Is Employee Onboarding? Understanding Processes & Objectives

    As a business owner, you know there’s no more important time in an employee’s tenure than their first few weeks. If the onboarding process is executed effectively, you’ve got a solid foundation for your new employees’ careers with your company. But if the process falls short or needs to be more...
  • What it means to take a life-dimensional approach to wellbeing

    No one would argue that what makes someone a person is complex. It includes things like their career, hobbies, roles within their family unit, and roles within the larger community. But when it comes to health, too often there’s a push to go with a simple biological answer.
  • 3 Surprising Hiring Facts That Can Help You Reduce Turnover

    Turnover is steadily increasing and this is a problem for talent recruiters and HR process managers. Here is a look at some of the hidden causes.
  • Atlanta GA Prohibits Discrimination Based On Criminal History - Backgrounds Online BLOG

    The City Council passed an Ordinance that makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against job seekers simply because they have any type of criminal conviction.
  • All Features Summary

    A list of SentricHR's current feature offerings.
  • Meal Perks Use Cases

    Learn how our meal perks program is benefiting other companies across the country.
  • The Mind at Work- A Report on Employee Mental Health

    We began the year with a renewed hope of recovery and a path forward with increased vaccination availability, reopenings, and for some, a return to the office. This year, we have primarily focused on the process of recovery in the wake of last year’s unprecedented challenges. Reflecting on...
  • DiSC® - A Day In The Life of an S (Steady)

    In today’s DiSC® lesson, we’ll share “A Day in the Life of an S (Steady)”. For simplicity, let’s call our S style Scott. My goal here is to show you how to apply DiSC® wherever you are. Use of DiSC® is about choice and intention. For example, I can go around all day being a D, leaving other...
  • Leadership Model

    The Tilt Framework entails 12 key character strengths and explains how these strengths are interrelated. Strengths in the same quadrant are strongly related and combine to describe one of four meta-strengths: Resilience, Courage, Wisdom, and Humanity. For team leaders who want an...
  • Design an Employee-Centric Workplace: 15 Strategies to Inspire Engagement and Boost Retention

    The organizations that will prosper in the future will prioritize staff and empower them to succeed as whole people. To create a workplace where diverse individuals thrive, effective enterprises will turn to experts in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Organizational Development. Our...
  • Is Now the Time to Evaluate Your Background Screening Program?

    As another year wraps up, companies are busy finalizing fourth-quarter initiatives and planning for the New Year. In addition to organizational performance, your leadership may be reviewing budgets, forecasts, and strategies. They may be analyzing sales and looking into shortfalls. If you...