Shaw Systems Associates Partners With BankruptcyWatch to Provide Bankruptcy Data in Collections System

Press Release from Shaw Systems Associates, LLC

Shaw Systems Associates Partners With BankruptcyWatch. Shaw Systems Associates, Inc. ( and BankruptcyWatch ( announced that Shaw will be partnering with BankruptcyWatch to provide automated bankruptcy data in its collections system. Collections clients at Shaw Systems that use PACER now have the opportunity to utilize this efficient and cost reducing platform.

“Shaw Systems is working on an out-of-the-box integration,” said Stephen Brannon, Director of Business Development at Shaw. “With the click of a button bankruptcy data will autofill in the system, making it a much easier and efficient process for our users. This software virtually eliminates all manual PACER data entry.” Businesses using Shaw Systems will be enabled to reduce overhead associated with reviewing PACER documents, mining data, and manual data entry. The BankruptcyWatch PACER interface automatically reads documents and other relevant data from the PACER website and provides users with the data they require in order to make decisions. “We’re excited to partner with BankruptcyWatch and take collections automation to the next level for our users,” said Jenna Ulbricht, Account Executive at Shaw.

BankruptcyWatch is leading the industry when it comes to collecting bankruptcy data and presenting it to creditors in an automation-friendly format. Creditors must perform several tasks each time a bankruptcy is filed. Many of these tasks depend on obtaining information from PACER, which costs time and money. “Using our unique network of debtor attorneys and creditors, we have created the most comprehensive solution to gathering and using bankruptcy data in the industry. We virtually eliminate our clients’ direct interaction with PACER or its documents and seamlessly provide the relevant data when and where they need it.” said Lance Wickham, President of BankruptcyWatch.” Thanks to Stephen Brannon and all the wonderful staff over at Shaw, their clients are ideally situated to take advantage of BankruptcyWatch’s most cutting-edge technology, which is found nowhere else in the industry.” BankruptcyWatch’s PDF Data Extraction tools allow unprecedented insight into bankruptcy cases on an individual or aggregate level with little to no human interaction. This presents huge opportunities to any company that deals with debtors and bankruptcy.

Highlights of this new partnership:

• Workflow Automation.  Shaw clients no longer need to wait for a staff member to determine what the next steps should be with each bankruptcy. Data can be auto-populated and next steps can be automated based on that data with little to no human intervention.

• Reduced PACER Costs.  BankruptcyWatch stores copies of all the data. This means Shaw clients will pay for data only once, but have access to it as often as necessary.

• Increased Efficiency.  Imagine coming to work each morning and seeing a list of the letters that were sent out, the reaffirmations that were written and the tasks that were performed for bankruptcies filed the previous afternoon — all without staff involvement.

• Reduced Risk.  With BankruptcyWatch automation, tasks are performed accurately and on time, regardless of staff workloads and without the risk of human data entry errors.

• Easy Integration.  Because Shaw has done the integration work, all their clients need to do is sign up with BankruptcyWatch and start using the new functionality.

To learn more about how BankruptcyWatch can help your organization, please email [email protected], visit or call us at 888-895-1328.

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