Driving Dynamics Modernizes its Flagship Hands-On Training Course, Releases Updated 2019 Open Enrollment Schedule

Press Release from Driving Dynamics

Newark, Delaware (June 5, 2019) – Driving Dynamics Inc., a provider of driver safety training and risk services for fleet-based organizations that operate light-to-heavy duty vehicles in North America and around the globe, announced today enhancements to its legacy advanced performance behind-the-wheel safety training program, DriveReady Advantage™ (DriveReady) and publication of the summer-fall open enrollment schedule for the course.

DriveReady, a foundational skills safety training course, has recently been updated to address critical factors affecting today’s fleet drivers, while continuing to reinforce the company’s cornerstone One Second Advantage™ fundamental safe driving principles. The expanded curriculum now includes:

  • Driver Assist Systems: Drivers will learn about vehicle technology systems, their limitations, how to properly respond when a system activates, and the risks associated with the over-reliance on any vehicle technology

  • Behavioral Triggers: During a classroom micro-coaching session, directed at driver thought processes behind-the-wheel, learners will be guided to self-identify risk triggers and respond in a manner that produces safer outcomes

  • Close-Quarter Maneuvering: Drivers will practice maneuvering their vehicles through space-restricted areas such as construction sites, urban roads and tight corners

  • Backing and Parking Exercises: Additional hands-on exercises that include driver-side and blind-side backing have also been added to the course

Along with the enhancements, Driving Dynamics has published its latest open enrollment schedule. The company has been offering its DriveReady class through a year-round, open registration format at more than 200 locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. This gives fleet operators the option to send only one driver to a class, or many, at dates and locations that are the most convenient for each driver. The following are the newest training site locations added in 2019:

  • Epping, New Hampshire

  • San Francisco, California

  • Fontana, California

  • Benson, North Carolina

  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

  • East Ridge, Tennessee

  • Gainesville, Florida

  • Venice, Florida

  • Wichita, Kansas

“We are excited about the enhancements we’ve made to our program which has already had a great track record of success, and we will continue to deliver safety training programs that address the changing driving environment and any new vehicle advancements,” said Debbie Balestra, Driving Dynamics vice president of client relations. “Through our unique behind-the-wheel training, fleet operators can be assured that the curriculum their drivers are undergoing is updated, fresh and applicable so they will be prepared to safely handle any challenge they face while behind the wheel.”

To download the 2019 Summer-Fall DriveReady Open Enrollment schedule click here.

About Driving Dynamics Inc

Driving Dynamics provides driver safety training and fleet risk management services throughout North America and across the globe. In business for more than 30 years, its behind-the-wheel, e-learning and simulator training and driver risk programs are based on sound research, proven learning methodologies and expert instruction.

Headquartered in Newark, Delaware, Driving Dynamics has earned its position as an accomplished provider of impactful driver training. In 2017 and 2018 it was named as Top-20 Safety & Health Company by Training Industry Inc. Through its business lines the company offers services for fleet professionals and drivers of passenger cars through commercial motor vehicles.

  • DriverAdvantage™ — light-medium duty behind-the-wheel services

  • Center for Transportation Safety™ — commercial motor vehicle driver training

  • DrīvActiv™ Online— digital driver training and risk services

For more information visit www.drivingdynamics.com 

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