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  • INCENTCO is a leader in innovative, cloud-based incentive, recognition, engagement, awards, and performance management platforms for customers and employees. Our clients benefit from fully comprehensive and privately branded platforms that provide them the technology and support to set up, promote, manage, reward participants, allow reward redemptions, and access reporting analytics all in one platform and all in real-time.

    Our CORE platform provides organizations the ability to easily institute creative incentive and rewards programs for customers and employees.

    Our health platform supports an organization's health and wellness objectives and incentive thresholds.

    Our AIR platform allows organizations to eliminate plastic gift cards and physical products in favor of a business and incentive approach where technology, speed, accounting controls, and award selections are valued.

    That's INCENTCO. Real Engagement. Real Incentives. Real Results.

Products by INCENTCO, LLC

  • Incentive Program Marketing

    Marketing your program internally is important for getting buy-in, and externally for getting participation. INCENTCO provides the marketing expertise, resources and tools to help you develop and implement a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy before and after program launch, Read More
  • Small Business Incentive Solutions

    No business or enterprise is too small to benefit from INCENTCO engagement platforms. Until now, there has not been an incentive solution for small businesses to take advantage of a loyalty and rewards platform that is affordable, easy to use, effective and private label ready. An IT department... Read More
  • Health and Wellness Incentive Program

    Health and wellness has come to the forefront in all aspects of running a business efficiently and effectively. INCENTCO engagement platforms are playing a crucial role in giving health care providers a tool to influence and reward the right behaviors. INCENTCO platforms are also credited with... Read More

White Papers by INCENTCO, LLC

  • Does Your Engagement Curve look like a Smiley Face? By

    If it does, you may be in trouble! It is not uncommon for companies to spend most of their time and energy focusing their attention at the initial point of employee or customer acquisition. Read more

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