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  • Rating: 5/5

    Cheri Gmiter, Executive Director - MAGNET Global Network

    Customer  | 9/12/2016

    We had Molto Crescendo speak to our the Annual MAGNET HR group in Miami, April 2016. Fifteen HR professionals from all different independent advertising agencies around the world. Everyone was very impressed by the professional leadership and coaching workshop. They did an excellent job in providing a well planned, effective and interactive workshop. The attendees appreciated and liked their interactive approach that they took with the group.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Magaly Barroso, Dir of Talent Management and Effectivneness

    Customer  | 9/9/2016

    I've worked with Molto Crescendo's team very closely over the past year. We started with basic executive coaching for 3 leader levels. The effectiveness of the coaching from the team quickly spread like wildfire that soon the skills were used in departmental team coaching. Now the executive leadership does not just request coaching, they specifically ask for this team personally.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Loubna Noureddin, Director Learning & development Services

    Customer  | 9/5/2016

    My focus is on building effective teams and promoting a culture of collaboration, transformation and empowerment. Molto Crescendo's CEO has been a great support of our organizational initiatives. He is quick, smart, and efficient. He responds to my needs immediately. He is a top notch coach and an excellent facilitator. He has supported the needs of our executive team beyond my expectations. He is one of the most ethical and giving consultants I have worked with over my 20+ years in the field. I appreciate his dynamic style and his ability to see the expressed and unexpressed needs of his clients. You can bet on Thom to tell you the truth, and to make sure that every interaction is an added value to you and to your team. He is there to make a difference and he continues to prove his excellence in his delivery. I highly recommend Molto Crescendo as your OD partner.

  • Rating: 5/5

    CEO, Washington DC - Confidential Company

    Customer  | 9/1/2016

    I'm in the organizational development business; I help clients with their organizational development needs; I help match trainers with trainees and coaches with coachees. It's what I do for a living. So I knew--when I was feeling like I was in over my head and like I was driving everyone around me crazy--I knew what my first step should be. My first step was to find an executive coach for myself, for the first time ever. I decided that I needed someone who worked far away from me and wouldn't run in my "circles." I needed one who was up for a challenge and who had a sense of humor. I needed one who had experience working with CEOs, who had run a business himself, who would push me without being condescending, and who would listen without acting like they'd heard it all before. I fond Molto Crescendo, and more importantly, I found Thom Qafzezi. He not only met all of those criteria, but then he proceeded to help me in ways I didn't imagine possible. He has an expert's sense of when to push, when to give, and when to laugh. And yes, I enjoyed my coaching sessions, but more importantly, in between our sessions, I changed the way I interacted with people; I made decisions that had baffled me for a year; I learned not to take myself so seriously; and I learned how to keep growing and changing, even after our sessions ended. I'd highly recommend Thom and Molto Crescendo, but not so much so that he won't be available to me when I need him!

  • Rating: 5/5

    Eric Cantrell, Sales Manager, Medialon

    Customer  | 7/24/2015

    Molto Crescendo's excellent coaches are professional and have helped me understand how my DiSC style influences the way I perceive the world, situations, and people. They have taught me how to apply this knowledge to effectively manage situations, people, and even my own actions. Molto has also helped me to focus on what is important vs. urgent as I continue to work on time management and has provided many suggestions, tools, and other resources to help on that journey. Most importantly, they have helped me to be able to "zoom out" and look at situations from a different perspective, keying into the big picture instead of immediately reacting to the situation as I see it "on the ground." Lastly, they are easy to talk to, warm and friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable in a wide range of professional development, management, and communication topics. They know when to push you and when you need to push yourself. I highly recommend Molto Crescendo for professional coaching.