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  • Customer  | 9/16/2019
    After researching several coaching programs to make sure I started my coaching career on the right path I was so pleased to find the Center for Coaching Certification which is endorsed by the ICF. The professional coaching program was through, highly professional and extremely enlightening. I now feel prepared and have the educational and business support I need to be a successful coach.
  • Customer  | 9/7/2019
    This course is incredible and very serious! It's superbly constructed, and the instructor conveyed the content eloquently, clearly and engagingly. The content was significant and enlightening, and the practice gave a significant view of how to be a coach.
  • Customer  | 8/25/2019
    I took the professional coach certification course online and it was a rich learning experience. I was impressed by the depth and scope of knowledge. In addition to the classes and coursework, you will coach, be coached and observe coaching within your cohort. I took the course to learn a model for coaching and the program met and exceeded my expectations. The program has enhanced my abilities in my current current role and equipped me to begin coaching.
  • Customer  | 8/12/2019
    I took the Certified Professional Coach Course, which was conducted via webinars and a 2-day face-to-face practicum. The webinars were conducted very effectively by the instructor. The information was pertinent and gives you a great head start in building a coaching business. The practicum was excellent! You get to coach, be coached and observe coaching, with helpful and supportive feedback from the instructor. After the course is completed you have access to great resources and many additional education and growth opportunities.
  • Customer  | 6/6/2019
    My company had Center for Coaching come in and train us on coaching. I have told everyone that will listen, that I walked in there thinking…I have almost 20 years of management experience, what could they possibly teach me. The answer is everything! I was completely exhausted after the first day because the team upended my life, personally and professionally. Center for Coaching's experience, stories and the way they showed us how to truly help people by letting the person take control of their own goals and own issues was truly phenomenal. I will be forever grateful to the Center for Coaching Certification team. Highly recommended!!
  • Supplier  | 5/26/2019
    Extremely effective coaching program! The CPC program was thorough and interactive. Our trainer was highly knowledgeable and made our experience both fun and enjoyable. The home work assessments were relevant and gave us an opportunity to reflect on the theory we've learned during the webinars and practicum. Overall, very pleased by the program and the Center for Coaching Certification team!
  • Customer  | 5/13/2019
    This was my first time taking an online course. I had a great experience. The materials were packed with a wealth of information. The course was tense, and well worth it. The instructor was very knowledgeable in her field. Thank you for your service.
  • Customer  | 5/2/2019
    I had a great experience with CCC right from the start! I called some practicing coaches who learned from CCC all over the US. Their recommendations were stellar and I agree! My online coach did an excellent job with our group, their knowledge is bountiful! The training CCC offers is outstanding AND reasonably priced!
  • Customer  | 4/15/2019
    Center For Coaching Certification is an ICF, ACTO accredited school. It has very valuable programs from the Certified Professional Coach program on up to the PCC PATH. I just took the Certified Master Coaching Class and found it to be very interesting, informative and it definitely honed my coaching skills and took me to a higher level of understanding. The 11 core competencies are mentioned throughout and built upon, while you are trained on group and team coaching, ethics and agreements, the coaching process, creating change with confidence, people and communication, time and money coaching, a practicum of 6 individual sessions of coaching and being coached, and a final paper. This class is definitely worth every penny!
  • Customer  | 1/11/2019
    CCC has an excellent program for anyone interested in coaching or developing their coaching skills. I enjoyed the online training that was both informative and practical. It was so effective when we had to coach our fellow students and then debrief with the instructor. I am now confidently starting my coaching career as a result of the excellent training at CCC.
  • Customer  | 1/7/2019
    I recently completed the Certified Professional Coach program on line sessions and found that although challenging, it was a very interactive and fun learning program. The facilitator was very effective in conducting the training which greatly assisted in building my coaching skills. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursing coaching as the support provided is ongoing even after training.
  • Customer  | 12/15/2018
    I recently completed the Certified Professional Coach program and it was a challenging, rewarding and thought provoking experience. Our facilitators did an excellent job with the on-line format and live sessions. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. In addition, after completion you have access to a plethora of tools to utilize.
  • Customer  | 12/10/2018
    The Certified Professional Coach course was exactly what I needed to develop a language and framework to effectively coach clients with confidence and competence. I recommend this course to anyone interested in building their coaching skills.
  • Customer  | 12/6/2018
    I recently completed the Certified Professional Coach course and it was excellent! Our instructor was experienced, passionate, encouraging and a great coaching role model. The on-line format was convenient and the course structure provided valuable interactions with class mates and meaningful assignments away from class. The Center for Coaching Certification is reasonably priced and provides a great return on investment. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to develop or enhance their coaching skills for use on the job or to start your own coaching practice.
  • Customer  | 12/5/2018
    I recently went through the CPC course and would recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming a coach. Both trainers were excellent at guiding and engaging their students and very knowledgeable about all aspects of coaching. Both the web classes and the practicum were set-up to maximize the learning experience and I found this to be one of the most effective training courses I have attended.
  • Customer  | 12/4/2018
    I highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification. I graduated as a Certified Professional Coach and I am highly satisfied with the results of the program. I really improved my coaching skills and during the program they always exceeded my expectations.
  • Customer  | 11/15/2018
    I researched many coach certification programs and was very happy I chose CCC. The CPC program is well structured, relevant, and provides a useful transition point for developing a coaching practice. I highly recommend Center for Coaching. I researched many coach certification programs and was very happy I chose CCC. The CPC program is well structured, relevant, and provides a useful transition point for developing a coaching practice. I highly recommend Center for Coaching.
  • Customer  | 10/18/2018
    This was a great program with helpful content and hands on work that was influential to our company!
  • Customer  | 10/15/2018
    I had a very good experience going through the online courses for CPC. It is an excellent interactive program and students become knowledgeable of the coaching process especially towards the end. The trainers made sure we understood the materials and practicum. The class was well supplied with resources to learn the coaching processes. It is worth the money spent.
  • Customer  | 8/7/2018
    I highly recommend the Coaching Master Certification course with the Center for Coaching Certification. The team is knowledgeable and models coaching best practice in every interaction. The modules on group coaching and coaching process were two examples of many that provided concrete, actionable next steps for any coach to increase the effectiveness of their practice. The course was also relevant for those already working in a coaching role within an existing organization, or those considering starting their own coaching practice, and there were multiple ways to engage and try on new content and strategies.
  • Customer  | 8/3/2018
    I highly recommend CCC for people who are committed to becoming a certified and/or master coach. The training is intensive, challenging and extremely valuable for beginner level and mid career coaches, as well as for seasoned coaches who need to brush their skills. The facilitator I had was top-notch, extremely talented, knowledgeable and personable. In the master coach certification program, participants came from diverse backgrounds & were at varying levels of development. While this participant makeup provided valuable perspectives & learning opportunities, at the master level I expected all of the participants to have a higher level of coaching experience and skill. Still, the learning and feedback I received in this program was very practical and very much appreciated.
  • Customer  | 8/3/2018
    I recently completed the Master Coach Certification training. It was an excellent program! The virtual format worked very well with my schedule. The content and coaching process was relevant and meaningful in enhancing my coaching skills. Our facilitator was knowledgeable, helpful and provided great feedback to grow on. I thoroughly enjoyed the other participants in my group and learned from each of them. It wasn't easy, but it was an exceptional developmental experience worth the effort.
  • Customer  | 8/3/2018
    I just completed my second course with the Center for Coaching Certification (Certified Master Coach). Both were outstanding in several ways. The content was relevant and vital to help me be a successful coach, the instruction and instructor were strong and helpful. The online delivery of the course worked very well, and my fellow students added so much to the experience. If you are looking for a program to study coaching, look no further.
  • Customer  | 6/4/2018
    I would highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification. The curriculum is in-depth and thought provoking. The experience was enlightening, positive and also somewhat challenging. I believe it took some of us to places that were uncomfortable, but necessary in order to understand the coaching dynamic. If you are considering the coaching field this is a great program to get you started and see you through your development.
  • Customer  | 5/16/2018
    Five Star experience with Center for Certified Coaching! Both the Certified Professional Coach and Certified Master Coach Programs are excellent training programs with top-notch instruction, content, and engagement. The courses are organized and stimulating with lots of opportunity for exploring insightful concepts, coaching practice with peers, and stellar processes for developing an impactful coaching practice. The resources and continuing education options are invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Center for Certified Coaching.
  • Customer  | 5/1/2018
    I wasn't sure of what to expect when I signed up for my coaching certification through CCC, but I can tell you after completing that it was a great experience. We had a comfortably sized cohort, one consistent instructor throughout the course, and clear instructions all along the journey. I was challenged with the curriculum and found myself improving each time I took part in an online or in-classroom event, wrote a paper, or participated in a coaching session. And on top of it all, our instructor was top-notch. They were patient, extremely knowledgeable, and provided me with the inspiration I needed to complete my certification in a top-notch manner. Great job CCC!
  • Partner  | 4/23/2018
    I just completed the Certified Master Program and it was outstanding! I learned so much and it definitely improved my coaching skills. I highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification!
  • Customer  | 4/19/2018
    CCC was a terrific partner in my choice to pursue a Certified Professional Coach designation. They offered very flexible options that fit my schedule perfectly. I found the instruction to be high caliber, engaging and effective. I'd highly recommend the Center for anyone looking to pursue a coaching career.
  • Customer  | 4/16/2018
    I would highly recommend Center for Coaching Certification. I took the 30 hour course that is online and has a 2 day practicum. The instructors were outstanding and responsive. It was more work than I antricipated but I learned more too. The other participants were diverse and that made it more valuable. I particularly like the templates and Power Points. This is practical in my work with coaching MBA students and my entrepreneurial activities.
  • Customer  | 4/2/2018
    I recently finished the Certified Professional Coach Program in Spanish. I think this is a very valuable opportunity to continue self-development and continuous training, and for someone who has never done coaching before, equally great opportunity to develop themselves in a new discipline. I thought this was an excellent moment to review concepts I had seen before, I definitely learned new ones, and had the chance to make introspection and identify new areas of opportunity. I loved how the coaches were involved in the process and showed support and active listening in all our interactions.
  • Customer  | 4/2/2018
    A great mix of professionalism, learning, practicing and fun. Center for Coaching Certification lets you continuously make an introspection of how you are behaving as a coach and the areas you are going to develop to become a great coach.
  • Customer  | 3/10/2018
    I just completed my Certified Professional Coaching program with the Center for Coaching Certification and am very happy with it. I took a combination of Webinars and an in-person Coaching Practicum and found this to be very powerful. Our instructor was terrific and provided great insight and feedback throughout the course. I am looking forward to continuing my coaching journey. Thank you CCC for getting me launched!
  • Customer  | 2/28/2018
    The Center for Coaching Certification is very focused on providing a quality development experience for their students. For my CPC training they were organized, provided useful material and most importantly facilitated a hands-on experience. I have a much greater understanding of effective coaching processes and I feel much more equipped to provide coaching to others now.
  • Customer  | 1/26/2018
    I was very impressed with the course of study provided by the Center for Coaching Certification. The course really took my coaching skills to a new higher level of effectiveness and professionalism.
  • Customer  | 12/20/2017
    I have a very good experience with Center for Coaching Certification. I learned different techniques of coaching that I can use confidently in organizations with specific objectives and goal focused on developing potential, improving relationships, and boosting performance. Overall, Center for Coaching Certification is a Key to Success.
  • Customer  | 12/4/2017
    I recently completed the training provided by the Center for Coaching Certification and I highly recommend it. I'm new to coaching so this was the perfect training that I needed. Many thanks to Cathy and her team at CCC!
  • Customer  | 10/30/2017
    I recently earned the Certified Professional Coach Certification and would highly recommend the Center for Coaching if you are considering becoming a certified coach. I selected the online CPC course and found it not only to be very convenient, but very informative, engaging and comprehensive. The coach's style was perfect for the learning and participants. The homework assignments reinforced our learning; with feedback from our coach. Because it was an online course, I wasn't sure what to expect with the practicum; they were outstanding and extremely valuable. So much was learned and new skills developed. Overall, I truly feel this course has set me up to be a successful certified professional coach.
  • Customer  | 10/23/2017
    What can be said better than 5 stars!! The Center for Coaching Certification is truly a must attend for any person wanting to coach others. The foundation skills learned through this process, the adherence to the ICF Code of Ethics, and the experiences gained through questions and coaching during the in person portion is irreplaceable. I went to the program with the fear that I may not have what it takes to be a coach and I left knowing that I not only have the skills, but I rock!! If you want to be a coach get certified!!!
  • Customer  | 10/4/2017
    I am a recent graduate of the Center for Coaching Certification and have earned the designation of "Certified Professional Coach". I have plans to continue my education with the Center for Coaching Certification as my intent it to be certified with the ICF. The courses that I took were administered totally online although they do have face-to-face training. I spent numerous hours researching the various coach training facilities and chose the Center for Coaching Certification initially because they spent time explaining everything. Regarding information, they came to me, I did not have to hunt them down like some of the other facilities that I researched. The class itself was done through online webinars. The first half of the course was educational and the second half was specifically geared towards coach practicum. (Practicing) At this point I believe that I made the right choice as the Center for Coaching Certification had the right product for me especially regarding logistics and available instructors. I have been able to use some of the methods taught in the course immediately with existing clients. As previously stated I am looking forward to continuing my coaching certification(s) here.
  • Customer  | 9/27/2017
    I have just completed the basic training with CCC and could not be more satisfied. The theory we were taught has been helpful immediately with existing clients. Everything I learned will only enhance my clients' experience. The practicum was beneficial in so many ways, but it gave me first hand experience of what it feels like to be coached well, as well as a safe place to try on my coaching skills. The entire CCC team is helpful and focused on the success of coaches in order to bring about the success of clients. I will definitely go back for more training from CCC as I look to further build my skills and increase my impact as a coach.
  • Customer  | 9/14/2017
    Center for Coaching Certification is your best choice for your continuous development as a Coach. I just received my Master Coach Certification with them, and they really know how to engage and challenge the group. CCC definitely has developed my coaching skills and has been a key component to the growth of my talent development company to the point that Executive Coaching is now our core business with an average of 360% return on investment in the fourth month of engagement with our clients. Thank you so much for all the value you’re providing to the industry.
  • Customer  | 9/11/2017
    I earned the Certified Professional Coach designation from the Center for Coaching. I found the program to be well-organized, informative, and run in a professional manner. Our trainer's passion for coaching was contagious and her engaging personality appreciated. I highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification.
  • Customer  | 9/2/2017
    I recently completed my Certified Master Coach training with the Center for Coaching Certification. The training is very well organized, its content is comprehensive & the learning process is very well developed. Its online format made it easy for me to join fully, since I am residing in a different continent. One of the highlights is the exploration of the use of technology in our coaching practicuum. The feedback provided by the facilitator for each assignment is invaluable. I highly recommend CCC for those interested in improving their coaching skills
  • Customer  | 8/31/2017
    I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity (through my employer) to complete the Certified Professional Coaching Certification through the Center for Coaching Certification. This experience has vastly improved the conversations I have, even those that fall outside the realm of coaching. I would highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification for anyone interested in coaching. You will find, as I did, that the benefits extend far beyond the work you will do as a coach. Thank you for an amazing experience!
  • Customer  | 8/9/2017
    Center for Coaching Certification is an excellent, thorough and professional content expert. My experience with them has exceeded expectations. I learned a lot of useful information on the coaching process in a 30 hour period. Strongly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification.
  • Customer  | 8/2/2017
    I was deeply impressed by the thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and quality of the training provided by the Center for Coaching Certification. Having received several coaching certifications over the past few years, I realize my time would have been better spent coming to CCC first! They are engaged, committed, and passionate about creating quality coaches who understand and adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and its best practices for coaching. Highly recommended.
  • Customer  | 7/31/2017
    My experience with the Center for Coaching Certification was phenomenal. Their passion to teach and affect change resulted in an experience for me that was more than worth it's valuation. Their approach provides relevant and meaningful content resulting in the codification of my beliefs about the potential in others, and my years of experience. I am grateful to have found them and earn my Certified Professional Coach Certification so that I too can professionally and positively affect change.
  • Customer  | 7/3/2017
    Center for Coaching Certification has dynamic and passionate coaching instructors. The instructors provide individual attention adjusted to individual needs along with facilitating meaningful group instruction. If you are looking to improve your communication and coaching skills, this training is for you.
  • Customer  | 6/28/2017
    I have been a participant in many training classes, and taught a several, this was one of the most engaging training and certificate classes I have ever attended. The training was passionate and skillful in the delivery and the class of eight was super engaged. I highly recommend the class to anyone considering becoming a coach or wanting to enhance their management skills at work.
  • Customer  | 6/28/2017
    The Center For Coaching Certification is an excellent and effective training hub and resource for coaches. I recommend the organization highly to anyone interested in coaching. They accommodate coaches with little-to-no experience and, as in my case, coaches with years of experience, who are looking to become ICF certified or to increase professional development.
  • Customer  | 6/9/2017
    My experience with the Center for Coaching Certification was an amazing one. I found the information and the teaching approach to be very professional and thorough. I highly recommend their coaching training programs. I plan to sign up for the Master Coach Certification training program in the coming months. My facilitator was great at her job and I really believed she cared about my progress.
  • Other  | 6/8/2017
    I recommend Center for Coaching Certification to anyone seeking ICF credentialing. The program is designed for proficiency, efficiency, and convenience. Classes are small and students receive individualized attention.
  • Customer  | 6/5/2017
    I highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification for those interested in becoming a certified and/or master coach. The training is delivered in a well-developed manner by amazing Facilitators. The instructional part of the class was very appealing as it allowed for critical thinking and the use of the technology (which made access rather easy). The in-person sessions were invaluable. We were able to connect with our classmates and to form lasting relationships. I am very much a hands on learner, and this part of the class definitely allowed for that. The feedback received from both peers and the Facilitator was exactly what I needed. I left the class highly equipped with training, resources, and new Coach friends. Thank you CCC for a wonderful experience!
  • Other  | 6/1/2017
    I had a nice learning experience that I gained in Center for Coaching Certificate program. They have helpful staff and great knowledgeable teachers. I can admit that before starting this class I was worried because the content of the course work was very broad but the teacher really made it simple. I am looking forward to getting admission again in Center for Coaching Certificate program to earn my CMC certificate and learn more from their team's knowledgeable experience.
  • Customer  | 6/1/2017
    I earned the Certified Professional Coach designation through Center for Coaching Certification. This course is extremely comprehensive and hands-on, and the content is applicable to personal and professional experiences. I enjoyed the style of my coach, as well as the interactions with the other students in the class. If you want to start a career in coaching, and/or if you want to learn skills and techniques to help you in your every-day interactions, I recommend this course and company.
  • Customer  | 4/8/2017
    Cathy provides a comprehensive training, she is organized and practiced what she preaches. I completed both the Professional and Master Coach Classes and improved my coaching skills!
  • Customer  | 3/27/2017
    I attended a two day workshop with Cathy Liska seven years ago. During this workshop she helped me with writing my "life script" - after such a long time I stumbled upon this document and it was so great to see that I'm living my life the way I intended it to be seven years ago. Getting certified as a Coach was a great experience that helped me become a better consultant, trainer and coach. I highly recommend Cathy Liska's work! She is a true professional and a great human being!
  • Customer  | 3/8/2017
    I truly enjoyed learning and collaborating with the Center for Coaching Certification team and the instructor for the 30 hour course that I took. I learned strategies and techniques that will be critical in coaching lawyers and conducting workshops to support lawyers in their practice. The interactions with the instructor and the other students while using the materials provided offered me many ideas which I will use moving forward. Thanks!
  • Customer  | 3/1/2017
    The Center for Coaching Certification Professional Coach training program provided me with solid techniques to use in any coaching situation. The program is well designed with focused homework assignments building upon the seminar of the day. Not only did I learn successful methods of coaching clients, I learned fantastic things about myself. The atmosphere is positive and encouraging and I loved Cathy Liska's guidance and teaching.
  • Customer  | 12/23/2016
    The Center for Coaching Certification provided me with excellent training and learning experiences as I become a solid coach, and I learned some very phenomenal methods that give me confidence to succeed in my chosen career. I recommend CCC as a platform for ongoing coach training to anyone who is serious about truly making a difference in people's lives!
  • Other  | 11/6/2016
    I recently completed my Certified Master Coach training with the Center for Coaching Certification. The program was very well run, reinforced the principles of the International Coach Federation, and utilized coaching principles vs training which caused the students to immediately apply concepts. If you are considering becoming a coach or seeking additional CEU's, I highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification.

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