6/21/21-BottomLeaderboard- SHRM

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  • How to Sell Safety to Your Management Team

    The consequences of not having top leaders on board with safety include insufficient budgets, lack of assistance from other functional areas, conflicting priorities, and unnecessary obstacles. One solution is developing an internal marketing strategy to help sell your program.
  • Top 10 Coaching Mistakes and How to Avoid Repeating Them

    Download our guide to learn common coaching mistakes and helpful tips to avoiding repeating them, such as: - Coaching system pitfalls - Handling difficult conversations - Downfalls of giving advice - Owning the outcomes from conversations - And More!
  • A trusted asset for any HR team

    Learn how HR Hero can be the best tool in your HR toolkit.
  • EHS Hero's Safety Culture Guide

    Learn how to start sowing the seeds of safety into your company culture and make safety an integral part of your daily routine through these six essential areas.
  • Insider Report: Safety Culture as a Driver of Compliance and Performance

    In this special report, we outline the best strategies for implementing and improving safety training, incentives and discipline, and safety leadership to improve safety culture. It will provide the baseline knowledge you need to limit your liability, comply with federal regulations, and drive...
  • A Roadmap to Wellness Program Success

    Kick-start employee wellness with this deep dive into the how-tos of launching a successful employee wellness program.
  • Increasing efficiency and making compensation more strategic: an HR Hero client success story

    Read about how WinnaVegas Casino and Resort uses HR Hero as its one-stop shop for all things HR.
  • How much time do HR professionals spend on work tasks?

    HR Hero recently surveyed sixty HR professionals to understand how much time they spend on various work tasks. Here’s what we learned.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

    The first step in creating a safe and inclusive workplace is making all employees aware of the issues, what is – and what is not – acceptable. BLR’s blended, comprehensive approach to workforce training helps organizations comply with new regulations, as well as ensure their employees are aware...
  • TASCO's Story: Finding a Scalable EHS Compliance and Workflow Solution

    The Amalgamated Sugar Company (TASCO) was looking for an EHS solution that worked across sites and addressed compliance regulations nationwide. EHS Hero was the customizable solution they were looking for.
  • A Dual Approach to HR Success: Facing New Challenges with an Old Friend

    Counterpart International needed a single, cloud-based solution for the latest compensation, FLMA, and ADA policies.