TLB 8.6.18

White Papers by Biddle Consulting Group

  • COVID-19 and EEO/ADA Considerations

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued guidelines for employers to follow during the pandemic, which are exceptions to the rules, such as those regarding wellness checks.
  • Ousting Unconscious Bias in the Selection Process

    What are the three hiring practices that may soon replace job interviews? Using a more holistic approach by evaluating an applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in a job-related fashion may be best.
  • 3 Hiring Practices That May Soon Replace Job Interviews

    Selection processes that consist of merely an unstructured interview are a poor predictor of success, yet an interview is still the candidate assessment tool of choice for many hiring managers. Understandably, these decision-makers want to meet applicants before extending job offers and feel...
  • Make Strides Toward Age-Inclusive Hiring

    4 Ways Employers Can Make Strides Toward Age-Inclusive Hiring. Age discrimination occurs in many ways. Sometimes, it’s intentional. More often, it’s subtle and unconscious.