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  • Stuck In a Rut? Tips to Increase Productivity

    It’s easy to end up stuck in a rut at work. Sometimes, especially after being somewhere for awhile. The days can seem longer, the work less interesting, and the motivation hard to find. It’s important to try to understand why you’re feeling this way, and what you can do to help it. We coach...

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  • Tackling the To-Do List

    Here’s one of my most important, yet often forgotten-about, tips for nearly any job, especially an office one: start every single day with a to-do list. I never realized what a huge difference having a simple list can make until I put it into practice myself. I immediately found myself...

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  • To Ask, Or Not To Ask?

    Employees often wonder about asking questions on the job. What questions should I figure out myself, or ask my boss about? How many times is too many to ask for clarification? How many questions is too many? Questions are a completely normal and necessary part of being an employee...

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