City of Carlsbad Launches Commuter Shuttle Service

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Source: City of Carlsbad [click here for full press release]

CARLSBAD, Calif., Aug. 19, 2019 - The Carlsbad Connector, an on-demand shuttle service that transports commuters between the Carlsbad Poinsettia COASTER Station and workplaces in Carlsbad, officially launched today. As the first program of its kind in San Diego County, the pilot service is designed to increase COASTER ridership by providing a flexible and convenient solution to bridge the gap between the station and the city’s primary industrial and commercial cores.  

The innovative project is operated by a partnership with the City of Carlsbad, North County Transit District and the San Diego Association of Governments. The Carlsbad Connector functions via a smartphone app, similar to ride hailing service apps, developed by RideCo with shuttles operated by WeDriveU. Commuters can book trips on 12-passenger vans that will shuttle them between the Poinsettia COASTER station and business parks near Palomar McClellan Airport and along Avenida Encinas. Employees will be dropped off within a short walk from their destination. The app optimizes routes for commuters to minimize the travel time to their destinations. The Carlsbad Connector app is available for both iPhone and Android users. Commuters who cannot access the app through a smartphone can book a ride by calling 760-407-6080. 

“We are delighted to offer commuters an easy and affordable option to book Carlsbad Connector service and get away from having to drive to work alone every day,” said Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall.    


For more details, visit the City of Carlsbad's website [click here for full press release]

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