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  • Rating: 5/5

    Danny Blouin, Leadership Coach

    Customer  | 1/18/2019

    The Advanced Coaching Skills program, the trainers and other learning coaches allowed me to grow as a leader and as a coach. I have had several "AH AH!" moments where I could witness the power of coaching in growing better teams and leaders. If you are ready to move forward as a coach, I totally encourage you to consider this program.

  • Rating: 5/5

    John Gordon

    Customer  | 12/17/2018

    The 5/5/5/ Model augmented an arsenal of various organizational behavioral, development and emotional intelligence competencies, provided the coach powerful tools to move the coaching client forward to the next level of their decision making capabilities. This will, in my view, inspire leaders, organizations and workplace members to be the best they can be. The 5/5/5 Model is the underpinning and bridging vehicle to the successful time tested structure for that successful launch forward.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Jacquelyn MacCoon, Consultant

    Customer  | 8/2/2018

    Great Program. Life Changing Skills. Should be Mandatory! As an engineer, my desire to have a plan is high; so, I wanted to be thorough before investing time and resources into any program. Coaching Out of the Box® was able to highlight the benefits of the Fast Track program and how it could fulfill my interests more than just shadowing a Coach. With a concise curriculum, great schedule and affordable nature, the Fast Track offered an avenue to learn skills that make coaching profound. After enrolling in the morning series of modules, I received a comprehensive package of course materials and information that excited me even more. The contents of the course materials were easy to understand, as well as deeply impactful. Then classes started! The online format proved to be an excellent resource. It was easy to connect to, and the sense of community in the ‘virtual’ classroom was palpable, and still exists today. Over the six months, we learnt an immense amount, at a digestible pace and were given ample time to practice. The pace of each module was fast enough to keep us interested, while slow enough to grasp the new concepts. The in-class practice sessions, both in front of the group and in private break-out rooms, allowed us to hone our own style, utilize key competencies and receive constructive feedback. The instructors were incredible, approachable, and intelligent. Their expertise provided a strong foundation to learn from and ask questions of. With great humor, each class was a joy! It exceeded all of my expectations and was something I looked forward to twice a week.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Lilly Linton, Managing Partner, Leadership Advisory Services

    Customer  | 7/25/2018

    In searching for the right program, I was hoping for more than just "checking the box" for my ICF certification. As an experienced coach, I was not sure what to expect and had low expectations. I did my due diligence and landed on COTBx as my option, signed up for the fast track and jumped right in. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and having just finished my program; I am so thankful that I picked this program. Coaching Out Of The Box figured out how to design an amazing webinar platform to connect students and instructors. My cohort was made up of a mix of seasoned HR professionals, experienced psychologists, a college professor and a few consultants. The diversity of our cohort provided an amazing learning experience for all of us. My summary: it was worth both my time and my money, and you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Dr. Farah N. Radwan Assistant Professor of Chemistry Department of Chemistry College of Humanities and Sciences Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University

    Customer  | 7/23/2018

    The Coach-Approach to Leadership Series delivered by Coaching Out of the Box® has far exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a program to help me become a coach and make a difference in peoples' lives. Little did I know, my life would be the one to transform. This program was carefully developed and created with future coaches in mind. This program has impacted my life on both a personal and professional level. Thanks to Coaching out of the Box®, I now hold the credential of an Associate Certified Coach, and I cannot wait to start the journey I have been dreaming of. I am also a 5/5/5 Licensed Trainer, another program offered by Coaching out of the Box that helped grow my career. I am grateful to the program and all the distinguished coaches and remarkable staff. Because of everything they had to offer and their continuous support, I feel confident and well equipped to take my first steps as a coach and make a difference.

  • Rating: 5/5


    Customer  | 6/29/2018

    When Covenant Health was looking to implement a coach training program, the overarching goal was to ensure we were working toward creating a coaching culture within the organization. Coaching out of the Box was chosen as the program used to facilitate the development of a coaching culture as it is a proven, evidence-based program providing practical learning offerings that result in tangible outcomes for the learner. We wanted participants to be able to experience coaching firsthand and discover for themselves the impact it could have in their lives both personally and professionally. Since implementing the program, we have noted our leaders are much more likely to ask questions rather than tell when a problem presents itself. Leaders listen more deeply and ask better questions. That learning translates in the way we care for each other as employees, but also in the way we care for our patients, residents and families.

  • Rating: 5/5


    Customer  | 6/28/2018

    Coaching Fundamentals was essential to my growth as a human resources professional. I feel like I have the tools I need to have powerful conversations with the people I work with.