Announcing a New Approach to Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Press Release from NINJIO

Four out of every five successful cyberattacks involve a human element. Someone in an organization is tricked into opening the door for a cybercriminal or hostile government to enter a network and steal, embarrass, or raise havoc. People make mistakes. Most of the time, it’s because they didn’t know any better. And despite millions of hours spent training the workforce, that’s been the case in cybersecurity for decades now.

Today, NINJIO is launching a new comprehensive approach to cybersecurity awareness training. It relies on the spirit that has always driven us: that engaging, well-made content can inspire real learning and change people’s behavior. Now, we’re expanding that content to build both cybersecurity knowledge and cyber intuition, teaching people what a hack looks like and what it feels like.

But that content needs to find the right people. We’ve built an advanced personalization engine called the NINJIO Risk Algorithm, giving IT security leaders the ability to personalize training courses to each individual at scale. The result is a comprehensive human-based cybersecurity solution.

Here’s how we do it:


NINJIO AWARE is our attack vector-based training that keeps employees up to speed on the latest cyber threats. These engaging micro-learning videos leverage Hollywood-style storytelling and gamification to aid in learning retention, so your colleagues really change their behavior.

We deploy a new 3–4-minute episode every month based on a recent, real-life hack with teachable takeaways and a quiz to measure learning retention. These are accompanied by a blog post that outlines how the real hack actually happened, an infographic about the attack vector, and a reminder comic with a mnemonic device to aid recall. Our industry-leading content caters to the learning styles of today’s workforce to produce real results and protect your company. All under 7 minutes a month!

NINJIO AWARE episodes are also available in NANO format, running just 90 seconds with a focus on the teachable takeaways.


NINJIO PHISH3D (that’s phish-three-dee) is our proprietary simulated phishing tool. Much more than standard phish testing, PHISH3D identifies the specific social engineering tricks most likely to fool users in your organization so you can patch your human vulnerabilities. The tool relies on three dimensions:

  1. Attack vector-based phish testing. Our algorithm uses adaptive learning to continually probe the user’s susceptibility to commonly used real world hacks.Choose from hundreds of phishing simulation templates and deploy via email or SMS.
  2. Emotional susceptibility testing. Every social engineering attack relies on manipulating any of 7 key human emotions like fear, obedience, or opportunity. NINJIO PHISH3D tests users against those 7 criteria to feed the NINJIO Risk Algorithm, building individual susceptibility profiles which we use to deploy individualized phishing and behavioral training.
  3. Automatically updated difficulty levels. The more we train, the better your users will get at spotting attacks. The algorithm will continually adjust the difficulty level of each user’s phishing simulations to enable their progress and make them even better cyber defenders.

Most phishing simulation programs are one-size-fits-all. Only NINJIO gives you multi-tiered, comprehensive protection for each person by explaining not just what a person is susceptible to, but why.


NINJIO SENSE is our new behavioral science-based training course that shows employees what it “feels like” when hackers are trying to manipulate them. All social engineering attacks prey on 7 key human emotions. Our PHISH3D program uncovers which emotional manipulation strategies work best on each user:


NINJIO SENSE builds on PHISH3D by serving personalized training content courses based on the most pressing need. When a person understands these and can identify which are most likely to trip them up, they’ll be able to counter cyberattacks from any vector with their cyber intuition.

We developed NINJIO SENSE with many of the same proven engagement practices as our award-winning NINJIO AWARE training.

  • The videos are short, imparting the lesson in 60 seconds or less.
  • Hollywood writers develop character-based, engaging storylines.
  • Lessons are delivered monthly to keep cybersecurity top of mind.
  • We feature key takeaways at the end to aid recall.

With NINJIO AWARE and NINJIO SENSE, your people won’t just know what a cyberattack looks like. They’ll know what it feels like, too.


NINJIO ALERT is a lightweight email add-in button that allows users to quickly report suspected phishing emails and provide standardized information to incident responders on your security team.

Imagine receiving near real-time threat intelligence on attacks targeting your users, preserving all relevant information for further analysis, and making the process of reporting and responding to phishing attempts more efficient. That’s the promise behind NINJIO ALERT.

But after a user reports their suspicions, how does it work?

  1. 3rd-party email scanning: Suspicious email is automatically sent to licensed databases (such as Phish Tank, Google Safe Browsing, and Virus Total) and scanned for malicious URLs. Automation rules can be created to mitigate any email deemed malicious.
  2. Suspicious Email Risk Scoring: Suspicious email is given a risk score based on external origin, sender name spoofing, 3rd party URL analysis, and the reporter’s past performance, including the total number of reports submitted, the number of confirmed phishing attacks, and those that were not to enable SecOps to make informed and fast decisions.
  3. Real-time Reports and Email Review: Real-time reporting categorizes reported emails as clean, spam, or phish and allows for manual category prioritization.
  4. One Click Protection: In a single click, security teams can delete reported emails from the reporter’s inbox, activate rules for attack mitigation, and send notifications to affected users. Security teams can easily remove all similar messages from Microsoft Exchange.

With NINJIO ALERT, every person in your organization has a direct line to report suspected cyberattacks with the click of a button. That’s real distributed defense.


NINJIO’s comprehensive managed service offering simplifies your approach to cybersecurity awareness training. With our dedicated team, we ensure your program reaches its full potential while freeing up your in-house team to focus on other aspects of your cybersecurity strategy. Our cybersecurity awareness training specialists deploy our comprehensive solution featuring engaging content, regular assessments, and measurable results. This minimizes the risk of costly breaches and nurtures a culture of cybersecurity within your workforce. 


As part of this service upgrade, we take charge of the workload and lead a consultative process to tailor the delivery to your organization’s specific needs. With NINJIO Managed Services, you get:

Training Expertise

Proven Methods 

Implementation Support 

Your program will be implemented by NINJIO’s CSAT experts. We work with you on individualized program development to accommodate your organization’s specific awareness training needs. We’ll manage deployment, reporting, and analysis with our proven methodology. Our experts monitor deployment to ensure that each part of your NINJIO solution is properly supporting the others for optimal results. Wmanage all users, pilot all launches, and manage custom content delivery. Our team conducts program rollouts on a proven schedule with custom communications to build stakeholder support and promote adoption.



NINJIO’s all-in-one solution is a powerful tool for your cybersecurity strategy. Leverage its full potential with our Managed Services upgrade. 

This new approach to cybersecurity awareness training was developed with IT security leaders in mind. We consulted with our clients at organizations ranging from federal agencies and multinationals to startups and family businesses. They all asked for better, more effective ways of changing human behavior to avoid cyber threats and keep their people secure.

When deployed together, NINJIO AWARE, PHISH3D, and SENSE bring about behavioral change and reduce cyber risk. This is our answer to an ever-changing threat landscape. We hope you’ll join us.


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