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About National Addiction Foundation

The National Addiction Foundation offers your employees a free concierge service for those who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Your employees and families are provided guidance to find the professional help they need to overcome their addiction and the ancillary problems that come with and/or cause addiction. Addiction can be a symptom of many different causation and effective treatment must address the addiction and the underlying causes. We have selected and screened addiction treatment facilities across the country and identified their strengths. After carefully screening clients, we give a choice of 3 potential facilities for your employee from which to choose. Many of the facilities we recommend have been accredited by the Joint Commission, a national accrediting organization for medical facilities, but all meet high standards. We can provide you with resources for your employees upon request. Addiction can affect your business directly or indirectly, let us help.

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By National Addiction Foundation

Let’s talk about options. Once we’ve learned about who you are, verified your insurance, and informed you of what to expect, we’ll search our network of trusted treatment centers and present you with a few different treatment options that we think will best fill your needs. If the options we... Read more »

By National Addiction Foundation

Drug intervention services often begin with a calm and objective approach that leads to creating an individualized plan for optimal recovery. Reaching acceptance is often the first major step of any journey toward achieving sobriety, and drug intervention is a key element in getting through this... Read more »

By National Addiction Foundation

There are a plethora of benefits of aftercare treatment. By participating in continuing counseling, support groups, and transitional living, you will be provided with an extra layer of accountability to reduce your chances of returning to old habits. You’ll also have access to other recovering... Read more »

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