BeeRaider Keyboards

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About BeeRaider Keyboards
  • BeeRaider Keyboards deliver quality innovative keyboard products for the purpose of efficient data-entry using its patented Radial Keyboard design. Our current keyboard products are available in two layouts, QWERTY and Optimized and are for use with desktop PCs running Windows operating systems: 7, 8.0/8.1 and 10.0. Our innovative Optimized Radial Keyboard design is primarily aimed at untrained computer keyboard users, which would be the vast majority of keyboard users today. Our keyboards can be easily operated using either one or both hands and we are happy to see more of our sales going to a range of users with movement impairments. The unique ergonomic design of our keyboards offer all users the means by which they can greatly improve their typing speed and efficiency over a relatively short period of time, leading to increased work productivity. If you are one of the many who wish they could type faster then our wireless ergonomic keyboards are definitely for you.
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