Espresa Announces Partnership with Headspace to Support Global Well-being

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Espresa is leading the charge with Headspace to deliver well-being as a front-of-mind integrated benefit for global enterprises.

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Espresa, a personal benefits and Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA) platform designed for global enterprises, announced its partnership with Headspace, the provider of the world's most accessible, comprehensive mental health system.

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With Espresa's flexible and modular design focused on total well-being, recognition and community, Headspace is the right fit to meet the needs of Espresa's clients and their employees worldwide. Both companies share the same philosophical vision of reducing administrative burden and complexity while actively engaging and supporting employees regardless of whether they are in-office, hybrid or remote.

Combining these world-class offerings and consolidating point solutions and budgets for human resource teams are top of mind, while ensuring employee wellness and mental health are prioritized. "Our clients expect an evolutionary, modern and mobile-first experience," said Alex Shubat, CEO and co-founder of Espresa. "We promote positive mental health and well-being in the workplace by using technology to make things simple, engaging and delightful. This partnership further demonstrates how non-traditional benefits like Headspace and Espresa can comprehensively support total well-being and mental health in a single and robust experience that meets people wherever they are."

Employee mental health is foundational for any organization's success and longevity. Headspace's sixth annual "Workforce State of Mind" report found that 98% of employees say global trends impact their emotional and mental health at work. Now's not the time to pull back on mental health benefits: employees have come to expect their employers to provide access and help them find care.

Headspace's flagship mental health app, with guided meditations and mindfulness content — helping people stress less, sleep soundly, develop healthy habits, and feel better — is now available directly in the Espresa well-being marketplace. This allows employees to use their LSA funds effortlessly — no spending out of pocket and no claim submissions.

As workplaces continue to transform into drivers of psychological health in what continues to be a global mental health crisis, employees are looking for and expect support. With Espresa, Headspace is reaching a broader audience to address mental healthcare gaps while continuing its mission to provide every person with access to lifelong mental health support.

Creating a unified destination for employees to access continuous mental health support and, in turn, reduce stress and burnout will allow employers to put mental health first in the workplace. "We have an LSA Plus plan with Espresa, which includes well-being," said Tabitha Mondragon, Director of Global Benefits at Avalara. "Consolidating our point solutions was critical. Creating a better and more modern total wellness experience was also critical. Mental health is a huge focus for Avalara and our employees in 2024, and we're excited that Espresa is adding Headspace to their marketplace portfolio."

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Espresa, Inc. is Powering Great Workplaces® with personal benefits people love. The globally available LSA Plus™ platform consolidates physical, emotional, and financial well-being and family care benefits. Now, employers can incentivize wellness with activities that drive well-being pillars and promote recognition, community, and culture. For more information, visit

About Headspace
Headspace is your lifelong guide to better mental health. We make mental health support accessible to everyone, no matter their background or experience. Through our flagship Headspace app, we provide mindfulness and mental health tools for everyday life, including guided meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement, and focus exercises. Our enterprise offerings combine this experience with a human-centered care model, with coaching, therapy, psychiatry and EAP services under one roof. Our team of experts ranges from mental health clinicians to Emmy award-winning producers and data scientists, working together as one to help millions of people around the world be healthier and more productive. To learn more, please visit

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