Sollah Interactive releases new interactive tool for legal/illegal pre-employment questions.

Press Release from Sollah Interactive, LLC

Des Moines, IA
December 1, 2021

New just-in-time, interactive web-based performance management tool!

Asking the right questions is your single best way to get the right kinds of information during the interview... the kinds of information that will lead you to the best hiring decision. But how do you know what's legal... and even illegal to ask during an interview? This interactive tool provides up-to-date do's and don'ts when it comes to interview questions.

With two video examples and various tips, this tool provides a comprehensive resource for all managers and/or supervisors involved in the hiring process.

Powered by the most popular behavior-based interviewing training program of all time - More Than a Gut Feeling™ - this web-based tool includes the following content:

  • New video example highlighting legal and illegal interviewing questions.
  • Interactions showing the illegal questions you should avoid.
  • Tips and advice on how to avoid asking the wrong questions during an interview.
  • Examples of lawful questions.
  • New video example of conducting a systematic interview approach using behavior-based questions.
  • Examples of unlawful and lawful ways of framing questions during your job interviews – across 25 topics (from arrests/convictions to race/color).

Avoid the legal pitfalls of asking the wrong questions in your interview!

Target Audience: Hiring Managers & Supervisors, Human Resource Professionals
Hosting: This interactive tool can be hosted on any LMS (or on Sollah’s LMS)
Seat Time: 15-30 Minutes (this is a reference tool, so review is encouraged)
Timely: Federal law updates/mandates are pushed out to licensee at no charge
Pricing: $5/user (min 100; quantity discounts available). Set-up Fee of $395 if hosting on Sollah’s LMS

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