Sollah Interactive Releases "My Story" (Racism is Real)

Press Release from Sollah Interactive, LLC

[Des Moines, IA – May 15, 2021] — Sollah Interactive, a premiere training content producer and curator has announced the release of a powerful new diversity dynamics program that tells personal stories of those impacted by racial bias.

Racism and racial bias are real. They can be subtle. Or blatant. Either way, racism deeply impacts those who are the target of the racist act, statement, or attitude.

Sollah is pleased to offer a practical training resource that invites participants to “share, listen and learn” in order to increase their awareness, build understanding and develop new skills in addressing real workplace issues involving race and racial dynamics.

My Story™ (Racism is Real)

This new program specifically focuses on the diversity dimension of race. Racism and racial bias are tough topics to tackle. Racism runs counter to our beliefs in human rights. Some people hope that avoiding awareness and discussion of racial issues is the solution. Based on where we are right now, pretending not to know… just doesn’t work.

For real change, we have to challenge some of our traditional ways of thinking. Not by calling people out but by calling people in.

Each of us has a story. We also impact others – and their stories – both positively and negatively. Become conscious about how your words or actions impact others. Leverage the power of our differences. Embrace inclusion for innovation. Re-write the negatives stories into something positive… for everyone.

My Story™ assists employees at all levels - board members, executives, managers and employees - in learning how racial bias deeply impacts the targets of racism and to recognize and respond to situations that involve racial and other differences in a manner that promotes positive outcomes and strengthens relationships.

Target Audience: All Employees
Seat Time: 1 Hour Discussion
Video Length: 14 Minutes
Formats: USB, Video Streaming, Vignettes, eLearning & Micro-Learning

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