Sollah Interactive Announces Acquisition of Employee University’s 1 on 1™ Training Program

Press Release from Sollah Interactive, LLC

[Des Moines, IA – January 4, 2021] — Sollah Interactive, a premiere training content producer and curator has announced today the acquisition of Employee University’s best-selling training program: 1 on 1™ Informal Employee Performance Review

Employees desire performance feedback from their supervisor; not just a "good job" or "you can do better" every now and then; informal or formal, we all want meaningful and cyclical appraisal.

How many things can you do as a manager that will produce measurable improvement in employee performance and employee morale? A periodic one on one, informal employee performance review with each of your direct reports is one of those things.

1 on 1™: Informal Employee Performance Review is simply the best coaching method/program. Adopt this method and watch employee performance and morale soar.

The program is available on USB and video streaming in Sollah's training library - TAG® -

“This was a strategic acquisition for Sollah,” said Jon Grannis, Executive of Sollah Interactive. “We are always looking at ways to aquire content that will augment our vast library of content. 1 on 1™ is a great tool and is on our list to update in the future.”

When asked about future acquisitions, fellow executive Bob Chonka added, “We are always looking for good content. Our production and development models give us the flexibility we need to quickly turn newly acquired content into what our customers need.”

About Sollah Interactive, LLC
Sollah Interactive produces engaging, memorable training content that maximizes employee knowledge transfer and retention. Sollah’s unique training library platform - TAG® - facilitates rapid training deployment with over 5,600 ready-to-use training components. From micro-learning to required compliance training, Sollah’s agile production process produces new content daily!

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