The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement A 2020 survey in the UK revealed that more than half of its working population is considering finding a new job this year. ~25% of the employees are actively looking for a job change. Billions of dollars are poured every year by employers on hiring new talent as retaining high-performing employees is becoming more challenging. Today, everyone is looking to find the right job where they can find a work-life balance and a great work culture. While some organizations have utilized employee engagement solutions to reduce their attrition rate by > 40% from an issue that very much had a work-life balance at its essence, the concept of work-life balance remains paradoxical. In today’s hyper-connected world, it is extremely difficult to separate work life from personal life. Hence, HR managers should focus on employee’s overall happiness and well-being and not just life at work. Engagement, happiness, and satisfaction, although inter-connected, are different concepts but they must be managed in a single go. This paper aims to provide HR leaders with the necessary tools to look beyond employee satisfaction and achieve employee engagement.

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