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    Douglas K. Griffin, Co-Founder - KBDB3, LLC

    Customer  | 3/8/2020

    If your business needs a boost, please reach out to Dr. Shayanna M. Whitaker. We at KBDB3, llc did that a few months ago and are already reaping the benefits. Not long after our day-long workshop with Dr. Whitaker, we planned a leadership retreat, clarified our mission, modified our standard operating procedures (SOP) and signed a couple of new contracts for the work we do. We are a team of talented, creative, and committed public health professionals who love what we do, but who sometimes did not always move in sync. We do now! Thanks to Dr. Whitaker’s assessment and evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses (as individuals and as a small business) and how we engage and communicate with one another; we were able to work through what makes us better colleagues, better business partners and ultimately-a better business. We learned from Dr. Whitaker the correct way to hold our leadership accountable, and what we should hold one another accountable for… She also shared with us the value of emotion in our planning, preparation and presentation of our products and services. Dr. Whitaker also taught us how to “take care of one another”.