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August is a time filled with personal and family fun. Travel is back, barbeques are on the calendar, and kids are on summer break. But does summertime fun have a positive impact on employee morale in the workplace as well? Not if you are experiencing the well-known office summer slowdown.

As temperatures rise, employee productivity can take a dip - with thoughts straying away from meetings and tasks to vacations and sunny days. But bridging the gap between fun summer vibes and office life doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Promoting employee summertime happiness can be done in a snap!
Heat up the relationship with your employees  

Built to drive joy and spread delight during the summer months, Snappy’s Summer Collection has been wildly popular since its June launch. It’s all about embracing the summer state of mind with your team and giving them that extra push of motivation when they need it! After August 30th, the collection will no longer be available until Summer 2023, so here are four ideas on how to use it to celebrate summer with your employees before it’s gone.

1. August is Family Fun Month

With kids out of school, nothing puts work-life balance to the test like August. That might be why it is celebrated as National Family Fun Month in the US, recognizing the importance of spending quality time with children. Sending employees with children a small gift from our Summer Collection to celebrate Family Fun Month shows not only how much you appreciate them and their contribution, but that you also value family time and a healthy work-life balance.

Snappy tip: also check out our Kids Collection for this occasion, full of fun activities to do together.

2. Show remote employees some extra appreciation

Summer is often a period rife with fun office activities. From team offsites to summer parties, themed happy hours, and fun summer swag - remote employees can often feel left out and disconnected. Consider surprising them with a summer gift to make them feel extra appreciated, and remind them that they can enjoy perks at work just like their office-going peers.
Snappy tip: Time their summer gift with a summer happy hour or a company in-person event that they won’t be able to attend.

3. Employee vacations

Vacations play a critical part in employee wellness, yet surveys show that some employees, especially in the US, are reluctant to take them. A study by Expedia found that in 2021 Americans took six vacation days less than the global average, with 59% feeling vacation deprivation. The solution to this is a company culture that encourages employees to take restorative breaks and shows support when they do. Consider kick-starting this culture by rewarding deserving employees with a small gift before their holiday. With so many fun vacation items to choose from in the Summer Collection, they’ll be sure to appreciate the gesture.
Snappy tip: Each collection comes with set pricing tiers. You can easily find the one that works best for your budget. This one is about the gesture, not the gift.

4. Labor Day

In the US, Labor Day is the social end of the summer season - rooted in American history in the late nineteenth century, when labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America's strength, prosperity, and well-being. While not every worker in the US will have off, it's a time most people celebrate in some way by being with friends and family, and taking in one last glimpse of summer before autumn starts rolling in.

Snappy tip: Use the gift send to start a new tradition with your team, encouraging them to take advantage of the long weekend.

Next steps:

With summer coming to a close, these 4 suggestions should help you find new and exciting ways to celebrate your team and get them excited for the last quarter of the year!

And while saying goodbye to summer can be tough, fall has its own unique benefits. Halloween decor already hitting the shelves, so keep an eye out for our upcoming Halloween Collection and our Holiday Collection dropping in late October!

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