Spot Recognition Planning Guide ft. Medidata

Press Release from Blueboard Inc.

Spot recognition is a powerful tool for building employee motivation and productivity rates. It's the opportunity for your company to formally outline what great work looks like, creating a shared standard of excellence. And from there, a tool for inspiring employees to exceed those expectations, leveraging a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Beyond their ability to create clear guidelines, we also love that spot recognition programs are inherently social. They offer a platform for celebrating the great work of those top performers across the organization through ceremonies and communications, spotlighting their above and beyond actions, milestones or achievements. Socialized recognition programs not only create a ripple effect across the organization inspiring others to model similar behaviors, but also confirm that leadership believes in seeing and valuing the hard work of individuals across the org.

A successful spot recognition program has the ability to lift behavior across the entire organization, improving productivity rates and building a more positive culture of celebration and support of each others' achievements.

This all sounds great, but how do I actually build a successful program? We sat down with Carrie Theisen, VP Global Total Rewards at Medidata, to unpack the process she took when planning her spot recognition program.


Download the planning guide: Spot Recognition Program Best Practices | Blueboard Planning Guides



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