Celebrate with exciting anniversary awards (Precision BioSciences case study)

Press Release from Blueboard Inc.

Employee recognition programs are powerful tools your company can use to bolster the motivation, morale, and engagement of your current employees. These very same programs can also function as a pillar that supports your recruitment and hiring efforts. That's why Precision BioSciences turned to Blueboard: they wanted to compete for top talent in the biotechnology industry with the best anniversary awards program around.

With our anniversary awards engine, Precision BioSciences has built an exceptional program that celebrates key milestones and creates massive amounts of hype among employees. There's organic talk around Blueboard experiential rewards and how lucky they are to work for a company that recognizes them as individuals. Get your free copy of the case study for all the details.



Visit here to download the case study:How Precision BioSciences Uses Blueboard Anniversary Awards | Blueboard Case Studies


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