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FeverIQ Covid Health & Safety Manager: Save Time & Money

Best suited for senior executives and HR leaders at companies who are looking to manage health and safety for 100 or more employees, reduce legal & financial risk to their companies, & optimize for accuracy & productivity.

For $0.17 per user per day your company can:
- Add multiple teams to rotational cohorts.
- Get best-in-class risk assessments.
- Monitor daily team health checks.
- Export contact tracing data.
- Manage quarantines & order Covid tests to ship directly when needed
- Keep team data confidential and HIPAA compliant
-Protect employees, parents, students, and visitors
… all from one time-saving dashboard!

70% of COVID patients never develop fever. No single symptom is definitive, so COVID is difficult to detect. Our advanced risk model helps screen for probable infections.

For more info, check out our 1-min explainer video!

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By FeverIQ by Enya.ai

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