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  • Rating: 5/5

    Jaison Sabu, Director of Customer Service, FullContact

    Customer  | 6/4/2021

    My company engaged Authentic Journeys for a Business English and Cross-cultural adaptability training for our Indian customer support team servicing US clients. The coaching provided by Jennifer and her team was par excellence and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Authentic Journeys to any company looking to coach its employees on cross-cultural adaptability and effectively doing business with US based companies.

  • Rating: 5/5

    TechV Connects Inc.

    Customer  | 3/19/2021

    When it comes to US business, the first name that comes to my mind is Jennifer. She is my mentor, coach and guide for empowering me to bridge the US - India cultural gap. Back in 2014, I have had a very painful event in my career where I lost a US client due to my lack of understanding of this cultural mismatch. I had the client team visiting and I thought I played the roles really well..of course...according to Indian standards. But when the client shied away, I was perplexed and dejected. I did not know what went wrong and spend a lot of sleepless nights pondering this over. I then connected to my peers and they suggested that I meet Jennifer. One great thing about Jennifer is her in-born talent of not judging people and accepting them as they are. Jennifer after listening to my story of the lost deal just knew what could have gone wrong and inducted me to her real-life practical sessions on US Business Culture. Oh man! that was an eye opener. Since then I didn't have to look back and could close deals one after another with the US clients. Before the incident, I thought the sessions on culture was just a mumbo-jumbo with a lot of hype around it. I am now a living example of how Authentic Journeys and Jennifer created a paradigm shift. She is really genuine and accommodates serious learners. Since then our journey has had a definite meaning and I will always remain grateful to her for my transformation. Authentic Journeys, I would say is The Cultural Translator for Indo-US Businesses. Small details that goes unnoticed might create a great divide and will drive the clients from the US away. Having said that, it is NOT to say that US companies don't know that they are in a new country and the cultural differences definitely exist. In spite of that many meetings go astray. Jennifer and Authentic Journeys have taken pains to list down the do's and don'ts for US visitors to India. I would strongly recommend businesses that aspire to build a base in India or US conne