Darnell Lattal, PhD, CEO & President of ABA Technologies, Inc. Celebrated in The Women Leaders Magazine

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The Women Leaders Magazine, a unique digital platform featuring the industry experts who have created ripples across various areas of expertise, has acknowledged Darnell Lattal, PhD, CEO & President of ABA Technologies, Inc.—specialize in delivering customized instructional design and evidence-based learning solutions to industries of all types—one among the “Top 20 Outstanding Women CEOs of 2022, who is transforming the industry with her unique solutions. The Women Leaders Magazine has become a pioneering magazine owing to their unique coverage of news, articles & industry leaders concentrating on transforming various arenas.

Owing to the innovative approach adopted by the Darnell Lattal, PhD, CEO & President of ABA Technologies, Inc, in navigating the tricky terrain of transitioning from the founder-led vision of Dr. Martinez-Dias, through the COVID-19 pandemic, given the gift of a stable and highly skilled workforce, she is being featured in the “Top 20 Outstanding Women CEOs of 2022″ edition. Emily Anderson, the Managing Editor of The Women Leaders Magazine, says, “Darnell Lattal’s intuitive and entrepreneurial thinking has shaped her leadership style where traditional organizational norms only serve as a springboard for new opportunities to improve organizational outcomes – and where a “people first” approach is the driver of necessary change; hence she is being featured as one of the Top 20 Outstanding Women CEOs of 2022, who is a true inspiration.”

ABA Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1997 by Jose A. Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D. BCBA-D (1950-2020). They have been refining their eLearning approach for 25 years, serving over 240,000+ individual learners in 60+ countries. Through their experience and continuous improvement process, they have developed a learning architecture designed to embed learning into culture, resulting in sustainable performance improvement.

The company specializes in delivering customized instructional design and evidence-based learning solutions to industries of all types. The approach is rooted in more than 75 years of research in the science of behavior, while their momentum is always moving towards the latest in instructional design innovation. They have operated in this online learning space for two decades.

Darnell Lattal, PhD, CEO & President of ABA Technologies, Inc., says, “We are building an e-learning company dedicated to providing effective skills needed for individuals and workplace success. Success for ABA Technologies, Inc. depends on hiring people skilled in the science and technology of learning, those who listen well to the customer in arranging the conditions by which to measure the cultural and performance impact that leads to their definitions of success.”

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