ABA Technologies Acquires Rights from Quality Safety Edge, L.L.C

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February 3, 2022

  ABA Technologies Acquires Rights from Quality Safety Edge, L.L.C

MELBOURNE, Florida , [February 3, 2022] Terry McSween founded Quality Safety Edge, L.L.C. (QSE ), a consulting firm that was to become a leader in the field of behavior-based safety nearly 30 years ago. ABA Technologies, Inc. is to announce the acquisition of materials that QSE developed in its efforts to help clients implement behavior-based safety initiatives.

ABA Technologies, Inc. acquired the rights to sets of materials that assist organizations in all stages of implementing behavior-based improvement efforts, including materials on each of the following:

  • Planning a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) process
  • Teaching employees and leaders how to conduct and discuss BBS observations
  • Teaching safety committees to manage the BBS process
  • Teaching leaders their roles in supporting the safety improvements

Dr. McSween has come out of retirement to assist ABA Technologies, Inc. in bringing the next generation of these materials online. He will also assist in bringing these materials to the business community and expanding them beyond safety or other behavior based improvement efforts. The goal is to teach the concepts and support behavior analysts and business leaders interested in using Behavior Analysis to improve performance in their organizations.

  “ABA Technologies, Inc. is providing me with an opportunity to pursue one of my passions, promoting the use of applied behavior analysis in the business community. —Terry McSween”

Quality Safety Edge

Quality Safety Edge (QSE) offers a value proposition that other performance improvement companies cannot. Their team of experienced consultants works collaboratively with you to design customized performance improvement system that integrates into your organization’s unique operational environment and culture.

The QSE team of experienced consultants are experts in applying behavioral technology from a systems perspective – ensuring key behaviors at all organizational levels are occurring consistently. Their systems are designed using proven behavioral technology to engage employees, develop leaders, and create cultures that align with your goals. QSE consultants work with you to clearly define your goals and the critical activities at each level of your organization needed to achieve those goals. The QSE/client team then creates systems to ensure these critical performances are occurring consistently. OSE’s customized solutions are built for sustainability.

The Quality Safety Edge team of consultants has been recognized globally for their integrity and commitment to collaborative partnerships with their clients, particularly for their proprietary behavior-based safety process, Values-Based Safety. With thousands of implementations worldwide, in almost every type and size of business and industry, QSE consultants are known for the depth and breadth of their problem-solving skills and their ability to create customized, sustainable safety and performance improvement solutions adapted to significant differences in management style and social structures throughout the world.

ABA Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1997 by Jose A. Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D. BCBA-D (1950-2020). We’ve been refining our eLearning approach for 25 years, serving over 240,000+ individual learners in 60+ countries. Through our experience and continuous improvement process, we have developed a learning architecture designed to embed learning into your culture, resulting in sustainable performance improvement.

We specialize in delivering customized instructional design and evidence-based learning solutions to industries of all types. The approach is rooted in more than 75 years of research in the science of behavior, while our momentum is always moving towards the latest in instructional design innovation. We have been established in the learning space for two decades.

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