ABA Technologies' Education Technology Experts Recognized

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ABA Technologies’ Education Technology Experts Recognized

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA (April 7, 2023) –  ABA Technologies, Inc., a behavior-based learning and development company, has been recognized for three of its women leaders in the “Inspiring Women in Ed Tech, 2023” edition of Aspioneer Business World Magazine .

Kristin Myers-Kemp (PhD, BCBA-D), Janet Emmendorfer (PhD), and Vice-President Lisa Smith received this honorary spotlight for their long-time work and contributions within the education technology field. In this cover story, they each share with the magazine their perspectives on how they harness the power of education technology to help improve the lives of others as they disseminate the science of behavior at ABA Technologies.

Myers-Kemp emphasizes how her years of teaching in the e-learning space and developing online education programs have enabled her to positively help impact over 250,000 students worldwide to date. A reach this broad would be difficult to capture without utilizing internet-based tools and virtual methodologies in the adept ways mastered by Myers-Kemp.

Emmendorfer highlights her use of digital means combined with behavioral processes to construct and design learning architecture plans that benefit students but also all individuals, as well as organizational entities. She successfully parlays the efficiencies of virtual learning to deliver new processes and effectuate positive outcomes for human behavior.

Smith, as Vice-President of Brand Marketing at ABA Technologies, shares with readers how the influence of digital design, branding, and communications extends well beyond simple exercises in creativity; a deeper strength is captured because these technological tools when used as skillfully as Smith does, unlock learning potential and positive effects for students and all human lives.

In their work at ABA Technologies, Myers-Kemp, Emmendorfer, and Smith have become pioneers in educational technology within their respective niches. What is even more remarkable is the overarching vision to achieve not only market efficiencies but improvement in the lives of others, with the science of behavior serving as the underpinning foundation.

With over 20 years of operational success, ABA Technologies delivers premier online academic products while expanding its reach by incorporating behavior-based learning solutions for its corporate clients.

ABA Technologies extends gratitude to Aspioneer Business World Magazine for recognizing three of its leading women experts in education technology.


About ABA Technologies, Inc.

ABA Technologies was founded in 1997 by Jose A. Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D. BCBA-D (1950-2020), and specializes in delivering customized instructional design and evidence-based learning solutions to industries of all types. The approach is rooted in more than 75 years of research in the science of behavior, with momentum always moving towards the latest in instructional design innovation. ABA Technologies is dedicated to disseminating the science of learning worldwide and customizing experiences for our clients and customers’ professional development needs. Learn more: https://abatechnologies.com/


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