ABA Tech Awarded: Top Corporate Training Company

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19, 2024

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ABA Tech Awarded: Top Corporate Training Company

MELBOURNE, Florida [February 20, 2024] – ABA Technologies, Inc. (ABA Tech) is pleased to announce its designation as a Top 10 Online Corporate Training Company for 2023 by Manage HR, an institution whose mission entails embracing strategic roles for customers and using talent to drive business value to customers.

ABA Technologies partners with organizations to build the capabilities and achievements of their people so they can meet the demands of modern work. Using behavioral science, instructional design, and change management, ABA Tech builds sustainable, tech-enabled solutions that improve employee performance and engagement in corporate, healthcare, and university settings. 

In receiving this distinguished recognition by Manage HR, ABA Tech’s Chief Learning Architect Adam Hockman spoke about the company’s commitment to improving the performance journeys of organizations: “What are the priorities of a company? Do employees know what is expected of them? Do they receive frequent feedback about their performance? Are employees acknowledged and rewarded for their work? These are just a few of the questions we ask employees and seek to understand as we develop a performance solution. The end result is a relevant solution that promotes the right performance and removes obstacles to that happening.” 

ABA Technologies recently assisted a large North American healthcare company transform its new-hire onboarding program. It revamped the company’s training and coaching sessions to include realistic practice of critical on-the-job behaviors, which achieved higher trainee engagement, consistent program delivery, and improved interactions with patients in clinical practice.

ABA Technologies is honored to receive this recognition from Manage HR as a 2023 Top 10 Online Corporate Training Company. A culture of learning has been deeply embedded in ABA Tech’s mission since its inception more than 25 years ago, when it set out to improve the lives of others. The company is grateful to have served hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to date and it continues to serve many others, both at the organizational and individual levels, through the science of behavior.


About ABA Technologies, Inc.
ABA Technologies, Inc. helps enable organizational success by using behavioral engineering, systems design, training, coaching, and analytics. Our team of behavior scientists, instructional designers, developers, and creatives build engaging experiences that influence performance and solve business challenges. Across corporate learning, university programs, healthcare, and safety, ABA Tech is a one-stop partner for sustainable organizational excellence.

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