Why to use MapRecruit AI solution

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Why to use MapRecruit AI solution MapRecruit powers frictionless recruitment "Cognitively at scale"!! MapRecruit.ai is the most comprehensive, intelligent, AI powered end-to-end talent acquisition platform, for you to Attract, Source, Match, Engage and Qualify candidates, “faster than ever”, all in one single platform or as a modules of your need. We are using the right type of AI to solve the right recruitment problem at every step of Talent Acquisition. Secondly, AI powered modules (sourceAI, matchAI, engageAI, qualifyAI) can generate 6X improved efficiency for recruiters. MapRecruit.ai is most modular, multi-lingual (105 languages), multi-channel workflow (Phone/Video/Chat bots), highly scalable, explainable, AI contextual algorithms to generate 10X efficiency in your recruitment.

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