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  • Rating: 5/5

    Yvonne Tocquigny, Partner, YTBG

    Partner  | 2/7/2023

    I've been working with Garner Health Technology for over a year as a partner and have also used the service personally. This is a truly original concept whose time has come. The company operates with the highest level of integrity and is genuinely changing the way we are able to think about finding better healthcare care for a lower cost. This is paving a way for true equity in healthcare and for functionally uninsured employees. They set a high bar in their standards for their data and the service they provide members.

  • Rating: 1/5


    Other  | 2/7/2023

    This company is sacrificing compliance, quality, and integrity with cheap, discouraged business practices, creating more risks than successes. Poor data management and inexpert healthcare administration are just some indicators of their incompetence. Their disregard for quality and their emphasis on minimizing cost has caused a severely negative opinion among vendors, contractors, employees (both current and former), and clients. It is clear on numerous platforms across the internet that doing business with this startup should be viewed cautiously, as no effort has been made to instill trust or rectify past mistakes. The healthcare industry needs better leadership and quality management – neither of which can be found here. Therefore, engaging with it in any capacity, whether as a client or a vendor, is highly risky and not worth it. Leadership should think long and hard about whether this company has a place in healthcare, as it's clear that management is inept in health administration.